Odd Jobs local news segment (1998) – Tony’s Video Galaxy

Odd Jobs local news segment (1998) – Tony’s Video Galaxy

(light ambient music) – Can’t give away a tape with
a tracking line like that. – [Reporter] Natives
of Eastlake understand that when it comes to video rental stores, the options have been limited. But thanks to one local cinephile, those options are about to expand. – The second you walk in the
door of Tony’s Video Galaxy, you’re gonna go, wow,
everything you’ve ever thought about renting video tapes,
it’s gonna go out the window. – [Reporter] He’s calling
it Tony’s Video Galaxy. And it’ll be the largest
independently owned video rental store in North America. It’s a lot of space obviously, might be probably a little too much for what you’re looking for. – I’ll take it.
– I’m sorry? – There’s gonna be a wall of tapes. Wall to wall VHS, baby. I want to do a special
Bruce Willis section, right here, like a Willis wall. – [Reporter] Tony’s
Video Galaxy will be open 24 hours a day, seven days
a week, and 365 days a year, run by a team of 170 full time employees. – John, this is gonna
change the community. People are gonna go, Tony’s Video Galaxy? That’s the place that
changed the community. – [Reporter] Like most
first time business owners, Tony’s massive investment
didn’t come easy, especially with his growing family. – We’ve got these two
little guys right here, gotta put ’em through college. – There’s a lot tied up in this store. – Everything is tied up in
this, Beth, every last penny. – My wife Lisa and I both
put both our savings in and we took a second
mortgage out on the home. But renting video tapes to people, to young people, to old
people, to new people, to old people, that is
what I’m meant to do. Tapes, tapes, tapes, tapes. – [Reporter] For years,
Tony’s been conducting a rigorous quality control test on each of his 500,000 tapes. – How many tapes would you
say you go through in a day? – Well, in a day it’s
probably closer to nine. – So that’s gonna take you a while. – The reward is worth the wait. This is just one floor and parking lot, so I have a separate
blueprint for floor two. – So you plan on having 400
spaces for a town of 30,000? – Yeah, we only have 30,000 in this town, but there’s other towns.
– Oh, of course. – The experience will be enough
that if you have to drive four, five, six hours to get there, and then four, five, six hours back home, and then four, five, six hours to get back to return it, and then four, five, six hours to get back home again, I’m hoping that the
experience of the store will be worth being in the car for 12 to 24 hours within four days. – [Reporter] To say that Tony loves movies would be one heck of an understatement. – It’s real nice being surrounded by everything that he loves. It’s a little cluttered. You walk downstairs, you
gotta be careful of the tapes. You walk down the hallway, you gotta be careful of the tapes. He’s so absent-minded,
he forgets about them. Let me tell you Beth, I have found tapes where
you would not believe. Tony, what is this, you
got tapes in the oven? What have you got tapes in the oven for? (crashing) – Oh, there are tapes in
the cupboard, by the way. – Okay. (sighs) – Oh, is the one that I want up there? – Yeah, yeah. – Oh, perfect. Let me show you something, I think you missed it on the way in. (doorbell rings)
(“James Bond theme”) – Dangerous.
– Uh-huh. – How long does it go for? – Two and a half minutes. – [Reporter] Despite
early reports of promising new alternative formats
like digital video disks, Tony isn’t the least bit concerned. – Are you worried about video
tapes becoming obsolete? – How else would you
want to screen something other than a small strip
of film on a plastic tape? Where does the film go on a
disk, how does it wrap around? It doesn’t make any sense. A disk is made for, you throw it, or you say, hey fetch, it’s a disk. – [Reporter] While Tony’s
Video Galaxy may just be a video store, to Tony
Benelini, it’s a whole lot more. – We go through life
thinking we’re different from everyone else, we’re from here, or we like these things over here. What I want people to be thinking when they walk out of my store is that we’re all a
part of the same galaxy. Hey Lise, can I get a
tissue, I’m gonna cry. – [Woman] Again? – Yes. (piano music) – [Reporter] Beth
Masters, Channel Six News. – 98, Pizza pizza.


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