No Summer Break for Olympic aspiring Gymnasts | All Around Episode 2

No Summer Break for Olympic aspiring Gymnasts | All Around Episode 2

I like photography,
I like doing photoshoots, I like creativity. I guess I’m more of
an artistic person. I like creating
something beautiful. We have a very interesting
theme today. Hippies. What shall we dress you in? Move your head.
Yes, yes, yes, great. When I have a day off,
I just live. I enjoy the little things. Yes. That’s beautiful. Young ladies,
you’re blessed, I swear! It’s more interesting
to shoot as a pair. We didn’t know each other
at all, I’ve just met her
for the first time! I laugh a lot, I’m very smiley. – We’re finished.
– Finished? Thank you. But in the gym, I am a completely
different person. The Russian Cup
is a good start. It allows us to get into shape
for the World Championships. The entire Russian team
will perform there as it’s a qualifier for Worlds. Watch your wrists. Don’t swing! I’d like to work more
on quality and get into even better shape. – Hello, Lele.
– Hi. – What are you up to?
– I’m drawing. – Are you drawing?
– Yes. My dream is to be a designer
when I retire from gymnastics. It keeps my mind calm. Can you come back and play with me on Sunday? You can come to play with me,
but I can’t come back. Do you have the big painting? And all of those paintings
framed in the hallway. – Do you miss me?
– Yes. I miss you too. – Any training this afternoon?
– Yes. – Cool. Okay then. Bye.
– Bye bye. I wasn’t training before because I had
minor surgery on my ankle. Now there’s no problem
with my ankle, but my wrist has been painful. This is for wrist strength. It affects her training. Now we’re working
on these little joints to regain strength. Time’s up. Thirty! Come on. Chen Yile, come on! Do the somersault.
We have to focus on stability. Lift up your legs.
Chen Yile, don’t stop. She’s still at a low ebb, that’s why
she’s a bit down at the moment. Luckily, she’s a tough kid. I just want to go to the
World Championships. That’s all my recovery
is about. This arena is like home to us, because we perform here
very often. Before we arrived here,
I injured my leg a bit. Because of
the hard landings here, the injury has got worse. We started on vault,
I did it like I always do. Not better or worse,
just how I usually do on vault. I liked my performance
on uneven bars, because this apparatus
isn’t the easiest for me. Beam.
I didn’t do my full routine, but I’m happy with the quality. I didn’t perform
my floor routine the way I would have liked to. But it got a little better. But I’m happy
I managed to do everything, even with an injured leg. I won silver in vault and
bronze in uneven bars. I feel good,
I’m happy with my performance. I am satisfied
very much with my jump. I feel like I’m growing
in the direction I need to for
the World Championships.


58 thoughts on “No Summer Break for Olympic aspiring Gymnasts | All Around Episode 2”

  • Ughh im so sad that morgan didnt make it to worlds but she seemed really inconsistent this year so i hope she takes some time to gain some confidence and have a rest. Also im so happy for Lele making to worlds!! i didnt think that it was going to be possible for her this year

  • USA Artistic Gymnastics All-around Champion 2017, Morgan Hurd missed her World Artistic Gymnastics Champions in Stuttgart, Germany 2019.

  • Chen is an amazing artist! I hope she will be able to follow her dream someday when she is finished with gymnastics. She has a lot of exciting things in her future

  • You know. I see a pattern. It’s with Rebecca Bross, Kyla Ross, and what I was starting to get concerned about with Morgan. Rebecca Bross was the second best gymnast in the world in 2009, 3rd best in 2010, and got injured to not make the 2011 world team, and to miss the 2012 olympics. Kyla was on the 2012 team, but the pattern is that she also got 2nd at the 2013 worlds, 3rd at the 2014 worlds to not have made the 2015 worlds or the 2016 olympics. Now with Morgan it broke with her being the best in the world in 2017 not second best, but she would have if Regan had competed, then last year she placed 3rd. So I honestly don’t think Morgan is going to make the olympics. Thanks for reading all of this if you are still here.

  • Wow did I actually see a Russian smile?!! They always look so mean. Lol. But these are talented girls! Good luck to them!! ?‍♀️??

  • Really I think morgan is burnt out with all these Meets. I really wish as well she did not agree to this show she needs to focus. She does not need a camera in her face. If i was her coach rest up and start January start the procedures for the upgrades. We know she is a fighter. Only 4 girls will be on that team.

  • My heart hurt so bad for Morgan after the FX routine night one. It hurt even more when she was named an alternate for the world’s team. I really can’t wait to see what she pulls out next year, I wanna see her in Tokyo so bad.

  • Hurd was inconsistent for the 3 meets and at the worlds selection camp. That's why she didn't make it to worlds. For Hurd to make it on the Olympics team, she would need to be consistent and increase her difficulty. There are a lot of younger gymnasts coming up in the U.S. that have the difficulty, consistency and execution score.

  • Morgan always being playing it safe. When r u just gonna go all out. She is no longer good enough to be on the US team there are other better than her. Not suprise she didnt make worlds.

  • Stephen Michalski says:

    Rather bummed Morgan didn't make it.Seems a bit weird.I'm no expert…having just being turned on to this sport after seeing Kaitlin Ohashi's viral vids.I can't get enough of this….I've downloaded tons of stuff going back years.All these girls are incredible.I looked up the final scores for the world team selection…..Morgan came in 5th over all…..the other girls who came in above her (except of coarse Simone)……..all had one high score out of all the different events above Morgan's……but below in most of the rest.While Morgan seemed inconsistent in the vids posted…….the numbers seem to indicate the other girls were just as inconsistent……really …more so.I just wonder if it's not a case of "Hollywood" or image that enters into the equation…….I mean……she's got glasses…..isn't blonde…….etc etc……she always seemed rather the hard working quiet type… the background…..not really there for the glam.If thats the case…….well…..that kind of thinking usually comes back to bite you.

  • Hi, Im a Comenter says:

    i kinda feel like morgan is the kyla ross of this quad, year after Olympics great then a bit worse in comparison and now doesnt make the team, although kyla made it to 2012

  • Mia DoubleZeroSeven says:

    I think Morgan not making worlds might be a blessing in disguise. After watching qualifications, I think I see an opening for her at the Olympic trials.

  • Мельникова насмешила, так сказала про себя творческую, будто это такая редкость. Талант и возможность его проявить – вот это редкость. Я сейчас попыталась вспомнить кто из моих друзей, родственников и знакомых не творческий человек и не творческой выгледят только главбух и кадровичка, но они просто стрёмные.

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