Night Ride  | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

Night Ride | Wirally Originals | Tamada Media

‘Viewers of Wirally, please find and hit
the bell and never miss any notification from us.’ ‘Hurry up!
Do you think they did hit the bell?’ Dad..
– You’ve to finish it! – Fine, pass me the curry. What paper do you have tomorrow?
– Environmental science. – Are you well prepared? Still, revise all the important topics.
– Alright. Do those guys think
it is some pub to play loud music? Hello, sir! What brings you here?
– You are disturbing us all. Oh, the music is bothering you.
– You think it isn’t? – My bad. Turn down the volume, bro. So, sir, had dinner?
– Which idiot has problem with music? Hello, sir.
– Don’t you have an exam tomorrow? Won’t you study? It is afterall Environmental Science.
– Who studies for it? Dad, I had my dinner. I’ll go study now.
– Hey, Jaythri.. The paper tomorrow is too easy. You still want to study?
– Get in and study. Good night!
Good night, sir. They aren’t wishing us back. How mannerless.
Good night, bro. – Good night. Where are you going out so late?
– To have my dinner. Will there be food available at such an odd hour?
– You’ve never been out late night in Hyderabad? – No. Come with me then.
– That is a good joke. – Alright, bye. How come you are not studying?
– I’m done with the exams. – But not with the semester. Hello, sir.
Right now? Isn’t it too late.. My daughter is all alone at home.
Don’t I have any other option? Okay, sir. Did you pack my laptop? – I did.
– I’ll be back by morning. Stay put at home. Too bad I don’t even have time to make you your dinner.
– It is alright, dad, I’ll manage? – Are you sure? – Yeah. No, bro, what happened is.. Hold on, bro.
Going out, sir? No, I just reached home from work. Put my bag inside.
– I see. So, bro.. Shut the doors
and be careful. Is it any good? Hey! – Yes?
– I know this is weird, but could you lend me Rs. 500? I mean, I’m heading out to have my dinner,
but I ran out of fuel, so.. You always have your dinner this late?
Wait. Thanks! So, what are you upto? Studying?
– No, I’m cooking my dinner. Why cook when you can eat out?
Come, I’ll show you what all you can find at this hour. Just kidding.
Get back to your cooking. ‘Why cook when you can eat out?
Come, I’ll show you what all you can find at this hour.’ You said you ran out of fuel?
You didn’t want money for fuel? How come you are out?
– I wanted to see what you do with my money. Show me where we can find food at this hour.
– Are you sure? – Yeah. Jaythri..
What the.. The door is open. Jaythri, why is the door open?
You didn’t even lock the door before hitting the bed? What’s the matter?
– I’ve been feeling a little weak since last night. You don’t seem to be running any temperature.
Still, let’s go to the hospital. It’s alright, dad. I will be alright soon.
– What if you don’t? Let’s not risk it. Let’s go. But, dad..
– Let’s go! Why are you limping?
– I don’t know. I’ve been since last night. Did you trip and fall down?
Let’s go now. Please, bro, count me out.
– Hell no! That is my bike. Not only did you crash my bike,
you even leave it there? Let’s go bring it back. Why are you limping? – He had a fall.
– He was fine when I saw him last night. He went out on a joy ride last night.
– As if he earned it by working hard in the day. Sir, let me be. Let’s go, bro.
– Why is your daughter limping too? She isn’t telling me. Tell me, why are you limping?
– I’ve no clue, dad. Did you too go out on a joy ride and crash near Tank Bund?
– Dad.. – Don’t mind him. But tell me, what happened? Dad, please!
– Jaythri, I owe you Rs. 500. I’ll pay it back by evening. Why do you owe her money?
– Let’s go, bro. Careful. Watch your step. The lift is here. When do we go out on a night drive again?
– When my dad is out of station. And when is that? – I don’t know.
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