NY Gov. Cuomo Gives Update On Coronavirus Pandemic | NBC News (Live Stream Recording)


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  • Plexus Radio Network says:

    Air prison called planet Earth. Message To You, Your Family and Friends In The Name Of Humanity! https://plexusradio.com/tips/air-prison-called-planet-eart/

  • Eugene Hausenfus says:

    "We failed to shutdown flights, we failed to mandate stay at home, we failed to have surplus set aside for an emergency BUT give us ALL the ventilators and i promise, we'll release them when we're done. Hey Cuomo – you f*& up.

  • He updates for NY …not for the country. If Trump tried to update for NY you all would be hollering for him to shut up. The city officials run when there is an EMERGENCY..

  • When all this is finally over I hope governments around the world hold a day to honor the constant sacrifice healthcare workers, and first responders made to save as many lives as possible. As well as essential workers who risked their health to man the counters in markets and all other cases.

  • God just told the World to go to our Room and don't come out until we know how to behave and play well with each other.

  • I'm sorry!
    I'm British and listening to this man from the UK. Just realised I've watched and listened to him for 30 mins. He's informative, calm, to the point knowledgeable and statesman like.
    And I'm wondering why is this man not in charge of your country?!

  • One day…he will come on the dice and will say "My name is Andrew Cuomo and i am running for the President of United states.

  • At a time of crisis, one rises to the occasion and gov Cuomo is it. He has handled this really well. Remember the people who stood up for you at the time of crisis because he will be there for you and your children in the future.

  • Governor Cuomo and my Governor, Governor Pritzker, tell it how it is and call out the b.s. at the White House… As they should! ??

  • Ask the governor if he EVER stopped
    DHL, UPS, or FEDEX flights from deliving goods to NewYork from China.
    Ask him if he ever stopped container ships from China.
    Since China stated months ago that the virus could easily live 9 days or more on surfaces and up to 4 weeks below 4 degrees centigrade, if those goods were still arriving, they were likely bringing the virus directly to the City.

  • AKA ‘Joey bobaso’ ‘Andy the AK’ ‘goombasoo boombaso’ ‘Sammy the salami’ and once in Atlantic City ‘shellie’

  • This stupid clown of a governor can even produce sanitizer,nor Clorox, not even rubbing alcohol. And he wants to run the state

  • I like the way he speak hes breaking it down the doctor who speaks with our president does not make nothing clear please sit him next to trump remove the current doctor who speaks she just not clear

  • truthful investigation says:

    What do you expect? I feel sorry for the citizens under Cuomo care. The Government in NY let NY residents run roughshod over patrol officers. Pouring water on them. Sanctuary cities, illegal immigration. Bad leadership by mayor and Governor.

  • I don’t live in NY, cause I live in NH… I commended him for all he is doing. I’m neither a Rep or Dem… This guy has jumped through fire for his state, and no one else has done anything near what’s he’s done. I wish he was the President instead of the big tremendous Bozo with really huge, I mean really big hands…
    If he ever runs for President, he has my vote… Much respect for him.

  • Take Biden and Sanders off the ticket and put Cuomo on it… No one would stand a chance against him…I’m a BoSox and Pats fan, but I’m a Cuomo fan…..Compassion, humanity, and slings it back to Trump…He’s has Class….

  • Tony Learns To Swag says:

    Come On America, you have been declare as the world's superpower country because you guys are.. advance in medicine, economy and technologies. Now's the Time prove to other countries that you are still.

  • Governor Cuomo please be our President you are for real, and honest, and you go into details about what is going on. You know what your speaking about. Thank you…

  • Stephen Gutsch says:

    The worst hit state in the country and all these morons are saying that he’s doing a great job, why do you think this state is the worst hit in the country?

  • I wish Cuomo would run for president! I use to be a Republican but since Trump I no longer call myself a Republican! I would love to see someone like Cuomo in the White House!

  • Horus Skywalker says:

    The Event 201 pandemic exercise was conducted on October 18, 2019 at the John Hopkins Center for Health Security(with simulators Bill and Melinda Gates). The fictional coronavirus acute pulmonary syndrome (CAPS) is presented as an acute respiratory infection that can progress to pneumonia and acute respiratory distress syndrome. The virus itself has certain hallmarks of being engineered and the current strain is probably derived from the one China officials obtained from a lab in Winnipeg, Canada in 2018. During Event 201, a representative from Johnson and Johnson suggested that a "centralized" global economic authority in charge of funding and procuring vaccines for various nations in crisis was an option for solving a pandemic "when it would be released".

  • Milz Rodriguez says:

    I feel reassured and after it's all said and done that's what a great leader does for his people. He has gain my respect and I'm thankful for his efforts. Bravo Governor Cuomo! Bravo!

  • spiritualawakening 1111 says:

    As per the divine predictions may is the date when we are going to come up with actual prevention medicine for corona watch my video for detailed prediction from divine may be I was informed to spread a word of hope and telling PPL not to panic..India will play major contribution in this https://youtu.be/jnUTNK5LWsE

  • William Inbody says:

    No one cares about NY or NYC….and no ones voting for a mobster for President. So pull the trial balloon for Bidens replacement. He a no go…

  • Liette Bonneville says:

    Governor CUOMO. While the morbidity of New York is .8, the morbidity of Quebec is .004 at the same date. Looking at what is going on, on those two (2) territories, we observe in Quebec, no huge hospitalizations, but a constant reminder ( day after day) of the importance of hygiene of the hands and the keeping of distances, between each others ( and a lot of other measures), by the Prime Minister, the Minister of Heath and the Director of Public Health. GO FIGURE ?!
    It's not the number of beds or, the number of respirators that count, it's the opportunity for peoples to develop their own immune system, by more hygiene and distanciation to each other. That's what count ! Gerry

  • Andrew LaMothe says:

    I find it interesting that the states having the worst coronavirus problems are all run by democrats. It’s these states that are begging for the most help from the federal government. These same states have the highest state income tax in the nation and yet they’re always begging for federal help and federal money. These states also have huge homeless problem huge property problems huge crime problems and enormous welfare programs. I’m thinking it’s not just a coincidence.

  • I am really starting to like Andrew Cuomo. He sticks to the facts and does not get emotional yet his caring comes through.

  • this guy is talking a whole bunch of nothing!!!! and is it me ? or they all talking about flattening the curve too much??? lol

  • CASES . . . CASES . . . CASES do NOT Equal Death. The Average Flu season in the U.S. results in 12,000 – 61,000 deaths each year. Google it! Where was the 'Fear Mongering' for all other typical flu seasons? The number of deaths so far in this country is only on par with a typical bad weekend in Chicago ! So, let's ALL stay very scared, hide in our homes, and remain fearful . . .right? NO, but use common sense – wash our hands a lot, keep the distance like they suggest, JUST LIKE ANY OTHER FLU SEASON and then let's get back to work by Easter. Ooorah! I've had enough of these career politicians taking advantage of our fear. Keep researching YT and see what the real non-bought-off researchers, scientists, and financial professionals say.

  • Harvinder Jain says:

    Governer Cuomo, I loved your speech and thoroughness. I just have one comment to make on the CLOSENESS concept….Newyork public transport is overcrowded and all subways except WTC station are extremely unhygenic….I went to NYC last year, the state of density is because of poor infrastructure 100%…so please cut down on CLOSENESS concept because it is misrepresenting the facts. My personal opinion. To experience the CLOSENESS, you may actually go undercover and travel in public transport for a day and do a first hand experience….it will be very helpful to your exposure if NYC. Thank you

  • theKoshmeister says:

    An Al Pacino character – but real life and better. Respect to this guy and of course the people of NY (City and State) and US. Best wishes coming at you from the UK.

  • Nicky Chuaybamrung says:

    It pain my nose and throat for 1 minutes for covid 19 test by DNA then they contain me self quarantine 14 days daily temperature check .
    It must separately 2 section on the case
    1 is negative viruses by tested+ virus negative tested by discharge
    1 is positive virus tested activating treatment ,level and still have positive it must be separated from other .
    So it must be under control
    To live without contains it wiĺ contamination . It will be lower when the people not movement .
    There such higher case infection from last 14 days invasion

  • 2:12 is just 1 example of why I respect Governor Cuomo. "The Hospital capacity is 53,000 beds, that's a problem." He not only knows what he is talking about, but when he says "That's a problem' the tone he uses is excellent. He just states what is working, and what is not working. WITHOUT making it sound like we are all going to die. He just addresses what must be done, and what has improved. EXCELLENT Governor.

  • I live in Nashville and I find the NY governer more knowledgeable and more helpful than our president. He seems to really want to educate and inform the public on how to keep us safe. This man seems to have a plan and is putting the people first! I absolutely love this! His passion and eagerness to solve this "medical problem" are comforting. Thank you, Governor Cuomo!
    Sidenote: My prayers are with every family within our country! We will get through this… we have to stick together! This is a time where this divisiveness we've seen has to be put to the side. We need to be united for once and work together to slow the spread of COVID- 19. Quarantine! Quarantine! Quarantine! Do the grunt work now so we can have a better future!

  • At 4:50 did he just say people in Nyc want to walk and do other things outside???
    I dont understand, we are supposed to avoid going outside as much as we can but is he supporting the idea of letting people take a walk at anytime, please i hope i am wrong plus i heard other things he said similar to Trump like young people may go back to work and older people should really isolate themselves…
    Idk why are people not seeing the problem here

    We are supposed to stay inside!!
    Open the streets for pedestrians so people can walk??? What is he saying! ?‍♂️ Nyc is covid Ground zero…

  • I really hate that he keeps saying it's the elderly population…that 1 or 2 percent. No sir it's also that 48 year old assistant nurse manager from Mount Sinai that died yesterday.

  • God bless your heart, Governor Cuomo..You are a man of the people. New York is blessed to have you especially at a time like this. My prayers are going up and out for New York, the United States of America and the Whole World . May God be with us all. Amen

  • My prayers is that New York get the 30,000-50,000 Ventilators that they need in order to save more lives, and from there are able to help the entire United States. Amen, and amen.

  • Roger Williams says:

    Be common-sense and data-driven like President Trump is:
    "BREAKING: Controlled clinical study conducted by doctors in France shows hydroxychloroquine cures 100% of coronavirus patients within 6 days"

    And is THIS true? Amazing what a little research and reading reveals: "BREAKING: New evidence shows CDC knew since 2005 that chloroquine is effective against coronaviruses" (https://techstartups.com/2020/03/20/breaking-new-evidence-shows-cdc-knew-since-least-2005-chloroquine-effective-coronaviruses/ )

    And the success in South Korea explained?: "COVID-19 Update 8: Zinc and Chloroquine for the treatment of COVID-19; https://youtu.be/BIymfznD7YA

  • BMW Programming & Encoding says:

    They are not concerned about Iran nuclear ambitions now. You don't hear about it in these Jewish press lately. We don't hear about Taliban and US troops killing one another for their political leaders. You don't hear about Syria again. I can bet as the virus disappears these US politicians gone back to Global trouble making against the Muslims.

  • Armageddon News says:

    ??? YOU COULD BE DEAD TOMORROW FROM COVID-19 – Pray this NOW! "Father I confess I am a sinner , please forgive my sins, I ask Jesus to be the Savior of my soul. Amen"

  • Robert Macgregor says:

    Andrew Cuomo is an expert of the so-called fireside chat. We Need Cuomo! Draft him for the Democratic nominee!

  • exploring splitting? gosh…. you're going to be blowing pneumo's left and right…… rebreathing your "buddy's" exhaled gases, sharing secretions and infections, creating new infections. how do you know how well you're ventilating patient A compared to patient B? Now the AARC (and many pulmonologists) says no, not advisable. What do you do?
    i'm praying for my RT brothers and sisters!!

  • Other than putting in an effort to do the right thing during this medical crisis, Governor Cuomo is pathetically useless and worthless.

  • Boy, he loves to hear himself talk ! Why would I care what's happening in NY every single day ? News on the street is NY is in this mess because of the NY leadership .

     "The risk to New Yorkers from coronavirus is low and … our preparedness as a city is very high," Barbot said at a Feb. 2 press conference supporting the Chinatown Lunar New Year Parade and Festival. "There is no reason not to take the subway, not to take a bus, not to go out to your favorite restaurant and certainly not to miss the parade next Sunday

  • People just think it’s a flu and they just go outside while the quote in quote “zombies” are outside and they get infected and they cannot feel the symptoms after a week or less. So that’s how they infect more and more people.
    The cure to the virus is iodine, iodine kills any bacteria or virus in your body.
    The government keeps trying to act like there is NO cure while this resource while it’s at cvs or any pharmacy.
    Everyone, order toilet paper at Amazon and masks there too. If your pharmacy is closed, order iodine over eBay or amazon too.
    If your city/town has no cases, buy 2 glasses of iodine cause if there are 0 cases in your town/city they won’t have as much stores closed.
    Thanks for reading I hope this will be helpful to anybody!

  • Coronavirus Spread in 3 ways : Close-up droplet spread. Contact spread. Aerosol transmission. Anyone need N95 masks?We have stock. ship by DHL get to in a week.

  • Nora Privitera says:

    Gov. Cuomo's presentation is deeply moving, extremely informative, calm, serious and frank, but at the same time inspirational. He is showing true leadership in this crisis.

  • StarrShine Preston says:

    As a NYC resident, I'm very proud of Cuomo and de Blasio's leadership during this crisis.

    As a proud USAF veteran, I'm praying that 45 will use the DPA more aggressively, like yesterday.

    Most importantly, as a citizen of the United States of America, I'm very grateful for any and everything positive that is happening, especially us finally coming together as countrymen, not just gop and dems.

    Lastly, I'm praying (sending focused thoughts / intent for the highest good of everyone on this beautiful planet. GBUs all.

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