Off Camera Secrets | Super Mario Galaxy – Boundary Break

Off Camera Secrets | Super Mario Galaxy – Boundary Break

(In A DiC Mario Voice) Hi Pizanos! Welcome To episode 80 Of a ongoing series Where we take the camera wherever We want and we try to find secrets to new discoveries to some of our favorite games Super Mario Galaxy is one the first episodes I ever did on this channel and of course Being that it’s so old there are so many things that are terrible about it So I thought why not do it all over again Giving you new secrets new discoveries and put in a nice prettier package for your enjoyment and with that said folks, Let’s get going. So we got dedicate ourselves a large portion of the video to the very beginning of the game not because it’s convenient in any sort Of way, but just because it’s heavily scripted There’s a lot of barred off areas And it houses a unique scene and that unique scene I’m referring to is Princess Peach’s letter before the game starts you see a picture of her against the moon before cutting away – Mario going to the Mushroom Kingdom But what if I told you that picture is in fact floating underneath the lake in Mushroom Kingdom? And even more curious than that is a cube That’s hanging behind that image as well as another moon that seems to have no purpose And I say this with confidence because if you look at the moon from a different angle on the original image It doesn’t lose its image or any of its effects and just as cool and just as cool that we have Mario hanging out in this scene before the camera cuts away to him walking to the Mushroom Kingdom. Right where you would normally take control of Mario is right where he is standing. Despite the fact that when Mario is walking to the gate that model is no longer there Instead we have some low poly toads that are also in a t pose Also that gate that Mario just came through What’s behind there exactly? Well in truth not much You have yourself a blocking path that seems to connect into a triangle at the end now even though the player isn’t necessarily allowed to see the end of this triangle This is a technique used by developers to give a sense of depth when you can’t reach something like it and since we’re done with this spot here Let’s do a zoom out of the entire Mushroom Kingdom and while we’re up here in the sky Let’s ponder to ourselves another question is there anything behind Princess Peach’s castle? And the pre-rendered cutscenes it implies that there supposed to be a garden behind them But if we were to take the camera back there no matter What even if we got Mario into the position looks like the developers decided to save on resources and not model anything at all though. Interestingly enough if you take the camera below the surface There is a mirrored image of the Mushroom Kingdom that doesn’t seem to have all of its textures But what it does have is some extra geometry that the actual Princess Peach Castle doesn’t have Seems to imply here that there was supposed to be a window that of course the player wouldn’t be able to reach And is there anything else that we can find down here? well when Bowser invades the Mushroom Kingdom he brings his airships along with him and while the airships above-ground seemed to be pretty detailed below ground they uh Well not so much now if we take ourselves back above ground This is a pretty huge discovery now at no point in Mario Galaxy does the doors open to Princess Peach’s castle? But if we were to take the camera inside the castle you’d see a mottled and textured inner area this implies that someone or something Was supposed to walk out of this whether it be Mario himself to explore Princess Peach’s castle Or just an NPC that was meant to open the doors and walk out either way making these little walkthroughs is usually a very Intended design choice, so what you see here is a relic of an idea that was scrapped now How about Princess Peach herself you can see here way off in the distance and as you try to get close to Princess Peach it Only triggers a cutscene to move the game along, but if we had the camera zoomed in on Princess Peach you could see The good ol low-poly peach moment this terrifying little beauty is meant to save on Resources by cutting down on the quality of textures as well as the amount of geometry on the character. Oh boy Oh Did you catch that for some reason with this one scene in the luma when he goes to poke Mario’s nose the entire Characters flatten stretched out to better suit this one little scene speaking of flattened characters I wanted to see what it looked like in that very moment when Mario is squished by a thwamp Obviously when Mario is squished by something It’s completely out of the player’s view until you see the aftermath But putting the camera in a very specific position can allow you to see the very moment in which Mario’s character model starts to squish Okay, let’s talk about the baddies for a little bit first of all with this scene where Bowser comes into frame I want to know where he comes from exactly He doesn’t just immediately blip into position and he doesn’t start from where you would think he would start instead he seems to spawn right at the edge of the cliff and then his character model is lifted into the correct position that then shows the descent that you are meant to see also if we were to take the camera inside of Bowser’s shell we can see that the shell is completely detached from the body itself meaning that if there was a way to remove the shell in some way you could see all of Bowser’s back Alternatively in this game in particular if you were to remove everything But Bowser’s shell you could see that the shell is fully modelled on the fund and we can’t forget about a little baby bow bow Jr. Who we can confirm the same exact results for as well. A fully modelled back that the player will never be able to see and how about those Koopas well when you grab a Koopa shell, There’s nothing inside that shell it’s now just a regular Koopa shell, but when you initially jump on the Koopa and you don’t pick it up you might notice that there’s a little tail hanging out of the backend of the shell well taking the Camera side of the shell at this point shows you that the Koopa has all of its limbs and head rammed inside the shell Legitimately the head for some reason seems to shrink down, but the rest of his limbs stay the exact same size That’s why it looks like such a jumbled mess in there also a detail. That’s very difficult to see on your own although I suppose it is technically possible to do is that the magikoopas? Eyeglasses has a special texture on the inside of the glasses now. They don’t have eyeballs of course That’s the first thing I wanted to check but on the opposite The glasses that you normally see as the player is a darker blue shaded side of his glasses Also, Dino piranha starts off with an eggshell on top of his body And if we take the camera inside of the eggshell we could see it’s somewhat similar to the Koopa where the head is shrunken down The fit inside the geometry and his little leafy limbs are kind of clipped into his body to just make the fit Now I got two examples of the developers using objects to perform special functions within the game But not allowing the user to know that they’re using objects the first example of this is the air bubbles in beach ball Galaxy in game you’re gonna notice that the bubbles seem to just come out of the ground But this function is tied to an object so if we take the camera underneath the ground we can see the little spouse that are Actually pushing out the air the other one is a little bit more of a popular discovery This is over in the first area of the game, and you’ll notice that you can read Yoshi’s door well if you take the camera behind this door you can see there’s a signpost as Signposts are objects in Super Mario Galaxy that are meant to be read the developers simply just put the signpost outside of the player’s view So they didn’t have to see that object So when we take the camera inside of Mario’s hat we can see there’s a little bit of hair underneath But most of the top of his head is completely missing That’s not the unusual part the thing that it’s kind of unusual is that when you play as Luigi, He has a full head of hair underneath his hat, but that head underneath is really strange-looking I guess I could see going either way either You don’t put hair underneath the Hat, so it doesn’t clip through the Hat Or you don’t make the hair underneath the Hat dynamic so that it doesn’t clip through but doing both Alright, cut me off guard. I gotta admit So that low-poly peach saw at the start of the episode Yeah, that’s actually something that a lot of fans from way way back would probably recognize from the original video That’s not new to you but ladies and gentlemen I got a new attraction for you forget about low-poly peach move over sister now We got ourselves low poly Rosalina this frickin nature has two forms the first one is not that noticeable but if you look at her nails they seem to be elongated at least four times its original size. oh. But then when you go to the even lower poly model then it starts to look very similar to what it did with Princess Peach The polygon counts are not kind to this one and very Surprisingly if you take the camera inside of the banks that are covering up her face She still has an eyeball underneath But there’s missing textures and the retina pupil part of her eye has a slant that makes it look like she’s angry or something Now this is something. I thought was kind of neat. There’s this really impressive effect. That’s used on fuzzy characters It does a really good job of making you think that every character that is fuzzy is in fact fuzzy But to pull that off on a waste system and have it actually be individual hairs is Well for lack of a better term not possible So then how is this achieved well when you look at it from another angle the answer becomes very clear from its side You can see the same texture only layered up five different times And as the layers get closer to the body the more visible they become and since they’re all individual layers that can move independently of each other which from far away makes it look like it’s fuzzy a Lot of the rooms inside of these pocketed zones have a very restricted camera from what I can tell the reason why they went with This choice is because a lot of them have a very contained space so maneuvering the camera inside of it would be really tough But then for an area like this one where it’s so open and free you got to ask yourself How far does it actually go and shockingly it goes quite away in fact it looks a lot like Sonic the Hedgehog. It’s very strange Hey, what’s going on guys? Big news for you by the way Next week is not going to be a traditional boundary break episode. I have a brand new idea I’m gonna be testing out for probably two or three episodes before I really understand whether or not you guys like it or not but Instead of video games next week. I’m still gonna do boundary breaking, but this time It’s going to be animation and the first animator that I’m going to be boundary breaking their animation for is Harry Partridge so if you haven’t heard of them yet I recommend you check out some of his Skyrim videos that I’m gonna be covering next week so that we can get all set to Go behind, the scenes with it, and I hope that you support and enjoy it Outside of that I’m gonna be at PAX East this year in April on the Friday of PAX East I’m gonna have my own panel with beta64 and A+ start. This is huge to me It’s be my first panel ever so hopefully it goes well I don’t know how it’s good pan out But I’m gonna let the other two guys kind of you know Run the show a bit just to make sure that I don’t embarrass myself, but either way I think it’s gonna be a ton of fun, and I hope you guys enjoy it But hey you know what I’m not gonna waste any more of your time I’m gonna let you go if you like Mario Galaxy. I recommend you check out One of the mario episodes i’m going to be putting on the screen right now if you miss it on the screen I’ll make sure to have links to it in the video description down below as well guys Thank you so much for watching, and I will see you next week take care Edited Closed Captions By: Red Flying Troopa


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