Nintendo Switch VS. “AAA” Social Media Game Developers

Nintendo Switch VS. “AAA” Social Media Game Developers

We really need to stop saying that this
game or that game can’t run on the Nintendo switch because I’m a social
media developer and that’s pretty much what I’ve been seeing quite a bit from
people who barge into the live streams or who comment on everything and it
seems like every single time there’s a new excuse why oh that game did come
over to the Tendo switch or oh we’re going to move the goalposts move and say
it’s not gonna run to where I want it to run well look that’s not the whole point
when it comes down to it and what people are looking for when it comes to the
Nintendo switch let’s take for example back in 2017 when Doom was announced
people were freaking out that doom was going to be on the Nintendo switch that
you’re gonna be able to play this heavy intensive graphics shooter I’ll be at a
lower frame rate and resolution anywhere that you want so when people said oh my
gosh I can’t believe this game is coming over I can’t believe they were able to
port it I can’t believe the Nintendo switch can run this type of game not
knowing that it’s not all based on raw power or brute strength outside of more
like architecture and how the developers can work with the system and having the
right team behind it and it seems like people have forgotten that over and over
and over since 2017 when the big games like doom and even Wolfenstein following
that Wolfenstein 2 came over in 2018 now you can fast-forward all the way to 2019
and yet we have the same things happening when the rumor started with
The Witcher 3 coming over to the Tendo switch so many people said this can’t
happen so when people swore up and down at the Nintendo switch couldn’t run
Witcher 3 no matter what that it wasn’t going to happen and that they would do
something crazy if it did it got announced for the Nintendo switch at
first people were very skeptical about the game in terms of how it would turn
out but now that people have review copies and people have actually gotten
their hands on the game it’s actually a pretty good port that runs and looks
good considering the hardware that it’s on and everybody well not everybody but
a lot of people were really saying that The Witcher 3 there’s no way it’s coming
over because of how the game ran on the base Xbox one ignoring once again it’s
about optimization ignoring once again that it’s about taking the time and
having the right developers behind the project in order to get something
running good as long as it has enough tools and the
architecture that they can work with to get a good port going now don’t get me
wrong here guys there are some games that are pretty crazy when it comes to
the intensity of the game or what its dependent on CPU or GPU or whatever the
case is I’m not trying to be an online developer but all I’m trying to say is
that we should really let the developers do the developing and stop trying to act
like we know everything about the Nintendo switch in terms of how it takes
or how you can develop on it or what developers can do because I can
guarantee you none of us can code and none of us can do what I earn galaxy
what virtue owes and what panic button have been doing all over these years
they know technical terms when it comes to the switch they know the ins and outs
they’ve been taking these big games and I’ve been porting them over for years
now and every single time it seems like people are shocked when we get this now
some of the newest examples outside of The Witcher 3 are also a game like
overwatch a couple years ago the developers Blizzard were saying
we’re not so sure about this certain graphics settings and all of this and
that ain’t completely ruled out 100% but that led social media developers to sit
there and say well it’s not possible there’s no way it’s gonna happen they
can’t do this that’s what you can’t do that and then when it comes over the new
goalposts is oh well it’s an old game but you weren’t saying that back in play
17 when this was first launched it wasn’t such a old game it was a new game
and it couldn’t run at that point but a couple years ago by oh well it’s an old
game and that’s kind of what we’re seeing here with The Witcher even though
it’s a current gen game that was the thing that people were saying kind of
back then was oh well it can’t handle current gen games now we’re getting some
of those current gen games from these big port studios like an iron galaxy or
like a virtuals and a panic button and now the new goalposts moving is oh well
it’s not running it the way that I want to run it or it’s not running it like
ps4 and Xbox one of course it’s not running it like ps4 and Xbox one ps4 and
Xbox one also can’t be picked up and moved out of the house without a TV and
work properly where you can play it anywhere that you want that’s the whole
point of playing a game on the Nintendo switch or having it on the system in the
first place you can play the game any way that you
want it fits for busy lifestyles or if somebody is going to be traveling to
where you can be playing The Witcher 3 on a
plain can’t really do that with the ps4 or the Xbox one unless is built into the
seat cushion or something our first class I’m not really sure I’m pretty
sure there’s some ways people have done that maybe some type of weird remote
play thing that might barely work I don’t even know but for the most part
that into this which is the easiest and best way to play bigger games any way
that you want whether it’s thin tendo’s first party titles like The Legend of
Zelda breadth of the wild or Super Mario Odyssey or other bigger games like doom
Wolfenstein and the upcoming overwatch on the switch so to me I just find it
kind of weird that people still try to bring up this whole oh well it’s not
gonna run like this or that or it’s gonna be downgraded once you say well
look at all these other games that are coming over I think we all know that and
that doesn’t support anybody’s point or the person who says this can’t run well
you say oh it’s going to be downgraded yes it’s going to be downgraded just
like ps4 and Xbox one are downgraded from high-end pcs it runs based on what
the system can do but that doesn’t mean that it can’t run at all because we
don’t develop these games and panic button iron galaxy and also virtuals
have proven and have stated many times hey if you get with us from the
beginning you let us know what’s going on we can get this going so many times
time and time again we’ve heard them say this yet people don’t heed this warning
here you also look at a game like the outer worlds nobody would have thought
that that game would have come over to the Nintendo switch just because it’s a
newer game it’s a open world style of game it’s also obsidian which was
purchased by Microsoft but they already had a commitment to bring the game over
and I think virtuals is doing that game and that is a big
graphic intense type of third-person shooter that people wouldn’t expect to
be on the Nintendo switch but you’re getting a developer that’s talking to
them at the beginning that’s getting the stuff down that knows the Nintendo
switch and can get the engines and get everything going to where it’s good and
on top of that I grew up back in the day when you would see these huge arcade
cabinets right you go into these huge arcade cabinets you see these amazing
graphics and then when you go home and you play it on your NES yeah it didn’t
look as good but it was still the game for the most part obviously then it run
as good at the graphics that look as good the sound might not be as good but
we still got a lot of these arcade games that the arcade cabinets were a lot
stronger than the home con but we still got to put them on the home
consoles people still like to play that on the NES or the Sega system or
whatever the case was right we have that before this is not anything new to see
something that’s way more powerful than what you can have at home or anything
and have them ported over they’ve been doing this for years for decades so it’s
always funny when I see somebody tried to kind of barge in and say this can’t
do this or that can’t do that when we should probably just say hey can we wait
and see and that’s kind of how I think about it when I have talked to some of
these developers and I’ve seen what they’re saying in these interviews and
they’re saying hey if they talk to us with these third-party developers and
they want to get a game on the Nintendo switch we can definitely get it going
now I’m not trying to sit here and say that the Nintendo’s switch is the most
powerful system and it can run every single thing in the world and it’s gonna
be able to do all this and that’s gonna be able to run all the PS 5 and the next
Xbox games and all that I’m not trying to say that because I’m not a developer
all I’m trying to say is that we shouldn’t just go ahead and rule
something out right away just based on your own eye test and not knowing a
single lick of tech when it comes down to it we should let the people who know
how to actually develop like panic button and like virtuoso and like them
say things we should listen to them a little bit more because any time that I
see people saying that this can’t run or that can’t run or whatever the case is
it’s not like they’re quoting articles and it’s not like they’re talking about
how panic button is said this or not they never bring up any of that and they
just make excuses whenever we do get anything like the Wolfenstein or like a
do more like a Witcher or like the overwatch or like a Skyrim or like a
Diablo 3 or whatever the case is right which some of those games have been on
the previous generation but what I’m saying is that a lot of people did it
think that the switch can do this or do that and we end up constantly getting
reminders that no we have developers we have specialties we can kind of get this
stuff done where there’s a will there’s a way and on top of that you can just
make the game for the switch if you want to make a game for the Nintendo switch
they’re also still is that option everybody always looks at porting games
over port port port but what about just making it for the Nintendo switch and
doing the best for that system and I think that’s the next thing that I can’t
want to move over to it’s not whether it’s going to run or if we can or cannot
it’s whether you want to make the financial commitment and
to get it on there I think there’s another side to this that people don’t
really try to equate to it and that is the money side is it worth our time is
it worth our ever as a developer or a publisher in order to get it on this
platform you need a big install base with the Nintendo switch is doing but
we’ve seen developers for example like Square Enix say hey look Dragon Quest 11
asks that game it just came out that game was literally made for the switch
they didn’t just take the ps4 game and sloppily port it over with glitches and
things like that they literally said hey let’s make this for the switch and as
you guys can see it’s one of graphically the best big third-party games on the
Nintendo switch hands down I’m so impressed with what they’ve done with
that game so I think it’s more of a matter when it comes to things if
they’re gonna pick the financial investment in order to get it done and
of course if they’re going to have the right team behind it some developers
don’t have that they can’t get that done or one of the big developers that are
good at it aren’t available for them to do it
so this is just kind of my two cents on the matter when it comes down to it I’m
not trying to sit here and say like I said I want to make sure that I’m very
clear I’m not trying to sit here and say that Nintendo switch can’t run every
single thing perfectly and it’s gonna be just like ps4 and Xbox one other people
don’t know what they’re talking about all I’m saying is that from what I’ve
seen from these companies like iron galaxy and panic button and virtuals
from bringing over other big current generation games over to Nintendo switch
and that run at a decent framerate and look decent and can be played anywhere
that you want we should at least we should at least never rule something out
completely because we don’t develop these games at the end of the day and
we’ve seen time and time again that know there are these big games that are
coming over so what are you guys just thoughts on what I have to say here I
love there what you guys have to say in the comment section below alright guys
that wraps it up for this video here go to script a link to description below we
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hit that like button if you did like this video but to know you guys want
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catch you guys for the next one pace


84 thoughts on “Nintendo Switch VS. “AAA” Social Media Game Developers”

  • Starsky Silvers says:

    As games get more advanced compromises will have to be made. Either cut content or lower performance.

    I think when people say “there’s no way a game like Witcher will run on the switch” they aren’t expecting the developers to run it at like 560p. Or cut the map creation on doom etc.

  • DankMemeCenterX says:

    Social Game Developers are so entitled that they know how game optimized works better than the actual developers 🙃😜🙃

  • I would call those social media devs either "dev-wanna-be morons" or just "playing devs". It always boggles my mind you have people on social media just "assume" a game on Switch. Even more wicked, is that whenever I told them base on what facts or any reliable site es, they often just throw tantrum and call me a Nintendo switch fanboy or a Nintendo switch white knight lol.

  • GunSlinger 1110 says:

    The Nintendo Switch has games like Mortal Kombat 11, Witcher 3, Overwatch, Skyrim, etc…I’m tired of this whole “oh this game can’t run on switch, even if it came it’d run like at 5fps lol”. The Switch can pull off pretty awesome things, all it takes is a developer to put some time and money to see if the system can handle it. I think games like Sekiro, Batman Arkham, DMC 5, etc can come to switch.

  • lOl A coNSoLE fRoM 2017 rUnS a oLD gAMe iN 640p 30fps, thAT iS uNaCCeptaBle toDAy.

    – "AAA developer" kiddies in the comments on every single Digital Foundry Switch game analysis video.

  • Pretty much any game can " run" on the switch. It's just a matter of how well it will run and the sacrifices that have to be made in order to get it to be playable.

  • This is REALLY present in the Pokemon Sword and Shield issue. After the announcement of the National Dex cut EVERYONE and their grandma seemed to know how 3D modeling and animation worked and tried to give reason after reason why the National Dex could be in the game, talking smack about 1 FREAKING TREE in an early trailer of the gameplay, etc. etc. Then it got REAL funny when people who actually knew how to do 3D modeling and animation said "here's what I did in 5 minutes" which was the argument haters used..they were horrid looking things let me tell you. The big argument for the cut in the National Dex from players like myself is, it's not about the graphics and all's about balancing the competition scene cause let's be real..there are going to be at least 500 Pokemon in Sword and Shield..personally I haven't filled in a full Pokedex since Gen1 and we are quickly reaching 1000 Pokemon..they ain't all gonna fit in one game yo, so a cut off in games has to be made so they can introduce new Pokemon. It's like armchair generals or couch may THINK you know how it's done..but unless you've actually done it you ain't got a dog in the hunt really.

  • I bought the Witcher 3 on the base Xbox one. I don't remember it running bad?
    I need to pick up Overwatch for Switch, and Diablo 3. But I already have it on Xbox and PS4.

  • Arreis Williams says:

    I feel when the next gen xbox and ps5 come out game will only be harder to port to the switch tbh not saying its impossible but the gap will only get larger

  • Agree with everything you said. People that comment with the instant negativity beside just doing it to be contrarians forget that they weren't the ones who created the game from scratch, that just because they played it does not means that they were the ones who poured in the hours, days, months, and even years to create, develop, code, test, refine , and more before the game is ever released into their hands.

  • Any game can run on the switch, these companies see the Switch Install Base and now alot of them are back tracking and taking back their comments. But it's all about optimization and quality control on porting to the switch

  • I mean if u can be such a genius about software development by playing games then i wasted my time and money for 4 years bachelor degree…. I saw someone saying that switch is not powerful enough to run Bloodstained thats why the game was so broken….. U can literally run that game on cell phone with proper optimization trust me.

  • silvermoonredmoon says:

    Nintendo haters get salty as usual that the switch as small as it is can run many AAA games plus it can be played both at home and on the go. Nintendo is not going anywhere and i'm glad they're still here after 40 years in the console business while many have failed!

  • It’s simple. Pick a current gen game. See how it runs on a low end graphics card. A laptop running a gt 740m, 840m or 920m etc. If it runs like complete garbage. I’m talking resolution at 360p but still only gets 15 frames per second. Has no shadows etc then chances are it’s not going to be a good port.

  • Any game can run on the Switch if the Developer is willing to invest the time and money on the project to do so. Personally, I prefer to focus on having fun with the games I own rather than bother with these social media arguments.

  • You wanna know the real raw truth why 3rd party developers dont put the time and money and care into a port or a new game for the switch, its because they are afraid of the risk of their game sales getting cannibalized by Nintendos 1st party exclusives sales and competing with Nintendos games on the same platform. They see that as a risk and not worth developing for the Nintendo switch.

  • It's especially dumb when people try to use PC to act like a game cannot work on the Switch. PC is essentially brute forcing whatever applications that it gets. Meanwhile, when a console is running a game, usually the game is the main program running. There is no Chrome. There is no Steam Client. The only thing running alongside the game is the OS, and that OS is a lot more performant than Windows 10. By that logic, Watch Dogs, Titanfall, and Rise of the Tomb Raider shouldn't be on the Xbox 360 because PC specs are so much higher that what even existed when that console released.

    "Running" a game means to execute code. If games like Witcher 3, DOOM, Overwatch, Mortal Kombat 11, etc. didn't run, they wouldn't work at all. With how scalable engines are these days (and have been for the past decade), the only thing stopping them from bringing their games to the Switch is the ability to scale down assets to the hardware. That takes time and resources, and not many developers wanted to do that at launch. We will continue to see games come to the Switch; next PlayStation and next Xbox aren't going to stop that.

  • to be fair I'm more impressed with what they get out of lower powered hardware than they do with the so called high end hardware, like this new tech ray tracing coming to next gen, sure sounds fancy but to me it just looks like the brightness levels are higher lol but thats just me.
    looking back at say the OG xbox with only 64meg of ram and it's 733mhz (128Kb cache) PIII celeron CPU the games still are awsome to look at and play, now you need 8-16gig power house GPU and CPU and yeah the games do look better But the games as a whole have not changed much in the way of new.
    basicly they feel all clones of the same idea with different skins or story and as for slow down or frame skipping dont think for 1 second games dont do it on PS4 pro or XBox one x Elder scrolls online being one of the biggest offenders I have ever seen.
    As long as the game is good and you enjoy it hardware is just a matter of choice.
    one more thing since everything has gone x86 I would of thought programmers could or can push the hardware limits right out of the gate or at least fairly quickly
    where as back in the day they had to learn the architecture of some new alien design by sega,sony,nintendo who each had their own idea's on what the hardware should be and designed from the ground up to their own tech.
    PS4 and Xbox consoles are using basicly PC hardware from the same company AMD even down to the same chipsets just modified for their O/S requrements
    so the hardware tech will always be similar, not much different with nintendo using Nvidia another mainly PC hardware company consoles are really nothing more than laptops with a locked down O/S or tablet in the switch case, they are just put in a plastic case and marketed as consoles.
    I'm not saying this is a bad thing but the specs thing has become quite checkmate.

  • astral chain and fire emblem three houses cant run on the ps or xbox lol nor can any game run for the ps4 or xbox 1 on handheld

  • It all depends on developers with talent and skill. Not the ones that work at whoever made crack down 3 and sea of lonliness.

  • Simz Zims the DarkLennial says:

    These dumb haters like to move the goal post so much that the Sporting federation is looking to go after them f**k dem up for trying to change the rules.

    Good vid sir

  • Emulation proven that most if not all games can run on any platform. O.J is completely right, I remember playing street fighter alpha 2 on the SNES and I thought that game was so much fun, even though it didn't look as good.

  • Thank you for making this video. Those shmucks that me & ShadowFox were telling this to on Twitter need to see this video asap lol

  • The same "social media developers" are the same ones that said "Nintendo Switch is dead on arrival" and "Switch has no games" back in 2017.

    Spouting off before listening to the facts is both shameful and foolish.
    -Proverbs 18:13

  • And we have Dragon Quest XI. Ironically, people never said a thing on that game when it comes to running on the Switch.

  • I was literally just playing Witcher 3 handheld. Its fine, plays fine for me. I have on PC and it plays a lot lot better but it would be impossible to play that at work or grind while watching a film!

  • Ricardo Belmont says:

    Do the impossible! Think the unthinkable! Row Row fight the power!!!

    Eh I don't pay attention to those nut jobs. Literally see lists of comments from them in every gaming group.

    At the end of the day I just wanna play some games.

  • Nathan Tankersley says:

    Dude mr t I didn’t know u liked the switch do u pity the fool who says games can’t run on switch 😂😂😂😂

  • Nathan Tankersley says:

    But yea people still think the switch is super weak and it’s not at all look at launch games on 360 vs gta 5 and other late gen games they don’t even look like they were on the same system that’s just devs learning secrets and extreme optimization through ipdates

  • There was a 3.1Gb update for Witcher 3 on Switch today, not sure what it done though, even though I played it already on PC, I'm enjoying it again on Switch 😀

  • Exactly! And I actually code (not games though) and I’m a CS engineer. Thus why I could say in 2016 that any game can run on the Switch, the only problem would be financial wise, with the storage and all. Most gamers are completely clueless about technology, which would not be a problem if they just played games. It becomes a problem when they pose as developers and say nonsense looking really stupid in the process.

  • Never been a fan of those armchair developers on Twitter who think that they know better than Panic Button and the like

  • Very true. I'm glad u addressed this oj. Jesus couldnt olease everybody.

    I've been telling people this since last year, the switch can run any game out there but not on the same graphics and performance level. A lot of stupid people come on youtube just to be themselves as the idiots they are to spew their garbage opinions and push them off as facts like they know what they're talking about.

  • i've believe any nintendo console could run anything since call of duty came to the wii in 2008. ever since then i've never doubted nintendo third party ports!

  • As a practicing game developer, I approve your message. Your views on this whole online developer trend is a core reason why I subbed.

  • OJ: says we need to stop saying this or that game can’t run on switch

    People in the comments: “This game can’t run on switch!”

  • These developers are putting their games on phones. its not that the switch can handle, its just a decision whether the developer wants it on the switch or not.

  • FORREAL Man!!, I've even been seeing more ppl commenting about how GTA V Can't Run on the Switch!, Like HOW DO YU KNOW??, yu don't even have A dev Kit!, etc The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is A great example that many Games are Possible! on the Nintendo Switch, it also depends on the Engines! that Developers uses, like Unreal Engine, many others! and many people have also been knowing that GTA V can Definitely!! Run on the Switch because it's alot more powerful than the Xbox 360 like people need to Just "STOP" and not to mentioning the ones that keep on saying that the Graphics look worser on Switch, knowing that that's Obviously! something your gonna Expect, like Just be Grateful that Devs are even porting something in the 1st place, getting it to even Run! just like the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, we Grew up! with Nintendo, Xbox Playstation would've Never been born if it wasn't for Nintendo, "Stop" complaining!! About everything!, including Graphics, just have FUN!!, because that's what really matters.

  • After playing games like Witcher 3, no dev has ANY excuse other than laziness. I played the witcher 3 while eating a gyro downtown today………………. Witcher used to make my computer turn into a space heater, now ive got it in my hands

  • robert franklin says:

    I still haven't got my bloodstained dlc because they're too busy trying to fix the Fischer Price version. I wish developers wouldn't even bother porting to the switch. It's a waste of resources.

  • Well said OJ great vid man. The Witcher 3, MK11, Hellblade, Warframe, Doom, Overwatch and Outer Worlds coming too the Switch are pure masterclass feats on getting a game on a system with limited power and i think it should be applauded, they are not the best way too the play the games but for a Tablet Device too where you can play AAA games on the go aswell as Dock n Table Top, come on guys that is awesome stuff.

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