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28 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 14, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  • Main Stream Media Lie Machine. No, Americans DONT blame the President.

    The anti-American, racist, parasitical mooch, white hating, foreign – Saudi, Chinese and EU/ UN Soros bought and paid off, party, the Democrats caused and fully maintain this government shutdown problem. Period.

    Repeating your lies 100 times makes you pathological liars, not correct.

  • Or!!!! Do both. Legalize marijuana, but at a limit, and govt can support the schools and army. If we don't do both countries will see a weakness, and might take that as an advantage. Could spark a war, and if we don't have the right resources. BOOM! We collapse and fall into communist hands.

  • FUCK you Trash says:

    Aisian not allow by law any action doing , entired Asian making just another trouble maker… opening business for making people mad or prostitution.

  • Overdoses are due to inconsistency in the product. Thank the FDA for keeping us safe when it counts. Shut up already about Opioids, seriously beating that dead dog to death. Opioids are helpful to many people. The epidemic we face is due to people not being able to get help with pain conditions and turning illegal drug use to manage their conditions themselves. Of course this is dangerous an fatal in most cases. The Opioid crisis is man made. We are at a point in history that if Jesus Christ himself were to come back and try to save us we would crucify him again due to our own ignorance. NBC would do a news story and probably be promoting the need to crucify him.

  • How did a gun get past tsa? Answer, other than gov shutdown, they are simply useless. Not properly trained to do anything.

  • Matthew Eitzman says:

    Opioids should be part of a nutritious school lunch. The sooner we get children addicted to opioids, the more profits the pharmaceutical companies can earn.

  • Steve King, why are you making your Republican colleagues sweat ( by speaking their minds) with 2020 just around the corner?

  • Robert Ellis says:

    Of course. Another liberal slanted program. With no actual truth about the President. Hang in there Donald. Maybe people shouldnt be so dependent on government jobs. No one cares , when the blue collor worker looses there jobs. Ive had to reinvent myself a few times in 20 yrs. Noone came running to the employees of Levis. When their jobs ,and pension were lost . And taken to Asia. Where they pay 1.00 an hour. Makes you think differant about paying 75.00 a pair. At J.C Penny. I want do it. Im not sheep.

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Wow, sloppy sloppy clip editing there, NBC! Why do you keep the audio on a clip (re: the Jayme Closs kidnapper) that your anchor is talking over? Just how hard is it to edit out the audio so your anchor can actually be heard clearly? THIS is prime time quality? smh

  • Sebrina Kelstrom says:

    Why didn't NBC report and interview the DEM in Puerto Rico? I sure would like to hear from the DEM's and how they are working on opening up the government. I guess what is going on in Puerto Rico is more important then the shutdown.

  • Beside Lester, the other reason I watch NBC news is at the end of the broadcast there's a story of "HOPE!" I missed that dearly tonight

  • Norman Stehr says:

    45's own life is so miserable that he enjoys dragging others down the drain as well. He is one pathetic individual whose future is hopefully over once he is taken from his unlawful position as a fraud in the Oval. The brand "Trump" from now on is a total curse for generations to come.

  • 🦂♏ SCORPIO~2~ PHOENIX♏🦂 says:

    Donald Trump is Lucifer his fake is real like Jews are making up the body of the Antichrist

  • Robert Santarossa says:

    Nutty Broadcasting System on this Russia scam. National Enquirer of old. What next, Trump is the love child of an alien?

  • Clair Pahlavi says:

    What a magnificent President!
    Why can't, We, the People, believe a word of any Islamo-Nazi-Democrap propagandist pretending to present accurate accounts of public affairs and issues. Why do we believe these networks are seditious, traitorous, and part of the cabal that represents the greatest threat to world peace on earth.

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