Odoo Marketing (Tour)

Odoo Marketing (Tour)

As a small business, keeping up with our
big name competitors and and marketing our brand is a daunting task for our organization. Between maintaining our website and SEO, events and social media, blog posts, lead
capturing and our sales funnel, live chat and mass mailing, using multiple
tools and interfaces has become tedious and time consuming… Then we discovered Odoo… A fully integrated suite of applications
that is not just able to manage our internal operations, but also comes full
circle with optimization of our marketing efforts and promoting the visibility of
our brand. I was able to get started immediately on
promoting website's SEO as well as my social media pages to begin increasing
my top-of-funnel traffic. Adding links to my social media pages is
simple; connecting all my content and media
platforms to increase visitor engagement. With the Odoo marketing tools I can
effortlessly boost my SEO via the promote tool on my website editor menu, allowing me to promote my page through keyword indexing in seconds. Odoo automatically suggests metatags
based on Google Search trends to maximize your reach in search results.
I simply type in a couple keyboards that best demonstrate my business and web
page, and additional meta tags are automatically suggested in order of
search ranking. I should add a few more of these suggested tags to my page to really maximize my search ranking. After this, I can adjust my page reference as I want it to appear in search engine results utilizing the key words from above. I simply modify the title and description; that's all there is to it!
Odoo automatically optimizes back-end static resources like CSS, JavaScript, image
files, and other content to minimize resource weight. This translates the faster page load times,
higher SEO ranking, and a better user experience. Now that my page has search optimizations,
I can also want to sign up form for visitors to subscribe to my mailing list
or monthly newsletter. Without writing a single line of code, I simply drag in a newsletter block onto
my page and instantly I have an email subscription field that links directly
with my mailing list, allowing me to add new leads and subscribers directly to my
campaigns and sales funnel. Now to convert those leads into opportunities. From here I can easily create a mass mailing campaign. I simply create a new campaign, add a subject line and some email content, as well as a call to action, and I can instantly blast off my email
campaign to any mailing list such as applicants, leads and opportunities,
or current customers. From the options menu, I can schedule the
email for any date in the future, as well as control A/B testing. Now my email is ready to send.
I schedule this email for delivery, and can track open rates and click through
directly from the email campaign in the Kanban, or by switching over to a list or graph view. With all these new users visiting my site, Odoo has already begun adding new
opportunities into my CRM. After checking a report on my sales pipeline, I see there are quite a few inbound items from my campaign. I should implement some new retention
tools to help nurture the new leads and opportunities into the sales qualification stage. I decided to activate Live Chat to
provide instant support as well as answer questions and develop new
prospects from my website traffic in real-time. I can manage how my live chat
channels are displayed to visitors based on the page that they visit, such as my
pricing page or the cart during checkout. Chat sessions can even be triggered
based on geolocation through the GeoIP module. In seconds I can modify the chat button text,
welcome message, and channel rules. For this channel I will create a pop-up
for users on the Pricing Page for customers in the U.S. and add a salesperson in my NY sales office to the list of Operators to help manage
the incoming sales opportunities. Live chat makes lead
generation via web traffic fast, precise, and easy to manage. As I grow my visitors, leads, and customers, I also want to create content to keep them
engaged and encourage conversions. For this, I'll create an event on my qualified leads. I'd like to host an info session and
cocktail hour to help convert some of my sales leads, as well as promote
retention of existing customers. Configuration of the event is easy,
I simply add the title, location, and time frame, and the event is automatically
generated and ready to start receiving RSVP submissions. I can also specify attendee thresholds,
subscription types (if I want to offer my event
to only certain customers), as well as a ticket price and
purchase deadline if desired. Publishing the event to my
website is easy. From here, I can add content
to the event page and publish in just a click. With my new event published, I also
want to create a new Blog Post announcing it. After dropping a text block, photo,
and adding some content I have a polished blog post
ready to publish into my feed. It's as simple as that. With an arsenal of marketing
tools at my disposal, I am ready to promote my brand,
obtain new customers, and grow my business. Odoo helps connect all our marketing
strategies into a single platform, saving us time, and powering our marketing efforts forward.


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  • Q. Factor IT - Consultoria Odoo says:

    Inbound Marketing, SEO, Chat… tudo sem um plugin e totalmente integrado com o ERP. É fantastico! Entre em contato conosco para agendarmos uma apresentação e definição das melhores estratégias de marketing para sua empresa. http://www.qfactorit.com.br

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