100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (October 13th)”

  • NBC News= National Broadcasting Communists…..
    USA and Obummer used terrorists that hate USA to overthrow Gaddafi now everyone in Libya is living under much worse terrorist occupation

  • Kurds just made a deal with the Syrian government to resist Turkey's incursion together, allowing Syrian govt forces to enter and retake eastern Syria. And yes, Russia brokered the deal.

  • The Black Race Is At WAR & Under Attack By All These Hateful & Racist MFs Who Gets Satisfaction Out Of Murdering Innocent People & No Consequences For Their Evil Actions Is Only Encouragement To Continue With This Destructive Behavior

  • This family is missing their whole child. That is a hit and run in America. When you get caught in America you go to jail. If the person dies you're in jail for life. She plead the country intentionally so she wouldn't have to do time uh-huh.

  • Friend to Animal's says:

    The GOP / Evangelicals have the BLOOD of the Hundreds of thousands of Kurds attached to thier EVIL SOULS.One would have to mentally challenged not to know trump was a Demonic being 3yrs.+ ago.

  • Swedes nievly trusting. They're trusting in a cashless society. Remember 2008? You can't trust Wall Street Crminals even in Sweden. The 1% is the 1% don't play their game.

  • I'm surprised no one, that I've seen, has commented about the chip being like the 'mark of the beast' described in the bible??

  • Revelation 13:17 And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the mark, or the name of the beast, or the number of his name.

  • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

    No Richard the US is getting out at the BEST time. You crave those dead US soldiers for your ratings. We didn't promise the Kurds to fight a NATO ally, Turkey, only ISIS. A 700 year war over land, ethnicity, and religious differences is not our business.

  • Brother Rice Network says:

    The "Mark of the Beast" has begun in Sweden and will be world wide in just a matter of time! Will you accept the Mark?

  • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

    If that were me in my home, you better believe my gun would be pointed at anyone lurking outside my window like that. Looks like murder.

  • My deepest condolences and prayers to the African-American community, so what is the police doing in Texas? Going home to home abusing their authority? There is no pride in that, and certainly no excuses.

  • He left the kurds and no plan at all with the detained isis.. Now they are escaping and will be a problem to the world again.. Leaving the kurds for butchery.. He made a great deal with russia and turkey..

  • trump you are a enemy of the state, enemy of the world and enemy of humanity. You trump and pence are devils in the flesh 😈👿😈👿😈👿. trump you are evil and evil will lose.

  • anyone ever hear of the mark of the beast – DONT LET the gvmnt put chips in you, it's lazy and will hurt you in the end.

  • Putin likely gave the order here, a quiet quid pro quo.The Kurds are the sacrificial lambs for the day. Coming soon to a town in America the ISIS revenge review.

  • Chuck McMicheal says:

    Trump is the reason the weak are hurting n dying near n far. I have no hope for him anymore. No stock in what he says whatsoever. God help us n the other weak people's near n far. May God be near.

  • Why the phuck is the usa runnin stay and fight…..listen this is how it works ….yall been phucking with people all over the world now if yall stay and fight there will be less racists in the world racists killin racists equal less racists yall need to start bs. Ing and get that chit on instead usa is runnin…..smdh😏

  • It's no different than my case in Minnehaha county and now district attorney Crystal Johnson is a judge now she is a habitual liar she was asked who tried to violate as my aunt has she said nothing but before court started she told my attorney not to say anything in court so it wouldn't be on the transcripts

  • Implanting micro chips in your hand. Heh hehe it is so cool. People should read the Bible and comprehend the Mark of the Beast and buying and selling.

  • Felichia Ritter says:

    trump ordered US troops out of Syria and then ordered US troops into Saudi Arabia. That's corrupt to betray the Kurdish forces then order troops to Saudi Arabia. Very corrupt foreign policy.

  • I wonder if the woman heard the police tell her to get her hands up?

    And she needed to do it instantly. Like within a half second? Or less?

    And raising a gun is so much like raising your hands, seems the cop was in mortal fear for his life—- before the whole thing started. He gave her no time to comply.

    It seems to me if a cop here, or the Amber Geiger broad, are do afraid they shoot at anything. ANYTHING!!! Perhaps they should be in another line of work!!! Perhaps accounting would be less fearful for them. Or being a baker. A Forest ranger???!!! Anything that does not require a gun!! Because these folks will shoot at anything that moves!! A leaf!!! A plastic bag flying through the air???!!!! A helium balloon???!!!?? It is crazy they are so afraid of EVERYTHING!!! They need a different line of work!! Yes, they do! Just as soon as they get out of prison!!!! If they do, that is.

    Completely disgraceful for police to shot at the drop of a hat like they did/do. A bunch of nervous Nellie's!!!!

    Good thing I'm not on those juries!!! Yes it is!

    The cop could she the woman's shadow but she would have been unable to see him, and he was afraid of her!! A gutless wonder!!!
    Hope he is in jail for 20-30 years!!!!!!! I really do. Shooting the public has got to stop!!! No good reason for the shootings of unarmed folks by police!!! NONE!!!

  • Great! We'll have another 9/11 again soon! Donald Trump is the biggest [email protected]$$ ever! What's next??! He's going to pull the 40,000 American troops out of South Korea?? Second Korean War with North Korea, China, and Russia?? He's a low life scum!

  • A Terrible tragedy but IT'S NOT ALWAYS RACE BUT A SAD AND TRAGIC ACCIDENT! Stop bringing race into every issue! The world would be a better place!

  • dear ole joe … your son like the sons and daughters of other old school pols follow you around the world for profit of one sort or another … sometimes its open and sometimes its corrupt to the core … it is all all aaaaall nepotism … it is all greedy and self serving … what Joe normalized Trump and family has corrupted and taken to obscene levels … they all are the same … they can't see it when they do it themselves … Trump McConnel Biden Pelosi … et all … old …. pathetic … tired … locked into warped views twenty years long past relevant … pathetic old america … dottering off into the bondfire of its vanities …

  • The life of a corporate slave is worthless; unless working in a Corporate Prison. One Third of Black Men have lost the ability to vote in Alabama.

  • White Tri Force says:

    Wow ! 666 the mark of the beast ! 🤔 microchip awesome ! 🥴 but I can buy a bag of potato chips out of the vending machine ! 💥 nice ! 👇🤪

  • As much as I have laughed at prophecy, how can anyone deny the idea of chipping their hand in a cashless society? How did they get with that idea when the Bible was written?

  • New world will require the chip..or you wont be able to buy or sell goods. Even though it's the mark of the beast . The end times are here.

  • 509 Panzer Abt. says:

    Kurds have to be eliminated so Trump can keep family businesses in Turkey! Bad enough they were gassed by Reagan,s buddy Saddam. March 1988. I remember those images well. Mr. Iran-Contra who armed freedom lovers in Afghanistan. Maybe Isreal can help the Kurds?

  • Who cares if a few thousand swedes have a chip. They tell this story Evey year or so. Smart watch or ring would do the same thing. Personally as a Christian, I will NEVER get a chip.

  • About a week or so ago I thought things couldn't get any worse. Thank goodness for the positive segments at the end of the report, or I would surely fall into absolute despair. Oh, wait – I did anyway.

  • Patrice Turnipseed says:

    In that still photo of the gun, it looks like a orange cap was on the end of it. If that's the case, then the perceived threat was a toy gun laying on the floor and not pointed at anyone.

  • Bad move on Trump. A lot of people will die and if he can sleep good at night knowing that. Trust God to handle him accordingly.

  • when you are a cop the world you live in has only cop's and perp's that's it after a while you see anybody that's not a cop as a perp.


  • Hello there!
    Please understand transparency about TRUTH in the creation of the currency exchange rates,
    Oil is the currency and it is on foreign countries.
    Deals are made and there is devaluation of integrity because of the exchange rates.
    Please understand transparency about TRUTH in a Nation that was establish before the United States.
    If we use oil as currency for the US dollar,
    Why are you poor as a nation that supplies oil to the world.!?
    I am applying the currency exchange rates for your nation based on the dollar!
    Om Mani Pad Me Hum!

  • I came here for the report on Syria and was disturbed by the report at the end about microchipping humans. That guy who said “convinced it will be voluntary.” Sir, i am telling u now it will b compulsory in the future. I know it. I refuse it too

  • This criminal "President"(?) must must be impeached, convicted & removed from office. Republicans: Grow some testicles..Get some spine.Vote by Secret Ballot in the Senate. Let Pence take over.

  • Naked Singularity says:

    Why is it that everything Trump does is ultimately aligned with the policies of Russia? Pulling out of Syria is exactly what Vladimir Putin wants.

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