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  • Build it. Confiscate all Mexico's assets in the U.S. if you have to. As for TSA, get to move through airports quicker.

  • Willtheman222 says:

    Well kids the moral of the story is if you don’t get your way, shutdown the government….

    I’m not trying to offend anyone…

  • Shut down,, building walls.. These man is busy, who is going to pay for TRUMP BALLS,, 😶 I MEAN WALLS🤔🤣. THE FUTURE OF AMERICA NATION WILL BE DOWN THE TOILET 😣😣. NEW WORLD ORDER, WELFARE TO BE CUT, SOON. How he is gonna pay these employees 😁😁.. 2019 welcome to chaos

  • Dj Chris Roxx says:

    Jump in from of a CAR for $35 dollars?! Even if it was 3.5 million, a life isn't worth any amount of money. Sad that she died, could've used a cell phone to get a pic of the plate. Then let the police do the hard work, that's their job.

  • Trump is delusional. The more he sees his power being eroded by the reality of the foundations of american democracy, the more psychotic he will show himself to be in public. We must brace ourselves for his coming increasing insanity. Amendment 25 is just over the next hill because even the corrupt GOP will finally accept the fact that Trump is insane, and must be put out of the presidency.

  • tonycoolfox prepping says:

    Dumb woman jumped in front of the car for $35 what did she gain broken bones scarred body death woman president I don't think so

  • I don’t agree with this individual running off after receiving services from this nail place and I don’t agree with any of her actions. I do know though being a frequent customer of nail salons that the Asian people who work in these salons are extremely ignorant and think they can treat people so disrespectfully. I can see any and all Asian people who own these salons running after a moving car. I just think is it worth it? Is it worth the 30+$? It was very wrong for the customer to do this but also it was wrong for the owners to chase the car. Why not just get the license plates and report to the police? Well, this is how these Asian nail salon owners act also. They also think they can do whatever they please and treat people Any wAy they want. I think all three of these people are stupid and all could’ve handled this differently. I can see many Asian owners of nail salons and even other businesses acting this way cause they just have this way about them that doesn’t make sense either. I hope these Asian owners also learn that someone may not just care like this lady didn’t and you will pay for Your actions with your life. Was the money really worth running in front of a moving car??? But this is how the Asian owners of nail salons also act.

  • America Wake Up! Protect OUR DEMOCRACY, THREE EQUAL BRANCHES OF GOVERNMENT AND MOSTLY OUR CONSTITUTION that this president is always trying to test!!!!!

  • Thank you Ellen for standing up for a friend!!! We live in a different time right now and people especially comedians have used edgy topics but have now learned to tone it down.
    People learn and grown to respect other people and have become less judgemental.

  • The Republican Party will "reap what you sow"!!!
    The 551 People, Places and Things Donald

    Trump Has Insulted on Twitter: A Complete List

    By JASMINE C. LEE and KEVIN QUEALY UPDATED December 28, 2018
    "Kettle meet Pot" Trump can not reprimand anyone just research everything that he has said since becoming president!!!!

  • America it's time to sue the president of the United States if he uses the excuse of a National Emergency to build HIS WALL!!!!! The POTUS is hurting America!!!!

  • Serious Viewer says:

    I wish all the people who comment here, and vent their frustration, would spend 10 minutes at a Fox propaganda site, then voice some rebuttle to the nonsense propagated there. I tried once and was surprised by the ignorance received in return.

    Mrs. Clinton made a very un-thought statement once: she said "You're never going to get all the 'deplorable's to vote for you'.
    Better she should have said: "It is deplorable if I can not get everyone to vote for me".

  • Why won’t Trump put a few million of his own money up towards the wall. After all, isn’t he rich beyond our wildest imagination?
    Come on Trump….you can end this stand off and be America’s hero. Put your money where your mouth is!

  • brih Mendiola says:

    There's not going to be a wall Mr. Trump because no matter how high or huge the wall, people will climb over. Take it from Mao–The wall doesn't work.

  • Austin Dudley says:

    This illegitimate president has no consideration for anyone other than his crazy objectives. He and his marry cabinet members are causing havoc and robbing this country blind. Great selection and when everything falls apart who you going to blame? Obama

  • christopher m primm Sr says:

    Everyone says union members are bad people and unions are bad period.
    Almost 99% of our Government is Union. There still getting paid Due to Union Rules. And most make in a week it takes the average American worker a month. Who's hurting who..

  • christopher m primm Sr says:

    For all of your information refusal to attend boarder security is Treason
    It is in the congressional law.
    Look it up..

  • Connie Crawford says:

    Our national parks are being vandalized and buried under human feces because the restrooms are closed ! There might be
    Permanent damage to fragile sites. At least they are still feeding the National Zoo

  • if trump calls building his wall a national security issue and is not provable and if he does and loses in court he can be impeached for abuse of power

  • Samantha Madison says:

    Trump hadn't thought of using emergency funds until that reporter asked him about it- you can tell by the way he says 'that's a new way to do it'. The media might want to be more careful about what they ask this guy- he may just go ahead and do what you ask him about!

  • Robert Jackson says:

    Watch "Seattle General Strike 1919" on YouTube

    This was not the first general strike in U. S. History. There were general strikes in St Louis (1877), Philly (1977), and New Orleans (1892)
    We can start with the FAA air traffic controllers secret service congressional staff and white house staff.

  • Deacon Verter says:

    Uhhh…Islam sucks. The last thing we need is conservative Muslim leadership. Next to last is fundamentalist Evangelical. So is Rashida a conservative or more a liberal/cultural Muslim? Hearing her swear was a relief!

  • Deacon Verter says:

    First he sidelines employees,
    then he outlaws any raise.
    All you trumpties, won't you please:
    reevaluate your praise?

  • How do we know we were not contaminated with flu bacteria thru the spraying of our Atmosphere over these areas…1950's government sprayed flu or similar off the Eastern coast to measure the results thru CDC…wonderful isn't it? Here watch this explosion and tell me what you see…Nuclear contamination of our troops…Prove me wrong please…

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