Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - May 13, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – May 13, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

breaking news tonight major new developments in the case of the billionaire owner of the New England Patriots Robert Kraft he was accused of soliciting prostitution at that Florida Day Spa now a big setback for prosecutors is the case in jeopardy China strikes back in an escalating trade war with President Trump and American farmers and shoppers are set to feel the squeeze with rising costs for everything from groceries to electronics fighting back tears Felicity Huffman pleads guilty in the College Admission scandal and prosecutors are asking for jail time how much they want her to serve an American Airlines pilot shocking arrest with passengers waiting to board when suddenly authorities arrest him for a triple murder justice for all by powerful conversation with the men granted the Central Park five wrongly convicted for an infamous crime and the director determined to tell aside you haven't heard and remembering the golden voice in Hollywood's golden era the great Doris Day this is NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening as we come on the air there is a breaking development of the Florida prostitution case against New England Patriots owner Robert Kraft a short time ago moving to block the prosecution's key video evidence against him let's get late the tails now NBC's Stephanie Gosk is here with that Stephanie Lester good evening this is a big win for Robert Kraft a major win earlier this year police charged him and two dozen other men with soliciting prostitution but late today a Florida judge granted crafts motion to suppress the surveillance footage recorded at the orchids of aja Day Spa ruling it cannot be used in court the judge says that's because investigators did not do enough to protect the innocent customers at the spa who were also recorded and it's not just what they recorded inside the spa that's off-limits it's also any evidence collected outside the spa including footage at a traffic stop used to identify craft that day there's still no word tonight how and if the NFL will punish craft based on the league's personal conduct policy for now the Patriots owner is still scheduled to go to court next week but we'll see if prosecutors change their approach or even if they drop the two misdemeanor charges it also means Lester that there's very little chance that this video will be released to the public all right Stephanie thank you and spring has been turned upside down across a huge part of the country tonight an unseasonal nor'easter is drenching millions with flood alerts and advisories from Virginia to Connecticut all part of the system that wreaked plenty of havoc in the south over the weekend our Kristen Dahlgren reports days of unrelenting rain severe storms and floods a path of destruction ripping through North Carolina and Virginia it's coming straight for us frightened residents huddling inside a home is an ef-1 tornado touched down with winds of up to a hundred miles an hour whipping outside you see the president saw more destructive weather today as golf-ball-sized hail pounded cars across the Northeast a washout the rare May nor'easter bringing not just wet weather but snow to Massachusetts saw its first Mother's Day snowfall since 1996 the slow-moving storm stalling over Texas and Louisiana for days dumping up to 15 inches of rain in some areas in Mississippi flash flooding washed away roads and shut down highways floodwaters may have contributed to the derailment of this freight train toppling more than 20 cars and with just about one month until summer several states in the Northeast tonight are bracing for snow and I can tell you firsthand it does not feel like May here in Portland Maine tonight it is cold it is windy some of the areas near here in higher elevations could see six inches of snow or more overnight tonight Lester Kristen Dahlgren thanks all right let's bring it out Roker now who's tracking this nor'easter for us al where is this headed well as you see heavy rain here in the Northeast it is going to be making its way into New England later tonight and as it does it's going to start pulling in colder air and bringing snow in with a heavier rain and thunderstorms coastal rain for the cities tonight we're looking for snow developing over the upper elevations it moves away tomorrow still with showers from New York into New England upwards of an inch of rain but in the upper elevations up to a foot of snow Airport delays tonight into tomorrow from Pittsburgh Philadelphia New York Boston on into Portland Leicester right now thanks very much and when it rains it pours on Wall Street today the worst day in the markets in four months the Dow plunging more than 600 points after China retaliated for higher tariffs imposed by the US last week which could raise the price you pay on thousands of products our Hallie Jackson was in the Oval Office today to get the president's reaction to the escalating trade war today the moment the markets been dreading China's clap back at the US as it slaps retaliatory tariffs on products made in the u.s. starting 18 days from now can you guarantee a trade deal with China by June first we're in a great position right now no matter what we do yeah I think China wants to have it but talks have stalled as the president bets he can get Beijing to blink first we've been taken advantage of on all of our trade deals practically this is a a very positive step the tit for tat could cost many Americans more for things like luggage electronics and toiletries it's already frustrating farmers trying to sell their crops to China like the Hartman's Alexis hopes to be the sixth generation to take over her family's Illinois farm which will only survive if prices stop dropping and China starts buying in order to keep farming we need to be able to keep up with technology production and stuff like that and in order to do that we need the Chinese market while the president says there is no reason for the US consumer to pay the tariffs that's not true when companies have to pay more for what they buy from China they can pass those costs to consumers as even the president's own economic adviser acknowledges both sides will pay both sides will pay and these things the president's also promising a 15 billion dollar aid package now to help American farmers keep in mind that negotiations still have time to pick back up over these next couple of weeks before the full effect of those tariffs really kicks in Lester all right Hallie thank you and also in the Oval Office today presidents from warned of major consequences if Iran is found responsible for a mysterious so-called sabotage attack against four oil tankers in the Middle East NBC's Andrea Mitchell has details new images tonight showing the damage to a Norwegian oil tanker one of a series of ships struck in mysterious attacks including ships from Saudi Arabia and the UAE both enemies of Iran as they were near the Strait of Hormuz a critical pathway for much of the world's oil supply the Saudis are calling it sabotage president Trump issuing a warning if Iran is responsible it's going to be a bad problem for Iran if something happens I can tell you that they're not going to be happy as tensions rise with Iran Secretary of State Mike Pompeo today deterring to a European summit to share intelligence on a ram with skeptical allies we are very worried about the risk of a conflict happened by accident with an escalation that is unintended really on either side last week the u.s. sending a carrier group to the region as a show of force are we going through a war with Iran are you seeking regime change there we'll see what happens with Iran if they do anything it would be a very bad mistake and rejoins us now Andrea any indication who's behind these attacks well Iran said today that the attacks were alarming and regrettable but after Pompey was briefing to the Europeans I talked to a diplomatic source who told that me that the group felt that they still need more information about what the attacks were how it took place and who is responsible the president made it clear if they believe that Iran is responsible they're going to respond to that all right Andrea thank you tonight former President Jimmy Carter is on the mend after a fall at his home in Georgia the Carters say the 94 year old former president suffered a broken hip and underwent successful surgery to repair it we wish him a speedy recovery next tonight it looks less likely the 737 max will be back in the air before the end of the summer travel season Boeing still hasn't submitted its software fix to the FAA for approval and that process could extend into August meantime the CEO of Ethiopian Airlines which lost 157 people in a max crash in March tells NBC News in an exclusive interview with Tom Costello the airline may not fly the Mac's again two months since a software glitch contributed to the crash of Ethiopian flight 302 the CEO of the airline says his crews and passengers have lost confidence in Boeing 737 max and may not fly it again if we are then we'll be the last one if you fly it again you'll be the last airline of flight I cannot fully say that the airplane will fly back quality to paralyse at the University of Mississippi for a commencement address t Wald gabber Miriam sat down for an exclusive interview with NBC News he says it's not enough for Boeing to only review the mcat system believed responsible for fatal crashes in Indonesia and Ethiopia he wants a much more rigorous review of the plane we strongly believe the entire flight control system needs to be reviewed the entire system the entire flight control system it's very abnormal for a new airplane prop to accidents fatal accidents in a span of five months with brand new airplanes boeing is expected to submit its software fix for faa approval later this month while it submitted its end caste system misfired putting both the Indonesian and Ethiopian planes into a fatal nosedive investigators have also pointed to the Ethiopian pilots training and excessive speed as a contributing factor could the pilots have been just so overwhelmed with alerts and warnings and M casts going off that they failed to throttle back the aircraft to bring the speed down new CEO Deborah Mariam insists his pilots did everything right they have followed the procedure like they did they did tonight Boeing tells NBC News it's working closely with pilots airlines and global regulators to update the max and help prevent this tragic loss of life from happening again Tom joins us now there are thousands of these planes on order three US carriers have these airplanes or any of that making noises about maybe not flying them no not specifically but you we have American United and of course Southwest Airlines all fly the max it's grounded right now many of the pilots unions have expressed really disappointment in Boeing for letting them down not letting them in on all the max secrets the mcat secrets and so the question is going to be how much training will they need to fly the plane again looks like this is not gonna fly in the States until the end of August all right Tom castellan I stay heavier thank you and now justice for all in a new Netflix series about one of the most notorious crimes of the 1980s stirring emotions once again the Central Park jogger case in New York it became a symbol of out-of-control crime at the time and so did the five teenagers convicted and then ultimately cleared in the case now men talking to me about why time doesn't always heal the men known as the Central Park five and director Ava Duvernay connecting in New York at the end of an emotional journey together turning a real story of stolen youth and wrongful conviction into a dramatic Netflix series called when they see it I saw you rape the lady and see lady or him explain the title I really became allergic to the idea of calling it Central Park five they were giving us day by the press by political forces and it really takes away their personal power when they see us humanizes them these policemen mess us up playing did not before a white female jogger was beaten and raped in New York Central Park in 1989 they were just five teenagers from Harlem Yusef Salaam Antron McCray Kevin Richardson Korey wise and Raymond Santana but soon after the horrific crime they were arrested and quickly branded the Central Park five this whole process was surreal just to see like how life story portrayed and still be relevant 30 years later it's just us you and us convicted on what they always maintained were coerced confessions each was sentenced to years behind bars boy what was it like for you to watch those scenes of your incarceration it's a difficult their convictions were vacated in 2002 after another man confessed to the attack his DNA a match the Central Park five were awarded 41 million dollars in a settlement with the city of New York being get apology know all the time we did four so we didn't do it it hurts we have this indelible scar of oh that's you know Kevin Richardson a guy from the Central Park jogger case Wow then you know the Wilding case so nothing makes that right nothing and it's 30 years later and we are the proof that when you damage kids as young as 14 15 or 16 years old for a period of 14 and a half years right and beyond how do you fix that their story now a passion project for this celebrated director so I really wanted to show how what it comes out dealing with could it be half a citizen and how this was put upon these boys for a crime I didn't commit and for the men who lived it validation a series like this paints the picture of what it is like to be a person of color in America for what we went through and what it represents for the rest of the world is tremendous the Netflix series does not explore the story of the rape victim who was left with no memory of that attack I'll have more on my conversation with the Central Park five tomorrow in the third hour of today just to had the shocking moment authorities pulled a pilot from duty just before a flight and arrested him for murder also drama in the courtroom as actress Felicity Huffman enters her plea in that massive College cheating scandal and prosecutors want her to serve prison time back then with that guilty plea from Felicity Huffman the Hollywood star admitting her role in that college admissions cheating scandal and tonight prosecutors say they want her to serve time in prison NBC's Miguel Almaguer is at the courthouse in Boston Oscar nominee Felicity Huffman facing cameras in a real-life drama that could land the actress in prison when addressing the judge today Hoffman's voice began to quiver fighting back tears she stressed her daughter didn't know about her actions trying to regain her composure Huffman answered yes your honor when asked are you guilty of the charge this was absolutely the move that she had to make she had to plead guilty accept responsibility and cooperate with prosecutors to get the lowest possible sentence after agreeing to plead guilty to conspiracy to commit mail fraud prosecutors recommended the Desperate Housewives star pay a twenty thousand dollar fine and spent four months in prison it comes as fellow actress Lauri Lachlan moves closer to trial like some other parents rejecting a plea deal she and her fashion designer husband are taking a big gamble as they face a maximum of 40 years in prison Lorri Laughlin is risking a substantial prison sentence by going to trial instead of pleading guilty she may even end up pointing the finger at her husband who was involved in more of the communications more of the emails than she was locklins next court date will be June 3rd Huffman should be here for sentencing in September meantime federal sources tell NBC News in the coming weeks more parents could be indicted in this widespread scandal Lester all right Miguel Almaguer thank you coming up the shocking airport arrest a pilot accused of a horrifying crime next tonight the airline pilot pulled from duty just before takeoff and arrested for a triple murder NBC's Morgan Chesky has that story in Louisville Kentucky the plane was on the tarmac the passengers ready to board and pilot kit Martin was headed through security when police moved in arresting the 51 year-old for murder this is one example of when you never stop seeking justice Martin's now accused of killing Calvin and Pamela Phillips and neighbor Edward dancer Oh ditching two of the bodies in a car before lighting it on fire in 2015 they were brutally murdered and to let that go is unacceptable the Phillips son Matt was afraid his parents murder would become a cold case a year after the murders and with no arrests he convinced the Attorney General to take a closer look at their neighbor pilot kit Martin Matt's father set to testify against Martin in military court two weeks before the murders he believed that he was a violent person and ultimately that was true Martin later proclaiming his innocence to NBC station WS MB I don't know why anybody want to do something to them tonight his attorney saying we have no idea what prompted this indictment after all these years but we feel that justice will prevail Martin faces a possible death sentence justice delayed but this family hopes not denied Morgan Chesky NBC News that's NBC Nightly News I'm Lester Holt thank you for watching everyone and good night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


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