100 thoughts on “NYT boss: Trump attacks on media ‘out of control’”

  • Aleksandre Mzhavia says:

    Well CNN was kissing Obamas butt at every occasion, now CNN is spitting on Trump at every occasion… Look I'm not pro or against Trump, but this is very unprofessional.

  • Waste of oxygen says:

    The stupidity of people is the problem. They don't read, don't care about facts, and don't think critically. Stupid people are the problem, the decline of newspapers and Trump's presidency in general are just the symptoms.

  • Rebecca Garrett says:

    the executive editor of the new york times????? what an elitist…it will change the country forever…brother like freedom of speech only belongs to the nyt…freedom of speech…guess what mr…the president has freedom of speech also…

  • Diane laughalot says:

    Sadly Trump needs to lie just to please his STUPIED voters😁 while TRASHING the U.S. at the expense of the rest of U.S. normal citizens 🤔

  • Nathaniel Anderson says:

    They really don't get too deep into the constitution in high school.
    They should require more and earlier study.

  • Cry n CNN an helium boy Brian you are a anti American lap puppy for the elite you an your fail after fail like the porn whore an little onk onk the firearm boy make you a pile of rat vomit network

  • Trump and Ted Nugent the biggest whimps in USA. Both draft dodgers and both are liers with big talk, small hands and no brain.

  • Sorry to say but it is the other way around. I travel a lot and have seen the raw footage of many things CNN, NYT and MSM supposedly report on. Needless to say one would think they are in 2 different worlds watching both.

  • How long until y'all figure out that yelling "FAKE NEWS" is the very reason Trump "WON"?! .. Or that the past 50 years of y'all spreading the corporate gospel is what made that possible in the first place??!!

    EDIT: I should add a couple or three zeros to that fifty, huh?!

  • Real Americans true American Family men and women will stand up and not let you take over the Lord is on our side

  • Trump has more credibility in his big toe, than NYT has in the hole building. Emperor Trump is a great guy!! MAGA 2020

  • LouLikestowatch says:

    this guy acts as if Trump doesn't know what he's doing. Trump knows exactly what he is doing. He is discrediting the Truth, he's trying to oppress it. He's calculating and cunning in his attack and future control of the media (ie Sinclair-tribune merger)


    Here is a Donald Trump collusion mashup…..please watch and share……Troll Trump.

  • Trump is just a wannabe AUTOCRAT America should be free not be ruled by someone who wants people to praise and clap him like we saw around his table this is not NORTH KOREA and trump is not Kim Jong-In even though he tries to be

  • Downright Dutch says:

    The leftist, arrogant bias skyscreaming and lying pundits like the MSM fake news (#1 CNN !) they have a real problem! ‘Gender dysphoria’ is considered by the American Psychiatric Association (APA) to be a “mental disorder,” while even the NWO leftist World Health Organization (WHO) recognizes it as a “mental illness.” (dysphoria – Lat: ‘hard to bear’ – is a kind of impatient restlessness, a morbid restlessness; dissatisfaction; state of unpleasant mood alternation – which can be drug induced.

  • I still find it baffling why some people prefer to believe some guy or news article on the internet over journalists who have good track records and whose careers may be on the line if they screw up. Yes sure I sometime think what journalists write are biased, too narrowly focused and so on, but blatant untruths are rare. If the recent revelations about fake news and influence ops on social media do not cause these folks to at least stop and reconsider this, I am not sure anything will

  • Well fake news isn't really the problem…it is what the mainstream media chooses to leave out for instance the Standing Rock Protests…here is a great link if you wish to gauge how mainstream media is doing with "selective news coverage"

  • Dennis Anderson says:

    How about so called "news" channels and outlets actually report the news. When it is nothing but personal attacks 24 hours a day it is not news, it's a propaganda machine. Remember the days when reporters and media outlets were held to certain standards? Such as, when reporting something that is obviously or blatantly false they could be held accountable? How about the days when they were required to be unbiased and report on both sides of any given issue? That being said, yes the president has done and said some things that alot of people may have issues with but he has also done some very good things as well and none of these so called "news" outlets report any of it. When it's a 24 hour a day personal attack it is not news, it's smear tactics and propaganda and it's also obvious it is only to try and brainwash the masses. Don't lose your critical thinking every issue has 2 sides to it so why is only 1 side put forth? Ask yourselves if I was taken to court to answer on a charge and only the prosecution was able to give their side and you weren't allowed to speak your side every single person would be outraged and not stand for it. But that is EXACTLY what is happening now. I'm not surprised that this is yet the latest tactic in a long line one party has used, I'm not surprised that the same party controlled so called "news" outlets spews out the same narrative day after day knowing alot of its false, I'm not even surprised that it is so unbiased. I'm only surprised so many of you have bought it! They are trying to rob you of any logical or critical thinking and your falling for it. Do you seriously think that just because someone says something over and over it has to be true? I sincerely hope you know better than that. News is dead, journalism is dead, and all the sheepal are lining up to get their faculties taken away.

  • Michael Veasy says:

    So CNN will give interviews to pornstars who accused president Trump what they won't give interviews to the women who accused Bill Clinton of rape because they really don't want you to know the truth they only want you to know what they are scripted to tell you

  • America,use your vote in November and get rid of this out of control Trump and his criminal,sycophantic administration.From Britain and Europe who have dealt,in the past with dictators like Trump we know how dangerous this situation in your country.

  • Covering the Dotard in Chief is only a fraction of what these News outlets do… Of course Drumph always makes everything about himself – pathetic, whining snowflake.

  • Yeah, well Tell that to, Fox News. Trump wine and dines with them on a regular basis at his Golf Club at Mar -a-Lago…

  • So many neo nazi trolls on this platform again ( Why are they here when they hate cnn and those lefist ? Do they realy think they will win the argument?

  • Rjames Elliott says:

    The media has fake 10 to 15 years if not longer I don't blame Trump anyting Trump is taking it right to the media and it's about time I used to like CNN many years ago ABC CBS even Fox but now it's just garbage in garbage out we should believe you anybody believe that you're telling the truth wants to believe and garbage and one more thing I think and believe the Trump should keep hammering the media every chance he gets most politicians and stations I bought and paid for by the companies that own bill

  • When a car is sent to the United States from China, there is a Tariff to be paid of 2 1/2%. When a car is sent to China from the United States, there is a Tariff to be paid of 25%. Does that sound like free or fair trade. No, it sounds like STUPID TRADE – going on for years!

  • Laurence Hirst says:

    "Ow! Covfefe!..Fake news!..All of it Fake news!..Believe me!..It's all controlled by Obama and crooked Hillary! Believe me!..Watch Shaun 'Lumpy' Hannity and Fox and Frauds..They always truth up..Believe me!..Free press?..Fake news!..Putin knows how to do it!..The way it should be done..Make 'em disappear! Putin has the best media..The best..Believe me! everybody says so..The best.Believe me..the best!..Covfefe..The best!"

  • Michael Snyder says:

    The only person that Trump can blame is the person who looks back at him when he looks at a mirror. Trump brought this on to himself. And its not the media's fault for they are doing there job, unlike Trump he has yet to take his job seriously.

  • Jennifer Eddy says:

    Do I have to get a Wall Street subscription to remember Republicans and not every corporation is corrupt? apples and oranges?

  • धनंजय गजानन परुळेकर says:

    These PPL together uplifted "Fire and Fury" by Dr Michael Wolff, what happened to that garbage?

  • Good to hear NYT Head say there should be lines drawn between chumminess of press & government. It was a key message, not lost on me, from the movie The Post.

  • rosely covali says:

    Nope. There is only one type of media: the one that loves not executing their job – communicating ONLY facts.

  • Clucker Beatz says:

    Okay so I was reading through comments and I found some replies talking again about how our country is the only one in Western society that has guns I cannot get back into their to reply every time I hit the reply button nothing happens looks like I'm being censored to reply to that guy's comment however you guys need to do some research and find out that people do on guns in Western countries some need permits some don't but they do have firearms in other countries they just don't have the murders that we have and why do we have these murders probably because CIA like the guy that made this video is on there every day telling you why you should hate each other and why you should fight each other

  • I just joined the NRA and the Gun Owners of America!!! Thanks to msnbc,cnn,washingpost, etc. You can too. You don't have to be an American to join. Thanks to liberals,sjw's, antifa/communists for making me aware how important the right to bear arms really is! Great job guys!

  • Trump`s attacks on the media say more about Trump than they do about the media. Anyone with half a brain has to know that, and the rest is beyond help anyway. I`m so bored by his “fake news” cries it`s not even funny.

  • Hekat the Evil B-tch says:

    What would a coward know of courage?
    Dean Baquet of the New York Times seems to have an over hopeful view, but I think he knows that. His message is for the people, not lost cause Tr*mp…

  • Colonial Rebel says:

    CNN is the epitome of CIA Operation Mockingbird…this is why he doesn't like you guys. Your talking points are influenced by the government. "We just report the news, we don't fabricate it, that's the governments job!"…you guys suck, that's why you're ratings are so low.

  • NYT boss is a filthy fucking scumbag for the criminal government and criminal bankers, he should be in line to be hung as well.

  • We're talking about Trump the "man child" it's like explaining basic behavior to a 1year old. They don't hear you, are distracted, and throw a tantrum if they don't get their way. OMG, and this is the POTUS. God help us.

  • where was NYT during the Obama years with his drone killings and civilian casualties, why are they waking up now! never believe main stream media they are political propaganda tools who go hard or soft depending on the president of the day and from which party!

  • Wish Brian would lay off the meth a bit, he gets ahead of his words all the time.. geeez dude vape some indica.. you sound like a nasally little girl but you have some ok ideas just that high voice… just slow down and relax man

  • Yahya Abdullah says:

    I never thought that i would live to see this kind of shameful behavior coming from a president who is leader and should alway's strive to be at his or her best behavior,i feel that the people who help to get him elected are just as guilty and as corrupt as trump and just by the behavior he displayed during the primaries that really should of disqualified him according to what he indicted himself with his own word's about grabbing women by their private part's and other shameful thing's he said,that is why there should be some stiff guideline's for people to meet who run for president this kind of thing should never be allowed to happen again because trump has made america the laughing stock around the world him and the republicans who i know everyone everywhere see how corrupt the republican party really is.

  • Blue Wave, Blue Wave, Blue Wave

    Dotard, Dotard, Dotard

    Covfefe, Covfefe, Covfefe

    Our country's done for, Our country's done for, Our country's done for

    I can't believe he's doing this, I can't believe he's doing this, I can't believe he's doing this

    Spanky, Spanky, Spanky

    Dictator, Dictator, Dictator

    Traitor, Traitor, Traitor

    Autocrat, Autocrat, Autocrat

    Bonespurs, Bonespurs, Bonespurs

    Cons, Cons, Cons

    How old is everybody here? You're not gonna convince me otherwise that these are middle school students or people who haven't grown up. "Liberals", my ass. If these people had any political knowledge, they wouldn't fucking name Trump every corny fucking name in the book and have childish replies to anyone who disagrees with them. I have to meet these people, because I guarantee you that, just like in Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back, these losers would run away if they would dare talk to me like that. Just to prove that they're nothing but pussies pretending to be tough guys on the internet. All you're doing is bringing forth more misery than what you think "David Dennison the Dotard" is doing. And boy, am I gonna have a triggered mouth breather (snowflake is too nice a word) basically prove everything I say to be true

    Keep hiding behind those keyboards, sniveling pussies.

  • This is the epitome of fake news. Everything wrong with the media is represented in this interview. The New York Times, a huge historic symbol and leader of American journalism has been reduced to an Editor, appearing on the lowest rated cable news outlet and spread fake news. His argument is that Trump’s “attacks” on the media are damaging their credibility. If all it takes is for Donald Trump to make sure your coverage is accurate and you retract what is wrong,, Trump is not the problem. The Editor is acknowledging the amount of power and support really has. He is afraid that Trumps supporters will continue to defending him and dismiss the New York Times. As long as Maggie Haberman is still employed there, which Wikileaks exposed as working directly with Clinton on articles , the New York Times will Be it’s own demise. Learn from the mistakes of CNN. Look at the electoral map again. That’s a lot of red you guys have to convince ….good luck

  • Brian tries to squeeze CNN in with NYT as credible!!!!! Hilarious 😂 CNN is the poster child of fake news, everyone sees that and journalism schools should teach their students that CNN is fake news.

  • Media attacks on our President are out of control. Has this guy ever done a report on Muellers investigation violating the presidents 4th amendment. Or has this guy ever done a report on how Hillary committed perjury when she testified before Congress under oath and we all heard her lie. But, no charges. Why? Do these talking heads know what they are doing? Maybe, maybe not. They seem to be robotic in their coverage. Shameful

  • FOX news ratings Good CNN ratings Bad.. Trump had nothing to do with that.. When is CNN going to realize they just simply suck when it comes to journalism….

  • CNN, you are disgusting and so dishonest! You are so selfish and dangerous,and are pushing all these false stories and narratives for your own bias and political gain! Shame on you!

  • mainstream used to make people think, but now mainstream seems to tell people what to think. respectfully, mainstream news is seen more as entertainment and not what i'm seeing.

  • Trump's attacks on the media are warranted and, If I were in his position, I'd be doing the same thing he is. CNN (FAKE NEWS) has been scamming the public with false and misleading information about Russian Collusion (a made up hit piece that has no basis in fact and CNN knows it) and Trump's record while in office. Trump is doing a pretty good job getting things accomplished especially in the face of all the traitorous opposition he has been getting from the lying media And the lying, disgustingn democratic party. Trump has gotten North Korea to the table to discuss denuclearization, his policies have contributed major improvements in the economy, unemployment is decreasing significantly, the tax cut has helped the majority of Americans, CNN and other major mainstream media outlets have been exposed for their FAKE News and partizanship, ISIS has lost most of its power and influence, illegal immigration has been decreasing, and that's a short list of good news that CNN doesn't even care to report because it is fixated on destroying Trump's presidency. You guys may get pats on the back by your cronies in the elitist media but American's know what you are: exactly what Trump says you are: FAKE NEWS.

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