Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - July 26, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – July 26, 2019 | NBC Nightly News

tonight free at last inside the release of the American tourists held hostage in Syria reunited tonight with his family after being held for two months why the 30 year old blogger was arrested in a war zone an entire team of Navy SEALs ordered sent home from Iraq after allegations of sexual assault and misconduct just a day after 18 Marines were detained in California on human smuggling and drug charges the cold-case discovery 34 years after a young girl was kidnapped when she was home alone her disappearance even drawing attention to child abductions now after all those years her remains finally discovered the not knowing breaks parents hearts it's the worst aspect of a missing child danger in the water a man dies after swimming at a water park and becoming infected with a rare brain eating amoeba where they're usually found at what you can do to stay safe the massive merger what the 26 billion dollar deal between Sprint and t-mobile could mean for the price you pay and a dream come true the emotional moment when a young fan gets to meet his football hero NBC Nightly News with Lester Holt good evening an American blogger whose around-the-world adventure took him into a country gripped by years of civil war death and unspeakable suffering has suddenly emerged alive and apparently well months after he was seized by government troops in Syria his surprise release a result of quiet negotiations and comes as we get a disturbing new look at life in the crossfire there our chief foreign correspondent Richard Engel reports tonight rare good news from Syria 30-year old american sam goodwin is now free his family tells NBC news Goodwin kept this blog as he aimed to travel to every country and with ten countries left he went into war-torn Syria Syrian sources tell NBC News Goodwin was traveling alone about two months ago in the city of commercially without local help when he was arrested by the Syrian regime in a statement his family said Goodwin is in good health we are grateful to be reunited with our son they thanked the Lebanese government for brokering Goodwin's release under terms that remain unclear and tonight these images are capturing the danger and heartbreak ongoing in Syria a father digging for his family in the rubble of his home near rebel-held adlib just bombed locals say by Russia which backs the Assad regime he's unable to reach his daughters one dangles from her shirt the doctor who treated them told us we see images like these every day hundreds of them he said the older girl who tried to pull up her baby's sister didn't survive but the baby is recovering well Richard R understand there are other Americans who are still being held in Syria tonight at least two Americans Lester including the American journalist Austin Tice but there could be more because some families like the Goodwin's don't go public thinking that it could help in the negotiations others however think that going public and the publicity will help pressure the captors alright Richard Engel tonight and also this evening an entire platoon of elite US Navy SEALs has been removed from Iraq and sent home after reports of a sexual assault and other misconduct at a 4th of July party NBC's Miguel Almaguer has the details the elite Navy SEALs who trained in San Diego were deployed on a mission in Iraq when reports of serious misconduct were made to US military officials confirm investigators are reviewing an alleged sexual assault by a member of SEAL team 7 against a female service member who works with the unit it's said to have taken place on the 4th of July weekend while some were drinking against the code of conduct while deploying US military officials say that when confronted with the allegations the seals circled the wagons refusing to give up information about their teammates to investigators seeking the truth that code of silence not sitting well with top brass Major General Eric T Hill deciding to send the seals back to California a military statement notes the commander lost confidence in the team's ability to accomplish the mission the allegations are serious enough but the seals refusing to give up the truth is a violation of the very honor code they're supposed to live by the news of the tarnished mission in Iraq comes as NCIS announces the number of Marines detained Thursday at Camp Pendleton on human smuggling and drug charges has now risen to 18 in addition to a sailor tonight investigators looking into serious reports of misconduct both at home and abroad Miguel Almaguer NBC News tonight police are going door-to-door in an urgent manhunt intensifying for two teenagers on the run suspected of murder here's Morgan Chesky tonight Canadian police converging on a small-town cruise setting up checkpoints as heavily armed officers searched nearby woods searching door-to-door for two teens turn murder suspects it is possible that someone may not have been aware of who they were providing assistance to cam McCloud and briars Mackowski on the run for two weeks smuggle skis father now fears his son will end his life in a blaze of glory he's gonna be dead today or tomorrow police believe the childhood friends killed three including American in China Dee's on a road trip with Australian boyfriend at Lucas Fowler both shot to death outside their broken-down van police then found the body of Professor Leonard dick near a burned up pickup truck the teens had been driving they weren't spotted again until more than 1200 miles away the next day another burn vehicle more than 800 miles east near the town of Gilliam in northern Manitoba a town in fear with alleged killers on the loose Morgan Chesky NBC News there is outrage tonight in Mississippi and beyond after a photo emerge of three college students two of them with guns posing in front of a bullet-ridden riddled plaque honoring Emmett Till the murdered african-american teen who became a civil rights martyr Blaine Alexander has more the picture is controversial three smiling University of Mississippi students – with guns posing in front of a memorial to slain civil rights icon Emmett Till the sign riddled with bullets it's not clear if the students vandalized it but for many it's dredging up memories of a painful past Emmett Till was 14 when he was brutally murdered by a group of white men more than 60 years ago in Mississippi his killers went free it is not surprising but disturbing NBC News has not been able to identify one of the students in the photo and could not reach the other two for comment all three were suspended from their fraternity Kappa Alpha which called the picture unacceptable Ole Miss calls it offensive but says the students actions did not violate its code of conduct that defaced sign is now gone soon to be replaced with a new bulletproof one it will be the fourth Emmitt Till marker to stand in this spot the three before it were all vandalized State Senator David Jordan was in court for Emmett Till's murder trial what is your message to people who would deface markers like this stop it just stop it what better than that from a controversial picture an important conversation Blane Alexander NBC Glendora Mississippi there has been friction for weeks between House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and freshman Democratic congresswoman Alexandria Casio Cortez today the pair held a one-on-one meeting but was it a meeting of the minds Jeff Bennett joins us now Jeff that's right Lester House Speaker Nancy Pelosi holding a high profile 30-minute sit-down meeting with a freshman member of Congress to try and smooth things over Pelosi even tweeting this photo with Alexandria Ocasio Cortes afterwards both of them smiling now their meeting follows sharp disagreements she's had with Ocasio Cortes and other progressives over strategy and key issues Pelosi downplayed those disputes comparing the situation to disagreements within a family and the House Speaker today also said she wants to continue taking a wait-and-see approach to pursuing impeachment proceedings is now nearly 100 House Democrats are calling for impeachment the president tonight dismissing it as nonsense Lester all right Jeff Thanks now to the price you pay for your cell phone bill after the feds today gave approval for a mega merger two of the biggest cell phone companies combining and Jolene Kent takes a look at what that could mean for you tonight the question many smartphone users are asking will I pay more that's because t-mobile and Sprint are one step closer to a mega merger the Justice Department clearing the way for a twenty six billion dollar deal that would combine the third and fourth largest wireless providers in the US but 14 state attorneys general led by New York and California are suing to block it saying the combined company would force consumers to pay more on their cell phone bill thanks to less competition is bad for consumers bad for innovation and bad for workers there's a possibility that your phone bill the cost of your phone bill particularly if you rely upon a prepaid a mobile service will go up the companies say the deal is a win for consumers t-mobile has promised not to raise prices for three years and Sprint will spin off its prepaid phone service Boost Mobile and Virgin Mobile to Dish app a TV company but critics are saying hey this just doesn't half the smell test and it doesn't pass the smell test why well dish has no previous experience selling wireless service now Lester the Justice Department is telling us that this merger will actually help bring 5g at ultra-fast network to more people across the country and the deal also means though that just three providers are going to be handling more than 95% of all American cellphone customers all right Joe Ling thank you dramatic moments in the high seas caught on camera with the Coast Guard giving chase suspected drug smugglers seen tossing bales of cocaine overboard as they try to make an escape in the eastern Pacific it was part of a series of cocaine busts over the last few weeks in all 26,000 pounds seized worth an estimated 350 million dollars tonight there's growing concern about vaping after eight teens were hospitalized for serious lung damage NBC's Joe fryer has that story for us at Children's Hospital of Wisconsin eight teenagers have been hospitalized with severe lung damage in just the past month and doctors suspect vaping is to blame their symptoms extreme coughing fatigue and shortness of breath vaping and teenagers is something that is causing harm to our kids and we want that message to be loud and clear state officials say vaping is the common thread among the eight teens but they've yet to determine if a specific device or substance was the cause with an estimated 3.6 million teens in preteens vaping last year health officials and parents worry it's a trend moving in the wrong direction this week vaping was front and center in Congress for a hearing focused on the popular east cigarette brand Jule you don't ask for permission you ask for forgiveness you're nothing but a marketer of a poison and your target has been young people citing internal documents members of a House panel accuse the company of marketing directly to children a jewel executive acknowledged past missteps but said their focus is on getting adults to quit cigarettes we need to work together to make sure that no underage consumers use this product it is terrible for our business it is terrible for public health it is terrible for a reputation bad for business and doctors say for kids health Joe fryer NBC News and in tonight's your money your life we follow up on the world's most expensive drug with a 2 million-dollar price tag the company that makes it assured us earlier this year that insurance companies would cover it but as Kristen Dahlgren reports it's become an urgent battle for some families i dupe stander is just three months old but his parents say time could be running out how quickly could his health change it can happen at any time there is no way of knowing when an on-set will occur he was born with a rare genetic disease called spinal muscular atrophy or SMA at any moment his legs could stop working some kids lose the ability to eat even breathe but then came Joel Jen's MA a new gene therapy approved by the FDA this spring you thought this was your miracle yeah absolutely the one-time infusion is the most expensive drug in the world with a price tag of 2.1 million dollars we're committed to ensuring every child who needs this medicine gets the medicine at the time it was approved drug maker Novartis said the single treatment is half the price of 10 years of current treatments we already have had conversations with major insurance companies around the country we expect there to be full coverage but just two months later some families are fighting with their insurance companies high price is set that is not affordable for our society insurers and the government try to figure out how to grapple with that and patients get caught in the middle the staggers both public school teachers are covered by a small nonprofit insurer they were denied because the plan doesn't cover any gene therapies a situation that could confront a growing number of Americans the situation we're seeing right now with access to the Vogons ma is a problem that will only get worse there are at least 400 gene therapies and development some for more common conditions they're incredibly expensive because through a painstaking process they literally change the DNA of the patient offering hope for a one-time treatment to cure a disease the staggers insurance company told us they won't pay for the drug until the healthcare system figures out how to cover these expensive therapies without jeopardizing the opportunity to provide affordable benefits to everyone else Novartis told NBC News that a wide range of patients have been covered and that it is very common with a new treatment for there to be an appeals process they told us that maybe in the future it would be covered well the future is now my son needs it now ah a little boy who may only have a chance if the system can figure out how to handle these cutting-edge but extremely high cost treatments Kristen Dahlgren NBC News Monroe Ohio there's a lot more to tell you about as we continue tonight including a major new break in an infamous cold case a kidnapping that terrified the nation of 12 year old girl vanishing without a trace after a school Christmas concert we're hear from john walsh on the new developments also a killer in the water a man dies after doctors say he was infected by a brain-eating ameba at a water park what you need to know and inspiring America a moment a little boy who has overcome so much finally meets his hero you helped to stay with us we're back now with that break-in an infamous cold case a young girl vanishing without a trace and it remains finally found nearly 35 years later her cage part of a national movement to stop child abductions with more here's Tom Costello in a Colorado field the newly discovered remains of a child missing for more than 34 years Joan L Mathews was just 12 years old and home alone when she disappeared after singing at a school Christmas concert her sister Jennifer in 1984 it was a terrifying kidnappee that even President Reagan addressed but five days before Christmas Jonelle disappeared from her home and it came amid a rash of high-profile child kidnappings including Adam Walsh who was murdered in 1981 his father John wall's founded the Center for Missing and Exploited Children the real job now is honor that little girl her parents know where she is but we need to find the coward who killed her so the this family can put this issue behind them last year 250 children were abducted by strangers many more by parents experts say surveillance cameras Amber Alerts text messaging and phone apps that tracked children have helped keep kids safer but social media has also helped fuel child sex trafficking with predators moving from street corners to kids computers 10,000 reports of child sex trafficking every year in the u.s. America is the richest most powerful first world country on the planet and we're the number one offender of sex trafficking of children it's a huge problem in Colorado police won't say if they have any new suspects in Janelle's murder today she would be 47 years old Tom Costello NBC News Washington we will be back in a moment with a new warning about a danger in the water in North Carolina health officials say a man has died after contracting a rare brain eating amoeba after visiting a waterpark Gabe Gutierrez has details on the alarming danger tonight this brain eating amoeba is being blamed for the death of a North Carolina man Eddie gray was swimming at this water park near Fayetteville earlier this month we are not closing it because the amoeba that causes this type of illness is naturally occurring in freshwater bodies of water the single-celled organism is usually found in shallow freshwater when it gets hot the amoeba can cause severe headaches fever nausea and vomiting which can progress to stiff neck seizures and a coma it's not infectious when the water is swallowed only when it's forced up the nose during activities such as diving water ski if you're in warm water the best thing you can do is not put your head below the water but if you are doing water sports you want to make sure water doesn't go up your nose and that means simply wearing nose plugs according to the CDC the amoeba is rare but often deadly in 57 years I've only been 145 known infections in the US with only four survivors three years ago Sebastien de Lyonne defied the odds shocking his family we are so thankful the CDC says the illness is particularly difficult to treat because it's notoriously hard to detect and progresses so quickly Gabe Gutierrez NBC News when we come back inspiring America with a fan who gets his big finally tonight this was a big day for a young man a young fan who got his wish at the Philadelphia Eagles training camp here's Stephanie Gosk with tonight's inspiring America what does a little boy do when he meets his hero he lets the NFL star know just how he feels Carson Wentz is the quarterback for the Philadelphia Eagles and while there are plenty of reasons to be a fan of his skill eleven-year-old Giovanni Hamilton adores went for how he handled two season-ending injuries in the last two years he said mom if Carson can come back from his knee and from his back I can do this Giovanni has a rare genetic disorder that affects his muscles and bones he's had 12 surgeries over in a short little life and everything from from his eyes to his ankles to his hips when things got tough Giovanni channeled Wentz who fought to get back to training camp this year today taking time out to hug his biggest fan and not everything it was amazing because the only thing better than having a hero is realizing your hero also has a big heart Stephanie Gosk NBC News what a great story to end the week on that's nightly news for this Friday I'm Lester Holt thank you for watching everyone and good night hey NBC News viewers thanks for checking out our YouTube channel subscribe by clicking on that button down here and click on any of the videos over here to watch the latest interviews show highlights and digital exclusives thanks for watching


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