100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 19th)”

  • Trump's right the American people don't need their son's and daughters deployed in a foreign land for a war that has no relationship with our people !! Vietnam should have taught us a better lesson in lives lost over war !!

  • Those coffins are BLACK PEOPLE NOTICE THEY DON'T say that LOOK at the braids in the HAIR AMERICA is so RACIST those PEOPLE ARE BLACK !!!!!!!

  • Patricia Vasquez says:

    Taco cabana for the Ukraine, open 24 hrs. Mexican coaches in the middle east are cache, kurdled milk gets a red card.

  • none of ur business says:

    Everything happens for a reason .in response to the coach. It is poss his friend had to pass sad as it is so he would move to coaching kids to save that day

  • Patricia Vasquez says:

    I hear.. Coyoacan and then Culiacan..big difference yesterday and today. Jose…José. Like the upper west side vs the wild wild west.

  • the least trump can do for the kurds is arm them to the teeth like we have done for  every country in the middle east  for the last 50 years !!!

  • the lightning struck guy hit by lightning made it to the news 4 times….old news. sounds like a 24/7 reality show on lightning victim

  • Mexican president is so naive he is good friends was Chapo's mom that's why he let El Chapo son go free did not go to Mexico people they're losers

  • Ramesh Lal Dhimaan says:

    Nightly News of 19 Oct 19 of Characterless Creatures like FB Admin,FB Id:भारत यदुवंशी इत्यादि राम कृष्ण नारायण बन्दर हनुमान, गोपियों द्रौपदियों के वंशज की, बच्चे अपने पूर्वजों पर ही तो जाएंगे, वही DNA औऱ गुण उनमें आएंगे!

    💝FB Admin को मिर्गी व बवासीर के दौरे पड़ने लग पड़े अपने वंश का चरित्र जान कर!💝

    भारत यदुवंशी हैं हम सूर्यवंशी भृगु कुलीन ब्राह्मणों के पास आधा अधूरा ज्ञान हैं और तुम चंद्र-इन्द्र-सूअर-नन्द-बन्दरवंशी ग्वालों की औलादों के पास पुरा ज्ञान हैं तभी तो तुम असत्यवादियों,छल कपटियों, चोर उच्चकों, बेईमानों, गोपियों द्रौपदियों, शिव हत्यारों, मक्कारों, ग़द्दारों ,लम्पटों, रणछोडो की गंदी नस्लें हो!जो सभी वैदिक शास्त्र व संस्कृति स्पष्ट हर जग़ह आज तक वयां करती आ रही हैं!औऱ हमें सूर्यवंशी, मनुमहाराज वंशज ब्राह्मणों को आधा अधूरा ज्ञान हैं !?तो अपना पुरे ज्ञान का बखान तुम कर दो!?😘
    चलो बताओ तुम्हारी अम्मी लक्ष्मी का तुम्हारे बापू विष्णु से क्या रिश्ता है, वह उसकी बहन हैं, लुगाई हैं या गोपी हैं!?
    सुभद्रा अर्जुन के साथ भागने से पहले, अर्जुन औऱ दल्ले कृष्ण कन्हैया कुमार की रिश्ते में क्या लगती थी औऱ भागने के बाद क्या लगी इन दोनों की!?
    अभिमन्यु का का कृष्ण से अब क्या रिश्ता हैं!?
    अब ज़रा अपने घरों में भी झाँक कर देख लेना, बिल्कुल ऐसा ही Pattern रिश्तों का बना मिलेगा!
    अब तुम्हारा कोई DNA व चरित्र थोड़े बदल सकता है!

    क्यों इस मे आप चरित्रहीन चंद्र-इन्द्र-सूअर-नन्द-बन्दरवंशी जीव जंतुओं को क्या परेशानी आ गई, जो आप लोग व आपके पूर्वज असल जीवन में हो व थे वही तो लिखा है और ये तो सभी शास्त्रों व किताबों (रामायण,महाभारत, वेदों पुराणों इत्यादि) में लिखा हुआ है और आज आप लोग कर भी रहे हैं, इसमे झूठ क्या लिखा है!
    क्या ये तुम्हारी करतूतों का दस्ताबेज हैं जो तुम गांधी, नेहरू, भीम, राम कृष्ण नारायण, भीम अर्जुन की तरह अब दिखाने में डरते हो!

  • So who is more delusional. The Kurdish commander that thinks telling a FAKE NEWS American Media shill he thinks it is " Ethnic Cleansing " Buzzwords, will be a success, Or AOC, Delusional Dingbat, that her " Endorsement of Socialist Bernie Sanders is of Value to anyone???

  • I think it's very disgraceful to dig up grave people rest . What people do for money. I guarantee their cursed comes out of that. I think it's very disrespectful doing that to people that's passed away and buried. It's so sad what they'll do over there in the Middle East. May God be with him all the innocent children all the innocent people may God be with all the innocent animals may God be with all over the planet where things are being killed may God be with us and thank you God for this beautiful planet amen Lisa Brown

  • Surfergirl Maui says:

    Stop digging up coffins!!!!!!!!! This is not right!!!!! How would you stupid ignorant people like to have your families uprooted from their resting places!!!! Stop the madness!!!!!! Get a life!!!

  • Bernie too old. He knows nothing of this new generation. People only happy with him cause he white. One Asian man can change it all. #YangforPresident

  • Omg please leave the ancient Africans alone! Especially you people are grave robbing. How about the black community goes and digs up Abraham Lincoln or all of those who signed the declaration.
    I'm sure you all would be livid.

  • wanderer of the wasteland says:

    To see that kid grab at that Coach after the coach was already hugging him…he wanted help. That was reality TV right there… awesome moment for sure. Great couch, player, teacher, human being!!!

  • wanderer of the wasteland says:

    …. and Egyptians are always fun. That guy was so animated along with that reporter on that burial site location. Those tombs are so old and in the shape they're in… exciting dig.

  • The colonization of Egypt began in 1882 when the British forced Napoleon Bonaparte, the leader of the French Army, out of Africa. Instead of leaving Egypt to its people, Britain decided to colonize the country and control it through a protectorate. (1099 BCE – 1069 BCE Reign of Ramesses XI, pharaoh of Egypt. The last Ramesses out of 14. All dark and black people.) (Recall Joseph the youngest Hebrew Israelite? His brothers couldn't tell him apart from the dark Egyptians going there to buy grain.) 
    Genesis 47:11 And Joseph placed his father and his brethren, and gave them a possession in the land of Egypt, in the best of the land, in the land of Rameses, as Pharaoh had commanded. (331 BCE Alexander the Great is crowned pharaoh of Egypt at Memphis. This is when the original Egyptians started looking strange from mixing with the Greeks. 1882 took them into looking like Europeans. Let the lie begin that Egyptians are Europeans…you know the rest.)

  • Nathaniel Anderson says:

    I have to agree with the Kurds. They sided with us for more than 5 years. Don't forget about the Kurds in Turkey, and how Sadam Hussain dropped mustard gas on them after they rose up to help us during the first gulf war. Trump is crazy. I hope they impeach him , and lock him up.

  • Nobody cares about Hillary and only a small number care about Tulsi. What a waste of time! On other IMPORTANT topics – that storm is reeking havoc in the east! How can you prepare for a storm like that – you can't. Glad to see Bernie back on the trail, and he looks good too. Trump needs to accept ALL the responsibility of what's taking place in Syria. How can he be so stupid?!? He doesn't listen to ANYONE and never will. Hope he's gone soon! What a kind and caring coach at that school! He saved the day for sure! He's a hero, and I hope that boy gets the mental help he needs. Busy day in the news this evening.

  • Mexico released El Chapo's son, then the Mexican President says that he can not fight fire with fire ?! MEXICO is a failed country, and is so corrupt it is doomed

  • I get why the guy was struck by lightning as you see he is walking now what some people don’t know is when you walk on a road or something metal you pick up + gas and the air is is – gas eventually you get a spark while there is no flash as to what I see this looks like a case of static electricity but I could be wrong

  • Anyone remember Rwanda?
    Is it going to happen again?
    Don't abandon the the Kurds.
    Come on President Trump.
    Remember what Turks did in Armenia .

  • never been too excited about disturbing the dead people….some day in the future…our graves shall be opened up…and two beings will stand there and look in awe at the metal connectors, the hearing aids, the gizmo's left behind and assume that the dead were their first ancestors…course the the two beings…are robots…

  • Nothing that Trump does compares to the corruption of the Clintons, Obama and DemoCRAPS have carried out. And the world knows it.

  • So trump is ok with turkey invaded other people's countries? What a liar! Those soldiers should not obey trumps orders! Why isn't the UN doing something to stop Turkey?????

  • donald trump is a mass serial killer who needs to be jailed I would hope on death row. donald trump is the American Hitler. donald trump, our fake president, does not represent me – no killer/criminal does.

  • Can't figure out why Trump whines so much about witch hunts and coups… he definitely behaves as though he wants to be impeached.

  • Gwendolyn Victorian says:

    That boy should be in jail. Five minutes later he would have killed someone child. A hug and mental health really.. This is totally BS.

  • Great ending story about the guy struck by lightning & thank you for telling us what happened with the guy's three dogs.

  • Fabian LovesLaw says:

    Coach Keanon Lowe is not only the students, faculties and staff's hero, and not to mention his own life, but he is indeed 18-year-old Angel Granados Diazs hero as well. Congratulations to the brother, coach Keanon Lowe, for preventing a possible senseless heinous act, or a suicide, that would have otherwise been another tragic. A tragic that could have ended in massive deaths of incident victims. 🎊🎈🎉🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾

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