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20 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – March 25, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  • all these women with breast implants kidding me.

    We already heard the same song 20 years ago that these breast implants are not good for you.

    Yet here we are again.

    I suppose in 20 years will be hearing from all the young women who got them for vanity reasons, suddenly complaining of problems.

  • everyone thinks they have PTSD these days…people get paper cuts and then claim PTSD

    PTSD is the ADD of the 2010 decade

  • T Minus Zero says:

    Life is tough. There is only one thing that can bring true joy. Worldly pleasures do not satisfy.
    Jesus understands and cares and has answers. He has the power to work out your current situations.

    It’s a relationship, not a church. Not a religion that will make a difference. He’s waiting for you to come

    to him and not to fear. All the sin in the world would not stop him from wanting to be with you, for he is

    God of forgiveness and mercy. He too had a very hard life, for he went through betrayals, torture and

    suffering before he died. Lay it all down on the cross and have him take the pain and torment from you,

    that you have carried for too long. You have a very real enemy that wants you to believe you are to

    blame. This is most certainly a lie, Jesus can clarify to you if you come to him with your broken heart.

    He wants to forgive you and give you a brand-new start in life. He is waiting for you and have nothing to

    fear and everything to rejoice over. Come home and you will get a fresh new start. Jesus wants you to

    dream of what you always wanted, and to know he makes dreams come true. He gives you dreams and

    helps you fulfill them. Jesus created you with dreams and talents for you to fulfill. And when you give

    your life to him, he begins to lead you in the ways you need to go find fulfillment. He writes straight with

    crooked lines, each and every person is an individual. Different. Unique from all others. And

    therefore, there is no canned assignment. Jesus doesn’t make cookie-cutter Christians. Each of you are

    SO unique, and the mission he gives you is to fulfill your deepest needs and desires.

  • loren salazar says:

    NBC News was one of the biggest promoters of the slander and lies against our Democratically Elected President

    that were put asunder by the failing of the Russian Boogeyman hunt directed by Mr. Mueller.

    The FCC should revoke NBC New's broadcasting licence for knowingly broadcasting hate & lies.

    ~ NBC News ; You are a disgrace to the credibility of American Journalism.

  • Bill Fletcher says:

    When it comes to lying it seems Trump's winning strategy is if you can't lie better than your competition lie more, bigger, faster and louder. Ha!

  • Deborah Stephens says:

    When Putin writes his truth, which will come with evidence it better match AG summary. The moves made by the administration raises so many questions & tendency to disruption that may rise to the level of corruption.

  • People did you not see the beginning of this news broadcast we need gun control. Look what's going on with not only the murders by the use of guns but the dam aftermath. Trump dose not care about this issue unless it's having an effect or impact on him in some way. The whole world is watching. We will never forget.

  • Luke M1A1981X M says:

    Trump didn’t break the law and was investigated for 2 YEARS!
    Jesse Smollett definitely broke the law with 16 counts and piles of evidence, and he doesn’t get charged!! We live in a corrupt country!! It is time to fix it so that justice is served equally for republicans, democrats, rich, or poor!!!
    Nobody should be above the law Including Hillary!
    Black privilege shouldn’t exist either, but it does!!

  • Javier Harth says:

    TrumpF vindicated and Avenati on coast to coast indictments; could it be political? Maybe dictatorial…? Which ever it is, Avenati was dumb. He left a wounded animal on his trail, and it cought up with him. I hope he has enough cash to get one of those super dupper lying lawyers to spring him out of the deep doodoo he's in.

  • Hilmon Stigler. Isaac jr says:

    Who's supposed to find this identification like that community community wide spray Community the people of being disguised as politics and politicians

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