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  • Just a thought of another possible deal ….the dealmaker Donald made possibly…. he would do just what he needed to do to make the market volatile in a controlled way… only he knows the moves. His inordinate Behavior possibly another motive.. his buddies could ride it just right.. the market. Not to mention his Mafia Buddies.. Like the one his ex attorney Cohan should Russian mafia hierarchy leader was staying on the same floor with Donald Trump in Trump Tower in an office without paying rent.. The one that Donald Trump spoke that he wasn't sure if he knew.. I think that's a clear contradiction….. And factual evidence.

  • Donald Trump's ex attorney Cohan has to be submitted to a polygraph examination… as good as it is legally . . on a need-to-know classified project.

  • This is a poor excuse for a Christian nation, and I won't celebrate Christmas until the criminal orange traitor is removed. Happy holidays .

  • Another bit of factual evidence Donald Trump's mouth said wouldn't this country be a different place if it was run by Mafia.. things that might be run a little different around here.. there's video record of him saying this I believe in one of his rallies. It seemed to romanticize Mafia.. without retraction of such a statement.. also Trump Tower project in Russia?? After outlining he had no dealings with Russia.. he said we didn't need to know about?? .. did he need to lie about it.? Kind of telling evidence.. All we need comes from his mouth in media and video clips.. actually factually

  • Trump broke too many laws included treason. I don't think being loyal to the Republican party 8s acceptable defense in this as it becomes aid and abetting and association with high crimes and misdemeanor and bribary. It has been blatent at times with punishment being death. The citizens need a courage to confront and accept these facts. With Gov. Of KY mistake we need 2nd amendment more than ever.

  • Rick O'Shaughnessy says:

    I supported Republicans in 2016, but I can tell you if the Republican Senate goes political over the Consitution I will NEVER, ever vote Republican again for the rest of my life.

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  • Why not let the whisper blower should come forward so that the American people's can here him or her and then the American people's can decived by his or her testimony if Donald Trump should be impeached I think this would be a great idea to have this done.Then the whole truth will be out there once and for all.

  • Merry Christmas 🎄🎁 everyone. trump gets impeached, Christians evangelicals are happy because their new god pence becomes president after their very old god and savior trump gets fired.
    Then pence the evangelicals god stays in the oral office gets to have his own private meetings with his gods putin and kimberly jung un.

  • Growing up, I don't recall news being spewed out with soo many lies. Nothing from the news media can be assumed as truth anymore. I quit; news media is demonic junk.

  • Did that Governor Bevin seriously pardon killers? Then he says that people deserve a second chance; what about the people that died; can they get a second chance?! What is going on?!

  • Everyone who vote against trump needs to be voted out of office, Republicans must go they showed their true Traitorous ways!!! Trump is a stain on the country and constitution of this country!!! Side note looks like that Kentucky governor set the criminals free because he mad at not getting reelected and let loose those who can do damage to the people who did not vote for him as revenge. Just speculation on my part he a sore looser and his way to get pay back. Side note on the women needing more money the hair tells the story look at mom and daugther hair. Hair do not cheap, just saying.

  • Niterain Nomatribe says:

    This impeachment is going nowhere and it cost a ton of money and time. My opinion is this is gonna hurt the Democrats and make Trump more electable for 2020.

  • Melania "weighs in" misleading, she was outraged at her sons name being mentioned yet her BULLY husband can attack the children of others. Wow she's a stinking TOOL too.

  • There is literally a presidential candidate running on UBI and there is no mention of it? For shame. What they did in Mississippi we can do for the whole country. Andrew Yang 2020. Check him out. 14:00

  • When it comes to Washington politics. A majority and if not, All would be thrown in jail after with the corrupt politics they engage in. Me and you would be locked up for years and there guys get a pass. The millions they're squandering away with this impeachment inquiry. Those same millions can be life changing to average Joe's like us and these cities/towns across America.

  • This country violence will only end when Jesus returns back to earth…what a demonic world we are living in… ? Doesn't any1 fear Almighty God anymore… Arrogance, Pride, Violence, Hatred! Everything that Almighty God will not tolerate……🙏!

  • If trump gets away with this by not getting impeached then no laws matter and murder is perfectly fine. Along with all the other laws

  • Spring board opportunity challenge program is great, but the reason for 1 in 4 blacks lives in proverty is because I don't blame the children, I blame the parents refusing to raise their children on "family values", meaning instill upon the children of religion to know bad from good, volunteering in helping the elderly and needy people, yard work volunteering at times to try to help to keep your neighborhood clean looking…etc…instead raising the children on hate, racialism environment around the breakfest table(ie….white man this and white man that…), exercising fake prejudice that it is okay to do crime because they owe you for your ansisters being slaves…raising children that you are to exercise evil in yourself making what you do wrong in society is actually a right in your own head(encouraging to exercise only crime in the family when the children become older), have as many kids as you want with as many women that you want without ever being married and without financially supporting your children is all just okay to do in your life…etc…all in all, this all results in black female's with numerous fatherless children and orpans and a highly crime ridden black neighborhood where the value of house's there plump's where the black family cannot sell their home for much money at all, resulting in these black families cannot do like everybody else in using the capital in their house to finance them to move into their new home out in the suburbs of the city…and this is the additional reason why you visually see today…as for the pass 2/3 of a century in America…when the black's starts moving into the neighborhood—everybody else will move out to another neighborhood so the capital in their house/investment wont "surely" plump because everybody knows that over the majority of all black parents do not want to raise their children on "family values" and the black parents do not ever want to talk about it but only get mad/upset about it in any/all kinds of ways…including try to start exercising "fake prejudice". The forgoing is a true fact that anyone will see if they simply observe it. It's not racialism, it's called "capitalism" in this nation of "free" thinking. This is the part that the news broadcast left-out of their reporting of why 1 in just 4 blacks are in proverty…and the answer is, "It Is The Black Race Own Making And Nobody Else Created It, But The American Black Race". It's how they want it and they don't want it to ever change from that(and all anyone has to do to believe this is just ask a few questions and observe).
    I Remain,
    14DEC19; 09:21 H.H.

  • 15:39…..over 10 bucks an hour…wow.
    I only made 7.25 and made ends meet supporting my family of 7.
    I hope for the better, every day….for everyone.

  • And again, thank you NBC for no ads and the quick upload! I now rely on and watch your news show on YouTube exclusively. Appreciate it very much. Keep up the good work!

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Republicans, be very careful what you do. Your fellow Americans are watching. Will you continue to throw in with this rapidly disintegrating madman, sanctioning the irrational behaviour of this self-styled emperor, or will you reclaim what's left of our once great country? Once you permit him this, there will be no going back.

  • 😒 How about changing the bulling culture. All these bullied kids reach certain point where they're not going to take it anymore and choose to fight back the wrong way.

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Ah, jeez, there he goes again. "Nobody's seen anything like it." Why doesn't this 'Nobody' come forward and let his face be seen? He doesn't seem to get out much, given how much he's never seen over the past three years.

  • The Democrats have totally gone crazy to the point of shredding the Constitution and impose new reasons for impeaching a president (i.e. abuse of power and obstruction of Congress), totally outside the limits set by our Constitution that had been formulated by our founding fathers. It is very evident that they don't appreciate our Constitution which they took an oath to protect, uphold and defend when they assumed office. And it is damning to note that Nancy Pelosi herself admitted in an interview just a day ago that she has been working on impeaching Pres. Trump since two and a half years ago, long before the Trump-Zelensky phone conversation on July 25, 2019, which became the ground for starting the impeachment inquiry.

  • Okay is that this young little girl from Sweden because if she is from Sweden then maybe you should go back to your country and tell them to stop with the CERN and then maybe your climate change would have a little bit more less change

  • It's not only the blacks who are basically born in the United States it's also the white people that are basically born in the United States

  • The student that was killed that is sad..but it's a tragedy for both families..😟 one family has to bury a child and the other has to watch their child go to prison probably a very long time..I feel for both families…may God give both families the strength when they need it..🙏🏾🙏🏾❤

  • How can a current affairs newscast do a story on UBI and not mention that a Presidential candidate, and one and only one, has made it one of his signature campaign issues? #YouTubeAndrewYang #GoogleAndrewYang #FreedomDividend #Yang2020

  • The constitution said nobody is above the law. How the F a president and governor can pardon criminals like those they did!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • ❗ free money is a fascinating idea! You can take it and go get drunk, buy some drugs or spend some time with whores, great idea ❗

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