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  • Trump is the 1st Racist to:
    -Date a black woman
    -Deported an Ex-Nazi
    -Upgraded MLK's Birthplace to a National Historic Park
    -Posthumously Pardoned Legendary Boxer Jack Johnson
    -Kissed the Western Wall
    -Loves his Jewish grandchildren
    -Established an Opportunity and Revitalization Council to restore insalubrious black neighborhoods
    – Signed a major criminal prison reform bill the First Step Act
    -Granted Alice Johnson clemency
    -Loaned his personal jet to Nelson MandelaDonald
    -Declared Jerusalem the Capital of Israel
    -Moved the US Embassy from Tel Aviv to Jersusalem
    -Overseen the lowest Black American unemployment history an All time Low.
    -Denounced David Duke over 20 yrs ago
    -Given a Lifetime Achievement award after paving a way for Black Americans to enter Corporate America

    Worst Racist Ever

  • Trump has made impactful reforms including the MISSION Act, which provides real health care choice to eligible veterans, and the Accountability and Whistleblower Protection Act, which makes VA one of the most accountable agencies in the federal government.

    Because of Trump…

    VA now posts wait times online for every VA medical center across the country, and it updates them on a weekly basis. The agency is also the first hospital system in the nation to post online its opioid prescription rates, accountability and settlement information, and chief executive travel.

    Under Trump, VA is also adopting a joint electronic health record system that aligns with the one used by the Department of Defense. This transition will result in all Defense and VA patient data residing in one common system, better integrating information across components and enabling seamless care as those who fight for our country’s freedoms transition back into civilian life.

    Trump also eliminated all school debt for disabled Military Veterans.

    but, yeah Trump hates our military.

    You would Think Obama could have done things like this for our military..Nope. He tells the military men and women that they should pay for their own private insurance because they "volunteered to go to war and knew the consequences."
    Then tells the members of the military that THEY were UNPATRIOTIC for balking at that suggestion.

    Even Melania Trump was the very First 1st Lady to visit with troops in combat zones since Lady Bird Johnson.

  • Trump recently donated his second-quarter salary to the Office of the Surgeon General, continuing his practice of donating his salary every quarter to a different part of the federal government.As promised.

    Parts of Trump's salary have gone toward government efforts including combating opioid addiction, a camp promoting science, technology, engineering and math careers, and restoration projects at Antietam National Battlefield in Maryland.

    He has previously donated to the Department of Veterans Affairs, the Department of Transportation, the National Park Service, the Department of Education and the Department of Health and Human Services.

  • how quickly ppl forget about the "Secure Fence Act " back in 2006 signed and supported by 64 Democrats who voted the measure in the House and 26 in the Senate.
    Pelosi, Feinstein were for it..
    Chuck Schumer voted for it, so did Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden. Then-Illinois Sen. Barack Obama praised the bill in a floor speech saying it would "certainly do some good" and "help stem some of the tide of illegal immigration in this country.

    but now Trump wanting to make it a wall instead is considered being a Traitor or racist?

    And then under obama they were called Dentention centers for the illegals..under Trump they are called concentration camps..which majority were built by obama in the 1st place ..

    Now we have ppl mocking the Jewish who lived in Real concentration camps by calling these detention centers, concentration camps. during the holocaust there was No medical, starvation to skin and bones, forced to march n aked, hard labor, r aped, used for medical experiments, tattooed with #'s,
    s h o t
    ki lled, g assed to d eath…the camps today are summer camps (Detention centers) compared to Concentration camps. (South Americans know about them, yet they still keep coming knowing its better than the way they have been living.) Obama was called "Deporter in Chief" He deported way more than Trump has..

  • Parslow Pongbert says:

    Trump only sent the letter as cover,AFTER he gave genocide the go ahead. Same as he did with the Sondland text. Republicans are so transparent.

  • If it is an unfounded conspiracy, why do you broadcast the lie? Is it the business of nbc news to spread this pos' hateful rhetoric, and lies as news?

  • What are they going to do when the learn The Raising Of The Flag That We See Was Created And Staged? NOT HOW IT HAPPENED.
    Staged For The Cameras!

  • RIP Mr. Elijah Eugene Cummings GOD BLESS YOU. Thanks for not sitting on the side lines to defeat evil. GOD will hand out punishment get ready trump and pence and worshippers your day of reckoning is at hand. 🙏⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️⚡️

  • So Syria let's terrorist sneak attack Israel, but we are supposed to be worried for them ? Turkey turned it's tanks away from the last battle we asked them to join in with us ! They have been killing each other for centuries ! Who cares ! Now you ppl are worried for Syria ,idiots !

  • Just as Trump declared that there were good people on both sides in Charlotte,
    Trump declares that the Turks and the Kurds are both at fault!
    If the GOP had any loyalty to Americans and our allies, they would vehemently disagree with Trump’s betrayal of our allies, American values, and our established diplomatic processes.
    Be afraid of Trump, McConnell , and the American traitors in the senate and the now grubby White House.

  • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

    That's what you don't get Nancy, you might want him to be a politician, but the American people clearly did not elect such. We're tired of politicians.

  • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

    Did I hear you right Hailey, you think Trump actually wants an impeachment inquiry? You are a full blown fool and as clueless as Nancy.

  • Bagrilla Jenkins says:

    NBC, your hate for the president is helping him get reelected, but you're too blinded to understand that the people are smart enough to see through your propaganda.

  • worldsmasterofspirts g.s.c.s.s.c. sorry he didn't have a breakdown nancy did and she stopped out of the meeting while the other dems stayed in look shift and nancy are ill, note female bathrooms have ears nancy you truly need to retire now before you bring your entire party down with you we just watched about three hours of total footage of you, yes you calling trump well everything, trust me nancy you got off easy l am a holyman and l have a few words for you as well. too thee peoples this is what happens when we place a female in a place power. thee young well they forget but the older peoples you know thee peoples that trusted you to reform such things as healthcare costs etc etc you have backstabbed you have done nothing for three years and we are sick of paying for it the costs are too great you need to step down and trump was right l didn't think so but he was you are a 3 rate politician hiding in rooms making things up, getting caught lying shift do you sleep well at night? the dems thought that they were right about Hillary but guess what they weren't and now you shift, chuck mazine and the three that live on gumdrops and lollipops need to go. to all of the other dems please don't take there calls don't pay any attention to them there on there way out and they know it so don't allow them to pull you down … cnn and other stations stop it just stop the only thing your doing is upsetting the peoples and this is never a good ideal you work for us we put you there, if you no longer wish to do your job then leave THEYFOUNDINGFATHER

  • Danielle Loves Cindy says:

    What webs wicked nbc wheeves. Dictionary not real anymore. Your words mean zero, like your ratings; last And least. Lesser hold

  • Yes, our troops should come home, but there had to be another way to handle this matter. Trump acted with unpredictability spontaneity, and it will lead to the demise of thousands of Kurds. This is another self-imposed stike that will cost him the 2020 election.

  • If you pause and read that entire letter you will be ashamed at this level of diplomacy. That letter looks and sounds like he grabbed a high school student from the halls of a WH tour to write this. WTH. Lindsey says that in public but that he said something different on the call about Turkey. The entire thing is a disgrace to America.

  • It's nice to see you guys actually showing our police officers in a good story! Verses the negative ones you like to show,,, and I know there are bad cops yes, but there are far FAR more good ones with good stories out there you can share, that won't keep promoting hate,,,

  • We have the people, we have the resources, we have the medical knowledge to give everybody the care they need and deserves, only thing that is in the way is the man made economic system, it's not a law of nature or something like that, we can change that tomorrow so we can give everybody care.

  • This whole video shoulda been about the cop who saved the life. I'm done listening to yall argue like kids instead of run the country.

  • FAKE NEWS continues to claim that there is "NO EVIDENCE" to investigate BIDEN.
    News flash for brain dead NBC: Investigations produce the evidence, so there cannot be evidence BEFORE an INVESTIGATION.
    Democrat propaganda with the help of CORRUPT MEDIA is to fabricate evidence FIRST and THEN do an investigation to find a way to support the LIES, but that is not the normal sequence.

  • Everyone complaining about us pulling out of a situation that is not our problem. Look at WWII, Korean war, Vietnam. Not our war. Good job President Trump get our guys where they belong, protecting our constitution. Keep your head up Trump, you're doing just fine.

  • Oh boy this is so frkn SICKENING and his republican followers are ok with this. You murderers I hope you all get screwed big time. To our Kurdish allies. My condolences to your losses that were killed openly by the U.S. DUMP trump. Prayers and loads of apologies to you all KURDS. The American citizens stand by you all and are pushing all member representatives to make this stop immediately. The fckd up part is, Putin n Turkey, has now taken over n we can't do nothing because Moscow Mitch won't bring any votes of this to the floor, as the other 200+ bills still sit on his desk. Hopefully 2020 with a new president you'll allow a conference with new cabinets.

  • Trump, the Russian agent in the White House, is still in office and destroying the US. His mental capacity is in question. Yet, if this were anyone else they would be suspended until all the investigations were complete. Maybe this should be put into law in the future.

  • 😅😅😅😅
    There is no impeachment
    President Trump will get reelected 2020
    The Democrats presidential candidate are joke

  • Give our Police a on duty phycologist and make it mandatory to have once a month check-ups! Make group counseling sessions mandatory. Our police have high high stress jobs they need help. Hire some psychiatristhigher social workers to go and help them on the job deal with mentally. Change their officers trainering. The instructors are teaching them how to be killers not protectors.

  • "Our country was looking into corruption…"
    No, it wasn't our country. It was Giuliano and other minions going behind the backs of qualified ambassadors employed for decades under many presidents. Getting ambassadors removed in order to send Giuliano and Sonland to act as ambassadors that are not qualified to represent America.
    It was going behind the backs of the people to conduct investigations on corruption like the FBI and CIA AFTER corruption had been investigated but Trump didn't like the results and was attempting to create a fake corruption.

    Trump is NOT our country. He's supposed to represent and lead America in a dignified and trustworthy way.

  • he might be the most disgusting person I've ever seen!!! Really. I can't believe he would bully the parents of this kid! -i wish the KKKunt Karma!!! Lord, let THAT be done! #BeBest

  • Rene Mauricio Bermudez says:

    You walked out of such an important meeting with the president of The United States because your feelings were hurt?
    This is Leadership??

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    "The Kurds are much safer now." uhHUH. Trump lives in his own world, and he periodically lets us know how things are going there.

  • Hello there Lester Holt and NBC News!
    Do we know about TRUTH in the ponzi scheme?
    I believe that the ponzi scheme is illegal.
    Please understand transparency that oil is like a ponzi scheme and if it is proven that oil is a ponzi scheme where is the justice and litigation.!?
    For example,
    Oil is on foreign countries and the United States claims the oil and charge foreign countries to buy back their own oil in their own lands using US dollars with a currency exchange rate.
    Foreign countries would pay 10 times as much to buy back their own oil in their own lands.
    Sounds like ponzi scheme!
    Please investigate with integrity!
    Is the United States using oil in a ponzi scheme.!?
    Please apply reality!
    Om Mani Pad Me Hum!

  • Hello there!
    The disgusting truth is the lady who claims diplomatic immunity …
    Please check the DNA to see if the lady is related to the British son who was killed on the motor way in Great Britain.
    They look similar in the photos.
    There should be cameras on the motor way in Great Britain with all the advance technology and British Intelligence.
    Om Mani Pad Me Hum!

  • FAKE NEWS: CNN, HUFFINGTON POST, MSNBC, NY Times, SLATE, Vox, ABC, BuzzFeed, CBS, NBC, Politico, Time, Washington Post, The Hill, MSNBC, The Guardian, Vice, The New Yorker, The New York Times, GQ, Vanity Fair, Rolling Stones, AP, Google, Facebook, ESPN, People, BBC. All disgusting globalist left wing filth who want conservatives and people of European descent to die.

  • Pelosi lies again look who's pointing the finger.she was invited to sit in to a by partisan meeting but oh no all she cares about is impeach 🤣🤣🤣

  • Ok Minority Leader McCarthy, you say "when there is a time of crisis, leaders should stay whether they like what is said or not" however, during the Trump recession, when 45 stormed out of that meeting, you & fellow Republicans defended 45's action. As an Independent, this is my major complaint with the GOP; there is one set of rules for their party & a completely different set for the other. The feigned outrage is really getting old. Imagine if Obama was blatantly caught on a call holding Congress-appointed financial aid hostage for his own political gain. I'm sure Fox "News" wouldn't be airing cake decorating segments in replace of that news if that was the case. Tell me the one again about Biden being accused of nepotism, that one's rich. Not as rich as DJTJ, Eric, & Ivanka however, who are admittedly still proceeding with business ventures with other foreign leaders & countries, while working directly for the campaign & administration. Wonder how Ivanka received approval so quickly for dozens of patents in China simultaneously while her father is in the middle of trade negotiations with China. Ask Michael Jordan how rare that actually is, since he had to fight years for similar patents of his name & likeness. Yeah, that's not suspicious. Keep on with your blind loyalty Trumper's, it'll all come out in the end.

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    So…bomb cyclone. Is that another name for a tornado full of witches on bicycles wearing suicide vests and humming 'da-da da-da da-daaa-da'? Or, wait, maybe it's just a really, REALLY excellent cyclone?

  • ❗ I'm with President Trump on this, we can't keep policeing the world where is it going to end? WE CAN'T SECURE THE BORDERS OF OUR OWN HOME! SOME PEOPLE DON'T THINK THAT'S IMPORTANT, BUT I DO ❗

  • Everything that comes out AOC.mouth is full of nothing she never fact checks her information and if you try to challenge her on her Twitter account you're immediately blocked .the fake media has been propping up her profile like she's some super star? .a big fat load of bullocks 😜😜🤷‍♂️

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Re: Anne Sacoolas – Last I heard, killing someone when you are driving on the wrong side of the road is not a 'tragic mistake.' Was she drunk? Was she on her cell phone? Was she asleep at the wheel? Why are we not hearing the specifics of how this 'tragic mistake' took place?

  • The comments on internet are a sign that the Russians, Republicans and White Socialist party are attempting to assassinate Elijah Cummings legacy, that fact that he was elected and was part of the Congress, they want to bring down this Government since White Socialist can't win on their merit, like dirty tricks, they will say and do anything, America is going over a clift and the only survivors are those who lead America to the clift. Americans can't stop listening, Russians are good at this, they look like the CIA.




  • God bless you Trooper Correa, for risking your life to save the life of another in need. The men & women out there who do their best to be a shining example of what law enforcement should be, deserve, as April, Max Scherzer's widow explains, all of our resources to support them & ensure their well-being. It's an incredibly intense, high-risk job, in which we expect men & women to seamlessly morph between enforcer, protector, mediator & helper numerous times throughout their shift. We should all work to eliminate the stigma of reaching out for help & put in programs that assist in addressing the impossible demands & stresses placed on an individual. Otherwise mistakes & grave incidents will continue to happen, without the assistance in ensuring they don't. I'm fully aware that there are blatantly bad cops out there, who should be eliminated with the slightest hint of improper, unruly or obstreperous behavior. This is even more reason we assist & elevate the good ones.

  • You coward. Trump you'll be guilty of letting turkey genocide the kurds. You let them destroy Kurdish soveriegnty.
    You're a weak greedy man.

  • Timothy McClanahan says:

    Like I have always said our military and vets should be our police force and paid by the federal government. They are trained to handle intense pressure and can shoot without killing a man. This is just my Opinion plus it gives opps for military and vets to be taken care of like they should be and not homeless and alone. Is this the way we are suppose to treat our fellow brothers and sisters that fought for us to do the things we do daily. If it wasn't for them you may not be driving a ccar or living in a nice home and able to walk and go as you please. Have choices take that all away if it wasn't for our men and women of the military!!!

  • In Nogales Arizona A town called molar city provides state of the art dental care and cosmetic surgery for less than what the American insured class have for co-pay. Medical tourism.

  • — > I suspect Erdogan was holding two Trump Towers in Istanbul and a tape of the murder of Jamal Kashoggi over Trump's head.
    … This isn't going to be like a "cleanup on aisle 3". This is going to have far reaching consequences.

  • — > I suspect Erdogan was holding two Trump Towers in Istanbul and a tape of the murder of Jamal Kashoggi over Trump's head.
    … This isn't going to be like a "cleanup on aisle 3". This is going to have far reaching consequences.

  • — > I suspect Erdogan was holding two Trump Towers in Istanbul and a tape of the murder of Jamal Kashoggi over Trump's head.
    … This isn't going to be like a "cleanup on aisle 3". This is going to have far reaching consequences.

  • I have long believed law enforcement officers who are parents should have adaptive work hours like four days on three off that includes Sunday as their weekend day off for worshiping their faith, and Saturday’s off on their children’s spirting game days. Plus they should be supported by single law enforcement who aren’t raising a family, not as penalty but privilege when or if they choose to have a family. Also a non taxed stipend for the costs to have their children in organized sports and scouts. It’s the only decent thing to do for all first responding families. They all serve. My grief for the loss.

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