50 thoughts on “Nightly News Broadcast (Full) – January 05, 2019 | NBC Nightly News”

  • Gertrude Tarpeh says:

    God will make or way where there same to be no way he works in ways we can not see he will make or way.. he will make or way…

  • The shooting interrupted a bowl
    To cause the game to end.
    Upset is a friend
    Who heard a toll.
    The whole group was expelled from the joint
    Immediately after the risky point
    When the murderer is skilled at gun control.

  • Marjan Radanovic says:

    It seems nobody here I read has a door on his house, and they board the plane unchecked and also they go into a shopping mall without paying without consequences, is that right folks? To have a border without illegals people crossing its a basic, basic basic urgent need for any government on the planet. Than let people into your house, open your doors and let just anyone in and they can do whatever they want. yes, no? it seems some oxygen is missing here.

  • Josh Waldorf says:

    You radical lefties whether you like it or not are gonna hear Trump speak. This is very important. It's like one of those movies where the main character goes out and speaks the truth before bad guys try and stop him.

  • Siamese Flower says:

    I can't find the full episode of the Nightly News for January 6 and 7. Does NBC still upload the full episode on YouTube?

  • Ryan Archuleta says:

    Man, if it ain't cops shooting black people, it's other black shooting black people. I think we need black lives matter to protest their own people for a bit. It worked on the cops a little bit

  • Angela Sanchez says:

    Former Governor of Indiana
    Indiana has highest poverty rate in the USA
    Even higher than West Virginia
    Indiana just borrowed billions to fix their crumbling roads
    Indiana has the most meth labs per square mile in the USA
    Why Pence??

  • Torrance and Gardena was a great place to live and visit when it was mostly Japanese Americans living there.

  • Mind YourOwn says:

    Ladies please STOP getting C-sections! Don't let your doctors pressure you to do so either. Most births can be done vaginally/naturally. Stop risking your health for SUPPOSEDLY easier/safer births. Doctors only prefer c-sections because it is more convenient for them (quick in ans out birth) and it pays them much more money!

  • HerculeseFurball says:

    If Trump isn’t capable of having Mexico pay for the wall then he should pay for it out of his bank account.

  • New Mexico is probably the worst for OB care. I am white and almost bled to death and was sent home with an infection even after telling the doctors. Doctors do not care the women they encounter.

  • women are dying during childbirth because US doctors are incompetent. They know enough to regurgitate and pass tests but they are beyond ignorant when it come to real health care. Plus, doctors are trained not to listen to women and their complaints and concerns.

  • grand19 yuenlong says:

    The Democrats should let Trump build the border wall, otherwise Trump will let the government shutdown, which is not good for the United States, don't underestimate Trump's ability.

  • shiver me timber says:

    There worried bout food but not worried about caravans of thousand flooding into our streets… real easy to fix the situation but they would rather disagree like 8year olds. Get rid of all politicians

  • Tonman57 Tonman57 says:

    Lol President Trump does not get paid it goes to charity also we blame Nancy if my kids dont eat because i just lost my job single mother thanks alot DEMOCRATS we just applied for food help now its stop i blame u Nancy

  • Novina Wright says:

    In case NOBODY dont get it the great tribulation is about to began real soon. This is of biblical proportions

  • You know 5 billion will never be enough. Under Trump's crime syndicate, the money may drizzle down to build a few feet of wall and then they will be asking for more….

  • Your Trump is playing with tax payers money for wages while pushing for a wall can a American send him a bag of cement and a few bars of steel and a used cement mixer so he can get started as he stated in his own words I'm ready to start if he is so ready to go send this DoeDoe to work,just leave the cement or steel outside the White House for Trump,

  • Phillip Lopez says:

    Trump has " delegitimized " himself to the point that he can no longer effectively serve as executive . The constitutional crisis has begun .

  • Destiny Young says:

    Boarder Patrol is protecting a boarder without pay right now ???? they should go on strike ! just sayin' ! This dude is destroying this country. get him out of here and pay the park workers and people that is really protecting this country.

  • If the government doesn’t reopen crime will go up in so many different ways. People get desperate when they have no money to pay for necessary things. Trump is destroying America one day at a time.

  • Mitch is a traitor and likely was aware of the Russia collusion to elect his man. Time to investigate the slime bag.

  • Trumpty Dumpty your fall is coming! says:

    The Art of the Squeal Those workers are being held hostage to the President's ego. What kind of a "deal maker" takes his cue from Putin & Faux News and makes threats that he doesn't understand in anyway. Trump had 'no clue' of the impact of shutting down the Gov't. Now TSA workers are calling in sick in droves!! Way to go Republikkkans – we know the wall is all about racism against people with brown skin.

  • @nbcnews why did it take so long for you to get the nightly news broadcast on YouTube? I was up until 10:30pm central and it still wasn't online.

  • richard wilmot Ph.D says:

    Trump urges Americans to 'prey' to Satan before it becomes mandatory. How to do it:
    Getting Credit with the Devil
    Things to remember to get credit with the Devil for doing evil. A lot of people do evil without praising Satan while doing it.
    U will never get any credit with Satan simply by doing evil, U have to praise Satan while doing it, and you also have to tell Satan what you want out of it.
    You have to be specific and give details. Jest as if you were in a new auto show room and were describing your dream car to the sales associate. Telling Satan what you want will also get you thinking more about Satan… and that's a good thing.
    Remember, Satan loves U. He wants your soul… 'jest' like God.
    For example:
    Most alcoholics & drug addicts never start out drinking or drugging by praising Satan (a Higher Power) and asking Satan's help to do all the sinning that accompanies intoxication without suffering any of the negative consequences. It's a form of harm reduction… and remember, the less harm you do to your body, the more sinning you can do!


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