Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 28, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

tonight breaking news the country's intelligence chief is stepping down dan coats the Director of National Intelligence who's often clashed with President Trump on major policy issues involving Russia Iran and North Korea the president now nominating a Republican congressman and Trump loyalists to replace him the American teens held in the killing of an Italian police officer court documents say they blamed each other for the murder and a disturbing image why was one of them bound and blindfolded the manhunt expands in Canada for two murder suspects the Army and Air Force now involved in rugged terrain where even polar bears roam hey Siri who else may be listening in when we asked voice assistant for help what a whistleblower now claims and a giant challenge why come all the way up here to get your clothes how the majestic redwoods of California are being tapped for a higher calling this is NBC Nightly News with Kate snow good evening we begin tonight with a shake-up at the highest level of America's national security network dan coats the Director of National Intelligence charged with overseeing the country's intelligence agencies is stepping down in less than three weeks during his tenure coats's public assessments often contradicted those of the president late today the president named his successor Hans Nichols is tracking it all from the White House Hans hey president Trump tweeted the coats will leave his position August 15th marking the end of a tumultuous relationship between the director of the National Intelligence and the president he served dan coats oversees 17 different intelligence agencies but his tenure was often at odds with President Trump over issues including North Korea and Russia the White House has announced on Twitter that Vladimir Putin is coming to the White House in the fall say that again you vitomir Putin yeah yeah okay that's gonna be special coats also publicly contradicted the president on Kim jong-un's willingness to give up his nuclear weapons North Korea will seek to retain its WMD capabilities and is unlikely to completely give up its nuclear weapons and production capabilities late this afternoon the president announcing coats's replacement Congressman John Ratcliffe who impressed him during the Moller hearing last week Donald Trump is not above the law he's not but he damn sure shouldn't be below the law amid the internal turmoil the president is fomenting divisive politics on Twitter today doubling down on attacks against a Baltimore congressman calling him racist Elijah Cummings but Cummings getting support from his hometown newspaper in an editorial writing this is a president who will happily debase himself at the slightest provocation while the White House acting chief of staff tried to explain that the president's attacks were not racist it has absolutely zero to do with race it Hans back to the president's nominee for Intelligence director what kind of intelligence experienced as congressman Ratcliffe had well the East Texas congressman is a former small-town mayor as well as a United States Attorney but he does sit on the House Intelligence Committee so he's familiar with the DNI but the Senate Intel committee which will hold his confirmation hearing has a reputation for asking tough questions right Hans Nichols at the White House for us now let's go to Italy and disturbing new details about two American teenagers who are being held in the killing of an Italian police officer one of them blindfolded while in custody sera Harmon has the latest a disturbing twist after two American teens were arrested in the killing of an Italian police officer officials they're now investigating this newly surfaced photo showing one of the suspects 18 year-old gabriel christian natal your–the bound and blindfolded blindfolding a suspect in Italy is illegal and officers say they don't know how this photo got out on Friday Italian police arrested yours along with 19 year-old Finnegan Lee elder both from Northern California family friends they're shocked at the allegations I hope to god that there's some missing link some piece of the puzzle that hasn't come out yet police say the pair confessed to stabbing 35 year-old officer Mario raiga in a drug deal gone wrong according to court documents each blamed the other during interrogation in a 911 witness claims the suspects fled the scene saying police will now be taking a closer look at this surveillance video from Friday which shows two people running from the area around the time of the stabbing elders family says they haven't spoken with him since an initial call from the police station on July 26th saying in a statement we plan to go to Rome as soon as the State Department assures us we will be able to see our son meanwhile a solemn tribute the coffin of slain police officer Mario raiga on display in Rome on Sunday as thousands showed up to pay their final respects his grieving widow prepares for his funeral on Monday at the same church where they married last month and sera joins us now from London sera what's next in the investigation locate both suspects will remain in custody until the preliminary investigation is complete and under Italian law anyone who participates in a killing can be charged with murder even if they didn't deliver the deadly blow so there's a lot at stake here cake authorities in Canada have expanded the manhunt for two teenagers wanted in the killing of an American woman and two others now the military has joined the search as well Morgan Chesky has those late details tonight a massive manhunt in Canada the military joining forces with police in a growing search air crews tackling remote areas as officers go door-to-door clearing hundreds of homes we are activating all necessary resources to protect the public the targets teens can McLeod and briers Miguel ski who police say may be hiding in the woods near the small town of Gila an area known for biting flies mosquitoes and even polar bears authorities releasing this photo of a bear searchers encountered on their hunt for the suspects this is very challenging terrain this is a large area lots of dense bush forests swampy areas the childhood friends wanted for murder last seen in this surveillance video the pair taking their time to casually walk through a hardware store the clip captured a week after police say the two murdered three people including American Chyna DS Saturday loved ones gathered to remember the 24 year old in her hometown of Charlotte North Carolina friends describing DS as a kind and adventurous soul as her family called for justice they have absolutely nothing to lose and they're willing to risk anything police say DS was on a road trip with her boyfriend at Lucas Fowler when the two were found shot dead outside their broken-down van tonight nearly two thousand miles away the two teen suspects are still on the run Morgan Chesky NBC News New York City's Police Department this weekend is grappling with a troubling trend another officer on Saturday took his own life the fifth since June on New York City Staten Island a silent salute for a sergeant lost to suicide yesterday's death makes five officers gone since just last month NYPD Commissioner James O'Neill calls it a mental health crisis depression is real people need to understand that this is not okay I don't feel I don't feel myself I feel down I'll bring myself out of it in New York and in agencies across the nation more police officers die by suicide than are killed in the line of duty sometimes it's a downward spiral that unless there is intervention from the outside it's not gonna stop for weeks the NYPD has been aggressively trying to reach its 36,000 officers on social media know that you're never ever alone there was always someone that could help you encouraging anyone who needs help to reach out or call or text a hotline the department planning new training and a peer support program but even with resources officers across the country are sometimes reluctant to call fearing judgment or job repercussions that's what kept LAPD officer David swales from finding help I wish he would have called he knew he knew what was available to him his wife Melissa says he kept his anguish a secret he was afraid that if he the other officers knew they wouldn't want to work with him they would judge him yeah that he would become a risk or a liability three years ago the family was supposed to go to Disneyland on their youngest boys second birthday but David had locked himself in a bathroom I just still don't understand how we went from planning to go to Disneyland for dinner probably having to plan a funeral Denis Jablonski Kaye is a psychologist with the LAPD this is a population that is very strong they are reluctant to ask for help they're reluctant to acknowledge that they're having a problem and they just kind of suck it up all the more reason the is on now to open dialogue about on-the-job stress and depression before anyone else is lost we need to talk about it we need all members of the police department to understand that to call for help is not a weakness it's a strength across the u.s. only three to five percent of law enforcement agencies actually have specific suicide prevention programs and this year there's been a lot of discussion about how to bring more resources to officers for police officers or anyone needing help tonight please call the National Suicide Prevention lifeline its 1-800 273 a two five five now to an NFL star facing suspension tonight after testing positive for a performance-enhancing drug but Golden Tate of the New York Giants says he didn't know it was banned and took a drug took that drug for a good reason NBC's Kathy Park has more Super Bowl champion Golden Tate signing a 37 million dollar deal this spring with the New York Giants but today he's facing a four-game suspension at the start of the season announcing on social media that he failed a drug test after taking fertility medication I started the treatment prescribed to me in just days later I discovered it contained an ingredient that is on the league's banned substance list that list stretches 7 pages and while Tate didn't disclose what substance he tested positive for he immediately discontinued use adding the treatment didn't give him a competitive edge the three big categories that are banned by the NFL but could be used for fertility are the anabolic steroids the growth hormones and then the anti estrogen agents like clam ofin the NFL had no comment but referred us to its strict guidelines on performance-enhancing drugs players are responsible for what is in their bodies and a positive test will not be excused because a player was unaware that he was taking a prohibited substance it's not the first time an NFL player has violated the policy by using fertility drugs in 2014 indianapolis colts defensive end Robert Mathis was suspended for four games after testing positive as physicians we don't always know what the person's work is prohibiting and so it's up to the person and the physician to kind of look that up and say you have a banned substance here we need to get permission beforehand Tate's appealing the imminent suspension for him right now it's business as usual he's out there practicing getting ready to play and this really is between him and the league at this point and Kathy joins us now so what can players do to avoid punishment if they legitimately need to take a drug like this right so the NFL actually told us that they have granted medical exemptions in the past and of course that comes with prior approval however they're not aware of any requests it has to do with fertility reasons but going back to Tate if he wins his appeal he'll no longer be facing that suspension all right Kathy Park thank you another sports note tonight history was made at the world's most famous bicycle race today for the first time a South American won the Tour de France Aegon Bernal of Colombia road to victory this evening on the shomsul is a in Paris at 22 he's also one of the youngest people to ever win the Tour de France still ahead tonight a whistle blowers warning about your smartphone who else is listening when you say hey Siri also a giant challenge using the majestic redwoods of California in the battle against climate change we're back with new privacy concerns involving Siri the ever-present voice assistant inside your Apple iPhone it turns out Siri may not be the only one listening in on your conversations NBC's Molly hunter with that story hey Siri where's the best pizza the idea behind Apple voice assistant Siri is that she's always there and always listening whether it's Amazon or Apple or Google they are all building a big surveillance economy that makes its money watching you and me as we propor 'td Amazon's Alexa and Google's assistant Siri also record you as soon as you've activated her hey Siri what's the weather the problem well activation happens by accident often at really inconvenient times securing the Syria Iraq border whistleblower tells The Guardian newspaper that when computers can't understand apples human contractors take over and can wind up hearing confidential medical information drug deals and even recordings of couples having sex an apple spokesperson tells NBC News a small portion of Siri requests are analyzed to improve Siri and dictation the business model here is not to use humans to listen to you it's to use computers to learn as much about your habits as possible better learn your habits because it's better for business this question of whether they are listening to you or recording you all of that is sort of secondary in my mind to this larger issue which is that there are these surveillance systems built to try to predict what you like and what you're going to do next so that they can sell you things and that's the point and as machines get smarter expensive human resources won't be needed to listen in but Molly this scares a lot of us what can consumers do to protect themselves from these recordings okay the easiest thing you can do is just disable series so go to settings on your phone scroll down to Siri and search and then find listen for hey Siri and press home first Siri turn both of those off you can turn it back on at any time and that just deletes your user each time Kate all right Molly thank you when we come back the heights to which one man is going to fight climate change also the unique program teaching young people some real life-saving lessons there's more political chaos in Puerto Rico tonight after governor ricardo sao announced his resignation today his designated replacement justice secretary Wanda Vasquez said she doesn't want the top job and asked the departing governor to appoint someone else Rocio will step down this Friday following weeks of mass protests over a corruption scandal and his inappropriate text that went public in Italy a spectacular show of nature this weekend Mount Etna erupting in Sicily filling the night sky with volcanic ash and spewing out lava two airports were forced to close briefly Mount Etna is Europe's tallest and most active volcano erupting often but rarely causing damage back in this country they are the biggest strongest trees in the world the redwoods and it is that strength that some are hoping to harness to slow climate change an Thompson now on one tree farmers higher calling here in nature's Cathedral a ray of hope to combat climate change that's only found by going up and Jake why come all the way up here to get your clones we access the top of these trees to get the the best Sun needles that we can for propagation that's where arborist Jake Mellark begins his process of cloning these ancient trees it's a close to a thousand years old it's pretty amazing amazing when you consider the decimation this northern California redwood forest has survived from this vantage point the forest looks lush and dense but it's not what it once was or what some say should be pretty much all of it was harvested in the last century in the 20th century by humans for use in houses and other other commercial uses but among the five percent left are what Jake's father David calls champion trees every time I walk through an old-growth redwood forest it never ceases to amaze me like dr. Seuss's Lorax David speaks for these trees touting their ability to absorb the gas fueling climate change they are sucking up and I'm whisking out of the atmosphere ten times the co2 of normal trees he takes the tree cuttings and clones them in this northern Michigan warehouse you are holding a 2,000 year old redwood in your hands it doesn't look 2000 years old that's because we set the clock back you're holding a tree that started this life when Christ walked the earth he clones Oaks who wants to learn how to make another black willow black willows Giant Sequoias and Coast redwoods and plants them around the globe including here in San Francisco a reversed climate change this tree could be really help the future for our grandchildren around the world isn't a beautiful thing spreading his gospel sharing what he and Jake see do you ever just take a moment and look around and appreciate what this is yes I do and very thankful and grateful for the practical and essential beauty of trees Ann Thompson NBC News Klamath California it is a beautiful thing when we come back everybody in the pool some life-saving lessons in more ways than one finally tonight lifeguards have the reputation of being longtime swimmers but a group of young lifeguards here in New York took a different path Morgan Radford explains seventeen-year-old KCAL avila spending her summer working as a lifeguard at one of New York City's busy YMCA pools it's pretty remarkable since just two years ago she couldn't swim it's like you kind of watch it on TV and you kind of know you gotta move cake Elle is a graduate of a special phys ed class move them around at New York City's Grover Cleveland High School where students learning how to swim also trained to become lifeguards with a show of hands how many of you knew how to swim before starting this program nobody none of you are swimmers 70% of students here come from families that are economically disadvantaged meaning they're far more likely according to USA Swimming to have no or low swimming ability putting them at risk for drowning the skills they learn in this class could save their own lives too lifeguard certification is also a pathway to a well-paying summer job up to $800 per week at city pools or beaches I'm gonna put into my college funds and like recently Puerto Rico had a hurricane and my grandmother and my family over there they're really struggling with money so I'm gonna like send money over there but swim coach Chris Sullivan says it's about much more than just the money it's amazing that the change in them it's it just makes me feel so like gratified to see a kid become a young adult since it started 13 years ago the class has produced more than 325 lifeguards the school call for swimming is never satisfied and that's something that all the swimmers go by life-saving lessons paid off and out of the pool Morgan Radford NBC News Queens New York a great idea that is NBC Nightly News on this Sunday night Lester Holt will be with you tomorrow I'm Kate snow for all of us at NBC News have a great night a NBC News fans thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


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  • I keep hearing how many good cops there are. If how afraid officers are to actually seek help is any gauge I fear the belief there are a lot of good cops is delusional.

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    This is only a partial to the complete story as I have over 60 documents and a statement that is 30 pages long proving corruption, extortion, invasion of privacy, manipulation, crimes that I myself am not aware of as I am not an investigator, a lawyer, or a bank. I know the difference between right and wrong and I am learning new crimes as I go. If anyone is willing to help me, I am more than willing to send my information to you upon request.

    These police officers are hacking my Facebook. They also have access to my Gmail account as they have been going around the last 8 years blackmailing me for crimes that I did not commit while not arresting me or allowing me to defend myself. These cops in Dickinson, ND are corrupt and I am going to prove it with truth itself as my alcoholic parents only wish harm upon me, lying like children, playing a blame game to destroy and control me, because alcoholics will not and cannot take fault for their own actions. If anyone can help me I could really use it as they destroy my vehicles and do whatever necessary from not only keeping jobs, but also finding jobs as they have been illegally changing and messing with my background and calling everyone around me to slander my name. They can't hide and they have already done enough. In time I am going to prove this as they try to keep me in poverty. Dramatic? maybe, but I am not the one playing games, trying to manipulate the system, nor am I trying to control anything or anyone. Why would the police go around calling everyone around me but are unable to talk to me, playing childish games as if they cant contact me when they obviously have my Facebook, my address, my phone number, and my email. I have called, emailed, faxed and now they want to press harassment charges. PLEASE DO!!!! Stop playing your childish games and arrest me! However, now you have played the game too much and for too long. Now you can't come after me because you know I would exploit you… I am coming for you and I am going to teach this country a huge lesson.

    I can prove fraud, theft, privacy invasion, manipulation, slander, extortion, money laundering, document fraud and above all else a hate crime as these police won't even file a police report. Instead they come after and try to make me the criminal as it proves they are involved in collusion with this bank by trying to build a case against me when in reality I haven't done anything wrong. My parents are lying, the police are lying, this city judge thinks that he is God and this state is ignorant.

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    Even IF!!! Even if I am mentally ill. Even then I am still a human being, with a mind, and with rights. However, you have been playing my parents game, which is crazier than you could ever imagine. So who is playing who's game here? Who actually lived my life other than me? Do I have to tell and prove my whole entire life story just to get you to respect my rights?

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    I have been incriminated for a long time for example, when I managed at Office Depot for 2 years then worked for Alltel/ATT for 5 years making 74000 a year. They sent me from Rapid City, SD, where I was extremely successful to Dickinson, North Dakota as to which they thought I would fail. Western ND was going through an oil boom and rent was about 1200 a month for a 1 bedroom apt. I lived in a 1979 21" camper for a couple months. Later I was able to put 6000 down to purchase a house, as to which this bank still lies about, even when I told them that I could prove it?. Verizon purchased Alltel and for a while, we were Verizon owned, which should be illegal, as I can prove they choose to find ways to get rid of me when in actuality I was doing an incredible job.

    Next, this bank forced me into foreclosure, forcing me to sell, placing a foreclosure sign in my yard during the sale forcing me to come down on the price. Extortion and probably Conflict of Interest as they took my truck 2 weeks before the contracted sale date where this bank knew I was getting money to either pay off the debt or get it refinanced and at this point, I can prove that I would have left this bank. A police officer and possibly another man followed me across state lines while I had a Uhaul connected moving out of my house. They took my only source of transportation and forcing me pay even more money at Uhaul. These people at this bank went completely out of their way to cost me money and to push me under.

  • The super shield of being a certain race is falling. Even the former mayor of Baltimore said she smelled rats. The new police commissioner was recently robbed. It has the third highest murder rate in America and not one high schooler tested proficiently in math. It is on a downhill spiral even after Obama gave the city 1.8 billion ten years ago. How much did Cummings get to his non profit?

  • The super shield of being a certain race is falling. Even the former mayor of Baltimore said she smelled rats. The new police commissioner was recently robbed. It has the third highest murder rate in America and not one high schooler tested proficiently in math. It is on a downhill spiral even after Obama have the city 1.8 billion ten years ago. How much did Cummings get to his non profit?

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