Nutritionist Career Information : Nutritionist Job Description

Nutritionist Career Information : Nutritionist Job Description

A nutritionist is somebody that studies nutrition.
But when it comes to a career as a nutritionist, a nutritionist is actually legally bound to
be a licensed nutritionist before they call themselves a nutritionist. So every state
has different licensing criteria and you need to become a licensed nutritionist to call
yourself a nutritionist. Now what does a nutritionist do every day, again there is different types
of job description that each nutritionist have, has. But I’m going to tell you a little
bit about what I do everyday. I actually start off my job at home and I work in my home office
answering emails, returning phone calls, updating my web site to make sure that products I have
available are reflected properly and any new research updates that I get in each week get
posted on my website for review for my clients and then typically in the afternoons I see
clients in my office. And I basically see a client for about two hours a piece for the
initial consultation and I go through with them their entire health history as well as
what they do every day, what they eat, what time they wake up and when they go to bed.
What their sleep habits are like, what their exercise patterns are like, if they have them.
And we develop together a plan for them of kind of a holistic plan starting with a meal
program and also including exercise goals and a supplement program. Being a nutritionist
compared to other jobs in our field, I think of other practitioners in my field as people
like personal trainers, people like acupuncturists helping somebody to become healthier. Physicians
helping diagnose what might be wrong with the patient. Looking at their colons, through
a colonoscopy or whatever it might be. Measuring their lab values and so nutritionists is always
basically working as a team with other members of the medical team and other members of the
holistic health team, even if we are not talking to them everyday, we are part of that team,
and we are helping that patient in our capacity which is nutrition.


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