Nightly News Broadcast (Full) - April 21, 2019 | NBC Nightly News


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  • Cherie Cullum says:

    Chelsea Manning was recently thrown in jail for defying a subpoena. Every Trump Admin Official that does so needs to as well.

  • This is what Muslims do, the destroy everything they want, and our anti American Democrats puts Muslims on office, not American at all, Nancy and Chuck needs to be in prison now…!!!

  • The Slave Bible…and to know that there are still those of the same beliefs this book represents among us! Typical, cut & paste the Word & life of God.

  • Great Spirit says:

    It's the 23rd and ISIS local has taken responsibility for it. They are gloating over it. Native Sri Lankan terrorists who returned from having served ISIS elsewhere.

  • I believe the Iranians over pompeo. The North Koreans got a problem with pompeo too. Pompeo is not a nice guy he's corrupt

  • It’s weird how they say “There we’re Americans in the attack’s “ Does that matter? HUMANS ARE HUMANS ! Stop making it sound more important if Americans are included ,LIFE IS LIFE !

  • Jay_J Jacobsen says:

    And all this about the bombing….WELL …there was a tweet on twitter from Leonvani Payseur—cult leader—-stating that something was going to happen to church goers on Easter Sunday!
    ISIS is PAID to take credit for it. It wasn't them. It was the Illuminati…it was Comey…if you will look at his tweets…Forest, and then the three tree saplings (mirror the image and put together you get the RAM's head, cult symbol in the twigs that Comey so carefully arranged)…Donna Brazile tweeting "TIME TO ACT" ….Hillary was there just before, Michelle was in the regions just before….THESE PEOPLE ARE SICK MENTALLY ILL….and look below…Chuck Todd has turned into one such nut job as well!

  • Jay_J Jacobsen says:

    Looking for Chuck Todd on Meet the Press April 21, 2019…but NBC scrubbed it! I hear tell, Todd has turned into a complete NUT! There is SO much HATE spewing from this pretend 'journalist' that he must have been off the wall crazy. At 2:00 about, Joe Digenova even SAID THIS….Todd is a nut! AND NBC isn't even anymore. I missed the SHOW! And now cannot watch it! Maybe all the cheating on the debate questions, and talking points and whatever coming from NBC is FINALLY receiving some remorse from bona fide Cabalists who know that they are going down for being complicit to treason!
    Here is the comments

  • Morris Dunbar says:

    Africans have suffered a lot fighting injustice and bigotry to make this world a better place. Most have been murdered to promote white supremacy. And the struggle continues up to this day but we shall overcome. Using God's words inaccurately for evil purposes is a testament to who the real terrorists of the world is. God is love. Happy Easter

  • All fabricated in another part of the world American know very little about. This is part of a plan to start something else. All lies.

  • When the parents are totally innocent .. you hire two separate attorney's…

    Does no one ever…….

    That father of AJ looks like he is full of rage and could hurt someone. The mom looks petrified and full of fear. I'm pretty good at reading people after all that is what I do.
    Shame on those dummies who put together the " Slave Bible "

  • Now here is the evidence why Hungarians, Polish, Czehs, Slovakians and other Eastern European countrys don't let muslims in their countries. Extremist should be erased from the face of the earth.

  • Heroin- opiates found in the boy.
    Iran- ironic this occurs right after declaring they are going to annihilate Israel- don't mess with Gods chosen people-pretty sad situation. I've been in a flood a fire and earthquake-

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