Nürburgring Media License: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

Nürburgring Media License: EVERYTHING You Need To Know

so good morning comrades about a year ago a lot of you people have asked me to make a video explaining the media license and guess what that's what we're going to do today what's next our going to do a castle vlog who know stay tuned there going to be a couple of topics that we'll be covering regarding the subject so here they are and we're gonna start with the basics of and we're actually with the background story so about a year ago I started publishing a lot less on board videos and a lot of you started asking like what's happening what the hell I'm gonna unsubscribe where's all the track action and I'm like yeah well I need a media license what do you mean in your license what is this I'm gonna explain and it took me a year to do so so today is finally the day let's start with the foundation what is actually the media license well I couldn't find any explanation on Wikipedia so here is my explanation it is a contract between party a which is so to say a venue or organizer or the owner of proprietary and a party B which is usually a journalist or a commercial party or a reporter or an entertainer like in our case that allows the party B to make and produce content on the property of party a and thereby publicize it on internet or on on TV on radio on all sorts of media so you have a license to produce media content for different types of media now the main question is how does this relate to the nav occurring and why do you need to do so so let's start with the question when do you need a media license first of all there is a difference between private parties and commercial parties who are private parties basically everyone who just wants to film something without publishing it and with the goal of making a money out of it in one way or another way so let's say either you get Adsense from YouTube or you get like you sell this content to your subscribers like Netflix or maybe in indirect case in my case for example if I would make a video showing apex products and saying calm drive and with apex at the Nova cream because it's so awesome and thereby indirectly I'll be making money offered value coming and renting cars or jumping in the taxis etc those are the ways so if you're not like trying to do one of these things but just like making video and showing to your family friends and your dog without any idea of getting any money or again commercializing it then so fine you can just like stick a camera inside your car obviously not on the outside of the car for safety reasons film whatever you want preferably not any crashes and then eventually you can just like show it to everyone and it will be fine then we come to a very difficult topic and that is actually social media in the last 10 years social media has become not just a way of sharing your holiday pictures but actually for some people including me a way of making and living by commercializing on it by offering exposure to certain parties and they return again you commercialize that you monetize it and that's what you have and at some point you had to start treating social media as actual form of media like all the TV channels like all the radio broadcasters like everything else and that's when that's where we are right now basically you have YouTube channels publicizing certain things and it's not only like oh it's just for my friends family in my dog no it's also for your cat and probably 220 cat friends and through everyone else and for for the rest of the world the video can go completely viral so again if you are a commercial and the T who wants to make again money of your video commercialize it like explain appear to you you do need a media license to any type of event in the world but today we're talking in particular about the Nurburgring and in particular shooting the onboard videos but also trackside videos something I will get to in later bit now once you've established that you do need the media license so what do you produce you go to the Nurburgring website on the top you have a media button and then you have a datian or a creation for social media and again since we're talking about YouTube Instagram or Facebook mostly on my channel you should go to that thing and then you will see that there are a couple of points that you must be valid before you can apply for media license and this means for example for YouTube you need to have at least 10,000 subscribers your channel needs to be at least half a year old and latest video must be uploaded not not later than two weeks before that then you can apply for that and then you probably get accreditation however if it is with a commercial meaning thereby if you want to actually sell some products and thereby make use the name Nerva creme the trademark never cream to make any money of it then you probably need to pay commercial fees and that's a completely different story that's something we're not going to talk about because if you are a big company like for example say Monster Energy you want to make a video like drifting your nerve a crane like they did last year then you probably already know all of that so this video is again targeted to people who just like casual Jane Jane and Joe and wanted to make a video and they asked me every week like hey do I need to apply the media license well maybe maybe not so after you've done that you probably will receive a yes or no depends if you're like not valid or if you have like maybe some bad publicity maybe if you are only known for making crash videos maybe if you're making some other very sketchy videos that never crank does not want to be associated with and that's not only a case of never crane it goes to every other again entity in the world that has working with media licenses so once you have that you probably tell them a certain time slot when you can go out and film and after that you also need to show your video for approval just to make sure that everything has been filmed according to media guidelines what are media guidelines and again this is also an example that you can see on my videos so you can kind of like the stuff that you see on my videos that's approved the stuff you don't see of my videos that's not approved so what are the media guidelines where the most important thing is actually we're talking in ninety percent of times we're talking about TF which is Taurus Nevada in the crane public session Snider crane it is about being this piece of tarmac being used as public roads so thereby you need to show that the loss of public wrote apply thereby it means you should not be trying first of all chasing bridge to gantry chasing lap times you should not be overtaking on the right you should not drive like an asshole in general you should not yeah just every you should not film and monetize crashes yes this is going to be a very sensitive topic at the end of the video there are a lot of things that you need to make sure that the portrayal of the Newark ring is actually like it should be because some people of course try to make it their playground and this is not this is against all the rules not only the media rules and of course like everyone is enjoying a bit of action a bit of that show a bit of nori bonus but there are other places where you can do that without risking your own life other people's lives and eventually also a lot of people's businesses something I will get later on to the point so these things you need to make sure that everything is according to the guidelines so there is nothing wrong with driving too fast or which is according to local rules because again it's a public it's a public road with unrestricted speed limits so on their speed and on the street to the public road thereby if you drive with a McLaren Senna driving after behind the Ferrari 488 like we did earlier this year no problem because you're following the public the road rules you can do that so you can do pretty cool stuff without being an asshole having said that I think that's the most important message now let's get to another point which is about publicizing crashes crash videos I think that's a very important one why is this not allowed first of all is bad publicity it's bad publicity for people who are involved in a crash I mean I was involved in one myself about like what a week ago but now it had to do something with racing so it belongs to racing it's fine with everyone signed up to wear it everyone knows it and all the racing is being promoted with crashes that's a different story it's in a controlled environment but when we talk about public roads then the whole other regulations apply and that's a completely different story first of all let's talk about again with the people who are involved in the crash it's absolutely not cool seeing your face all over internet and having hundred-thousand keyboard warriors who barely have a driving licence hears themselves talking about how of a driver you are because they did hundred thousand laps on Forza Motorsport well good for them but it's very demoralizing second of all it's or it is actually completely against the law in Germany to film anyone without their consent and especially when it comes to being involved in a crash because usually when a crash happens on the Nurburgring sometimes police gets involved and then insurance gets involved and then there's it becomes a whole like a legal massive big ball and sphere and then when there's someone interferes with it with with the video that's a completely yeah not only uncool it's against the law and finally a most important thing and I don't want to sound selfish but like the previous two points I can relate to that but all like the first thing is what affects everyone who has never been on live occurring but enjoys the track or even lives of it that's the most important bit for my channel for the networking itself for all the businesses that live from it it is the fact of publicity Nemec renoise lifer has a very specific status for the last 92 almost 93 years long and that is being a public road so everyone can enjoy it and everyone can enjoy it in the respectable and the fun and safe manner and want to put a big emphasis on safe although small because there are lots of rumors so every day people die there no it's not true every day people crash there well probably true but it is not as bad as people think however when you start publicizing all these crashes and emphasizing on them because they do get you a lots of clicks because everyone would rather watch a crash video than just the video of me sitting here and talking about the Nurburgring then it becomes a very sensitive topic first of all you have certain politicians that would like to use the nerve occurring as their so to say point of agenda where they gonna say like nerve occuring is dangerous we want to close it we want to use the Nurburgring as something to unite us all against well not only immigrants which is like stupid or all the other things would be an example saying like let's close this place down because look at that every day there are people crashing there risking their life it's so dangerous it's all that no it's not the case but you simple as that you give them ammunition by showing how dangerous this place is but it is in fact completely not but this is something I'm more than happy to talk with you about in a separate video about the safety regulations but again you're making it worse than it is because the only focusing on that but for example when you have a biker crash and he's AB in a bad shape but everything is fine nobody everyone is focusing at home I Kerr had a severe accident or even the car driver had a severe accident but nobody is saying that when this biker gets taken by emergency helicopter it was so bad that they had to take him with emergency helicopter to a hospital nothing that's the same hospital there were 18 other bikers who crashed on the same day on public roads so what's more dangerous the racetrack or the public road again a different topic I do not want to dedicate this video to so let's not put the the track in danger because well there are certain politicians or even activist group who would like to see this place closed because well it sounds unsafe for their children yeah or their grandparents second point is actually again this is a dream for many people to come here and enjoy the most amazing piece of tarmac in the world but I have many many cases of every week when people say like oh it was my dream to come here and I wanted to ask my best friend with him but his mom didn't tell of him his grandmother didn't tell of him or himself didn't want to go because he was so scared that he's gonna die here this is again projecting wrong image I have hundreds of people every year who do make the decision here and decide to go out here and they say well this was not as scary at all this was nothing special it was special when was not special in terms of like I need to hold on to my life because I might die know so again that projective and ruining other people's dreams and eventually I'm not gonna like be shy about its ruining other people's business including the NuvaRing themself let's take a couple of my own videos to show as an example of what you're allowed to do and what you're not allowed to do so important thing again I'm not allowed to commercialize thing and being my one of the biggest partners at the Nurburgring or the main partner at the never cream being apex I'm not allowed to make indirect advertisement for apex so when I Drive apex cars there should be no apex logo I should not say like hey come read the car it is going to be so awesome however there are exceptions when it comes to taxi because we have on top of that we have a taxi license and within taxi license there's also a commercial license for networking taxi so all the taxi companies at the Nurburgring are allowed to make videos and promoting their business again after running it through the Nurburgring making sure that they're not showing that their taxis the fastest in the world and can go sub 7 or etcetera etc so the videos needs to be approved and then it's fine without paying an additional commercial licensing fee for the taxi and for the rest in general all the rules of that particular day and venue needs to be followed this means if it's DF you're not allowed to overtake on the right but if you filming a track day then you can show right hand to over takings then it's all fine if that's okay with trying the organiser again and a lot of other examples there are also examples of videos that I did make but never crane said mmm no better not so for example I made a blind construction lab video but the Nurburgring said well maybe let's do it in a closed track and not all the track day and also it with our like official driver who's going to be like from official driving academy so it would be like a full safety disclaimer so no one next time gonna try and repeat a blank lap during TF for track days and this is something that's gonna follow but this again is just an example of the stuff that's going to come okay and now we are going into a very sensitive topic that is going to get me probably some haters and it is what about filming trackside I mean filming on the track although it is a public road and we can film on an outbound with a dash cams but okay we kind of can understand because Nurburgring is privatized that you need the media license but what about the track side because that's a government terrain isn't it no because also that particular section depending on the section again roughly tan – even a hundred meters or even more away from the safety fence from the guardrail it belongs to the Nurburgring it's noble current property so basically long story short if you're standing trackside at brunch and or whatever and you know your friend is passing in a taxi or in his own car or like a rented car or whatever if not that you want to make a video of him driving by so you can show it to him afterwards that's private use that's it's okay if you want to commercialize trackside images it is okay unless well only if they are in accordance to media license and now probably with the most sensitive question from the most of you and what's gonna happen if I still gonna do it if I still gonna publicize all those crashes monetize them feel without the license brag about my bridge to gain three lap times and the way I achieved them because I will take everyone on the ride well long story short there will be consequences and there are already cases known within that's something you should not be doing also on the public road on the track it's fine and when it's like within the track rules but that was definitely too fast there are speed limits there but there are already cases known within the Nurburgring community so who are like very known to this whole scene they already know and I'm not going to name any names from people who have received warnings after warnings followed so to say a house for both which is like like not allowed to be your complete ban and if after they will still show up there would be actual legal enforcement so there will be court cases fines and everything happened and well it will happen this also goes not only for people like standing trackside a very simple case people who come here and to try to be internet hero I think one of the main reasons for them to come here is well except for being the internet hero is to actually enjoy this track and since you post your stuff your laps on social media with your name with your car it's very easy to trace someone back to their actual car and I know there have been already cars banned they're actually posters hanging like in the Wild West but then not wanted but this particular car is not allowed to go on the track so when you go like when you be stopped the barrier if you say well sorry bye you're banned for well either for a week for drifting or for a year because you're an asshole or for ever because you're a mega asshole and if you don't care about being banned from the track because you never drive it and don't care about spending lots of lots of money on legal fees in court cases don't as well be my guest make sure to disobey the rules now let's finish this video on a positive note because there was a lots of negative information but it's very important and the information can be only negative if you try to be negative yourself so what is going to happen or what are your opportunities if you are going to play by the book simple as that if you are going to apply for me your license and show things like they should supposed to be shown without trying to be an asshole as I mentioned already before now first of all you are will be sure that the content that you produce is within the guidelines of the Nurburgring that is you can say it's certified the recurring content of course I'm very exaggerating you will not have a stamp of approval but it is what it means moreover what's more importantly what I'm doing here right now I'm sitting on dirty earth on the street behind in front of the beer stein bridge and making this unique video because I am supported by the Nurburgring this idea is being supported and say yeah it's a good idea please may do that and there's a whole safety team behind me making sure that there are no one's gonna drive into me although the track is close to ready by now but you get my point there also like a lot of other examples when we did the giveaway for the 24 Hours of Nurburgring the tickets they say hey you have a good following like you may your community so great here there's two tickets that you can give away that was awesome two years ago I had a passenger right in like in a truck and the truck Grand Prix there are so many tons of examples that would be completely impossible and like never that I would go to I don't know a trunk Grand Prix or 24-hour race and saying like oh can I make a video here because I'm a youtuber they said yeah you're a youtuber stay on YouTube say behind your computer because we're on the deal with promote with professional media these examples happen but like when you have a support of networking because they show that you are a good guy then you can achieve more out of it again if you want to or on the other hand you can just stay here like keep on driving TF and show how good of a driver you are within like the pile the road public the public road rules and also I'm trying to use you can drive a bit faster if the track your rules allow that and there are others dozens and hundreds and thousands of examples that you can find all over the internet on my channel and hopefully also in the future of my channel so you know what to do make sure to subscribe like and share for the best Nurburgring content yeah just giving you plug because I have a medial eye since I have a media license so I can do it now no the serious note I hope you guys enjoyed this video and maybe if you have any further questions ask them below I will try to answer them within my knowledge and within my power or if you don't like me or you don't want to talk to me you can obviously also direct your question directly to the Nurburgring may email them to media at Nurburgring da-te and there are very kind people I've been working with them for many years and they'll be more than happy to answer your questions and if you have any suggestions for future videos regarding the Nurburgring regarding nibbling rules etc and also ask them in the comment section and I will be more than happy to make those videos come true if they fall within the rules of the Democrat media license


35 thoughts on “Nürburgring Media License: EVERYTHING You Need To Know”

  • Misha Charoudin says:

    Topics and time stamps:

    0:30 Background story

    0:48 What is a Media License?

    1:44 When do YOU need a media license?

    4:17 applying for Media License

    6:14 Media Guidelines

    8:15 Crash videos.

    13:08 Examples of videos on my channel

    14:58 Filming track-side

    16:00 Penalties for disobeying the rules

    18:05 Positive possibilities

    20:34 Questions?

  • Josip Filipovic says:

    So what if someone has less than 10 000 subs on youtube, they can't film from the side of the track because they will not get a media license ?

  • So, who are you now Mr. Charoudin? The Voice of the Nürburgring GmbH & Co. KG? No one needs a media licence even if you want to commercialise the content at the Nordschleife. At the old track behind the fence you always have the right to be there even if the property belongs to the Nürburgring – and so you can film or photograph the driving and crashing at the track. No one can stop you doing this and it is totally according to german law.

  • Hi Misha, perhaps an idea for a future colab video with the Nurburgring: "A day in the life of a Nurburgring steward/marshall". So sort of a behind the scenes to show the amazing work that they are putting into it, in order for everyone to have fun and stay save.

  • Dean van der Leelie says:

    Just wondering.. did you do this all out of you’re head or did you have a storyboard with al the points you wanted to talk about behind the camera?

  • Pierre Weisslinger says:

    I was scared of the Nurburgring before, and when I finally came, I thought it was going to be crowded, only super high power cars driving super fast.
    So in my mind, in was « dangerous » for me and my 143hp car to go out.
    But when I saw the fairly empty car park, I decided to give it a go.
    Bests decisions ever, it was easy for everybody to overtake me, just used the turn signal and stayed on the right and I had fun with my 10 minutes lap !
    I came back 2 times since and everything went super smoothly !

    I can only recommend people to experience the track by themselves, there are way too many crashes videos that give the Nurburgring a really bad reputation.

  • I only have 16 yes 16 subscribers on here. Does this mean I will have to apply even though my visits are very rare. Twice in the last 5 years.

  • Well, i have to mention a name of a channel. "Auto Addiction". They recently posted a video here that was only about crashes over several years on the ring.
    They have almost 290k subscribers, not a small channel, and it seems like they have no problems at all posting new content.

  • BadBoyMorales says:

    Misha have u ever tagged on the track?? If u would turn around and write ur name in the track would u get banned

  • As someone that really wants to go to the Ring this year. This has given me alot of information on things I need to sort out before I go.

  • BadBoyMorales says:

    Misha question.. how did u get access to the actual track to make ur video.. i would love to see a behind the scenes of this video

  • Thank you for this, Misha! And yes, 9:09, I figured this out the hard way. I visited a car shop I wanted to take photos, and they politely stopped me and explained Germany's strict privacy laws. I honestly didnt know, but I appreciated the lecture and made a mental note for my next trip to be more mindful! 👍🏻

  • Complicated stuff 🙂 so what about all the crash videos in the Internet about the Nordschleife? Are they all illegal?

  • Alexander Karkelanov says:

    The Media license video is fact.Soon the castle vlog will happen……what we will live for afterwards 😀 😀 😀
    Finally someones said the true to a lot of people directly!Great content MIsha!

  • Florin Jungheatu says:

    12:18 to 12:26 is the main reason that I’m watching your videos!
    Thank you for doing all of this, very educational and motivational.
    One day I’ll come to enjoy the track & apex cars & team .

  • @Misha The German government is talking about a speedlimit on the autobahn (public roads). If its going to happen, is the Nürburgring Tf going to be effected by that? I think that would be interesting to know for the future.

  • The Casual Petrolhead says:

    Hi Mischa, this is super helpful to know so that I can make some adjustments and contribute positively. I get the situation with bad publicity based on some focused content and lack of context, but I also think transparency is also a good thing. I’m not yet sure how to reconcile these two, but it is a dichotomy that needs settlement.

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