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  • 10 dollar milkshakes at Wendy's once we hit 15 mark.
    5 dollar gallon gas, 50 haircut, 10 dollar gallon milk, 5 dollar loafs of bread……. Rents will go up 300-500 dollars on average

  • Sorry to hear about the death of the 9 people. The women and children. The news stated rgat the cartell have gone to another level.i disagree they have been murderers this whole time just the face of them that they killed were Americans so now they w anna say uts a whoel new level. Its nit yoy just notice it bc the faces are pink.

  • Low class poor white people exhibiting racist behavior at a basic pockets establishment in a jealous rage mostly but your children emulate and love black people even with the hate market booming still love black people as you do too deep inside instead you choose to be programmed.

  • A four day work week with the same hours as a five day work week only saves the employer money and does nothing for the worker.

  • Good for Buffalo Wild Wings for firing the employee AND for banning the regular customer for life.

    I'm tired of people who have, or believe they have, power or authority in society and abusing it.
    From restaurant employees to the police, and all walks in life, they put their pants (or panties) on like everyone else, one leg at a time.

  • This is exactly what you can expect to happen here, every day … if Dimwitcrats get their ways in this country. They will take your guns and you will live in extreme, fear, every, single, moment in a Third World Country. With no means to defend your children …

  • Klaitz John3:16 says:

    Trump said ISIS was defeated… I don’t believe any word that comes out of his mouth. It’s plain to see that oil is more important then peoples life’s, Christians, and children’s life’s for our Trump. That’s not our oil.

  • I went to Buffalo Wild wings Once. the waitress came to take our order and her uniform was full of cat hair. I couldn't even eat my burger.

  • It's very inconvenient with graham County government and the city municipalities do it stops you from being able to do business on a Friday when the federal government open on Friday like staking a mining claim for instance

  • SkiingIsMyHappyPlace Bliss says:

    Wait . . . you mean it wasn’t already forbidden to stream movies while working the 911 switchboard? WTH?!

  • Nancy Jerningan says:

    President just wants one race.
    My sympathies go out to America.this is so sad.Living in a Cosmopolitan country where every creed & race finds an equal place is where God will BLESS.

  • No one in my social circle had ever said Buffalo wild wings was a great place to go so I've never gone. I know now I never will.

  • Definitely not mistaken identity. I think the Mormon family that was killed was retaliation by the cartels. The media may try to spin it as mistaken identity.

    Mormon colonies are fighting drug cartels in Mexico – We Are The Mighty – Americas Tactical Military Entertainment Brand

  • Confederate Rooster says:

    Buffalo Wild Wings: we have a regular customer here that does not want to sit around black people

    Common sense: then tell your regular customer not to come to Buffalo Wild Wings.

  • I hate AT&T. I’m so sorry I switched from Verizon. They have some of the worst customer service and procedures. If you happen to have your cellphone(s) turned off good luck getting them turned back on bc you can’t use said cellphones to do so. I have a 30 month contract with them even though I was told it was 2 year contract! Liars and crooks!!!

  • After 22GB/month they slow your connection down. At 16.5GB they send a text informing the customer exactly with what they are being fined for. They deserve that and much more but in the end they will probably past the buck the customers.

  • I can’t believe 911 operators would even be allowed to have their personal phones on them while on duty. I’ve had some of the worst experiences in my life with 911 operators. Many of them are not qualified to do their job

  • The 911 supervisor should be terminated as well. Instituting a new work rule forbidding streaming of entertainment instead of actually doing your job as an integral part of our emergency response system is a given. Clearly she has chosen a profession not within her abilities to perform at even the lowest of acceptable standards.

  • The Americans were Mexican citizens! also part of an old Mormon compound in Mexico with muchos conflicts with the narcos- no shame.

  • For all you white people who are still hating black people's, what are you going to do when our BLACK PANTHERS comes back on the seen?

  • In Today's Technology Cooperation Of Governments They watch on Satellites and Tech Companies Can Listen keeping The Public Scared And Why For 2 Decades The United States Kills Women & Children And Snatching Up Men The Only Cartels. Are Authorities and The Politics & Manipulation Of This Country Is Babylonians !

  • Antonio Garrett says:

    It's embarrassing because he's a black police officer slamming down a white girl. There have been several incidents of white police officers violating the codes of conduct by beating up African Americans children! Whatever!

  • So it takes a white familys tragedy to understand how bad it is in Mexico, really stfu It happens all the time to many other families but no one cares unless it happens to white ppl

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    NBC, seriously, don't have Miguel Almaguer do voice-over for a sensitive story like the slaughtered Mormon family (or any story, really). It's off-putting. He speaks normally when he's live on camera, but when it's a voice-over, it's 100% obnoxious smarm. Almost like he's doing a 'valley girl' imitation of that old-style exaggerated British news-speak. What's up with that?

  • When dealing with a troubled or angry child, "stand back" and let the child "calm down," unless the child is a danger to others or to himself/herself.?

  • For over a decade, I worked a 6 on and 3 off schedule, 9 to 10 hours a day and it was wonderful, both in overtime, having more days off in a year not counting vacations, and being refreshed when I comeback to work to start my 6 days in a row…

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Okay, just for the record…Naperville is not 'just' outside Chicago – it's 33 miles away from the westernmost border of the city. You know – one of those far out suburbs all the racist while folks fled to back in the day because they didn't want to live in the same city as black folks. So…yeah. No surprise at this at all. Breaks my heart for those kids…and that coach. Something they'll remember for the rest of their lives.

  • The Mormon sect in Mexico does not cooperate with the drug cartels, does not turn a blind eye, reports them to the police … this was not a meaningless attack. It was payback. NBC really failed on full reporting.
    Retired librarian, Michigan

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    On that 911 story – Wait…the supervisor, who was streaming videos, got suspended. And the dispatchers, who took the calls but incorrectly classified them, got fired? Isn't it the supervisor's job to review what the dispatchers did? Her review is critical, she's the fail-safe. But she kept her job. uhHUH.

    And I'd have to say that if two separate dispatchers took calls on the incident and both classified it the same way, the issue may be less about their work (which they were actually DOING, by the way, unlike the supervisor) and more about a lack of proper training.

    And…"streaming services of any kind while on the clock is now forbidden." Is NOW forbidden? So up until this incident, you could spend your time watching hulu and netflix (and who's paying for that service?) and just do your job on the side? I say again…uhHUH.

  • 60 million fine, 3 million customers affected.
    Amounts to a couple bucks to the individual.
    [WTF] who is doing the math.?
    I really did just stop by,
    to see, hear and doubt what MSM is putting out.?

  • 16:20 work 4 days a week? Depends on the industry you are in! I would not recommend it for any company that has manual labor, Production, manufacturing or any job that makes you tired physically. Your production will go down.

  • Don't expect benefits of the United States, if you move outside the United States. Tax's are higher in the United States but you get things like USDA, FAA, FBI,,, protections

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