100 thoughts on “NYT top editor bashes Trump unity headline as ‘f*cking mess’”

  • Fate whispered to President Trump…….. "You cannot withstand the storm"….

    President Trump whispered back…….."I AM the storm".

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  • My wife says that it's terrible that the American press can't tell the truth and shame the devil. Pres Trump needs to build that wall !

  • Ryan and the Republicans screwed a lot of homeowners by capping the writeoff of local property taxes that were raised by local school boards. Then the people voted for Democrats in their districts hoping to change that back. But of course the Dems never cut taxes.

  • Carol Thomason says:

    Bull, he will get what he needs done, what the country needs. Get off your arse and report the truth. You are now bashing our President. Don't care to hear you anymore.

  • If it proves anything, it is that the NYT and other outlets are not news reporters, they are leftwing propagandists for a communist socialist state. If the Democrats get in, the USA will become the USSR, the United States Socialist Republic. Beware, its coming if nothing is done about it. This is political civil war.

  • Before we had plastic bags we lined the under the sink, metal waste can first with newspapers around the sides then we folded one into a square and shoved in to the bottom protecting the can. So the Times Rag is just good enough to hold garbage

  • The Democrats said from the very beginning that they were going to fight him every step of the way I remember seeing that on Fox I believe it was Chuck Schumer who said it and said it more then once. Trump has accomplished more than any other president in the short time that he has been in office & the wall has & is being built with absolutely no help from the Democrats who have done everything in their power to try an remove President Trump from office. Makes me wonder why their so obsessed with President Trump Could it be their afraid of being investigated them selves ???

  • The democrats want this country to be like the rest of the world. No freedom of speech and no rite to bear arms. For those two things alone people have flocked here for centuries.

  • FuzzlePuff the Magnificent says:

    The New York Times have slipped, by pandering to those with TDS, much lower than The National Enquirer for content.

  • Charles's Outdoor says:

    If you can't run an honest paper, then what good is it. Printing lies for the left isn't helping them, they need the truth like everyone else. The ones complaining already know the Truth, their all about controlling what people read, hear and think. Companies need to ignore these groups of people that always threaten boycotts. They don't represent the majority of customers.

  • Charlysteen Stevens says:

    Look at what is happening to CNN right now. They have sown lies and distortions and they are reaping the harvest as fewer and fewer viewers are tuning in. You are quite right when you say that if the New York Times doesn't present hate speech against Trump everyday many of their readers will turn against them, as well as those in the MSM. But it is also true that if they do print it consistently regardless of circumstances then people will question their objectivity and their truthfulness. They have boxed themselves in. I don't feel the slightest bit sorry for them.

  • Nope, sorry but folks don't get to talk trash then say "sorry", this stuff is being recorded for history and people will be held accountable for there actions. Nothing gets entered in the public spotlight without some kind or review. Saying "sorry" is unacceptable now because its being used to make this type of behavior OK.

  • The border wall is getting built. And even if it wasn’t, not a single Trump supporter would vote for a Democrat. President Trump has been a great American hero. His patriotic accomplishments are too numerous to list here.

  • Mel Dreamweaver says:

    Trust me "We The People" know who is holding up the building of the wall – it is the leberials – the democrats and I for one do not hold this against President Trump but the Demo/Libs

  • Renee DaSinger says:

    what are you even talking about Trump has pivoted on the wall? LMAO.. WHAT? it was just announced AND SHOWN that we have over 50+ miles of wall up and 300 miles expected before 2020

  • BankGovPerpWalks says:

    NYT – "All the news that's fit to print." Unless the psychotic, Stage 6 (Beyond known stages. No cure) TDS mob starts shrieking, at which point the obsequious, left-spittle Times will plead guilty, release mea culpas, flagellate themselves, do penance, CHANGE HOW THEY REPORT, and reaffirm their blind obedience to their leftist-fundamentalist, ignorant, imbecilic masters. NYT finishes the job they started on themselves by hiring open racist Sarah Jeong.
    "Intrepid journalists." That's a laugh.

  • The Lil outrage monster y'all created is mad about the NYTs? That Lil monster will lose it's mind, when Trump wins 2020 😵😤😵🤯!

  • Far North Weaver says:

    The BASE is going to Vote. The reason our President Trump is acting as he is…. Is because most of us knows he's got an Ace up his sleeve. And there is a large number of Trump supporters that knows the "Ace" is there… And What, or Who that ACE is. The Media is absolutely blind to what that is.

  • New York Slimes, like their slimey scumbag TDS readers. They only read headlines, they are too stupid to read an article.

  • Connie Malaska says:

    What a shame that mob mentality runs the country right now. Whatever happened to free speech and freedom of the press? God help us all if this continues much longer

  • I don't know….by election time….330 miles of new wall will be up protecting our border….plus getting Mexico to create a ARMY Wall at their Southern border ..etc….so the base NOT VOTING? C'mon….so we can LET Socialist/Communist Left Wing get Bernie and MADURO in the White House SO THAT THE INVADERS GET FREE HEALTH CARE????….well….I think the guest is way off his BASE….as in OFF-HIS-ROCKER ! LOL….I didn't vote for TRUMP last time…however….my GF and I are BOTH VOTING FOR TRUMP NEXT TIME like our American lives depend on it.

  • This is one of the reasons POTUS will be re-elected in 2020 – POTUS represents the real people of the UNITED States of America (emphasis on UNITED). If you thought the reactions to POTUS's win in 2016 – wait till you see what happens in 2020 – orders of magnitude differential.


  • F the nyt!!! Poor liberals gonna eat themselves alive if they aren't catered to! Bunch of lying morons!!
    I hope you go out of business, You should all be ASHAMED OF YOURSELVES, and not because of that one true headline!! Integrity: look it up… it's opposite of what you guys stand for.

  • Well trump does something every day that deserves our attention and don't kid yourself trump loves the coverage. It feeds his ego and mania

  • i really don't think Trump would not lose a single vote if the wall is not completed…we have all seen what he's been going up against with the democratic party…

  • birgitta gaskell says:

    I would close the nyt down, they don't need to run, turn them off, rip up the paper, block them, the people can do it, who gets the real news from them anyway ?

  • Senor Cabeza de Grande says:

    The biggest stockholder in the NYT is Carlos Slim who is thought to be a Mexican. His Nationality is Mexican but his family is from the Middle East. The only thing truly Mexican about him is his first name Carlos.

  • The socialist press insults the president and it's ok? What about the good manners that they demand from the President?

  • If the Fake Media, Professors, Teachers, Democrats did Spew so much hate violence & LIES the country would be so united Happy and full of love. The evil disrupted People need to be removed from society they are a threat to Our PEACE

  • he's put up more of the wall than any other president in history he's doing his job and a great job of it who is this idiot right here Lou Dobbs kick him off no matter how good the man does it's sickening the way mankind has become specially here in the United States he's done more than any president has in years and even if he doesn't get the wall built he still has my folk Trump 20/20 hell yeah forever then after him Jim Jordan

  • from what I've been seeing in the news, the Wall is actually moving ahead after a lot of opposition. but even if he doesn't make the progresx he wants by 2020, why would we vote for the people opposing the Wall? I'd vote even more against the opponents of the Wall. I wish Lou would address that. I think even more people will support Trump on getting this done. Even if it spills over into his next term. WE want it done. can you imagine if a Dem got in there now and the;y started tearing the Wall down? Come on, Lou. I won't vote for a dem because Trump isn't done with the Wall. I'll be voting for Trump because I want to see him complete the job. Use some common sense. MAGA2020.

  • AllTeredstatement says:

    They are worse than collusion all media needs to think about how they influence the public elections we are the the dreds we will judge

  • Sorry guys not voting is not an option. you and I know real gun control will roll out and our pay checks will suffer and you know it. Trump 2020

  • Lou Dobbs is right IF trump pushes gun control sucking up to the very pigs who will never give him a break,he will lose millions of votes including mine

  • FINALLY , call an apple and apple …. call a traitor a traitor …. call chameleon a chameleon ….. call a liar a liar ….. call a backstabber a backstabber …. call a charlatan a charlatan …… call an opportunist an opportunist ……. call an imposter an imposter …….. call a hypocrite a hypocrite ……. AND CALL MITCH McCONNELL !!!!!!!MOSCOW MITCH!!!!!!!!!


  • It started with the Saturday night special cheap hand gun that low life's could bye for 5 or 15$ then go out on Saturday night and pull armed robbery s then the black Panthers showed up at the Capitol in sacramento call. Loaded to bear with fire arms not breaking any laws but freaking every one out then the first nut showed up at a school killing 5 kids and more gun control more shooting more gun control then more shootings how about every American that takes a fire arm safety test is 21 or older who ain't a felon and who wants to bearing concealed weapons making it possible to defend there selves and any one around them as is there right from birth on what if every mass shooter got shot by the people they tried to shoot?

  • This tells you how badly the DEMOCRATS ARE LOSING. Nothing will gain them support for their stupidity. When they fail they go straight to violence and bad language.

  • no he can't do whatever he wants, we won't vote if he goes after our guns, one more antigun law passed and I'm done with trump and the Republicans.

  • Catherine Anderson says:

    Twitter is a sewer! I’m only only on YouTube, although I hate that they disable comments for many conservative thoughts..they have the minority’s very active media and congressional behind them! The CONSERVATIVES HAVE THE SILENT MAJORITY AND WE NEED TO GET BUSY AND WORK HARDER THAN THEM! Do YOU WANT OUR CONSERVATIVE VALUES DENIED? Action is essential to a free democracy that love their country ?

  • For those that hold the wall as sacrosanct he will loose their votes
    For us on the firearms A2 he has lost our votes
    No who else will he seek to loose?
    Taking your base for granted will burn you to the effing ground by your own hand.
    He lost many on the bump stocks.
    Crenshaw will be primaried and ir ousted as an enemy traitor.
    He failed to see everyone in the right. Inky abke to now see the left he followed them off the cliff like an idiot lemming. Now swim out to sea blind baby seal. And dont come back.
    Crenshaw ended his carrier in disgrace and dishonor.
    Failed out Scout
    Be gone !

  • 🤔🤔🤔 sounds like fox news

    0:34 fox news has created a monster and that it has to give his viewers a daily dose of hate democrats and minorities every day and if you don't if you drop the ball on one headline they will come after you because this is now what they expect of fox news

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