Nobody is Paying Attention to These Events!

Nobody is Paying Attention to These Events!

and also comes at a critical time when there are some insidious forces trying to erase history say that there never was Solomon's Temple there never was a Jewish presence in every single day as you're familiar we're discovering more that confirms the Bible as well as a Jewish presence briefly on that well look the facts speak for themselves you know as senator Moynihan said you could have your own opinion but he can't have your own facts this is science this was the work of secular archaeologists well recognized the leaders in the field they had no agenda they discovered this ancient road and as the facts of the facts you where were the police the question being asked by pro-democracy activists in Hong Kong a day after demonstrators were beaten by masked thugs video of the attack has sparked an outcry you could tell how they were if not her colluding almost cooperating with each other how do you explain dozens of people were injured some very seriously and got the taken to hospital and the police didn't manage to arrest one person it's a terrorist attack on the people of Hong Kong and they want to silence the people of Hong Kong Hong Kong convulsed in a new night of chaos as the city seems to be spiraling further out of control protesters clad in black with faces covered again blocked roads and squared off with police the latest in a series of anti-government protests that have shaken Hong Kong for two months what started as anger over contentious extradition bill backed by Beijing has now evolved into a bigger war over Hong Kong's freedoms and future the new normal appears to be a cycle of peaceful protests followed by violent action and it's anyone's guess when the dilemma at the same time new violence erupted near Hong Kong's border with mainland China video showed a mob of men dressed in white believed to be members of Hong Kong's triad gangs beating pro-democracy protesters and passengers in a subway station with sticks and bats the mob was part of an organized crime group known as triads paid they say to assault campaigners against the extradition bill it shows men wearing white t-shirts storming a train at the UN long station and laying into anti-government protesters the politicians also accuse the police of cooperating with the attackers as they've slowed sports to Christ earlier today we saw the city's fourth major protest police fired multiple Farage's of tear gas canisters as they made the protesters give up ground they once more surrounded government buildings and the police headquarters they say they keep hitting the streets because their freedoms are at risk now than the massive protests erupting in Puerto Rico overnight thousands of people taking to the streets doubling down on their calls for the governor to resign earlier today hundreds of thousands on this island of 3.2 million filled the streets in the biggest demonstrations berto Rico has seen in decades they are protesting government corruption overnight protesters and police facing off in order Rico police using tear gas to disperse crowds after protesters gathered late into the night the clash is following a day of massive demonstrations protesters shut down a main highway that connects San Juan to the rest of the island it appeared to be the largest demonstration yet and the message was very clear they won't stop until the governor steps down there were thousands of demonstrators who faced off with riot police packing that narrow street right outside governor Ricardo ratio's mansion a new report alleges a multi-billion dollar corruption network is behind the chat group where public funds were used to influence and benefit private clients and the Puerto Rico government it claims the governor knew and did nothing to stop it there were fireworks that went off behind the police barricade and that's when police moved in using food firing teargas and pushing the crowd to disperse them violent protests rocked porto rico overnight as new details emerged of the corruptions Mandal and we're looking despite having a mandate from the people who elected me democratically today I feel that continuing in this position presents censored mountable difficulties having heard the complaints spoken to my family thought of my children and in prayers I've taken the following decision I announced to you today that I'll be resigning as governor the resignation follows 12 days of historic and at times violent protests they're calling it a revolution others like Heidi say it's berto Rico's Arab Spring but this was a transition also about a people who rose up and demanded more from their leaders on an island it's a u.s. territory police in Paris have fired tear gas at protesters near these Zhang's alizée's shortly after Frances annual Bastille Day military parade they detained more than 150 people including two yellow vest protest leaders accused of staging an unauthorized demonstration French police fired tear gas moving in non anti-government protesters in the capital authorities had banned yellow vest demonstrations near the parade easy from the protesters and many of whom seem to have come here from my core from the village alster protests on this at Bastille Day two hundred and thirty years old from the French Revolution in nearby streets some recruit turning violence before police dispersed them with battens hours earlier they whistled and booed President Emmanuel macron the people of France together with their leaders we're supposed to mark the storming of the Bastille right who didn't read about this in grammar school or at least in high school I mean this is the act that triggered the French Revolution we all know about it instead what happened in Paris this weekend looked at times like a new modern version of the Bastille storming ironically enough and yet the media ironically enough seems to be ignoring this story so the people of France are obviously not happy with their government right now and they are taking to the streets to show ALPA Belanger and tension on the streets are we've seen clashes across Paris in this area around the shores of music watching over 4000 military personnel in the parade and a dramatic display of tech innovations including drones and ground robots before an armed futuristic flying soldier taking to the sky on a fly board stole the show suffice it to say that if the people of Venezuela or any country that our government opposes right now pick your country we're having violent mass demonstrations oh my god right Fox News CNN every single network would be leading their coverage with it and the Trump administration would right now be threatening to intervene militarily but instead what we hear about Paris is cricket's not here down the Main Street the Broadway Avenue if you will of this nine thousand year old village uncovered outside Jerusalem of a size and sophistication never seen before in a sight this ancient we have here advanced city planning hundreds of these structures these houses in which people lived which had advanced agricultural techniques interesting new discoveries are helping researchers rewrite the history of the biblical and early Christian air as the discoveries are helping in archeology and history regain relevance for modern religious communities researchers in Israel have reportedly discovered a biblical era town by the name of Z Clegg a joint expedition of researchers from Hebrew University and macary University in Sydney Australia say the ruins located near the southern town of Kiryat got in Israel date to 1000 years before the birth of Christ in the book of Samuel it is written David and his men reached Ziklag on the third day now the Amalekites had raided the Negev and Ziklag they had attacked Z clog and burned it and had taken captive the women everyone else in it both young and old they killed none of them but carried them off as they went on their way when David and his men read Z clock they found it destroyed by fire and their wives and sons and daughters taken captive researchers found the remains of stone buildings tools vessels and oil lamps in Z clogged the findings bolstered the idea that King David ruled over a much wider swath of territory and a United Kingdom of Judea David continues to be a sacred symbol for Israel Israel has utilized the story of David vs Goliath to mirror its own position as a small independent state surrounded by territory only larger and at times enemy nations meanwhile in the russian city of deir bent on the Caspian Sea coast scientists have discovered one of the oldest Christian churches in the world utilizing a technology referred to as mu on radiography the 39 foot building located in the northwest sector of the medieval fortress of najran Kalla is almost completely hidden underground and built of local shale limestone it dates to about 300 years after the birth of Christ these two discoveries are providing real physical context to eras once considered mythical or unknown researchers eagerly await further results before firm conclusions can be drawn about z clog and the spread of early Christianity who knows what will be found next historic significance happening Jerusalem today never seen anything like this on life I think this is the most exciting excavation in the world I really do this is it by the way you're on the road this is this is the actual road as it was found we just entered it the road is 2100 feet it goes from the pool of siloam in the south where they would have to cleanse yeah all the way into the temple in the north Wow pass the whistle into the temple so you could walk mr. ambassador explained the significance of the pilgrimage road in the city of David in Jerusalem well you know it brings the Bible back to life from a sewage pipe that burst 15 years ago came these excavations that resulted in the discovery of the pool of siloam where all the Jewish pilgrims would come and cleanse themselves before ascending to the temple and then an entire Road not a relic not in antiquity but an entire road intact from that pool ascending to the temple so people can literally immerse themselves in the environment where you know the great biblical figures of the time would walk where would Jesus walked we know that Jesus took this road we know his visits to the temple are well documented so you really have the opportunity to immerse yourself in ancient history in this incredible stunning discovery absolutely I mean Jesus would have walked on that road as a Jew to go to the Holy Temple but but take it even deeper for us for Americans for our viewers this morning why does a discovery like this matter so much well you know in four days we're gonna celebrate the 243rd signing of our Declaration of Independence that document really changed the world by fundamentally changing the way that we think about the relationship between a government and its citizens and in particular you recall the words that every human being is endowed by his or her creator with certain unalienable rights now how did our founding fathers know what those rights were that were so important to our Creator well among other things they did that by reading the Bible and where does the word of the Bible come from well Isaiah who lived at the same time as King Hezekiah who built the pool of Siloam Isaiah says that the Word of God from the Bible came from Jerusalem so what do we know from this so we understand that that when we think of America and its beginnings well the physical building beginnings we can think about Plymouth Rock or you can think about Valley Forge and we can think about the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia or Washington DC but the spiritual underpinning the bedrock of our principles as a nation comes from Jerusalem so this site is a heritage site for America as well as for Israel they have no agenda they discover this ancient road and as the facts of the facts great stuff you


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  • PSALMS 62:1-2. Truly my soul waiteth upon God: from him cometh my salvation. 2. He only is my rock and my salvation; he is my defense; I shall not be greatly moved.

  • Or what about some other easy ideas?

  • Gang stalking in China?? We call em the rat pack in Redding California… people get hurt or disappear all the time yet no one ever even hears about it…

  • so they found the road that goes from the pool to where the temple was… and all these folks who keep trying to say the temple was somewhere else and even writing books and making documentarys.. … are proven wrong.

  • jermaine Menefield says:

    This would be America but we 2 busy trying to storm area 51. Smh not saying it's a good idea to storm the gov't but at least they are fighting for freedoms and not for conspiracies…..

  • The Book of Enoch….By Ancient Astronaut Archive Channel

    This supplements the Bible. You will find The Righteous One, The Lamb of God in that video link.

    Daniel 7:9

  • you need to understand. we have people like Omar who were pro 9-11 and married her brother illegally to get him into the country…yet ran under clinton sponsorship and got elected…. clinton who both her AND her husband has openly said she channels a spirit named Elenor and practices witchcraft and divination, who wanted to enact full term abortions when she got elected… yet people eat up what they say, hand them microphones and hand them money. they have dedicated news media channels and they have dedicated tech industrys that do their bidding. the same party that put up lbgt colors on the white house last president and proudly exibits immoral parades and want little kids to be read books by transvestites at librarys. people are so blinded or consumed with selfish ambition, hate, and pure evil they just dont care about justice, truth, or morality. their hidden leader is the devil himself. thats why they get away with it. he has a lot of people in his pockets and is pushing his agenda hard. almost every thing that is said by them, is a lie or a twist of truth and some people eat it all up. he is their master. ephesians 6:12 the good news is try as they might, they will lose the war even when they win some battles. whoever sides with them is going to go down. trump will get reelected. there will be no impeachment either. some folks are coming forward that are going to change the landscape of the swamp and all these liberal immorals are going to gnash their teeth. they dont care about illegals. they dont care about anyone. they only care about power and money and say a billion lies to try to get it. i feel bad for the people that continue to vote for them. its like treating a wolf as your savior as it proceeds to eat both you and your family.

  • Get a gun if you don't have one, get more if you do. It's the only thing keeping US from being under (even more) Marshall Law. That's why all the "orchestrated violent acts, involving many events". Las Vegas, nite clubs, you understand what I'm not saying😉I was such an anti gun person… Then it dawned on me… I'm not afraid of my Nieghbors or any of you people, I'm terrified of this filthy corrupt bank we call government.

  • I am doing work on blogs etc. Work in progress but blogs will get some sources and be proven.

  • the big bankers is the ones they need to find. the greed of the ones that has put all these people around the world in the shape they are in now

  • Discovery in Israel is jews attempt to brainwash people of the world that they are the 'Chosen one' and spread 'bible' fairy tales.
    These 'discoveries' are planned discoveries. Indeed, i suspect they are fake.

  • QueenMoorShay Auset says:

    All of this is the Europeans fault!!!!! They've been a problem for ALL of humanity && should be dealt with…..bye

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