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  • Lawrence Foster says:

    With the RIGHT Somebodeeeee practicing SOME evil RELIGIOUS BIG DEAL , could have majicaly satanicly KNOW ALL THE THINGS YOU HAVE DONE, and Because you have SINS BEFORE THE THRONE OF GOD , can make you do anything.
    Don't discount the great GIFT of salvation and dignity That Jesus purchased with His BLOOD .

  • James Earl Vanderford says:

    What about Wicked Hillary Clinton and all she has done,i know its a felony. But no she makes her own laws! And gets away with it!!!

  • Glenwood Jenkins says:

    It may be an interference with the Boeing auto pilot, due to the government using remote controlled drones to spray the Chemtrails in the sky.

  • interesting how America was the last one to grounded that junk plane wonder if it has to do with the business relationship between the US military and Boeing the US was worried more about the stock price and losing lots and lots of money clearly Boeing is trying to down play the problems at the cost of human life and i would bet both the US and Boeing are in damage control and will blame, mislead, and pretty much lie in every way to cover up the problems they dont care about your life they care about bad press and lost revenue once again America shows corporate interest and profit is way more important then Americans life's

  • Why is the national news not covering the massive flooding in Nebraska 😡 60,000 people evacuated from their homes. Much of the infrastructure across the entire state is gone! No traveling in much of the state! Bridges across major roads gone! Many many smaller bridges and roads are washed away. We are in an emergency situation! And the national news has barely covered it! We are feeling like the rest of the country is not carrying about us. We are the forgotten state. It’s a good thing we the people of Nebraska are built strong. We are taking care of our own!!! But we are upset because we are largely being ignored by the national news!😡😡😡

  • Carmela Szymanski says:

    Lori..your daughter clearly stated on tube how she hates school..
    So were you hoping she might grow up to be an adult in college?
    Party kid and nothing more than a spoiled brat..You failed in this parenting point..
    I feel sorry for your loss of respect from the public..

  • Already enrolled and your parents bribed to get them in the university, your gonna handle it by a case by case basis???
    They should be expelled!!!

  • Computers flying airplanes with human supervision is awesome, until a situation like this pokes its head up, I beleive Boeing will sort this out it is just sad so many people has to suffer.

  • Christian Roman says:

    Woman, “I’m scared because of what’s going on with the news” wtf the news is not crashing these planes to create news. Ignorant people in America.

  • EZRA Gonzalez says:

    Wow, I cant belive it, all this is scandels are going on, ever since President took Office. When Obama was in Office none of this happen. Now with that WORLD CLOCK THAT CLICK S, to fear of end of world, PROBLEMS with Police, Corruption, Maddoff, Banks, everyone is on lose . Runpage, turning pages of lives, no one seems to OBEY,

  • Notice the difference between this situation and the one involving commuter trains and freight trains. The inherent problems that to this day exist in railroads do not get the same response. Same old same old.

  • Thanks CNN for reporting this, most likely this is also how our president managed an education. It's clear he was never really capable.

  • Aren’t we supposed to be living like the jetsons by now with all the antigravity technology they are holding back from us?

  • You put Manafort's lawer on the air and let him lie outright and yet you made it a point to avoid revealing the protestor's overwhelming objections yelling "that's a lie, that's NOT what she said!". I heard the transcript my self. Shame on you for going out of your way to propagate more lies and stifle the truth.I actually used to trust NBC.

  • Alternate Man says:

    If you are worried for economic effect then you go and sit in it moron. People safety is first. Flights should not be certified with out proper testing

  • Spirit CrossWind says:

    Boeing 737 can be hacked through the flight computer and the internet ask Israel about it. once the pilot turns on autopilot it cannot be turned off with hack.

  • Boycott American colleges…go to Europe and other places to get a degree..the U.S. education system is so f#cked up.

  • Was on a 737 a month ago…the take off and landing was lousy…in both trips…delta flights between Seattle and Denver. You could feel the plane droop at 13000 to 10000 feet …the pilots having to compensate quite a bit

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