Obtaining a simple API key for use with the YouTube API

Obtaining a simple API key for use with the YouTube API

In this segment, we’ll be
talking about how to obtain a developer key to make YouTube
API calls and run the sample code. To do this, we’ll need a
registered Google account. The first thing we want
to do is browse at a Google API console. We can find this at
code.google.com/apis/console. Or we can just search for
“Google API console” in our favorite search engine. We’ll need to create a project
the first time we open a site. Projects [? are ?] grouping at
the APIs, and it may make sense for us to create different
projects for every new application that we write. For running the sample code, we
only need one project and one set of API keys. After we enable our project,
we’ll need to enable some services. Let’s click through to the
Services menu, if we’re not already on this page,
and scroll down. We’ll want to enable the YouTube
Data API and YouTube Analytics API first. Let’s toggle the YouTube Data
API from Off to On. The very first time we do this,
we’ll be presented with the terms of service. We’ll want to read the terms
of service and accept if we want to be able to
use the API. Now when we scroll down, we’ll
see that the YouTube Data API has been accepted and enabled. We’ll click On to also enable
the YouTube Analytics API. The search by topic code
sample requires use of Freebase API, so we’ll need
to enable that as well. There’s a separate terms of
service that we’ll need to read and accept. Once this is done, we’ll need
to access our API keys. We can do this by clicking API
Access in a navigation menu. There are two types of API
access, simple and authorized. If all we want to do is search
for videos, channels, and playlists, all we need
is simple API access. The key is already provided
to us in our project.


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  • Juan Hernandez says:

    great tutorial, it explains me why I get an error when I make a search on youtube with the api, but .. doesnt work because I cant enable Freebase API, does someone have an idea? Do I have to pay or something? I accept the terms and gets the loading message like if it were enabling it but later, again the same dialog, I tried like 10 times one after other accepting but nothing, any idea?

  • Solid Surf & Yoga House - Holidays - Camps says:

    why make things easy as you can make them more difficult – google thinking..

  • This video is absolutely is unusable. The screen which is shown in this video is changed and looks absolutely different. Use this video: 9fNP_fJsxX0 and forget about Google's bullshit

  • Common Sense says:

    There's simply no documentation worth reading to understand how to use the API. Follow this tutorials instruction and go to the Developer's console and instantly the interface is so radically different from the tutorial that it render it useless. Can you PLEASE get some sort of tutorial worth watching?

  • Can you tell me what the user should do after getting this thing from google "You have exceed your project limits ……….exceede projects request" ….However these projects are not free ….What should do for extra projects?
    This issue occurs when i were making chatapp and connect it through firebase due to which i had created and delete alot of projects and now i have no more projects

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