100 thoughts on “Nightly News Full Broadcast (December 14th)”

  • The suspense over impeachment is like that of a fraternity drinking contest.Come to think of it, this is exactly what it is, only the stakes are the future of the democracy, instead of who goes first on the rupeed cheerleader .

  • At this time of year when many of us face depression,it really helps to end all the bad news with an upbeat item. God bless us one and all!

  • What is it going to take for people to stop the madness this attack on a child they should throw the book at him and he surely should not have a paycheck but a paid beating

  • The News reporter needs to MOVE out of the way! …..Its a marathon!!…..With big crowds like that, people often bump into others, and the excitement makes people act radical. Making mountain out of mole hills!!!

  • Re. Smack & Grab: Has anyone just tried to have a plain old fashion talk with this guy? Ya, you know me – like for how many years now? I mean, CBS can't deal with this older guy w/out runing his life, & still get the message across to guys? I mean is this actually a crime or misdemeanor now? I get the feeling that speaking out in his defense label's me as a smack&grabber. That's why I made the point of reminding you that you already know me – like for how many years now? 18! That should say something to you! (1) How's that other story going from Seattle WA anyways? (2) My family? (3) My Personal records in Canada? (4) I've covered 4 , & I could just go on & on, because 4&3&2 are all related. Music & stories were a part of it, bwbwblow, like stick your tongue over your upper lip & blow!
    Why if I got a dollar for every time a girl touched or smacked my bum, or told me that I had a cute bum, or slipped a phone number in my hand, I'd probably have over ten dollars by now – easily – & I'm not kidding, butt, that was a different time.
    He shouldn't have done it, but he doesn't deserve to have his name dragged thru the mud.

  • Smack and grab guy said he didn't know where he touched the reporter. The determined focus of his body language and arm/hand aiming for his intended target which was her gluteus maximus tells the real story.

  • America and it's guns. Why do they even need guns with all the security forces they have? I'm really sick seeing innocent people being killed by guns guns


  • The deep fake is old news…Shane Dawson did a video on this months ago..and yes, its it's a bit scary. The O'Bama one really had me fooled!

  • I have the solution! Cap gun prices! Guns, regardless of size shall be only 2 dollars. 1) satisfies people who want their guns, 2) kills the industry and thus fixes the gun problem.

  • People, don't start popping vascepa like it's NOT going to have some serious side affects yet to be found!
    And I'd so love to take a running start and body slam that ahole!

  • CARTOON WORLD and gaming player says:

    TRUMP leadership government corrupted my information is true news guys pls destroy TRUMP government actions involved corruption TRUMP

  • PoodleDoodle Quilter says:

    The "Youth Minister" who slapped the young woman she isn't there for your entertainment she was doing a job your response was RIDICULOUS I'm happy she filed a report

  • White privilege at its best. Just a few months ago the black police officer slammed a lil white girl AFTER she kicked the back of his leg….. Automatically fired a charges filed. America is a trip!

  • Saw an interesting story on PBS News a/b Brit who's in town doing a show on mind reading. He says his technique is based on influence & paying careful attention to the individual. You think intelligence organizations don't use these kinds of techniques? You bet they do! Thees people are masters at influencing individuals w/out their realizing it.

  • that cop assaulted that poor kid for no legal reason and should be sued and jailed and never be allowed to be a cop in any capacity ever again!

  • Look plain and simple, Republicans are so worried about their private lives being revealed, while they're revealing it themselves in real time and on tv. Trump can't help you, he can bearly write with a crayon/sharpie.

  • Next up" women have men's balls in a jars" everything is against the law" and you only live by the government and private companies policies we agree to.!! Thanks for watching☺

  • Marlena Piwonska says:

    I don't care what this kid did, no freaking Adult or a Law Enforcement Officer who should be there to serve and protect should Ever Ever treat a child like that.
    Seriously wTF is wrong with our Law Enforcement?????

  • Marlena Piwonska says:

    So just thinking ahead of time but theoretically if systems are getting hacked etc now …..I wonder what will the Humanity do once we get to the point where everyone will be implanted with a chip and then the actual Human will be Hacked and let's say the Hackers make that person do something illegal etc.
    I am just wondering if anyone is thinking about that ahead of time or are we going to wait until the last minute…..This technology is already being tested in some States and Countries so I am just wondering what are the Precautions if any?????
    This is just a Theoretical Question? What if type of the scenario

  • Last thing you will be thinking about is someone shooting inside a mall?? I hate to say it pal that better be the first thing you think about going anywhere these days in this country!

  • Kids are taught to trust the police. This is not a good start ugh I probably would have reacted if I was there my child or not

  • HOMESCHOOL YOUR CHILDREN. the officer attempting to murder a child should have been the lead story.

    Edit: are you kidding me? there's nothing a child can say that should make an adult assault them and the parents are questionable. that child needs to be checked by the hospital and there's no telling if brain injury may occur later.

  • Public outrage to slam a child like that this worthless piece of trash needs a long jail sentence the parents need to sue this scum needs to be fired period put him with some hard core m and f ers this scum needs a little slam himself

  • Afghanistan to the dogs again. Just like 1989! After the Soviets left. We just never learn. Especially after what Truman did in Germany and Japan after WW2. No Marshall Plan for Afghanistan or De-Mullahfication for the country. That Pig who slammed the child should have his head slammed against iron bars! Pig belongs in prison. Thank God! The deranged psyco in Atlanta did not have an AR-15.

  • Sexual BATTERY? She was physically hurt?? The resource officer is guilty of battery. The marathon runner is not. Here's an idea lady; GTFOutta the way of the runners.

  • Projects Rewritten says:

    Sexual battery, isn’t that a bit much? When things like this get labeled as such it lessons the impact of true sexual violence.

  • Kavanaugh is an equal disgrace, of course these creepy characters are going to stick together, such an embarrassment.!☹️

  • Sound? Who cares? There is nothing that could have been said verbally by that child to warrant that type of violence on a CHILD. That is Risk of Injury to a Minor in the 1st, That is Assault on a Minor in the 1st, That is Assault with Deadly Force in the 1st…. The list goes on and on… This man deserves a sentence allowing him within ONE INCH OF HIS LIFE. He not only took action ONCE, he took Action TWICE. 12 Jurors are necessary in this incident. Please do not let this end up with him loosing his job and a DCF Inquiry… This requires major, legal action against the officer, AS WELL AS,… a Major Corrective Action and within the Hiring Practices of Elementary Schools.

  • I sick of hearing about people getting shoot am a mall smfh. This is crazy we need to do whatever it take to get these guns under control

  • That police officer should be in prison and if that police officer is not in prison or in jail this minute I am sending 50 million people to protest that he is

  • We not only fight against flesh and blood against rulers against leaders but we fight against principalities the evil that continues in the world it is all being spread by the left it is all being spread by the Democratic Party this is what manifests when you support dark demonic forces

  • The cyber attacks are coming from China if you're not coming from China they're coming from a bias individual which most likely is a Democrat psychopath because everything that I'm watching is everyday the shooting the stabbing the terrorists the police officers everything is politically connected

  • North Korea would be one of the culprits China would be another culprit it could be many for the simple fact the evil Democrats who continue to hate their own country now we have enemies thanks to the Democratic party instead of standing by your president and keeping America safe Democrats have allowed a black hole in America

  • I believe some of it has something to do with the government I have a lot of options that I believe is going on it everybody get ready because one day you won't be able to get in your bank account you won't be able to get in your computer you better get ready

  • I don't give a s*** what that kid said it'll give him a right to body slam a freaking 60 pound year old kid that police officer better go to prison if North Carolina don't protest for that police officer to go to prison I'm a conduct a huge protest to remove him permanently from the entire force

  • You think the fake stuff is bad wait til artificial intelligence takes over ..We have created a monster that we will never control. Another sad scary fact..It's already beyond human control.

  • The republicans are sowing the seeds of civil war. Everyone and their granny has a gun in this country. It will be more tragic than the first civil war. And for what? A NYC conman that most of you loathed.

  • Wth ppl cannot go in public with a mass shooting … Why ppl choose to shoot ppl in public when they decide to flip out.. A American history Xmas shopping.. Wonder why ppl do so much online shopping..

  • Sounds like these where kids with a bad derection in life so sad for both sides..Tragedy on both sides.. These kids did not wake up and said where gonna be criminals it's a process ppl..

  • The jogger should get the death penalty…OMG touching someone and now she is emotionally and physically crippled for life. Luckily you didn't live in the 1970's or before cause you would not have gotten through life. Women that are so afraid of everything make everyone look like whiners.

  • Impeachment is a joke. Its only a DemoCRAP attempted at another failed Coup. Just makes the President's base stronger… People are not stupid on the true facts. Easy landslide win for Trump 2020.

  • Are you kidding me? That fat cop picks up that boy and body slams him, and all they do is suspend him? That tub of lard should have been arrested for child abuse, assault and battery to a minor, and causing bodily injury. Why isn't he in jail? If a parent did that to their child, they'd be sitting in jail. This coward committed a crime. So why is he walking around free? What even more insulting, is that he's suspended with pay. In other words, he's on paid vacation. They're rewarding him for this act.

  • contaminated fish oils….or organic hemp heart seed…hmm..3 Tblsps of hemp seed also gives you 10 grams of protein….yep…going with the hemp…and no they don't make you high, have no cbd in them either ..but you can make that yourself from cannabis flowers….

  • Angela Slaughter says:

    I'm going to be honest, these kids now days are demonic. They deserve a good beating if necessary!!! Ain't no telling what the kid did or said to the officer. Whatever it was, it sent the officer into a rage. The officer probably said something to the kid and the kid said F you or something. Wouldn't surprise me one bit if the kid did. Once again this is pure speculation and I don't know what happened but at the end of the day the kid probably had it coming. He never seen that coming!!!

  • That dog who slammed the little kid to the ground twice needs to go to jail for a really long time…. he should be in jail now but he is home chillin on work leave ???? What is wrong with America ?

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