33 thoughts on “Nintendo Entertainment System – November Game Updates – Nintendo Switch Online”

  • The only game I like in this update was Metroid.
    It's not just because I am a Metroid fan
    There not really popular or memorable

  • Lother Avanti says:

    Stop giving us NES games. Up the ante, do you see what PS Plus subscribers get? You could at least throw in some SNES or even N64 games, maybe even a GC title. You COULD also give us some DS/3DS ports to the Switch like A link between worlds. I'd pay money for that.

  • We should have 3 nes, 3 snes, 3 n64 and 3 gc games a month get different teams for each then it will be somewhat worth it.

    3 nes games a month is s joke

  • Buying an NES and an SNES for a more authentic feel and also because I won't be limited for a certain time before needing to renew payment to play.

  • Xbox and PlayStation makes paid online service*. Nintendo you’re our only hope! *Nintendo makes paid online service THATS NOT WHAT I MEANT!!!

  • Nintendo,

    With this new platform you should include Earthbound Zero. With Super Smash Bros Ultimate being released, players who know Ness and Lucas would be a lot more likely to use this service if you offered a game from the earthbound series! The community for these games would really appreciate it too!

  • Adam Plantinga says:

    I literally searched nintendo, watched this video just to make a negative comment and dislike. The switch is great but how dumb are they? It's like getting an A on a test then punching the teacher in the face and getting expelled. To restate the same things everyone else is saying…. messaging, dedicated servers, n64 games. How is there no messaging? Actually though. There is zero purpose to having friends on the switch it's the stupidest thing I have ever seen, and I love my switch and am a fan of Nintendo but holy smokes you guys are blowing such easy things

  • nickvalentine says:

    SNES GAMES. Where are they?
    NES was cool and all, but the 16-bit generation, we who were kids at the SNES era, do want SNES GAMES. Nintendo, have basically a money print machine at the moment thei release SNES on the Nintendo Switch Online. Why ignore your own player base? Why do you guys think we want to play NES Metroid when we could be playing Super Metroid? Why choose Super Mario 1/2/3 when we could be playing Super Mario All Stars + World?

  • How do I message my friend to play a game with me? Oh I can't? Then why are you working on this trash? Also Metroid is the only good one…

  • It's a nice that you are able to play NES games, but I would rather see an service where I can choose NES/SNES or even N64 games from big libary.

    It is so easy to download these games for free, and it's easy to play them on a emulator.

    I would say thay for 20 euros a year, this would big libary would be money worth

  • Um, positives. Let me try.

    – I like NES games.
    – Online multiplayer is nice.
    – The video showcase are nice, short and simple.
    – Description adequately describes each game.
    – Emulation is astonishingly better than the dreadful Wii U NES emulator.

    Negatives. Don't have to try very hard.

    – Only NES games.
    – Online has way too many latency problems.
    – Significantly worse drip feed of releases.
    – HUD gets in the way of the games.
    – Removed the option to remap buttons.
    – No ability to randomly find people online to play the NES games with.

    Come on, Nintendo. I love Metroid, really the only good release this month, but this is awful. Please add N64 games with online multiplayer, such as Mario Kart 64, Mario Party and Pokémon Stadium (mini-games) because these ones would be very fun to mess around with. Also, add Game Boy well you're at it. I would love to have games like Pokémon Red/Blue and the other ones on the Game Boy on there with the online multiplayer feature, alongside bringing over the Pokébank so that we can transfer the Pokémon from these ones over to the Switch one. Same with Game Boy Advance and The Amazing Mirror.

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