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  • boy profissyonnel says:

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  • They should look into Trumps school history and see if his daddy bought his way through, oh that’s right he won’t let anyone look at his school records, or his taxes, or his medical records so he didn’t have to serve in nam, etc. etc. etc. etc.

  • Artemirr Lazaris says:

    The apparent notion of it being a sleeper, may haveconfused people to live their child attended, while ina mechanical device. Children die y many means and 32 is a low amount per quantity of objects, rather than attacking a organisation, its better always to articulate it as a benefit for others in meaning we advance our engineering and or in teh Case of Canada rename the object so as the word does not imply that one can allow their child to sleep in it; often people jsut put to gether wihtou reading the warnings.

    So how would I advance the rocker, well first off I wouldn't buy it becasue its only for 3 months and its capitalizing on laziness. However, One could make a device that is becomes out grown when the child ways to much. Redesign it, but then teh object may cost 300-400, but last upto possibly two years depending on teh weight of the child.

    This owuld include a weight sensor that doesn't allow function of the device when over a certai nweight, a stabilisation bottom, even a way to secure the structure of the deivce, a special blanket in which one can un hook to pick the child up and then place in to a crib or where the child is sleeping when it rocks the child to sleep. Often with this current deisgn the child goes ot sleep, but must then be moved, have large eyelets and thick steal, and fleeze or backing that is easy ot remove that is soft, the child can be swaddled in a blanket with ease.

    People live people die, the point is it ignorance or negligence. THis is ignorance. Negligence is poor design and engineering, but often negligence comes from those trying to enter a market that learned from its mistakes so then there is another problem in the system of the use of knowledge that violates the fre market. So therefor I always put forth the notion that we need a law library that has system of rules and laws apparent with their reason. Ie, like a dresser and how much weight it should be able to support in its drawer before falling forward over a person. A simple and convenient place, in which descirbes the advancemetns of an object materials changed or use and why. Materials may of changed not for cost but for advnacnemetn but the materia lfailed to live up to its standard, ie early plastics and still some today, ahve a flaw against the sun and often age and become brittle quite fast, thus needing untimely replacement. Treatmetns have been fro ma soft oil t oredesign in the plastic itself with additives, and there aremany forms and types of palstics. thats my thoughts and the rest seemed kind of just nonsense.

  • Wait investing in kids and education lead to turnaround and success? Guess it’s not a waste of money like gop devos would like you believe

  • Mikrodronefiend Videos says:

    My son goes to private school and the dumb students parents have to pay more… whats the differance?

  • Thank you, Lester Holt; and thank you to the workers and reporters for their work at NBC News and Nightly News and to NBC for posting it on YouTube.

  • the5thYearSeniors says:

    Forget cheating to get in to school, there is EXTENSIVE cheating IN school and schools are complicit in the cheating. I am in medical school and there is so much cheating going on. I brought it up with one of my professors, and she basically gave a little speech to the class, telling them to stop. Nothing got done, no one was punished. It’s really messed up because when it was more proctored exams I was excelling, but now that it is more exams and quizzes at home, all of a sudden students who did worse last semester are surpassing me. Because so many people are cheating, if you don’t cheat they just assume you aren’t trying or something is wrong with you. If you mention the cheating, they turn it on YOU and say you need to report it if you see it. I’ve seen large groups openly work on take home quizzes together. If I were to report everyone I would be completely ostracized. It undermines the entire point of getting a medical degree. THIS should be looked into. It’s probably all the people cheating to get into school and just keep it up to get through a program they would otherwise fail out of.

  • the5thYearSeniors says:

    The fact that vaccines didn’t exist 2,000 and Christians can claim religious exemption, that means literally anything can be due to religion. “Officer, I can’t pay that ticket because Jesus said I can’t pay a ticket.”

  • the5thYearSeniors says:

    Now the $500,000 makes more sense. It was not just for tuition, but money laundering. She probably got a lot of that back from the launderer.

  • 12:20 C'mon dude why would the tax payer be ripped off just b/c these guys are scamming insurance companies??? Why/How would my tax money be tied up with an insurance company that is PRIVATELY OWNED??? You make no sense. I don't get any of that return with the 85/15 Rule of ObamaCare.

  • notice how amongst the college cheating collaborators, none of them are Asian parents… take note Bill de Blasio

  • Say what you will about the Mueller Report being made public, but I'm still waiting on the Comey Report…on Hillary. Just think we didn't even get 1 word from that. Release em both. MAGA 2020!!

  • America has Gone pure stupid since trump took office. flat earth is real,Vacinations are bad,imagrants are criminals,global warming is a lie, and Russia paid for our administration of the united states,A leader who Blames previous great leaders who he will never mount to let alone outstage in Humanity and progress for his failings. get your shyt together America.

  • Heather Morgan says:

    I seriously feel like Lori Laughlin & Felicity Huffman and all the other celebs that paid $$$ to get their loser kids into school who are too dumb to know their a$$ from a hole in the ground should be forced to pay off the student loans to those of us who actually got in on merit but didn't have rich parents.

  • precognation says:

    Please, please, please give these cheaters serious time. Celebrities are not better than the rest of us and should not be allowed to get away with buying opportunities that belong to those who work hard and deserve them.

  • Oh by all means be vigilant abt ‘Real Actors’ cheating to get their children into college [of course it Is illegal & should be litigated + if adjudicated ‘guilty’ the people guilty of breaking the law SHOULD face consequences for their ‘crime(s) ’ but may I remind folks, laws are broken & our Constitution is violated almost daily// overtly; brazenly and unbelievably by this current faux-actor president & his mortifying ‘Administration! I want our Democratic Republic back complete with a legal truthful president that isn’t being investigated for a myriad of illegalities. I am weary and exasperated attending DAILY to his immature ego-issues, lies, absurd silly ‘name calling’ tweets {eg ‘Crooked Hillary’ / ‘Low IQ Mika’ as if his IQ is high LOL and YES I have met him in Daytona: Then & now his behavior is outlandish absurd & immaturely bizarre}The fact that his Con schemes are still ongoing is surreal.& has caused this country to regress, lose respect as ‘THE’ Empathic Country of Hope & Fulfillment’ NOW instead of educating abt zHow+Why out Lady Justice is blindfolded {which ensures she remains BLIND 2 prejudice (pre-judging) in stretching her arms 2 welcome those coming 2 our shores seeking refuge; fulled w/hope & inspiration} it apprears NOW she is blindfolded bc she is mortified that such an ‘Administration’ could even ‘BE’ much less ‘Be’ in our Nation’s a laughable ‘Leadership’ role! Good luck w/the ‘Now- $5 per gallon gas—YET AGAIN! I’m outta here while ppl continue gasping while ‘stumbling like pygmies in darkness searching fir their own awakening’ . . . Ugh. “Distasteful” is a word UP fm the bile I feel churning in my gut threatening to spill out+contaminate all things GOOD that is being abandoned in US(All) attempting 2 pacify this moronic, pathological lying Rx fueled, long-known Con playing ‘Leader’ . . .

  • Daniel Thomas says:

    so whats the point dont help get them in college??? What terrible people, is it against the law now to help with the paper work now???

  • Why just punish them? I disagree with the ones who donate to the universities so their kids would be admitted or the ones who were grandfathered in. Same thing.

  • Denise Lyman says:

    Thank you FBI for taking down those Medicare fraudsters. Unfortunately this happens all the time and is just the tip of the iceberg. Atleast it sets an example for many.

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