Nunes lists questions for whistleblower in opening statement


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  • The Fishy Life ! says:

    Are we passed the whistleblower yet? My God did Trump commit the impeachable acts ???? So far yes! I will never be a hypocrite and I will not let my hatred for Dems blind me from the truth!!! This show from both sides is exhausting!!! Pence will do a great job!! Trump has to go or we most certainly lose our asses in 2020 and you are crazy if you think there's a repeat! Impeach and remove!!!!!!!

  • On some internet sites, his opening statements are being blocked with static and completely cut off. YouTube is keeping the truth from the people. Came to Fox, to see if they tried to block them. Nunes a American hero!

  • What is so hard to understand? The reason the whistleblower protections are in place are so that this person doesn't have to be outed and attacked. Of course Nunes knows this but he has to show trump hes putting up some kind of fight

  • Sure hope Solomon has protection. He is a problem for the Democrats, reporting truth for the American people to hear and learn.

  • why do they keep saying trump demanded him get stuff on biden they keep saying demanded that is a lie right there he asked, and its not his fault biden was running in 20/20 he was still trying to get to the bottom of corruption in 2016 he was cleaning the swamp.

  • The mainstream media is the equivalent for the Democrats to what Pravda was to the USSR. Undeniably nothing but a propaganda wing of the Democratic Party.

  • peter welsh says usa had a partnership with ukraine against russia's corruption WHAT Ukraines is corrupt too so how does it make sense to help one country who is corrupt against another and the only reason usa helped ukraine is to always make russia the big boogy man, then he then says if trump wants to investigate Biden do it hard do it dirty,,,(he spoke about what politicians already do (fight dirty)

  • Looks like a seditious coup. I thought the Army took an oath to constitution? I would have never thought a US Army officer would have an officer to leak information and to part of seditious coup.
    Seditious coup is all this is.

  • Jim Jordan is nothing but an overrated uneducated gym coach. His fast talking loud rant only shows his intelligence. He thinks an incoherent, screaming, word salad ramble makes him look smart. The idiot says because Trump got caught before a Biden investigation started all is great. I hope he realizes every criminal in jail today for attempted crimes will apply to be released. All bank robbers that heard the alarm and ran with no money are innocent? What a moron. And on top of it, to question the truth fullness of testimony by two true heroes and patriots who are really educated is a disgrace to himself and our country. Between him and Nunes it's a toss up to who should wear the pointed dunce cap and sit in the corner. If this is the Republicans best I feel sorry for that whole party of fools.

  • randomdoodification says:

    lol Nunes is an embarrassment, attacks every witness and continues to try and perpetuate a RUSSIAN narrative of ukrainian interference of 2016 elections and the narrative there is corruption with the biden's when his own govt has documents SHOWING the reason Barisma was being investigated was before Hunter was there and was unfounded. When will the republicans stop this and get their collective heads out their asses?? They think they are going to win with 1 in 4/5 americans as has a majority of the country disgusted with Trump's and the republicans behavior.

  • Thank God for a sobering voice of reason Devin Nunes is a great Senator and asset to our country thank you sir for all that you do and for presenting the real truth

  • Did you hear about President Trump's Executive Order to Improve Medicare Options? President Trump signed an executive order focused on making changes to the Medicare program. Called Protecting and Improving Medicare for Our Nation's Seniors, it emphasizes Medicare Advantage (MA) — an option that's run by private insurers and serves one-third (22 million) of Medicare beneficiaries — and could expand Medicare Advantage choices and increase access to telehealth.

    Trump's order encourages “innovative MA benefit structures and plan designs,” calls for a reduction in barriers to obtaining Medicare medical savings accounts and pushes for a payment model to insurers that would allow beneficiaries to share in care savings, through cash or monetary rebates.

    In addition, the order seeks to expand access to telehealth services, such as virtual visits with health care providers, and pushes for reforms that enable providers to spend more time with patients. The regulations that restrict the ability of nurse practitioners and physician assistants to treat patients will also be reviewed.

    Fighting fraud, waste and abuse in the system is another goal of the executive order, as is shortening the time it takes for medical technologies and treatments to be covered by the program. Public Service Announcement (PSA) BECAUSE the so-called News will NOT TELL YOU!

  • THIS is WHY they(Schiff/Pelosi/Flake/Nadler, just to name a few) desperately tried removing, then stalling Rep Nunes back in 2017!!! Their mistake was FAILING and NOW the REAPER has come to collect dues……. there's a reason they say"H€LLL HAS COME TO COLLECT"and I predict this time next year, those in power on the LEFT😏 will be asking a"Corn Pop"for protection!!!

  • Our great county was Not built on personal agenda, hearsay and lies. The founding fathers are probably rolling over in their graves.

  • Love..those..Republican..Congress…Supersoldiers…with…brains..working…on..a…full..load…Thank..GOD!!!!!!!…different..than…dems…working..with..a..controlled..pea..brain!!!!!

  • Mr Nunez, that was an awesome opening statement. You asked all the right questions. The American people are sick and tired of the Democrat's charades. Adam Schiff and Nancy Pelosi are pathetic and an embarrassment to the American people. Both should resign.

  • The democrat discontentment hearings are the most insignificant and shameful display of Far Left bull shite ever to roll down that Sacred Hill.
    No one is watching that Circus Clown Pity Party of monumental stupidity, blatant falsehoods, and continuing underhandedly tailored proceedings that have no basis in reality.

  • To all of you demarat s you should be ashamed of yourself and the ones that you have put in Congress remember this. Vengeance is for the LORD !!!may he Cruse The ground you walk on .👇☢️☢️☠️☠️🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • It's so funny that for months there have been serious allegations against the president and republicans are STILL talking about a whistleblower who's allegations have been corroborated! Republicans either need to speak the truth and join the democrats in impeaching the president or they need to say f*ck it and defend the president's actions, even though there isn't really a defense. They need to make one. They look stupid and his has been going on for so long. They have been whining about the whistleblower since the report came out.

  • Statement to all House Republicans… walk out and show just how much you all really think about this farce of trial this is. We all know along with the liberals it will never get 67 votes in the Senate for conviction. Show that you all want to get back to what we all conservative and liberal alike was sent to Washington for….. to work for us not themselves.

  • 1st and foremost right of any defendant is to face their accuser. That is a Constitutional Right. Thus this is a farce of a trial. If no President is above the law neither is no committee or Repersenative or a trial done by the Congress.

  • Deep State Rudy and his Three Amigos. The Fake News Campaign against Ambassador Yovanovitch, the Bidens and the Putin Server in Russia , not Ever In the Ukraine ! ! Trump and his family Striped of their Wealth, Yes . Put in front of a Firing Squad, Probably. It is Not Nice To Fool With the U.S. Constitution ! God is Watching, God is Watching .

  • Furthermore why is it ok for the USA to meddle in elections but lord help anyone who tries to do the same to us. This is about the biggest hypocrisy I have seen with all that has gone on with either Russia or Ukraine. We all know we meddle in their elections all the time and many many more countries over the decades…. yet when other countries take a page out of our own play we cry fool. Lmao seriously.

  • H'mmm. I think the whistleblower is old news, right, folks? Isn't the fact of the phone solicitation of foreign state interference in a US election — with the incentive of $400 M in US aid — pretty much a matter of record? This smells a lot like trying to punish the bearer of bad news — even after the perp himself has copped to the incident.

    Ah, sensibility and the GOP — with this kind of divorce, there's pretty much no shot at a reconciliation, right?

  • Thank You Sir…We Hear You…And Rest Assured We Understand What Is Going On Here…Keep Fighting For Our President We Stand Behind You Both…Yesterday Today And Tomorrow…God Bless You And All The Other Republicans That Are On This Committee🙏
    And OF COURSE God Bless Our Beloved President Donald J Trump

  • I wish I could give Rep. Nunes 100,000,000 thumbs up…he is a true Republican through and through…just look at that Schiff sitting there as if in a trance eyes all bugged out…looks like he's been through a lot of trauma based mind control all his life to shut down his conscience and become psychopathic in order to do what any sane morally vigilant person would NOT do – commit sedition, treason and insurrection…

  • Thank You Sir…We Hear You…And Rest Assured We Understand What Is Going On Here…Keep Fighting For Our President We Stand Behind You Both…Yesterday Today And Tomorrow…God Bless You And All The Other Republicans That Are On This Committee🙏
    And OF COURSE God Bless Our Beloved President Donald J Trump

  • Burisma wholly funds the Atlantic Council, the neocon warmongering American organization trying to take full control of the USA

  • All this show is perpetrated by a bunch of bad actor from democraps… and so yhey all will go through the toilet to were they belong.!

  • When are Trumpers gonna realize that since Trump released the call notes, it no longer matters who the whistleblower is? Every whiteness that has since come forward to testify has corroborated and expanded on the call notes, further linking Trump to this corruption.

    The whistleblower could be a ghost, the Whitehouse dog, or Adam Schiff himself, and it still wouldn’t matter. Trump linked himself to this … like a moron.

  • All republicans are worried about & talking about is adam shiff🤣🤣 Nunez tried his best to unmask the whistleblower who is protected by law by the Nunez was put in his place by the purple heart patriot 🤣🤣

  • Im thinking if i was a boss and all my employees are being locked up on real criminal charges how would that reflect on me? The truth is u gotta hire criminals to help with criminal plots or good people will tell on u. Trump dreams of being a mob boss when all he'll ever be is a shady business man.

  • question/ ISN'T HAVING ONE'S BROTHER REPRESENT ONE A CONFLICT OF INTEREST?using the process of elimination…it is very easy to figure out who was in the office…subtract all the names allowed to speak…that leaves one name not spoken of….yet. or….the other possibility is a shell game and said whistle blower right under the public's eyes. so far it seems only one has a personal agenda. it isn't about party or loyalty to anyone but themself….which suggests a mental issue.

  • the main media is owned by a handful of corporations. what a brilliant way to brainwash the people to believe anything they want you to believe or not believe. It is one of the illuminati 25 goals

  • Worried about DN. He never looks at peace anymore. There is the constant weight of the relentless attacks, including Twitter attacks, on him and his family, written on his face. This, incidentally, is the very same Twitter that permanently banned me for suggesting that Jane Fonda was guilty of Treason all the way back to 72’ and should receive the accompanying penalty per US Code, for Treason. Twitter and TheirTube is where the First Amendment goes to die.

  • Nunes is a national treasure. Thank God for him, Jim Jordan, and the few others who defend our great POTUS. Fox News needs to raise its game too.

  • The Meliadonpepe says:


  • And THIS on a news channel that is very quickly becoming a leftist mouth piece as well. Good job FOX employees who allowed this video to go up… Americans need to know the truth! Good job Mr Nunes!

  • This asshat Lt Col Dumbass outed himself as THE LEAKER to the "whistleblower!!!!" What a tool…got played and didn't even know it!!!

  • pfinally Republican standing up in plain sight with concise comprehensive exposure of the crimes injustices & outright illegal attempts to overturn the 2016 election results of POTus trumps win
    Thank you Mr NUNES…. no more soft sheing

  • Nunez. Tell the WHOLE story. The "investigation" by that prosecutor was the prosecutor extorting money. THAT is why he was removed. Biden was acting within the corruption cleanup agreement between the United States and Ukraine.

    But you won't get your facts straight, Nunez. You will continue to tell the part of the story you think advances your party. Like a criminal.

  • I find it extremely annoying that because of the years of dedicated service and this guy's position in the military that the Democrats continue to infer that this guy is beyond reproach like he is somehow incapable of being a partisan liar yet just a few short years ago these same Democrats viciously attacked an American hero in general Flynn and as far as smears and shots and digs go, these people have not let one day go by without insulting the man I voted for along with over half the country, I'm so tired of the insults from the left on this man, even when he's doing something positive they trash him and those of us that support him, I mean Pelosi just called him an imposter, the freaking POTUS, she called him imposter, well if by imposter you mean someone that refuses to be Biden like dipshit yes man that will fall in line behind the swamp rats then I guess you are right.

  • 1984 is NOW.  George Orwell gave us a glimpse into the future.
    Committee member Nunes, found a nail that was sticking up and he hit it with a big hammer.
    100% correct the MSM AKA Fake News Media, are using exactly the same Propaganda that was used in Project Mockingbird.
    CIA controlled Narrative to give the MSM to disseminate news to simple minds.
    This is a classic example of “Conditioning” just as animals can be trained to obey commands with continuous repetition, so the MSM are controlling the simple folk with “Conditioning” of repetitious news stories of lies, say it enough times and the simple Democrats minds are controlled.
    George Orwell’s 1984 was a classic example of Media NEWSPEAK,    Control  the Narrative every day with lies and Propaganda and bingo, the simple Democrats brains are controlled and moulded.
    A future of training for school children and moulding their brains into Democrats Snowflakes, the legion of doom

  • Manafort – Convicted
    Cohen – Convicted
    Flynn – Convicted
    Gates – Convicted
    Papadapoulos – Convicted

    What are they covering up? Who are they lying for? It's obvious.

  • Devin Nunes, when you have the force of facts in your arsenal,
    speech comes easy, for there are no contradictions to impede
    the flow of words, or expend energy to try and hide it.

    The force of truth knows of no barriers. And Devin Nunes, it is
    plain to see, delivers with force!! You can almost "see" …. that
    crushing force on Schiff's face … in real time … BAM, BAM, BAM, BAM.

  • Aloha All, I pray this latest COUP chapter by the demonrat resistance will be thoroughly investigated by the AG & Judicial Watch? Mark RN, retired

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