Off Camera Secrets | Splatoon – Boundary Break

Off Camera Secrets | Splatoon – Boundary Break

Hey there! Welcome to the very first Wii U episode of Boundary Break! [AUDIENCE CHEERS]
Oh my god, I know! It’s so exciting! Anyways, this episode couldn’t be possible without Mega_Mew and Aurum, who I will be collaborating with today. So let’s stop wasting time and get goin’! So I’m gonna be covering both hub worlds and some of the single-player stages of the game, whereas Aurum’s going to do all the multiplayer maps. Now, there is a LOT to go over in the hub worlds, so let’s start off with Inkopolis. Now, even though your freedom of exploration is kind of limited here, as you can see, there was a lot put into Inkopolis to make it a living, breathing world. Like for example, all these 3D buildings in the back. Well, not ALL of them are 3D buildings; As you can see, further in the back it’s 2D textures to represent buildings. But good luck to you if you can get a good look at those anyway, because that texture is nearly hidden behind all the ACTUAL buildings. And the 3D structures are so varied and so oddly placed that some of the city buildings are completely hidden behind others! Like for example, this tiny lil’ guy over here. Bet no-one expected to find you! Now that we’ve seen beyond the plaza, let’s check out what’s behind the train station. All the way in the back you can see that there’s this large tower, and it has four red lights. But what’s actually really funny about them is they’re actually cubes! And not only cubes, they also reflect the environment! If you look really close, you can see all four sides in Inkopolis within it. Speaking of cubes, here’s one peculiar thing that I found in Splatoon: Now, I wasn’t able to find too many hidden objects in this game, but here is one! And it’s a cube that’s right in the center and underneath Inkopolis, and the texture is asphalt. Now, this isn’t the first time we’ve found a random cube in Boundary Break, but this IS the first time we’ve found a random cube that’s just sitting underneath the stage like this. And now to see the other weird discovery in Inkopolis, we have to take the camera below the Tanuki, ‘cuz once we do, we can find some hatched doors! So I’m thinking that this is an unused asset, as after asking many people, no-one recalls ever seeing these hatched doors before. And, if we take the camera further below that, we are in a vacant room that’s behind the light-up billboard. But the only thing in here are two unique pillars, and they’re unique because if we take the camera even further down, we then find the Squid Sisters, and you can see that their pillars are completely different. Now let’s take a closer look at the train, because… there’s a lot going on with the train! Interestingly enough, there’s a track that pretty much goes around the entire Inkopolis, however, the trains do not commit to that. No, instead when the train is out of view and the player can no longer see it, the train will instead stop and disappear, then later on it’ll spawn on the other side, ready to start its pretend cycle. Now let’s take a look at the tower, because if you look very, very closely in-game, you can see that there’s jellyfish up in the windows. So it begs the question: What else is inside that tower? And when we take the camera inside, we can see that there’s actually exhausts inside the tower, now that’s…. probably not safe for any visitors that decide to go up there, but at least they thought to include lighting. And if we look inside the next area, you’ll see that there’s nothing at all. Well, except for more lighting. Uup, SIKE! We’re not switching scenes just yet, because what’s up here is the airplane. Now that we can get a better look at the airplane, we can see the color composition and the design of the airplane itself, which will actually be a lot more interesting later on in this episode, but for now: The design of the airplane is very similar to the train, where it’s mostly white with stripes of purple. Purple’s a good color! Nice choice, Splatoon! Nice choice. There’s also some nondescript airplane jargon that you usually see on the bottom of airplanes, on the bottom of THIS airplane. Now, it looks like numbers and codes and stuff like that, but if you look at it closely, it’s that weird Splatoon language that looks like it could be English, but it’s not. Next up is something I noticed last-second on my little journey here, is that the fox actually has textures underneath his paws, unlike the Tanuki. Now what’s interesting about what’s underneath these paws is that they’re red! Just straight red! Which is a very intentional design, so it’s really funny that you never get a chance to see it. Now here’s one Twitter request that I didn’t even think about whatsoever: Latiaslover97 on Twitter asks: “How detailed is the giant amiibo box that you go to to use your amiibo in the game?” “Is there anything on the back of the box?” And what’s funny about this request is that I didn’t believe it at first, I figured you could use the camera that every player has access to and just see the back of the box by moving the camera around, So if we use Magic Camera to get back there, it does turn out that… Yeah, there IS details on the back of the box! That was a great suggestion Latius, I really appreciate it man! Next up is Captain Cuttlefish, my personal favorite character from this game… (Sorry Judd.) But why are we looking at Captain Cuttlefish? Well it’s because when you start the game for the first time, you can see Captain Cuttlefish off in the distance, kinda creepin’ on ya a little bit, and as you get closer he kinda retracts into the sewer, which it turns out is Octo Valley. But if we take the camera below the stage, we can see where he goes, and as you can see, he just immediately disappears! But what’s really cool is that his signature cane does not leave him, it has to be with the character model for some reason. And so, because of that, his cane is underneath the character’s field of view. And then the last thing we’re gonna look at is the Ferris wheel. And we’re gonna look at the Ferris wheel because it’s got… It’s got an enormously basic texture to represent it. Essentially to make the Ferris wheel, the developers used a gray outline to represent the Ferris wheel, and then the outline itself is really low-textured, you can see the pixels coming off of the texture. Which is something you very commonly see in textures that are very, very far away. Now onto Octo Valley! Now this was a very popular request, and I don’t blame them, because with Octo Valley, you start off in what looks like all-mountainous walls. But as you get further and further into the game, your character rises further and further up, and towards the end you can finally find out a couple of things: One is that there’s a giant octopus… I guess it’s not a statue, it’s more of a mountainous phenomenon. But you can also see Inkopolis off in the distance. WAY off in the distance. And of course, if you ever see that, you wanna see just how detailed that area actually is. So if we take the camera over there, we can see some of what the minimalized Inkopolis actually looks like. And as you can see, outside of the tower that we looked at earlier, there’s really not much here that resembles Inkopolis. In fact, there’s things here that we hadn’t seen before, like a dock, an open concrete space… there’s just not much else. And now that we’ve seen what’s above Octo Valley, we gotta ask: What’s below it? And believe it or not, there isn’t just an abyss underneath Octo Valley, they actually took the time to make a bottom to the valley! And as you can see from this view, it’s done with a square. And for those curious about the other end of the stage: it’s all 2D textures! Nothing too interesting but, y’know, if we don’t check it out people are gonna be curious anyway. And now we’re checking out the single-player stage Trouble Over Inkopolis. Now, there’s a lot to look at here, but unfortunately the way that most games on WiiU work is that there’s a lot of haze and fog when you look out in the distance. I just wish there was a way to get rid of it… AURUM: Oh wait, you DIDN’T want the fog? Well no problem, here you go! SHESEZ: Aurum, t- that was amazing! But apparently when you get rid of the fog there’s also a blur effect that… Alright, are you like some kind of wizard or something? Well, now that we can look at this map with a fresh pair of eyes, I figure we can take a much better look! So the first thing that we’re gonna look at is this blimp over here that you can usually see flying above the city. But now we get a much better look at it, and you can actually see some details that are a lot harder to see. Like, for example, it has some gyrocopters attached to the cabin of the blimp, as well as a blue spot right at the very end of the blimp. And if we take the camera down into the city itself, you can see that it’s actually pretty robust! You can see cars commonly driving around, as well as parked cars. And of course we gotta see if Mew’s under the truck, and of course he’s not, And the on the other side of the stage you can see a park. And over on this park you can see a gazebo with benches, which is really cool. But if there’s nothing else to see, we can do a zoom out of the rest of the area. Well! Now with Magic Camera 2.0 we can explore other single-player stages. Instead of looking like THIS… … it looks like THIS! Now, if you’re familiar with Splatoon, you’ll know that your enemies dwell in domes underground, and have to make fake environments. Like for example here, this outdoor-looking area is being broadcasted on TV panels. But what happens when we take ourselves outside the boundaries? As it turns out, every single-player stage in Splatoon is also being held captive inside of a giant cube. Which is very peculiar! And what’s outside that cube, you might ask? Well, at that point it’s just the void. And it’s not a very exciting looking void in this game either, as it just causes a weird, trippy effect. And while we’re in this stage, let’s take a look at the top. Now, as you’ll notice here, there’s a lot of stalactites, and again, that’s because all these dome areas are underground. But one thing you don’t really get a great look at is the light source. In every single stage there’s actually a light illuminating the entire dome, which is a nice touch, because they certainly didn’t need an excuse to have light in the stages! And now that there’s no fog or distance between us, we can get a little bit of a better look at it. And now we’re gonna take a look at the testing aream and the reason is because it’s actually surprising how much is actually outside of these walls! In normal game mode you can see buildings bleeding outside the fence, but much to my surprise, when we actually get our character outside of the boundaries, we can see an entire city! Now granted, most of this is reused assets from other levels, but it’s still surprising to me that they actually went through the trouble of planting an entire city around a testing area that just doesn’t allow you to see! And what’s really funny is that the tower over here has cars that are parked right next to it. Now, I can rationalize copying and pasting a town and just dropping it in the middle of this testing area, but why they chose to add these cars here, I’m not so sure. And now I’m gonna turn it over to Aurum from the Hack Attack series. Aurum, if you don’t mind… AURUM: So first off, we’re staring with the Museum stage. This level boasts many moving parts, very unlike normal exhibits in our world. But where this fictional area excels is in the background. There’s so many cool things out-of-bounds that make the stage really feel like a museum, like this incredibly detailed statue, which is fully textured and modeled. There’s actually two of them, both being rather far away. The yellow statue’s actually behind these two benches that really give the feel that you’re in a really fancy outdoor art hall, which I personally love. Even this Inkling statue’s just so cool-looking. And going further out from that, you’ll start to see these details fade off. The trees, for example, are low-poly with very flat leaves. The buildings too use smaller textures and less polygons, obviously to save on memory. In addition we’ve got some culling behind the buildings, and some very flat bushes in the background. Next up we have Port Mackerel, with a ton of neat stuff. We have standard low-poly buildings, a few mountains and even some wind turbines. Back on mainland, there seems to be a truck here, probably for moving boxes and tools around the shipyard? Over on the side, there’s these two Jelly guys having a nice conversation. And of course, I can’t forget to mention the absolutely massive cargo ship. Above the stage is actually an airplane flying up way high, which is pretty nice.


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