What’s up everyone. Welcome back to my channel V, a number one
place for new coaches, content creators and entrepreneurs. In today’s video, I want to share with you
some of my favorite Ninja hacks when it comes to repurposing your content on social media. If you’re subscribed to my channel or you
enjoy watching my videos, I have a feeling you’re likely a content creator and a problem
that I see happen a lot is that a lot of content creators burn out simply because they don’t
know how to repurpose their content and use their old content and stretch it out even
further. That’s why if you want to learn how you can
be more efficient in your content creation journey, then keep on watching. Now, the first tip that I have for you is
to leverage your transcriptions. Now, this tip is going to be super important,
especially if you are a YouTuber or you’re a podcaster. Anytime you do something audio or video, make
sure that you actually get the transcription of that file. For example, in my channel or in my business,
I have transcriptions for all of my YouTube videos because it’s necessary for me to make
my YouTube videos caption friendly, but what I also do is I take that transcription and
by the way, I use for my transcriptions. I have a link in my description box below. What I do is I take that transcription and
then I multiply it by embedding it in my newsletters. I embed it in my blog posts. I sometimes take it and put it into my Instagram
captions and even my Facebook posts. That’s why if you already have existing rich
long form content such as podcasts episodes or YouTube videos, you definitely want to
leverage that transcription piece. You something like take the tags and
then use it for your other platforms as well so you don’t have to constantly produce new
content every single time. Not only this as a bonus tip. What you can also do is you can read your
transcriptions over again and take key points from your videos and actually expand on those
videos or expand on those podcast points a little bit more in a new video or on a new
podcast episode. For a lot of us content creators, we don’t
realize how much information we truly jam pack into a piece of content. That’s why having the transcription is handy
because you could simply pass it off to a VA, pass it off to someone on your team or
simply pass it off to yourself to reread that transcription and get key points, key takeaways
from it so you can expand further in your other content pieces. Now, the second Ninja hack that I have for
you when it comes to repurposing your content and getting more traffic to your content pieces
is this, and that is claiming your Instagram account on Pinterest and reposting or resharing
your Instagram content on Pinterest as well. Now, what does it mean to claim your account
on Pinterest? It’s very simple. When you claim your account on Pinterest and
in a bit, I’ll show you a tutorial on how to do that. Every time someone shares something from your
Instagram account, the pin will be attributed to you. Versus if someone were to share your content
from Instagram and you didn’t claim your account, then it’s really easy for someone to actually
take credit for that photo or take for that piece of content. Versus when you claim your account, all the
attribution’s go to you. And what’s going to be great about that is
that that traffic is going to go to you as well. So as promised, let me share my screen and
show you quickly how you can claim that your Instagram account on Pinterest. Hey guys, so right now we are on my Pinterest
account. What we’re going to do is we’re going to click
these three dots right here, go to edit settings, and then right here on this page we’re going
to go to claim. And here you’re going to be able to do a lot
of things like claim your website, claim your Instagram, your Etsy or your YouTube account. And again, like I said, what this means is
that if someone is sharing your content on your website or sharing your content on your
Instagram, Etsy, or YouTube, it’s going to link back to you the source so it decreases
the chances of people taking credit for your content. Now at this point, I’ve already claimed my
social media accounts, so if you haven’t done so already, it makes sure you click claim
and Pinterest will actually walk you through step by step how you can link your accounts. Now, as you can see, claiming your Instagram
account on Pinterest is pretty easy, but beyond this, every time that you post something on
Instagram, make sure that you’re also resharing it to Pinterest as well. And also Facebook if you really want to, this
is going to help you maximize the amount of traffic that you’re going to drive to your
Instagram page without you necessarily putting in a lot of work. That’s why I highly recommend you do this
whenever you’re posting a new Instagram post on Instagram. Now. The third Ninja hack that I want to share
with you that’s going to allow you to get even more reach whenever you’re doing content
is to go live on Instagram and Facebook at the same time. What this means is that whenever I’m going
live on my Facebook page, I’m also making sure that my phone is right in front of my
computer, so I’m going live on Instagram as well. This allows me to kill two birds with one
stone, but beyond this to take it a step further, what I also do is on Facebook I make sure
that my live stream is also shared to my private free Facebook group. Turn your followers into clients so that the
people in my Facebook group can also watch the live stream as well. Not only this, on the Instagram side of things,
after I’ve gone live, what I do is I save that life and if it’s under 15 minutes long,
I then save it as an IgE TV. This allows for that content piece to last
a lot longer. That’s why if you are going live on Instagram,
just make sure that it’s under 15 minutes so that it can be converted into an IgE TV. As you can see so far in this video, we talked
a lot about how you can repurpose your content on multiple platforms without necessarily
creating new content so that you can save a lot more time in your business. At the end of the day, you want to be able
to save this time, get off the content hamster wheel so that you can focus on other things
that are actually going to generate you more revenue in your business such as getting more
clients. That’s why if you’re interested in learning
a little bit more, make sure you download my free guide. That’s going to teach you how you can streamline
your business so that you can more clients on Instagram. Speaking of Instagram, if you liked this video,
make sure you hit the notification bell because in my next video, I’m actually going to share
some of my tips on how you can get quality followers into your account, not the ghost
followers, not followers that just don’t engage with your content at all, actual quality followers
that you want in your Instagram account. So again, make sure you hit that notification
bell in the meantime, while you wait for that video, I post a lot of content on social media,
entrepreneurship and coaching, so make sure you check out these two videos in the meantime
as well. I promise they won’t disappoint as always,
guys, I appreciate you. I hope you guys have a great day, a great
week, and a great life, and I’ll see you in the next one. Bye guys.


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