NLE Choppa’s Funniest Lyrics | Genius News

NLE Choppa’s Funniest Lyrics | Genius News

[TIA] Memphis rapper NLE Choppa rose to fame
at just 16 years old. And it’s that youthful brashness and energy
that’s helped to make him a star. But despite his incredible success, he’s
still a teenager who loves to crack jokes wherever he goes. NLE CHOPPA:
“My teachers would describe me as terrible. Acting up, doing the most. I cut some hair off someone, not his braids,
but right in front of the principal and got in trouble for it. It was like 3rd grade.” TIA As the class clown takes on the rap game,
Genius News is here with NLE Choppa’s funniest lyrics. [TIA] NLE Choppa burst onto the scene with
his with a gun-toting anthem and solo debut, “Shotta Flow.” He later followed it up with “Shotta Flow
2” and 3, each which use human anatomy as a metaphor for firearms. [TIA] And our Choppa biology lesson may even
continue as NLE goes through the “Shotta Flow” series [CHOPPA] When it comes to Shotta Flows, I’m
planning on dropping up to five. I think I’m gonna stop at five. [TIA]Choppa’s hunger for success is matched by his big appetite for food – like Philly’s
legendary cheesesteaks – a sandwich he praises on the bridge of “Shotta Flow.” [TIA] And when it comes to serving his enemies,
he’s got a cookbook worth of food punchlines. [TIA] On “Camelot,” Choppa rhymes about
Italian cuisine and big ups his own heritage. [CHOPPA] I fuck with Bob Marley, he’s a
big inspiration in my life, coming from a Jamaican background. He’s a big inspiration in my life. [TIA] As a Memphis native, it’s only right that he shout out a Southern delicacy on “Shotta
Flow.” CHOPPA] Up north they like, ‘What is a kool-aid
pickle?’ It’s pretty much a pickle dipped in kool-aid. Fruit punch flavor. Cherry. Blueberry. Kool-aid pickle. [TIA] Like any teen, Choppa loves watching cartoons like Rick and Morty. [TIA] On “Camelot,” he compares his charm
to a cartoon womanizer and serves up another food bar. [TIA] Back on “Camelot,” Choppa considers
himself to be more of Gotham’s Boy Wonder than the Dark Knight. [TIA] NLE Choppa knows how to make fans laugh
with his brow-raising one-liners. And with his debut album ‘Top Shotta’
slated for 2020, this should only be the start. I’m Tia with Genius News, bringing you the
meaning and the knowledge behind the music.


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