100 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 30th, 2020 | NBC Nightly News”

  • This is a wake-up call for the US. We are too dependent on China for even basic (mask) medical needs not to mention essential needs like ventilators and medications. This shortage has nothing to do with politics and only short sighted people would think that. Time for us to make it in the USA for our national security.

  • This is the beginning of a new renasance period. A huge die off in the religious sector will allow new ideas and freedom of thought to flourish.

  • Being a truck driver I get to see first hand what is happening to the country… it's scary! Here a tip to all handy mans …take wood and build a box , lay it out with tinfoil and find a strong uv light that way you can disinfect your food,shoes, phones, face masks and so on . Good luck and stay safe !

  • rebecca lankford says:

    It is not laying hands but rather nurturing affection. Proper and appropriate human touch. As love heals. Emotional comfort, encouragement and support. However, That is NOT for against infections and viruses. Glad fundamentalist pastor got arrested for spreading idiocy and stupidity. People need to use their brain and stop listening to dumb literal pastors and take personal control of their mind and health.

  • For thus says the LORD, In returning and rest you shall be saved. In quietness and confidence shall be your strength. Isaiah 30:15?
    Stay home and save lives!

  • Oh please, people had a choice whether or not they wanted to go to church. Why arrest the pastor for that? Police are pathetic

  • 4:27 glorious to see the arrest of the pastor endangering his flock
    10:30 "we argued strongly with the President [to]… extend [the guidelines]…and he did listen." Surreal: Dr Fauci trying to give Trump credit for Not Being Insane
    10:54 FINALLY an actual logistics graph showing the COVID-19 deaths/day are projected to stop increasing around 12Apr2020. After days of NBC Nightly News giving scary death numbers with zero context. Consider the baseline death rate in the US is approx 0.9% per year. On 330M population that's 8100/day
    9:28 pNeutron ventilator design–terrible virus-harboring, hard to clean knobs and dial. Compare to the Ventec VOCSN smooth surface LCD interface
    16:35 very logical to approve emergency use of repurposed though unproven drugs like hydroxychloroquine, remdesivir and transfusion therapy
    18:10 Johnson & Johnson Moon shot – impressive they aiming high with 5-7 mos possible vaccine
    19:30 Excellent news: Abbott Labs 13-minute SARS-CoV2 test result–on site

    Excellent reporting – more than makes up for the lapse at the end–1.75 inexplicable, pointless minutes about teddy bears and 'relief for bored 5 year olds" rather than studying online
    Bill Maher–The News Is Broken:

  • Hahahahaha
    Try multiplying that by ten.
    Then as things fail…multiply by a hundred.
    It's a shame this country couldn't handle the concept of quarantine without civil unrest and martial law.
    That's why these babies were fed a "shelter in place" order.
    …which Americans took as an unpaid vacation. Only poor people that watch conspiracy and believe in the coronavirus don't go out on their boats or ATVs or whatever they can do.
    …everybody goes to the gas stations.
    Everybody is infected.
    Large numbers will die.

  • I wouldn’t trust Johnson and Johnson. Watch Netflix Pandemic, there are real scientists looking for a vaccine. JandJ are only about profit, not people.

  • You idiots keep putting that lying orange pos on the news like he had something important to say. HE DOES NOT! What you are broadcasting are lies and wrong information. This has already directly cost one life and the severe injury to another. A death in Texas is the result of spreading these lies. Don't you get it yet?

  • KevinHarper3DArtist says:

    We are such a debt driven economy, this is going to hit us hard. People are going to get hit so hard by medical bills.

  • Samuel Montgomery says:

    Masks aren't supposed to be worn all day… especially in a hospital. They should be changed out ever so often. So of course, the demand is high. Why are people stupid

  • Our country was already living "hand to mouth",.therefore even if the country prohibits evictions until this passes it won't be long before ALL of the rent becomes due and you become homeless anyway. What I think is incredibly idiotic is deducting "back child support" from all applicable stimulus checks. Only father's who are current on child support GET TO LIVE? Unbelievable.

  • Mandingo Largo says:

    It's weird how we can get a hundred thousand videos of someone fighting and Worldstar how come there's only a little bit of videos of people that are dying of this coronavirus is it affecting their phones also?

  • The pastor is more interested in receiving money for his lifestyle and using this pandemic as a way to make the people more apt to donate to him.

  • Panic will not help as we listen to Lester. It's just a matter of time that all will be infected. Calm down people.

  • Gov Cuomo your doing a great Job for New Yorkers.
    P.S. Your still a hypocrite.
    Andrew Cuomo, the governor of New York, claimed that thefts were happening in New York at a press conference Friday, CNBC reported

  • It is Hilarious to watch Amazon Lie thru their Teeth about taking care of Employees!!! I have worked in a similar warehouse and Know Amazon IS NOT taking proper precautions!!

  • Francisco Ayon says:

    It's all like the movie (outbreak),if you havent watch it,you should,its about a new virus and so on,just watching it rn and it's interesting

  • Brittany Sparkles says:

    There are honestly hundreds of thousands of people who would take over working at one of those warehouses for amazon or any of the other still moving product. Knowing that they are needed to continue working at this time and that many people who were already laid off from their jobs would rather keep working. If I lived close enough to one of those warehouses I would apply for a job.

  • I'm from Florida I've seen so many "new York tags" .. now ?the safest place would be your own home not another state… You don't kno who you will come in to contact with ..

  • If your afraid we don’t care about your feelings people are dying family and we need to stay home if you live in new your Rhode Island is not home

  • This people they don’t care about anyone , Trump he doses his job right now why people not listening stay home how much fun, for how long , stay home

  • good pasta shouldn't have all the people in the church while the coronavirus is not going on so he got what he deserved he should have don't like the other pastagarbage service on the balcony with all the cars all the people in the cars were listening to on the radio

  • Where are all the NYC patients?????? We have video footage of empty hospitals In NY, and all over the world. Why are the only full hospitals on your news PROGRAMING???

  • I read taking half a teas. Of baking soda 4 times a day and magnesium will prevent you getting sick or if you have cov 19 it will help you get over it quicker. Vit C I imagine would help.

  • Govener como such a nice decent man of intergnity?☺ very much concern about his people not like dump all he think about the money that will have to spend?☺ such a dum and greddy como just like his father also chris?☺ they are so intelligence decent put in all they got in there people☺ may.god keep them safe and bless ☺??

  • Shelly Swedberg says:

    This is bible scripture it says in the bible that everyone in his own place meaning quarantine and if it wasnt for God cutting this tribulation short for his elect sake or they would be no flesh left ,it fits in everyway It's time to get right with your maker and to know who you are in the body of Christ there is only one bride and that is who iam i had the heir to the throne that is Jesus's son Benjamin i had a real pregnancy with Jesus as the father just like The Bible said revelations 12:5 adjoining scripture Isaiah chapter 66 verses 7 through 11 and since The Bible backs itself up in a different scripture it speaks of Jesus and I's son Benjamin in psalms 68:27 it says" there is little Benjamin and their ruler" this scripture is talking about some people at a feast when we are living with Jesus here on Earth 1000 years of peace . It is imperative to get baptized you don't need a preacher you just need to go completely under the water and you are baptizing in the name of Jesus Christ for the remission of sins . Say and do this prayer Lord Jesus I agree to follow all of your laws and ways please forgive me for all of my sins as I forgive everyone who has wronged me in my life I thank you for being my Lord and savior in Jesus name . Do not be afraid but get your house in order the king comes soon

  • Listen to the opening of the newscast as the fear-induced music plays behind this actor spreading panicky headlines…this is fear-e-vision at its lowest. 3000 dead in the US? Yes, but in 2018 flu season 34,000 died, hundreds of thousands hospitalized, and MILLIONS of Americans were flu-stricken, MILLIONS. No shutdown or gov't overreach. This is all a staged and orchestrated clownshow from the same turds who sold you on weapons of mass destruction.

  • live video from inside the EMPTY NYC hospital this media lies about

    3hour live stream outside NYC "worst hospital"
    this is what a "war zone" looks like

    hospital outside walkthrough

  • China have to be sued by the world , for all those deaths, money lost, business closed and everything , this is their problem that the virus spread by their negligence and lies to the whole world.

  • God is the healer of all diseases,

  • Patricia Handa says:

    That lady asked to quarantine because she is from New York, "I feel violated and vulnerable!" Translation: I'm rich! I shouldn't be inconvenienced by this pandemic! Sorry, lady, a virus doesn't care about your money.

  • jezzus! I feel violated! this vomit is not worth a dog who is gone for good….. a talmudic comic strip of tragic portion!

  • Elizabeth Jones says:

    50,000 ventilators made in 100 days , ?. In 100 days from now 50,000 ventilators is going to fall way short of the need. More needs to be done . Trump continues to fail America yet he continues to insist America praises his minimal efforts. Trump sucks and those who continue supporting him are Brainless Traitors. Sanders 2020?????????

  • Sarkozy Barzini says:

    What i'm seeing in the US is all political competition and very less cooperation, no wonder they can never be as great as Singapore – EVER.

    CBS Caught Faking Coronavirus NYC Ventilator Shortage –

  • ElPocho DelMundo says:

    "We believe in lyain' hands on the sick." Who could possibly attednd such a church, in the light of this dangerous nonsense. It's like snake handling, which kills crazy pastors all the time.

  • Your a really good reporter mr holt.
    I hope we all become better at being educated through your broadcasts and sincere concern for all of us.
    Thank you.

  • Justine Chavez says:

    We always come to the rescue around the world.. where's our rescue? Where's our help from other countries or even our us gaurd?

  • We don’t know the true numbers of covid cases in China because so many became sick so fast. We don’t know Chinas case mortality rate because many died at home and were not counted as covid deaths. Once China realized the seriousness of the situation they worked hard to mitigate the outbreak but may not have been as forthcoming with the real numbers or even really know the true numbers. The USA had weeks to get ahead of this and our government failed to accept reliable tests from WHO and other sources. The Germans had multi test capacity and offered the USA their system. instead of graciously accepting the offer our government (trump) offered to buy it . I guess they weren’t selling. The thinking appears to be that If we don’t test the financial markets won’t be spooked which was very short sighted as the truth was bound to come out….if we give private companies the contract to make our own tests there’s money to be made. These decisions put our nation at least 6 weeks behind in having a competent response.

  • ElPocho DelMundo says:

    Thje Pig's (Trump's) accusation of hospitals hiding masks to cover up his total incompetence as a national leader is sickening. That alone is reason to vote him out of offfice.

  • وإذا مرضت فهو يشفين
    ففروا الي الله
    اللهم اهدنا فيمن هديت وعافنا فيمن عافيت
    Let’s find out who’s in charge and ask for forgiveness
    Allahu akbar

  • Valencia A Pillar In God's Temple says:

    When a person know Christ, when they have a personal relationship with God, they do not die alone.

  • ElPocho DelMundo says:

    People say now is not the time to find fault with those whose negligence caused this. I say investigating responsibility and justifiably assigning the blame as much as possible IS the responsible thing to do right now. It is the responsible way to prepare for the future. Anyone who has objectively looked into this realizes that those most responsible for the breakout and spread of the pandemic are, first, the CCP which govern (incompetently) China and the Pig, Trump, the President of the USA. These are the two agents entirely responsible for the pandemic, i.e., the breakout and spread of this killer virus across species in Wuhan China and its spread to the USA, all with murdering effects on the Chinese and then American people. Two individuals in particular carry most of the blame. They are Xi and Trump. These are the ones whose incompetence, negligence, and arrogance murdered all these people and sabotaged the world economy. And we should work to expose that NOW in order to responsibly prepare for the future.

  • David The Mechanic says:

    If you have a New York tag you better take it off may become a Target look what's happening in Wuhan. There's so much stigmatism and fighting there

  • Don't lose heart people there's still a chance for an Easter egg hunt if we can find a ventilator for the Easter Bunny hopefully he can recover by then

  • Spain and Italy they are paying for his mistakes, they went to a game in Italy when they come back to Spain they have with them the virus 5000 people! A Christian crusade they went to different countries and they spread the virus they should stop that event.

  • Bless all of you working healthcare, truckers, store clerks and ALL of those still working to see we still have things we need during this. Thank you is not nearly enough!

  • Tell dumbo in the white house if he wants to know where supplies are going to take a trip down to those hospitals!!!

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