Nunes on Papadopoulos/Fox & Friends

Nunes on Papadopoulos/Fox & Friends

picture this whole thing goes about Carter page. Some say, what about papadopoulos, they were looking at him earlier. Why don’t you look at that?>>Papadopoulos was major figure, why don’t you look at him. You had — the guy lied. So far we foe papadopoulos never met with the president. Getting drunk in London and talking to diplomats saying that you don’t like Hillary Clinton is really, I think it is kind of scary our intelligence agencies would take that and use it against an American citizen. Ainsley: Congressman, thank you very much for being with us. Brian: He is taking the fire. Ainsley: Ten minutes before the


8 thoughts on “Nunes on Papadopoulos/Fox & Friends”

  • Amazing how easily Nunes can spew his lies. I guess he never heard that bit about truth setting you free. He's a slave to his passions and his partisanship.

  • Charge Nunes for obstruction of justice. And Trump for Contempt Of Congress by not enforcing new Russian sanctions specfied by Congress within the 180 day timeframe that just expired while this memo b.s. smokescreen diversion has been going on.

  • Come on Nunes and Fox News, this is so ridiculously easy to disprove:

    Papadopoulos is third from the left. Also, see who's at the end of the table? Drumpf.

    That's from Drumpf's own instagram. Here's the article that speaks to it:

  • Getting drunk in London and telling the ambassador of Australia that the Russians had political dirt on Hillary Clinton and he did meet with Trump! Remember folks, there were pictures of them having a meeting where this was discussed. Wow! Fake News!

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