Not a Good news for Pakistan..

Not a Good news for Pakistan..

Assalam o alikum you are watching mubasher lucman youtube channel my name is mubasher lucman and there’s a very important news that i have to share with you it’s a very alarming news may by the will of Allah it is not of the level that i have been informed it is i would pray that the report be limited to some people and not more but my informers are telling me that unfortunately it is true i will tell you that news but first if you have not liked this channel or pressed the bell icon then please do so now these are both very important because when you press the bell icon you get notifications for further updates and latest videos and the report that i am confirming today is that a large number of Pakistanis are getting their employments cancelled they have started receiving the letters, and it’s not just one company that i am talking about it’s not one particular company especially in the airline industry in the aviation industry they are being told, it started there they are being told that you are fired i am talking about people who’s Ikama’s were going to expire in november they are immediately their contracts are being terminated i am also being told that in the turkish airlines and in turkey many pakistanis and foreign nationals are being sacked they are being terminated and i found out afterwards when we were investigating this that in the UAE etihad and emirates have started preparing their lists their HR departments are preparing that who are the Pakistanis, Indians and Bangladeshis working there and what is the nature of their jobs and they are going to start firing them from there as well because there is a huge crisis in the world and this crisis has the whole world’s economies in it’s grip has completely devastated it you and i both know that you don’t need to be a rocket scientist to figure it out but because of that a lot of companies and corporations have started to reconfigure themselves and have started implementing their future policies from today it’s being said that it will take 6-8 months for the developed countries that they will be able to stabilise their economies so you can imagine that the third world or the under developed countries God forbid how badly they are going to be affected, or how badly their economies will be affected but the oil producing countries which i’ve already told you in the video earlier they are the worst hit because oil is at an all time low price right now and is at rock bottom and it is expected that for the next two years oil will not have regained it’s previous price where it was till recently so economies that are solely dependent on oil they are faced with a lot of problems and obviously in such a scenario the first thing to happen is job cuts so when job cuts happen then the expatriates and … they are the most easily expendable and they are the first to be fired so according to my information they have started giving termination letters to many Pakistanis this process has also started in Turkey and UAE will also very quickly follow this and i’m talking especially about those persons first who are in the aviation sector because there are no two opinions about this as i’ve already reported to you that the aviation industry has collapsed and not dozens but hundreds of airlines have a huge question on their health opinions are being expressed about PIA itself that unless and until it’s operations do not resume very quickly then God forbid it will be faced with bankruptcy or unless and until the government does not give it a bailout package so the gulf airlines are very heavily leased basically they have up to 150 airplanes that are leased their simulators are leased their hotels are constructed with leasing and partnerships with banks so they have a large burden of debt servicing on them and if their operations are shut down for two months they are unable to sustain because their countries the countries who own them are oil producing countries so when oil prices went down this quickly and hit rock bottom and especially the trade war that has happened between Russia and Saudi Arabia in this oil was it’s back you can say it is spreadeagled so their economies in the near future shows no expected signs of recovery so it has very thin prospects now what needs to be seen is that if the expatriate force starts being sacked in the middle east then a large chunk of Pakistan’s foreign exchange about 13-14 billion dollars annually comes to Pakistan because of expatriates and among those a large number have jobs in the middle east so if their jobs start getting terminated and at this mass level then what will Pakistan’s next step be should our govt engage with them on a governmental level so that we can at the minimum try that out of all the expatriates that are being fired, the last of them are the Pakistani community and not the first whereas right now it seems that probably the first community to be hit are the Pakistanis what else can the government of Pakistan do in addition to this? a representative of the government can tell us a spokesperson of the foreign office can tell us but the current situation is that the pandemic of covid-19 which is ongoing has caused a crunch in the world’s economy, Pakistan itself is in lockdown there is a severe economic slump and the PM himself has said that 25% of the Pakistanis are below the poverty line so if 25% are below the poverty line than more than 50 million people in this country are those who are below the poverty line so afterwards if our foreign remittances end or are reduced and jobs are lost in the middle east then how hard will we be hit may Allah protect us and everyone else also from the coming problems and the coming troubles thank you for watching and if you have not subscribed till now then please do so and don’t forget to press the bell icon and share this video with lots of people so that they are also informed and if this talk reaches our rulers and especially if this reaches the foreign office so that they can preempt to contain this because i am telling you the confirmed report that many people, Pakistanis in Saudi Arabia have received job termination letters they have received them, and i’m talking about people who’s contracts were going to expire in october or november they have been terminated today and etihad and emirates have started making lists and this same situation is in Turkey as well may Allah keep us all under his protection until the next time. Allah Hafiz.


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  • Saleem khan Yousafzai says:

    بھائی یہ تو نہیں ہو سکتا کہ تم ساری زندگی نوکریاں کرو بڑی بڑی بلڈنگ بناؤ جہاز چلاؤ عیاشیاں کرو دنیا خاتمہ کی طرف بھی جاسکتی ہےاور جب دنیا خاتمہ کی طرف جائیں گی تو منظر اسے بھی برا ہوگا ویسے بھی قیامت کی ساری علامات ظاہر ہو چکی ہے لہذا اللہ پر اور آخرت پر یقین ایمان رکھو اور وہی ہوگا جو منظور خدا ہوگا باقی نہ کوئی کسی سے رزق چھین سکتا ہے اور نہ دے سکتا ہے——– جو میری بات سے (%100)پرسنٹ متفق ہے وہ لائک کریں==%%

  • Ghatib UT Channel says:

    ۔ امام حق و دجال موجود ہیں، اب حق و باطل کا آخری معرکہ ہے۔منافقت کا کردار ختم، دجال کے 40 دن پورے ہوئے۔ لنک پریس کرتے، تفصیل وزٹ۔

  • Muhammad Akram says:

    Zara baladia se bhi banday nikalain…. Aor apnay logon se apnay mulk ka gand uthwain…. Phir pata chalay GA….
    Ye loog kitnay pani main hain….
    Inki economy Hawa main muallaq he kisi waqt bhi dharaam se neechay ajai gi…. Koi dam nahi he inmain…. Pakistan Allah ka noor he aor noor Hamaisha rahay GA…haam agriculture mulk hain Allah ke Karam se.. Apna guzara kar saktay hain…
    Koi masla nahi apnay mulk main ajain aor iski taraqi main madad karain….
    Pakistan zinda bad

  • Another channel aimed at maximising YouTube revenue by focusing on sensationalised bad-news headlines. Shameful and pathetic.

  • Coronavirus poem a beautiful effort of Nazir Yaad
    کورونا وائرس پر موجودہ حالات کی خوبصورت منظر کشی اس نظم میں چھورڑو فکر اور ہو جاو فریش پسند آئے تو چینل کو سبسکرائب کر دینا

  • Career Partner says:

    Mubashir Sahab you information 50%50 because oil produce country not Affected then open business again InshAllah oil prices high prices
    Then my information will correct kindly understand you are just News Ankara not of world business specialist

  • Shahz khan Vlogs says:

    اور کچھ نہیں ہے بس اب وہی وقت ہے کہ مسلمانوں کو مسلمانوں کے خلاف استمعال کرکے یہود و ہنود اپنے سازشوں میں مصروف عمل ہے کاش کہ مسلمان ان کی اس سازشوں کو سمجھنے سے قاصر ہے
    بتوں سے تجھ کو امیدیں اللہ سے نا امیدی
    مجھے بتا تو صیحح اور کافری کیا ہے

  • O Bhai ho skta hai ye an thk ho lekin sirf Pakistani currency hi down hai baqi to or mazboot ho rai Hein mein uae mein hn 45 plus hai ab Jon neechey ja raha hai socho Kutch be no dete ho

  • All the Wise Guys of Pakistan are more than worried about Corona Virus Attacks because they are well-off and rich people who can remain in their houses for months merely to protect them from Corona Virus Attacks. But they are really unaware of the catastrophes waiting Pakistan, and that is, poors of Pakistan have been imprisoned in their houses by the idiot Rulers of Pakistan – due to which they cannot earn anything at all! If this House Imprisonment of Poors of Pakistan continues, then soon you will surely see houses of the well-off and rich people being invaded by the Poors of Pakistan as they and their families are starving – plus they have to pay House Rents.

  • DANGER DANGER DANGER DANGER AWAITING PAKISTAN! All the Wise Guys of Pakistan are more than worried about Corona Virus Attacks because they are well-off and rich people who can remain in their houses for months merely to protect them from Corona Virus Attacks. But they are really unaware of the catastrophes waiting Pakistan, and that is, poors of Pakistan have been imprisoned in their houses by the idiot Rulers of Pakistan – due to which they cannot earn anything at all! If this House Imprisonment of Poors of Pakistan continues, then soon you will surely see houses of the well-off and rich people being invaded by the Poors of Pakistan as they and their families are starving – plus they have to pay House Rents.


    yarr koi karnay wali baat karo . ore kuch nahin aqal hi kar loo . Qabar kidhar say a gai saray matter main . Saram nahin ati utube say 2 pasay kamanay kay laya jo dil karta hain jhot such boltay ho . Afsos hain tum logo par .

  • UAE govt yesterday issued a circular allowing companies to terminate or deduct salaries of employees to handle the ongoing crisis

  • Despite lowest cost of oil in international market Pakistan did not tend to lower the price of oil in the national market. Government is making huge amounts on the constructed dearness. Corona is political product of superpower to depopulate the world and depress the international economy. Corona is more than pandemic to generate non-medicated psychological fear of death across the human heartland. Some are connecting it with religious predictions and some scientific lab-oriented biological weapon and some conjoining it with Kashmir and Palestine as natural reaction. Whatsoever, it has now consolidated the permanent fear across the world population. Its end have no end, the fear will sustain and prevail till this generation decades to decades.

  • Muhammad afzal says:

    Pori Pakistan men sub see zyada jhot bolne wale yehi loge he sirf or sirf YouTube pe pese kamane k ley in sub ne jhot bolne ka thekka lya howa he kbi Pakistan k ley achi khabar he kbi Pakistan k ley bori khabar he kya bakwas he ye

  • knowlegde and informations says:

    Truth of haqeeqat tv || Haqeeqat TV Exposed || what do think about haqeeqat tv ? MUST WATCH

  • knowlegde and informations says:

    Truth of haqeeqat tv || Haqeeqat TV Exposed || what do think about haqeeqat tv ? MUST WATCH

  • Your captions are just like UC Browser's lame news and if you didn't get rid of this non sense u will soon start losing your viewers as well as subscribers..

  • یہ آدمی ویوز لینے کے لئے ہر وقت سنسنی پھیلا رہا ہوتا ہے۔ تنخواہ سے کام نہیں ہوتا کیا؟ Grow up dude.

  • Subhanallah! Now highly skilled patriotic Pakistanis can come back and work for PIA and make it the biggest and most powerful airline in the whole world Inshallah!

  • nadir brothers says:

    Mubashir Bhai please positive news share karo apne tu bohat aham kirdar ada Kia hai koi bhi kuch bhi bolte hai please is mushkil gharri main Pakistani awam ki madad Kare jante hai halat kharab hai lekin kisi khabar ko masala laga kar mat share Kare k bori khabar ah gai hai aap ke pass koi achi khabar bhi hai Kia ?????

  • rabia iftikhar says:

    Samj sy bahir Hy ap log awaam ko haras q KR rhy hain.ensan bny sirf subscriber increase na krain khuda k wasty.kabi crona kbi yeah azaab.

  • sorry to say qasam se dil bhar gaya hai khud hi ap kehtay hain k penic na phelao aur start se lekar ab tak sabse zyadai buri aur fazol khbrain ap hi day rahe ho

  • It's better to stick to the news rather wasting our minutes in advertising your channel by telling bell icon ko dubain bla bla bla, every one knows it already

  • Why couldn't you get a quiet room? Constant door slamming and unnecessary movement in the room was so annoying. You should've known better.

  • Malik Zubair raza says:

    jnab apky kabi koi achi baat ki kb hain . ????
    apky paas to hamesha se bori hi khbar ati hain ????
    lagta hain apko media news waly ne choti kardi hain

  • Ayera travels haj umarh mohammdabad gohna says:

    pakistan dunia ka sabse ghatiya mulk hai bhikari paise ke liye kuch bhi kat sakta hai lanat aise desh pe

  • Apke pas buri khabreay hain inko share karne ka Kya fayda?? Sirf apni videos we panic and paisay kamanay k liye..lanat ho aise pakistaniyo par jo naumedi pelate hain Ameen..dislike and will never watch..guys boycott this man

  • Sameera Chughtai says:

    مبشر لقمان !

    کیا یہ نہی ھو سکتا کہ اپ دو ہفتے تک اپنے منھ پر کوئ مضبوط سی ٹیپ لگا کر خاموش ھو جاؤ ؟؟

  • Muzaffar Hussain says:

    A a Mubashar Sahb
    Bohat na insafi he k doctors or medical staff ko double tankhaw or police jo front line pr duty kr rhi he us ki single tankaw me b katoti. Police k sath esa kyon? Khudara es pr b roshni dalen

  • Muhammad Shaukat Ali says:

    مبشر صاحب. یہ خبر نہیں ہے، اسی طرح ہوتا ہے، اس طرح کے کاموں میں، کیوں لوگوں کو پرشان کرتے رہتے ہو، جس کی جاب گئ وہ تو ایک پرشان تھا، آپ سب کو نہ کریں.
    اللہ بہترین رازق ہے،

  • Ya Allah Iss Haram Khour Insaan Ku Apney Anjaam Tak Puhanchaye. AMEEN… Iss Insaan Ney Koi Khair Kee Baat Nahee Kee… Har Waqt Inteshaar Aur Bechainee Pehlaatha Hai…. He always Try To Destabilize Pakistan In a Very Dajjalee Way

  • you need a big drum "DHOL" to play and walking around street by street… that's all what you are doing now.. I will unsubscribe your channel now. You are no more genuine and unique like you used to be.. You have become mr lifafi like Salim safi and Hamid mir etc.. look at your big tummy stomach sign of something else.. shame on you

  • Raja Bader Vlogs says:

    بیشک اللہ پاک بہترین رازق ہے
    بہتر رزق عطا فرمائے گا انشاء اللہ

  • Saqib hussain says:

    یہ خبر درست ہے
    میں اس وقت یو اے ای میں ہوں اور ٹرمینیٹ کر رہے
    اگر ایک سے دو منتھ لاک ڈاؤن رہا تو مزید لوگ بیروزگار ہو سکتے ہیں ۔

  • جن حرامزاوں نے پوری دنیا ھلا کہ رکھ دی ھے ان ک بارے میں بھی کوئی خبر دے دیں سر
    ھن تے رولا پہ گیا اے

  • Mubashir bhie Allah subhallanutala Quran pak me farmata ha har mushkil k bad asani ha inshallah ese mushkil sy Pakistan ubahr k neklygay q k ham log oil py depend nhe ha hamara or kam ha is k bad Pakistan ka uroj shoro hony wala ha inshallah Pakistan zindabad

  • Me ya bat esy nhe kar raha bohot sari dalail ki roshni me kar raha ho inshallah Pakistan ka uroj shoro ho chuka ha America or oil bechny wali countrya to khatam ab dunya change hogi isky ly Pakistaniyo tayar raho or Allah sy madad mago inshallah ab hamara uroj ha Pakistan zindabad

  • یہ ہمیشہ عربوں کے خلاف ہی بھونکتا ہے. کیوں.. کیا یہ بہت بڑا فلسفی ہے., علامہ ہے. یا کوئی ایسا تیس مار خان؟؟ یہ پاگل اور خود ساختہ عقل بند ہے

  • 1 channel hy "hitler dada official" jis mein farhat abbas shah ny ap ky bary m bi bht baty ki hen to kindly uska jwab bhi record krwaien ap

  • surya narayana Murti says:

    Bhai sahab aap toh jhoot bolne ke mahir hain, toh ab sach kyun bol rahe ho? IAK KI G par makhan lagaane ka mauka hai, jhoot bolain aur laga lain. Khane ko toh makhan vaise bhi nahin Milna.

  • Muhammad Bilal says:

    لعنتی انسان تمھارے پاس لوگوں کو ڈرانے کے علاؤہ اور کوئی بات نہیں

  • syed hasnat rizvi says:

    السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته لوگوں تک اگر راشن پوہ چانا ھے اس کا اسان طریقا یہ ھے ؟ ھر یوسی کی وٹر لسٹ سے خاندان کاونٹ کرلیٗں سید حسنات رضوی
    ولد محمد علی رضوی
    Ex MNA حیدرآباد1970

  • This is fake media Drama virus open shops to internet for money we hate media people go back go media… Not a corona virus only media virus…

  • Mewati culture says:

    یہ تو آپ نے چول ہی ماری ہے اس طرح کی آپ سے امید نہیں تھی رزق کا مالک اللہ تعالیٰ ہے کوئی بات نہیں اپنے ملک میں کام کریں گے اپنے بچوں کے ساتھ رہیں گے

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