Nurses Week 2019 Radio Spot | Kaiser Permanente

Nurses Week 2019 Radio Spot | Kaiser Permanente

– It takes a special kind
of person to be a nurse. Not just anyone can do it. They need to be strong, but gentle. Tough, but compassionate. We come to them when
we’re feeling our worst: sick, hurting, probably a little nervous, and in return they give us their best. The do more than heal, they care for us — truly making us feel better:
mind, body, and spirit. At Kaiser Permanente we recognize the amazing contributions of our nurses. They are our front lines — At the forefront of innovation and care, working in concert with
doctors and specialists to help bring us back to health. So, this Nurses Week we
want to encourage everyone to give a big “thank you” to nurses. Although the job you do is difficult, the way you do it is exceptional. Thanks for helping us thrive. Kaiser Permanente® Thrive.


One thought on “Nurses Week 2019 Radio Spot | Kaiser Permanente”

  • Austin Hansch Vlogs says:

    Thank you For all you do Especially at West LA Kaiser. Those nurses are awesome and really do care about their patients.

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