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  • More biased mass media. "Kurds earned their autonomy"? They are an ethnic group living in a Syria, Iraq, and Turkey who aim to have their own country by succeeding from these countrie and taking part of the land for their own. FAKE NEWS NBC. Don't believe any mass media outlet as they have their own agenda and will tell you lies.

  • Tonight on NBC news: Trump fires everyone who has ever even mentioned Ukraine! The poor man does not seem to understand that firing people does not make them disappear magically, like it did when he was hosting Deal.
    Is our president confused? Does he believe running a nation is like hosting Deal? He is certainly acting that way! Over to you, Lester!

  • Has anyone seen the tv show that the Ukrainian prime minister was in before he took office? We could just be living out an episode of the show .

  • yet again trump creates the problem, then thinx he fixed it and calls it a victory,,,all while the kurds get slaughtered . really America ,whats next give cuba to Russia?

  • turkey vs the kurds is NOT trumps responsibility ! the kurds and turks would be fighting no matter what unless we permanently establish a base and troops there . we cant police the world and solve the worlds problems that are none of our business .

  • Mulvaney went from "can't stand Trump" to being his biggest apologist. How does he face his children when it comes to having principles?

  • Platinum Empire says:

    I don't understand you ask someone for money, happy when spending it But when they ask for it back they are the criminal! and then you cant make any money off them for borrowing it LOL

  • Domepeace_ltd productions says:

    No quid pro quo mentioned, trumps ending our involvement in useless war, hardrock hotel collapses due to cheap migrant labor.

  • I rode the underground "Memebers" train from the Longworth H.O.B. to the Capitol. As a staffer your not allowed on the train unless your with a member of Congress. I was with my boss but got left behind when the car was completely full on the train…unbeknownst to me, Mr. Cummings witnessed this and immediately put his hand on my shoulder and said we will catch the next one.
    It was then my pleasure to chat with Mr. Cummings for the next 5 minutes as we waited and then boarded the next train. He was humble, personable and extremely funny. He did not treat me like the young hill staffer that I was at the time. We chatted about each others road to congress and what my ambitions were. He was gracious and generous. We reached the Capitol and the voting bell was sounding…he turned to me and said.."I hope I will be here long enough to see you cast some votes on the house floor." and with that he gave me his infamous smile, turned and walked into the floor.
    I stood there for at least 30 seconds in complete disbelief in how nice he was. As a young congressional aide you are low on the pecking order and the rare few MOC's that treat you like a human being, you always remember. I never forgot that story and have often shared it when asked. It seems more relevant now then it did 30 years ago with the way partisan politics has steadily moved towards the gutter rather then honoring their oath and respecting the institution and its members.
    RIP EJC. You were one of the greats.

  • The Democrats need to work on the homeless problem. Wasting time doing nothing.

    I thought they were for poor people but worried about Trump.

  • Peaches Williams says:

    So i guess the emoluments clause doesn't mean anything to Republicans since its Trump doing it. This Government is so corrupt it's sickening.

  • Take away the nuclear codes from Donald Trump because he's a narcissist and he Ain't Goin out like that.. one way or another this piece of s*** is going to be the end of us

  • He not going to get Impeach.Trump has to bring in what is Written, Death to AMERICA,He killing us slowly but Surely😢😢😢

  • Fook what u think Fook what u think says:

    America will abandon the Kurds people just like how they abandon the hmong people during the Vietnam war

  • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

    "Kurds feel utterly betrayed by President Trump". I feel utterly betrayed by NBC news. You used to have integrity. Now you're just infotainment.

  • calm down, the stable genius knows best…like adding a new 3rd term amendment,for the safety of all of us dummies…Trump 2024🤔

  • Toxic pre-made baby food, what's next.. but why not make your own blended food for your time..? No time for your number one priority..?

  • Secrets of Thomas- David Clay says:

    If Trump goes down, he will try and take as many Republican senators as he can down with him. Even beyond that, I truly believe that Trump would (will start) start a nuclear war in order to try and stay in power. Just wait and watch, this will indeed happen if he is not immediately removed from office.

  • no quid pro quo?yeah right and mexico is going to pay for the wall,kurds need to burn down trumps hotels,he doesnt want to profit yet he keeps profiting ,student loan debt ,poisoned baby food ,faulty construction,u amerikkkans are a fukin laugh riot and yet very pathetic as well

  • So disappointing to her adults still talking about angels! What a joke! Grow up, it’s beyond time to shake of silly myths.

  • People willingly get loans and then wonder how they will pay them off. Why didn't they think of serving their country and having the G.I. Bill pay for their education? They made their own problem. Food is dangerous in the USA and giving it to children even in baby food is very bad. The USA is about making money not what is safe or right. You want to get healthy move to Western Europe.

  • Thank you President Trump for the strong economy and getting money back from all those countries that used to take advantage of us. God bless you!

  • Just a question about baby food. If this has been a critical issue for quite some time (as it seems to have been) and, as stated, the metals inside affect development and mental capacity, would it be too much of a stretch to link baby food with the increased amount of mental disorders, learning disabilities, and autism in kids? As a mother of three, it terrifies me to think that the baby food I fed my kids when they were young is what may have caused my middle son to have Aspergers.

  • Donald Trump and his Defenders patently irrational.. a predictable pattern whenever they get caught in a corner they start referring to the previous administration . . in affect to say, two wrongs does make a right.. There does seem to be a trend for sociopathic Behavior. Out of the right.. As far as. Getting used to wrongdoing . another sidestepping maneuver to mitigate admissions.

  • Nice eulogy for Elijah Cummings. We live we love we fight we fight, as humans, but in the end we die. And at that point, we must have Humanity for fellow humans.

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