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  • I had Rubella (German Measles) as a teen. I was quarantined, I could not be around pregnant women in particular and was only the second child in my state (Massachusetts) to contract the disease. That was 1982. Now in this years, this decade, diseases like this are much more prolific than they ever have been, since the release of the vaccines, that is. It has to be a result of the anti-vax movement that happened post 2000; especially in the aughts and teens. And although, I still think its safer to let these types of disease, measles and chicken pox only, run their course rather than have dangerous, polluted and 'laced' vaccines forced into our kids, they have become far deadlier than they were only a couple decades ago.

  • Jail is for the colleges and people who run them failure to control there own schools . The whole thing is joke rich people go to all these schools who cares ! Make school pay for independent enrollment company with records open to public !

  • This is a VERY serious crime, and it matters not that she got a 'bargain' ('only' $15000) on her cheating scheme as opposed to others in the college cheating scandal. It is an absolute outrage that someone would bribe a proctor to change a students answers on his/her SAT! If she DOESN'T do serious time in jail for this, it will only confirm that the rich and famous in this nation always seem to 'skate,' while the poor and disenfranchised can get slammed with years in prison, many times even life in prison, for basically only having made a very bad choice in the 'friends' they chose to hang with, and maybe for even just one day/evening or for just a few hours. (See, for example, the 'felony murder rule.'}

  • Thank you, Sesame Street. Not every Autistic kid can watch shows/movies at all. Some can, but have to have the sound disconnected completely from their devices. But for those who can watch your programming with sound on, I thank you. <3

  • Almudena Carnero says:

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  • George Lindell says:

    They should get the Jussie treatment. We should give her black privilege, all democrats should have black privilege. We need to stick together.

  • AbsentWithoutLeaving says:

    Note to the rich from the folks on your payroll – Remember…if you paid us to lie and cheat for YOU, what makes you think we won't sell you out to the guy who tops your offer? Doh.

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