Off Camera Secrets | Breath of the Wild  – Boundary Break

Off Camera Secrets | Breath of the Wild – Boundary Break

Well, it doesn’t get any better than this. So, welcome to the final episode of Boundary Break. Nah, I’m just kidding. In case you guys didn’t know, this is actually episode 67 of a weekly series that I do where we can basically take the camera anywhere we want, and we try to find secrets and new discoveries to some of our favorite games. A huge thank you to Angus Beer for doing this week’s animated intro. You can find a link to his Twitter down below in the video description. And another enormous thank you to skoolzout1 for making this toolset even possible, so we can even cover this as an episode. Thank you so much, man. And with that said, let’s get started on Breath of the Wild. So the very first thing I want to look at is the very first thing I wanted to know about while playing Breath of the Wild, which was, what is going on with Vilia’s face? The game gives hints that there’s actually something underneath that veil, so that Link can see Vilia’s true identity. But the player for some reason is never allowed to see this. We’re even teased in the scene where the veil blows in the wind. However, thanks to skoolzout1, we can actually see Vilia’s entire face, as well as the hair on Vilia’s head. It’s actually kind of surprising to me how featured Vilia’s face is, considering the fact that you never get to see it. A few people asked me to take a look inside of the old man’s robes, to see if the King of Hyrule has more detail underneath the clothing. Well, unfortunately, as you can see here, the old man is a separate character model altogether. In fact, he doesn’t even have eyeballs inside of his character model. In fact, a lot of characters in Breath of the Wild don’t – – Except for one that we’re gonna be looking at a little bit later. Can you take a guess at who that is? Now it’s time to explain something that’s really awesome in Breath of the Wild, but it might be a little bit of sensory overload for all you guys, so you’ve been warned. But the thing that’s the most interesting about Breath of the Wild’s environment, is that the entire world has a layer of water across the entire land, and the reason for this is that the developers actually pull up the water from this giant sheet, which then pulls it over the land that you walk on, to make anything from rivers, to ponds, to lakes. This means you could be all the way out in Gerudo Desert, and at any given time you go underneath the ground, there will be a layer of water underneath you. Some folks wanted to know what it would be like to actually zoom out of the shrines, and while there isn’t really much to see here, it is kind of fun to notice that it’s its own separate entity. Every single shrine exists in its own loading zone, so if you’re hoping to zoom up and see the overworld map, eh, I’m afraid you’d be mistaken. Now, a lot of the segments that I’m showing in this episode are actually viewer requests, but this one in particular was actually highly popular. People wanted to know what was going on with Stone Talus, underneath the ground before they rise up, and while I was expecting this one in particular to be a complete disappointment, it actually shows that, underneath the ground, Stone Talus is just a random rock formation, not even close to resembling its humanoid form until it’s out of the ground. So, collecting footage for the Great Fairy was actually really difficult. Now, I won’t get into specifics as to why that is, but if you’re noticing that it’s a little bit weird with the camera shots, it’s because I was working with limitations here. Anyways, I’m still glad that I was able to get any footage of the Great Fairy, because, apparently, below the Great Fairy’s waist is a slug body. No, I’m just kidding, I think it’s supposed to be like a flower wrap or something, but when you see the character model in full, it sure does look like a slug, and, since these shots aren’t the most ideal, I actually did get some screenshots from the character model rips, sent over by Nekorun. All right, now I want to talk about the Deku Tree, and it kills me that I have to say Deku, ‘cos my entire life I’ve been saying Dee-ku, and apparently I was wrong. But anyways, let’s start off at the Lost Woods. When we’re able to get rid of all the clouds that cover up this entire area, we can actually see the Lost Woods in full, which is kind of nice, because even when you’re in the Lost Woods, they try to mask the entire environment with, deep, deep, thick fog, and fog is one of my least favorite things, as a guy who hosts a show called Boundary Break, because you will see far less detail with it. But thankfully, once again, thanks to skoolzout1, fog is not an issue in this episode. So, when we get to the great Deku Tree itself, we can actually look at the entire tree in full, which, again, is something that’s kind of difficult to do, but, more importantly, we can actually see inside of the Deku Tree, which actually has two secrets to hold. First one we’ll start off with is the fact that there’s actually some flowers growing inside of his mouth. Now, this is not something you’d be able to see, even if he was speaking in the cutscenes, which leads me to believe that this was a gag left by the developers. And the other thing worth noting is that the Great Deku Tree also has eyeballs. Remember when I mentioned that thing earlier? Yeah, you remember. Anyways, the Deku Tree has eyeballs, but no pupils or anything, so it’s kind of unusual that he even has eyeballs, seeing as having eyeballs doesn’t really do much for it in cutscenes or anything else. Hey, how about both of those bottomless pits in the Gerudo Desert? Now, there’s one attached to a tower, and this one was a little bit difficult to kind of get you the full perspective of everything. If we move the camera in a different perspective, you can actually see that there’s just a big black texture that’s supposed to represent the “bottomless” pit, but that tower actually continues through that black texture. Now, here’s one of the problems with this episode. I cannot move through water, but, as you can see, the tower touches the water. And I just had to know, how much deeper does it really go? Luckily, moving far enough back down a certain distance, we’re able to see past the water texture and see just how deep it actually is, which is honestly pretty surprising, considering the fact that the player would never be able to see anywhere close to how deep it actually goes. The other pit is the arena with Master Kohga. Now some of you might already be asking, what does it look like when Master Kohga falls into the pit? I’m gonna assure you right now, he’s not in there after the cutscene plays through. But I can show you the depth of this actual pit, and, from a side view, it looks pretty awesome. But of course folks are gonna want to know what it looks like when you actually go through the pit, and, even though there’s no obligation to do so, the developers actually did put a bottom into this pit. So, I guess in both cases, these are not bottomless pits, these are actually pits with bottoms. You know, just in case your friends try to say otherwise. Next up is this mysterious door at the top of Hyrule Castle. Now, in normal game development, if a door never opens, it means that there’s probably absolutely nothing on the other side, so for there to be a concave room on the other side of this door is very unusual. It’s very likely that it was meant to be used for something, and then later scrapped in the final build of the game. So, most people aren’t dumb. They’ve pretty much figured out, without any help from me at all to figure out that when you go inside of a Divine Beast, it pretty much loads a separate area, or at least it seems that way. So, a lot of people are asking me, ‘What exactly is going on outside of the boundaries when you’re inside of a Divine Beast?’ and, well, I really can’t get away with just telling you that there’s really not much going on out there. I’m just gonna have to show you with each and every single one. And we’ll start off with the elephant Divine Beast, Vah Ruta. When we go outside of the boundaries with Vah Ruta, it looks like really nothing’s changed. It looks like the entire world of Hyrule is still out there, but there is one major difference. It turns out that Hyrule will not load normally for you. Instead, the entire land is in low-poly mode. Which means, that if it’s in low-poly mode, Link can’t stand on any of the ground. But, this does give us an excellent opportunity to see certain areas in low-poly mode, without it loading into the correct polygon count. Like, for example, the Zora Domain here. Now we can just take our time and look at it in all of its low-poly glory. You know what? Before you move on to the next Divine Beast, let’s check out King Dorphan. It’s nice to be able to see him at a higher point of view, because now you can see all the details that there is to this character. But one thing you couldn’t see on your own, is that the king has feet. In fact, these feet are actually dressed up, which makes it surprising to me that you can’t see it in a clearer view. Now, let’s move on to Vah Naboris and try the same thing. As you can see here, once again it’s all just a low-poly Hyrule, but let’s not leave the desert just yet. In fact, let’s address something that we’ve been ignoring all the way up to this point, which is the land outside the borders. Probably the most highly requested area that people wanted me to look at outside of the borders is in Gerudo Desert. Now, I have to admit, for every area that we’re gonna be looking at outside the borders, there’s just not a lot to look at here. It’s just really interesting to see that there is a fully connected land here to compose a believable world. The only thing is, is that when your character starts walking outside those areas, it’s not inhabited with anything, so there isn’t a whole lot to look at. Let’s finally be done with the desert by talking about Molduga. Now, Molduga is pretty much a fish that swims in the sand, and, of course, with any enemy that goes underneath the ground, we’ve got to see what’s going on down there, and, for the most part, Molduga stays true to what he’s supposed to be implying when he’s underground. There’s actually a pretty decent swimming animation that the player’s not really allowed to see. The only thing that looks a little bit strange, is when he jumps out of the sand and dives back down, the character model seems to rush back into position. Now, this is probably the most unusual request. There was actually someone on Twitter that showed me an image of where the two observatories actually meet in their line of sight. So, I went ahead and checked it out for him, and I couldn’t really find anything in that exact coordinate. I mean I-I’m kind of just guessing, because the map doesn’t really seem to follow you at that point. But, for the most part, there really wasn’t anything out here. In fact, the one thing that’s really neat, though, is that the developers seem to reuse shadow textures that were made for certain structures and buildings throughout the entire world. For a moment, I thought these were shadows for all new buildings, but unfortunately that’s not the case. Now, naturally, we have to look inside of Death Mountain. This temptation has been eating away at me for the longest time, and it’s great to finally put this curiosity to rest. And when we go through here, you can actually see that the interior has a very interestingly-made concave pit for the lava. But, even better than that, is if we continue to move the camera down, you can actually see that there’s an interior for just the mountain itself. Now, the reason for this is much like how it was for the water itself. The developers can actually just stretch up and down terrain to however they like. And so, to make the mountain for Breath of the Wild, it ends up looking like this. So I know I said that I would look at all four Divine Beasts, but for the sake of saving time, I’m just gonna skip over to the one Divine Beast that actually does things a little bit differently, and that’s Vah Rudania. See, with Vah Rudania, you don’t get the entire Hyrule. Instead, he gets his own arena, that’s supposed to look like it’s in the inside of a volcano, but, as we know from the clip that we just saw, this is a much different-looking interior to a volcano than the one that’s actually in Hyrule. So, let’s talk about Calamity Ganon. A lot of people want to know what was inside the egg sac, and, unfortunately there’s nothing. Although, someone pointed out something that I didn’t even consider – that the egg sac is broken open and above the player in the final battle. But, I mean, like, who had the time to look up when they’re fighting Calamity Ganon?! Well, somebody did, and somebody pointed that out to me, so I moved the camera up to see what it looks like when Calamity Ganon’s egg sac is broken open. And now, it’s time for the moment that I think a lot of us were waiting for. It’s a full zoom out of the entire land of Hyrule in Breath of the Wild, which also happens to include the entirety of the out-of-bounds areas. And, a fun little fact: the only reason why the Wii U can actually handle seeing all of this at once, is because when you move a far enough distance away, the environment starts to become more and more minimalized. A lot of what you’re seeing down there are 2D textures for trees, buildings, and whatever else, and people and monsters are unloaded entirely. You know, it’s amazing to me that in over 30 years, in several games, over several generations, The Legend of Zelda proves that no matter how modern our sensibilities get, the urge to explore and seek out adventure is something that will never leave the hearts and minds of any gamer of any day. Even if you explore every single nook and cranny of every single Zelda game that’s out there today, There’s always a new adventure right around the horizon. Alright guys, that was the Breath of the Wild episode. Finally, it’s out! I’m so excited about it. If you liked this episode, I have a ton of other Legend of Zelda episodes that are also in the video description down below. Consider checking them out. They’re kind of old, but you know if the content is there, that’s all that matters. Yeah, exactly, Pat. But, anyways, guys, that’s all I got for you. I’ll see you next week, and take care!


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