NYT: The Feds Are Investigating President Donald Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC


100 thoughts on “NYT: The Feds Are Investigating President Donald Trump Lawyer Rudy Giuliani | The 11th Hour | MSNBC”

  • Trump lawyers , all low life unethical , are forced to get their own lawyers, so more lowest unethical life lawyers ?will it ever ends?the whole LAW SCHOOL UNIVERSITIES need to trained decent ethical lawyers. IT is a must!

  • Patricia Schofield says:

    It is very difficult to understand how those supporters of Trump are not aware of all the mounting evidence showing how corrupt him and his cronies are.

  • Spicy Artisan Hipster Salami says:

    Here’s the thing: when trump was running in 2016, he assumed his supporters were on the same page as he was, with the “swamp” rhetoric… some problems have come up with that:

    1) who defines “swamp”. Swamp of lawyers and career government employees who will be there after trump hangs? Hmmmm. That could be a problem for useful Russian stooge trump and his underling idiots
    2) his supporters are not cohesive, some just want and sow chaos, some only focus on a select few things (like the border). Clearly though, they are all selfish and stupid and not wanting the best for America but instead, only themselves
    3) trump is delusional and has a (yet undiagnosed) mental disorder… so when he lies/talks, his supporters assume he’s of sound mind. He’s not

  • When will you guys realize that politicians aren’t for the people…? Btw, I’ve heard kids playing fort nite use worse language than trump so why are people acting so surprised and shocked he said a “cuss” word…lol
    🤭 so stupid.

  • Perhaps after he's removed from office, indicted, and convicted, we can find a nice job for him shoveling some of that for real, instead of with his mouth.

  • Anyone else noticed how Rudy and Trump are so much alike?

    1. Both of them are CUCU FOR COCO PUFF'S!

    2. Both of them are Extremely Delusional

    3. They both have characteristics of going completely bunkers for each other…..frankly i wouldn't be surprised if Rudy comes out as being gay….I guess someone has to perform those presidential Rim Jobs.

  • To Evangelicals that still support trump: It is clear that the fact that he has cheated in marriage more than once must not be as important as the fact that he doesn't like black people. I can only assume that is the most important factor.

  • I think we all hoped that one day the male dominated Republican politicians would have the balls to step up and bring their crime boss of a leader to charge. It seems as though the true American patriots are the female diplomats. You go girls.. What goes around comes around Don Trump.

  • All those deplorables behind him will be shown in the future just like all those nazis at the nuremberg rallies. Their kids, grandkids and all future generations will see them in the same disgusting way.

  • Rudy ok the southern district is corrupt comy daughter works for this hillary Clinton's corrupt side kicks remember anything New York is corrupt right hillary Comey's daughter muller nadlar Schumer new York's sucks

  • Wouldn’t be surprised if Ms. Fiona Hill end up ‘mysteriously’ dead , seeing that she’s testifying against the president.
    We should protect her at all costs

    Can’t wait to see trump locked up in solitary

  • I'am hearing and say that; the dems are holding a unconstitutional hearing in secret. We can only ask the Lord to investigate these hearings. Lord we call upon your name to quite this political storm. Thank you Lord amen

  • Zissou Moonshot says:

    Trump doesn't know her, but in the call suggests that he knows her very well. The guy just can't say one true thing when he's in front of the cameras. It's all deny, deflect, conceal. The most non-transparent administration in the last few decades, by far.

  • STOP! Playing the crazy crap that comes out of that animals mouth at his Fascist Rallies, you can talk about it but it should not be broadcast!!!

  • This is all a diversion from the coming INDICTMENTS concerning the FAKE RUSSIAN COLLUSION and continuing COUP ATTEMPT against the President of the United States.

  • I ask these brainiacs why they keep on asking why trump removed the ambassador and kept the aid money. Didn’t the white house release a transcript that said trump wanted a favour and that favour was to investigate the Biden’s son?
    Like what more do they need?

  • I said before that kumquat was another Caligula. But maybe he is closer to Nero. Kumquat will be standing on the balcony rejoicing and laughing as this country burns from his great and unmatched idiocy.
    Kumquat is not even human. He is SATAN.

  • Virginia Taylor says:

    The PERSON that is BAD NEWS for AMERICA is the PERSON that occupies the office of the PRESIDENCY, dRUMPf. This EVANGELICAL CHRISTIAN WILL NOT VOTE for dRUMPf in 2020. Republicans should find another candidate.

  • I hope Donald Trump has a golden shovel to dig himself out of that bull *** because he's knee-deep in his own ** I'm still saying it's common sense why would Mexico pay for a wall…… as he sat there and said that they were criminals and they were uneducated and you actually think they were going to pay for a wall after you talk crazy about them just common sense that didn't even makes sense how did anybody believe that ya just believe anything that orange man say

  • "I don't know her…She may be a wonderful woman." That's it, Donnie…..just keep repeating. You'll be fine…. nothing to worry about.

  • All those people who were excited Trump swore, you better pray this dosn't resurface 10 year's from now
    Not only did you look stupid ,but your grandchildren will ask you why you did that

  • Thank God for the internet so that once Trump is gone we will have a record of everyone who supported this criminal. If you supported Trump before, this is your last chance. Admit you've been conned, because an apology after he's already gone will mean nothing.

  • So now Trump promised really soon
    To put the first man on the moon!
    Anyone want to send that loon
    For a real nice tan on the moon?

  • "Republicans are not going to get a spine, their cowardice will just turn in a different direction." Spot on, Rick Wilson! Impeachment will succeed!

  • Tsetan Wangchuk says:

    Trump the best president so far. Democrats are just sick of politics of impeachment. That’s against Americans who elected him president of USA

  • Trump is mentally unfit to be president. What he has done in Syria is INSANE! No mentally healthy person says " I in my great and unmatched wisdom " Another sign of a personality disorder or a mental disorder is how everything is PERFECT, all the BEST people, I have the BEST brain. Not to mention..it is a PROVEN FACT that Trump is a pathological LIAR! If people can't see that by now…..how aware are They? How Well are they?

  • What is absolutely insane is that people are willing to go down with this guy who's a complete con man and the most unpious of humans.

  • So let me get this straight, the same office he work for is the same office that’s going to prosecute him. Talk about full circle hopefully he can go to jail and meet the same guys he sent to jail back in the 90’s

  • "Go up against the intellegence agencies and they have more ways to Sunday off getting to you."
    Chuck Schumer

    The people know msm is oligarch propaganda and you are presstitutes.

    You all are corrupt.

  • the only thing that can save the Tangerine Tyrant now is for Jared to finally announce that he's made peace in the middle east

  • Is The Obama Administration the Most Corrupt in U.S. History? https://www.huffpost.com/entry/is-the-obama-administrati_2_b_3094454

  • I don't understand way President trump not call for marschal law to clean America from Corrupted pelosi and schumer and deep state.

  • ive seen this before back in the 90s. What comes next "I did not have sexual relations with Rudy Giuliani " or something like that

  • catherine schreck says:

    Well we'll what a shocking surprise!whistleblower isn't important now the false whistleblower accomplished what they intended an now,they don't need him?

  • Yep, Giuliani is screwed, as Trump begins his typical deny, change narrative, and then distance. We already saw him change his “no Quid Pro Quo” argument to now saying ”yes, there was Quid Pro Quo, but it wasn’t corrupt.” He will start saying Giuliani did this on his own, and he did not know nor authorize what Giuliani did in the Ukraine. Come back here in 3 weeks and see it come to fruition.

  • Ukraine donated more money to the clinton foundation than anyother country from 99-14. Ambassador was not doing a good job.

  • So how fake is this news? When trump said she’s maybe a good person- it was a video, but when President said she is bad news- well it was written on the screen with no evidence of President saying it. Now that is Fake News

  • Elena Belacastre says:



  • This is what he is facing now! The pressures on him, but his followers, and those that he abandoned, are taking the bulk of it. It does not matter to him, as long as he knows his free! If he was honest, these things wouldn't have happened. This is how greed does to a man, WHO has no morals.

  • State Dept sent Guiliani to Ukraine!!!! Ambassador wouldn't give Ukrainian visa to come states testify ! Also, she bad mouthed POTUS !
    Ukraine Joe and his son 1.5B should be investigated!

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