NRI lu – Akkada ala Ikkada Ela || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

NRI lu – Akkada ala Ikkada Ela || Mahathalli || Tamada Media

Hello Busy People, please activate the bell icon to receive updates and notifications Hi Jones Jones, Hi, i missed you. Miss u too Looking nice rey, Thanks i cant even tell you how irritated i am you know America follows a system, and India doesn’t my luggage is stuck in the transit, what the hell none of your friends are here, haven’t you informed anyone ? nope, you don’t tell them too, all are useless guys ask me to get them booze, girl ask me for body lotions and lipsticks i couldn’t get them, so i didn’t inform anyone is that a Iphone 7? yes, i guess it hasn’t released here yet, no it is released my friend got me a Iphone 6S from the US, have a look at it why does everyone in the US use Iphone, what’s so special about a Iphone you can’t even downloads songs for free in it guys who do not own a Iphone say this okay, can we leave, yes India after so long, i can’t tell you how excited i am what happened, Jones i am Jet-lagged, and its too sunny okay keep sipping the coffee, i’ll get the car, alright? okay who has coffee in the hot sun, Oh shit it’s okay, it’s India only, they fine me in the US Jaanu come this way hey wait , the Zebra crossing is that side why does she need the zebra crossing when the road is empty come further, a little further it’s too sunny, thank god there’s less traffic today brother just wait hey did you tell your parents that you want to die, yes i did this is how are friends and family behave when they come back from the US but let’s see how do they behave there, and how to do behave after coming back here Oh My God, it’s very hot, we should have gone to a restaurant with WiFi and A/C it’s not like this in America, how are you people surviving here is it mineral water, get me a bottle please i only have mineral water, because my skin is too sensitive these days they fill tap water and give, so i wanna cross check oh my god, WiFi is very slow in India, my friends in US are waiting for my text from where did you get the accent, what accent, i always talk this way right? yes yes you’ve been talking this way since childhood , exactly Okay guys its saturday, what are we gonna do you know we party in Vegas, we keep partying, parties there are amazing you must come sometime, where are we going today we’ll have a house party today, its cheaper why house party ? Pint is 60rupees, if we go out it is 200 rupees that’s not even 3 dollars yaa, its very cheap you’ve been to many places in the US, so why here again i don’t want local brands, i prefer International, Vodka get me a beer, if you’re paying for it i will get u anything haha it’s okay Jones, its very cheap, i’ll pay for it yeah this is for table number 21 i’m dying working on a Saturday night too what happened, have some water it’s not spicy at all what happened oh my God, i don’t want rice, i’m not able to have it, and it’s so spicy please we’ll order pizza tonight or have salad, please okay we shall order pizza tonight, okay, yes okay where do we get continental food here, i can’t eat all this oh God, she’s over acting i’m so done eating bread, I miss having dal rice and ghee i miss biryani so much, same feeling don’t know when will we go to India hey where are our drinks, it’s in the dickie hahah you guys are very funny, what’s dickie, we call it trunk oh okay, you guys are very funny why are the roads like this, there’s no cleanliness at all see how is he coming, oh my god, this is not at all allowed in US oh signal, God why light now? light? the light is off haha, Jones in the US signal is called as light, is it haha i miss US, i’m waiting to get back if you come there, you won’t feel like coming back here, sure we will come I’m so used to US now, Okay hey hi, hi Jaanu, how are you i’m ok ok, I miss you all, I miss India, how is everyone there? we are good, you must be enjoying in US no way, there’s no freedom here busy with college, work and work again after getting back home no time to enjoy at all no freedom at all, it’s very iritating in India we have our family, here we don’t have anyone okay when are you coming back? i will come, even i’m bored looking at your faces on video call i am going to college now, what’s the time there ? it’s 8 o clock over here, and there? night 9.30 here okat, we’ll talk tomorrow , bye takecare , i miss you all, miss you too 1 year more to go to India oh God, 1000 rupees for 3 starters hey Ravi that’s not even 20 dollars, chill anyways you’re paying the bill so chill chill Jaanu let’s go have dosa In our country is 10rs, here it is 10 dollars that is 600 rs that’s how much i earn for my half n hour shift. No way Jones how far is your house? its 5 kilometers 5 kilometers is 3 miles right oh God 3 more miles hello yeah i’m leaving, it’s just 8 kilometers miles? oh okay bye what is miles, oh wait 1.6 kilometer is equal to 1 mile, i don’t get these conversions, so much of confusion guys can you play englsih songs, i’m not aware of the new Telugu tracks, please guys yaay Ravi woahhh come on guys please clap yaay ravi come on shashi what are you doing? i’m selecting the play list please add Telugu songs, I’m tired of listening to english tracks.. sure sure such an amazing song, super i know this is an ETV episode, we are trying our level best to produce 2 videos per week and we hope we achieve it soon, untill then please keep supporting us you have a friend like this, share it with them leave a comment, if u had a different experience and don’t forget to subscribe, bye see you next wednesday


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