Nintendo Entertainment System - Nintendo Switch Online - Overview Trailer


30 thoughts on “Nintendo Entertainment System – Nintendo Switch Online – Overview Trailer”

  • game man and it has gaming gaming says:

    nintendo you should do a super nintendo etertainment system for the nintendo switch I would realy want to be playing super mario world. I saw it's not avalible for nes. please have a chat
    with nintendo about ading a snes for the nintendo switch plz plz plz add it

  • Miguel Angel Cibrián González says:

    Hola amigos de Nintendo:
    Aun faltan montones de juegos que poner en vuestro catalogo, ejemplos: Lolo 2, terminator 2, Robin Hood, lode runer, road fighter donkey Kong, 1-2-3, bomberman, galaga, galaxian, dig dug, duck Hunt, Ottelo, Popeye y muchos más, así que por favor no abandonéis este servicio os lo ruego de corazón.

  • Moonsong Wolf says:

    Or instead of trying to keep up with some membership and other unreliable stuff, I can simply buy it for my 3Ds (and I have for NES Super Mario games)

  • Not to be rude, but:

    Almost everyone: "BRING GAMECUBE (GCN) GAMES TO THE SWITCH!!!"

    How I translate this as: "LET ME MULTI-SHINE ON SWITCH!!!"

  • John Camden Talert says:

    You could just get a Nintendo entertainment system and get all the games and you don’t have to pay every month

  • The Random Kirby says:

    Honestly I like this membership same with the nes games. I can already see the hate coming towards me.

  • Lother Avanti says:

    Stop giving us NES games. Up the ante, do you see what PS Plus subscribers get? You could at least throw in some SNES or even N64 games, maybe even a GC title. You COULD also give us some DS/3DS ports to the Switch like A link between worlds. I'd pay money for that.

  • Samuelito Ibarra says:

    Eventually in the future maybe Nintendo will evolve into PC and made software for playing classic titles for Nintendo I’m a nintendofan 4ever

  • Daniel Alejandro Aguilera Martinez says:

    Nintendo just stop this nobody's like it imitating the things that Sony and Microsoft do will not make you better than them

  • Eduardo Rangel says:

    Dear Nintendo I will never like the online unless you guys give what everybody wants listen they are big fans but not of nso Nintendo switch online . So Nintendo fix the service and listen to your fans requests please Nintendo

  • Superluigi881 says:

    This is 2018 (soon to be 19) Nintendo. I don’t think many people are jumping at the chance to play NES games. I know I’m not.

  • Wesusa Paints! says:

    i got the family plan because its a really good deal and can go up to 8 people for only 35 dollars you guys should get it instead of just complaining here, won't change anything

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