Number Of Coronavirus Cases Skyrockets In China | NBC Nightly News


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  • There is no need for over reaction. The Virus is much less deadly as SARS in 2003. The only difference is today we have social media which really exaggerating the fact. Things are being managed in order here in China. If u r still nervous, pull all the data of SARS out and compare.

  • GMO virus rum amok, from the Wuhan lab. Numerous experts predicted it for the last 2 years. So they blame the snake eaters to cover it up.

  • Christian Sandoval says:

    United Airlines maybe Banning some of their flights??? NEXT MONTH??? Is it not bad enough that hundreds of people are dying and that has been confirmed you can carry the Coronavirus without showing symptoms or being sick!!!

  • N o "SKYROCKETING" HERE folks! SENSATIONALISM in News Rooms is skyrocketing. went up 20% , sounds to be under allot of control!

  • Codename C.A.R.S says:

    The number of cases and deaths are way low! The sheer number of people turned away to return home because they don’t have the beds or the test has been 10’s of thousands. How many of them are sick at home or dead already with no one to report them to the health care.

  • Those Americans need to be isolated and quarantined when they get back here. If they dont do that then they will be responsible for an outbreak in the US.

  • Richard Raucina says:

    Okay Greta you got your birthday wish. Next year if you make it, you can join the surviving 800 people in Europe and watch the glaciers continue to melt.

  • 100 deaths but they have quarantined 60 million , 2000 doctors have been brought in, two hospitals are being built.. 100 is a huge lie!

  • Richard Raucina says:

    Has it sunk in that this Chinese city is larger than any one in the USA and the region has like 40 Million+? Lets lock down Los Angeles and Chicago and see what happens! I believe that the officials know a lot more than they let on to.

  • So should we just let people enter the US illegally and not documented?? What if they carrying a virus. Where you at liberals

  • No screening straight into quarantine, and the numbers are 10000x, not including the people dying in their homes from lockdown.

  • Well president of China and president of WHO seem like they are very happy when their residents suffer deadly virus and worries abour spreading of this virus. Idiots pls, do something like calling for helps and supplies from other countries before they find out vaccines or curement

  • the high %%% are artifically created by slow to admit governing bodies in communist mainland china.
    It does not mean that a 60% grow daily is by the disease alone…this is statistics of numbers without any knowledge or quality.

  • i work in Canada BC at a dental clinic and people came to me today asking for masks, i told them we cannot hand them out unfortunately but they said they are sold out everywhere else! I contacted our supplier and they confirmed it, even though we only have 1 case here in BC, it really hits home and people should be serious about this, STAY HOME, WASH HANDS and FRUITS/Veggies thoroughly!! wear a mask/turtleneck if You're coughing or sneezing !! Just stay away from people in general for now..

  • 2017: Administration puts a ban on travel from countries which they have no real reason to think are dangerous.
    2020: Administration hesitates to put ban on travel from country with deadly disease.

  • octavio gutierrez says:

    Dont you just like how they are all panicking but still fly to other countries to spread the virus even more, genius🤯

  • Lets all get on light rail, a bus and elevators. Lets all go into a public restroom and touch everything. Lets all hold hands and sing cute songs. Lets all go to a restaurant and have a salad. Lets all kiss and nuzzle our dogs. Lets all eat burritos and chicken and lick our fingers. Most will survive. But someday it will be a different story. If you are at least 70 years old and still do these things, let us know. I want to know what makes you special.

  • What the media is not telling you is the vast majority of people who get the virus have very mild symptoms; however, for some, the elderly and sick already, it turns into full-blown viral pneumonia and can lead to organ failure and death. It is not that it is nothing to worry about, but you should use the same precautions you would during the height of any flu season. Don't touch your face, wash your hands, avoid jam packed crowds, and most important, keep your distance from others, especially those who are coughing or obviously sick. Recommended distance is at least 6 feet. Hopefully, the virus will slow its pace eventually and by then, a vaccine will be fast tracked. With SARS and MERS, it is a little dumb founding why there isn't a coronavirus vaccine yet. Since the Coronavirus has 75-80% similarity to the SARS virus, I would imagine getting one vaccine would provide some cross-over protection. Media is messing with everyone's minds to some extent. Yes, it is a problem, but don't freak out. Even if the virus has a fatality rate of 5%, that means 95% of those who get will survive and be just fine. But saying 95% will be fine doesn't sell ads or clicks.

  • Liers …. All lies!! There are more number of deaths and everyone getting infected!! It's spreading faster than anything!!! Don't trust these channels fake newssss!!!

  • If the virus just got to all these countries…then it’s going to take 14 days for it to really kick in bc it’s been in China for a month now. Think about it.

  • People asking why haven't they done this… Why haven't they done that… The government doesnt care about you. Strap up and get ready.

  • Margaret Neanover says:

    The research I looked over suggest a possible link to water and algae treament . It reads like a resistant book. In fact a byproduct is a chlorophyll . I believe it said also a type bacteria . Stuck on the water idea….it also is used as a refridgerant. The combinations are many.

  • Antinatalist Vegan says:

    Human extinction will be the best outcome for all other species and their habitat (what’s left of it). Fingers crossed…

  • We are all afraid of death end of so. My thought and prayers go to people of China. I hope they can get people a cure soon and fast. Very hard to watch when you cant do anything to help

  • Jyles the Butler says:

    We don't have more cases outside china because people aren't going to the hospital when they start showing symptoms. It also can take up to 2 week to show symptoms. Other countries besides china could have already began huge outbreak but we wont know untill next week

  • Alright ladies and gents, we've been raised on zombie and apocalypse movies, indirectly preparing for the a day we all knew would come. We know what to do.

  • Isabella Browne says:

    This is just the typical Americans trying to turn the attention to themselves and it upsets me. I’m from UK and I moved to China and we have been living there for ages now. Our whole life is set up the so we can’t just move. I know a lot of people would appreciate it if the rest of the world just supported and funded China instead of being more focused on America who is hardly affected. No offense was intended.

  • We wuhan people have been under lockdown for a week . It's catastrophe for mankind . I want to say sorry to the American people on behalf of those eating-wild-animal motherfxxkers !!!!

  • Very smart virus highly contagious even in incubation period . When 40 cases confirmed there are 400 suspecious and 4000 in incubation. Then 60 million people are lockdown !

  • China opressed the Muslims living in China. They even try to change the Noble Qur'an. And now they are suffering, thats why theres a DEADLY CORONAVIRUS cant be cured and it spread fastly. Allah(SWT) punish them.

    Even the powerful country will turn into powerless..
    Why cant we live in peace regardless of our religion?

  • China opressed the Muslims living in China. They even try to change the Noble Qur'an. And now they are suffering, thats why theres a DEADLY CORONAVIRUS cant be cured and it spread fastly. Allah(SWT) punish them.

    Even the powerful country will turn into powerless..
    Why cant we live in peace regardless of our religion?

  • ATTENTION : China has issued a harsh warning in order to silence social media postings on the coronavirus and has announced that “All those who spread fake news and thus disturb social order will face up to seven years in prison” 👺

  • where did the seafood, coming from GUANGDONG harbour, get the virus?:
    Let's see this theory. An explanation to the root cause in this article:

    Ancient never-before-seen viruses discovered locked up in Tibetan glacier
    By Laura Geggel…

    "We are very far from sampling the entire diversity of viruses on Earth," Chantal Abergel, a researcher in environmental virology at the French National Centre for Scientific Research, who wasn't involved with the study, reported by VICE

    Out of 33 viruses found in the drying ice, 28 were unknown to modern science.

    I can conclude that the unimportant food we eat, eats the stuff that is in the environment.

    Hence , here we see a harbour city, just doing what they normally do….but one change, a batch of ice just melted..with some secrets. naturally, like the flu spreading, the human generation of today need to build up resistance to this natural phenomenon. ( Which was unimaginable, as the time scale is so large )

    Wo/Man made Climate change or Natural Earth phenomenon of Global warming or success in manufacturing industries effects clean air, effects the water, which effects the animals we eat(with microbes,viruses and bacterium) , that maybe effecting us?

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