Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - April 22, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  • ChiTownLioness X says:

    That sketch is a weak attempt to mislead the public. That video shows a male approximately 35-50 yrs old, walking, head down body leaning to the left a bit. That's his stride. It is not the walk of a young man. That video was accidentally recorded by one of thevictims, the voice heard sounds a lot like the cop standing at podium speaking on camera, the things that that cop is saying is kind of weird also. It sends chills up my spine when I hear that make on cell phone recording then hear the voice of cop at press conference.

  • Nashea Everhart says:

    Who do these self empowered whites think they ARE???! U cant just be forming your OWN police force!! Tf???!

  • Why wasn't the video released of the suspect (who killed the two girls) by the authorities immediately following the discovery of their bodies??????????????????

  • When the man that murdered 17 woman is caught and sent to jail, the Democrats want that man to have the right to vote. Let that moronic stupidity of a political party platform sink in.

  • FAKE NEWS refuses to acknowledge our record high stock market….yet continues to highlight the idiotic impeachment fiasco going on with the marxist in our government.
    NBC = FAKE NEWS and are the Enemy of the People

  • I feel I need to comment I regard to the story about the “patriot group”. And I say this only because this news is from a “reputable “ news agency aka NBC News. They said the group was armed with AK-47’s yet this is not true based on the footage provided. They were armed with AR15’s, which is a totally DIFFERENT firearm. Get it right NBC. If you’re going to report the news, fact check instead of just throwing what may get the most “head turns” The reason this is important is because truth must not be averted.

  • Gerald Schutte says:

    I truly think a lot of POTUS Trumps mistakes he made are simply not knowing the law. He had never held any type of office before this, also I think him simply asking his lawyer Don Meghan "Hey can't I just fire the special counsel" isn't even close to impeachable. The Dems are playing with fire. Their best bet is 2020. If they try to impeach I believe it will have catastrophic results for maybe up to a Decade!!!

  • Hey, just because some islamic terrorists blow a bunch of random people up for no reason, doesn't mean ALL islamic terrorists are bad. We should bring them all to our country, give them welfare,free housing and try to "rehabilitate them"…..#LiberalsForISIS

  • Robert Pickett says:

    Not a big fan of either party, but I love my country and think we need better common sense to lead us.!!! We need the wisdom of generational experiences of history, the tried n true of life for all humanity survival the purpose for it was here before the use of money and greed had lessons to learn from before money was needed. Again, can we stop being so stupid soon.????

  • James Benton Ticer says:

    People keep asking why why why did this terror attack happen??? Its simple. Its religion and it has no place on earth in 21st century.


  • American people are real mad with Donald Trump gas is going up he don't care about people is all about money all the time

  • Robert Pickett says:

    The many lies and attitude of disregard and bold outright ignorance all over the planet, but…, especially here in the USA the catapulting political ignorance that is guiding us wrongly around the world. It is nice to correct the wrongs, just don't make victims out of innocent people, or make the villains look innocent, a fine line to toe, but integrity has an ally, credibility & respect.!!!

  • So Trump's temper tamtrum against China has come back to bite US with their retailiation. Who could have guess ! Not American voters, that's fur sur..Hee Haw!

  • It’s the Iranians, wait it’s the refinery maintenance,wait it’s summer, wait it’s the hurricanes, wait it’s the Arab summer, wait it’s a shortage. The CEOs of the Exxon,BP whoever doesn’t care you can’t pay your bills. It will be RECORD PROFITS at the of this quarter just wait and see.

  • 14:11 My son for a short time worked at a private aircraft business that did maintenance on small aircraft. With his experience on F14's+ while in the USMC he quit shortly after, due to small things he seen that could prove fatal for the aircraft in flight if not corrected. When he brought up safety concerns, he was made to feel he didn't know what he was doing. He led a crew on government jets for God sake. I live west coast, he lives east coast.. I'm considering a cross-country drive due to the concerns he laid out while employed with this company.

  • ChiTownLioness X says:

    That cop that was speaking at podium on camera, his voice sounds a lot like the recorded voice of the possible killer. His body language also the leaning, looking down in same way as male accidentally recorded on one of the girl's cellphone

  • Peter Ramirez says:

    Thank you, NBC Nightly News, for NOT being so obnoxiously duplicitous about Trump in this edition! It was a rare treat to watch in its entirety. Keep up the good work! #KAG

  • Whatever happened to the woman that slipped off a public train platform featured in the April 21, 2019 broadcast???

  • every day you deliver the same cup of coffee one day I got a little bit more cream and sugar in it but it ain't never got enough coffee in it… I feel sorry for you mr. Lester Holt

  • you know, Lester Holt you seem like a really nice guy, and maybe you need this job, but if you can't see that this is no more than Tokyo Rose propaganda with her happy ending man you need to grow a set of balls

  • yo fav catleena says:

    Most explosive? You are a joke Lester everybody knows you fed Hillary her questions during debate. Your a Demorat like the Demorats who colluded with Russia!


  • Huh, who would've guessed it was Islamists' responsible? I figured either Hare Krishnas' or the Salvation Army.

  • Tracey Coats says:

    the guy in that video is an older man.. young boys dont dress nor walk like that. the parents are ignorant for allowing these girls to be dropped off alone. thet should be charged with vhild endangerment… DUMBASSES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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