50 thoughts on “Nigel Farage’s funding secrets revealed”

  • Lucky Dube in RC says:

    here's hoping channel 4 will now investigate the current government and lets see what they hide. It's crystal clear what channel 4 want's on the brexit deal…but you will loose… accept it channel 4 or is 444 and move on… other than views and negative comments you might make a few pounds on you tube charity…hehe

  • More slander from the "news" channel that colluded with the police in Rotherham to cover up the grooming gang scandal in 2004. One of their junior journalists approached them about the issue and they chose to sit on the story for ten full years until critical mass forced the scandal out into the open. 10 full years of knowing young girls were being groomed, drugged, raped, beaten and even murdered and these bastards at Channel 4 kept it quiet because they did not want muslims to be perceived in a negative light. This is the caliber of these shameless hypocrites.

  • Visna Macpherson says:

    Ex banker, conman and charlatan Fromage, who wants to dismantle NHS, whose luxury lifestyle is financed by another fraud and conman Aaron Banks. Man of the people , indeed, and sheep still vote for this snake oil salesman!

  • James Carpenter says:

    I’m probably a bit late to this comments section….but my my hasn’t this report blown up in your face….what on Earth are you trying to achieve with this pithy little piece of bitching?…It’s just empowering the very force you’re opposed to….hilarious 😂

  • Evilclown Production's says:

    Doesnt bother me where he gets his money from…Just look at the ones we are paying wages to bothers me more.

  • denisesinclair1 says:

    I would of punched this scum reporter in the mouth.they love to betray anyone who stands up to the corruption in this country.ask them about the founding of the European Union they have taken millions.

  • As the narrative of the leftist political classes and MSM lose political credibility and relevance their slurs and poo flinging will only increase in ferocity. It is the way with dying socialist regimes.


  • Jason Hatcher says:

    Oh dear,, I accidentally just reported this video for misleading content.
    I hope not too many other people do this by accident.

  • Theresa Schofield says:

    if his friend and the banks wanted to give there money and property to nigel farage its there business and not yours /so buck off you stupid idiot

  • Ch4, BBC etc just shut up! pathetic really sad attempt at SMEAR.
    Brexit Party got my 25 quid, best money I've spent in a long time.

  • ian campbell says:

    And Cameron’s dad gives David 100k from a tax haven – you can’t take on this English establishment with peanuts – waste of time report. The last thing we need is another Eton boy at the top.

  • This asshole is a racist! What the wrong with black people? But yet all who vote for this guy shows you how racist Briton is!

  • Yet more smear by the Media, he has just stated that Farage quit UKIP in order to start building a new Political Empire, absolutely untrue, but note the words used Political Empire, in fact Farage semi retired after 25 years of fighting for a Referendum, thought the job was done, little did he know he would have to start from the ground up all over again because of the rats in the Parliament trying to sell us out|

  • Martin Booth says:

    Interesting accusations, but where's the evidence? The reporter states it himself.. "None of this is illegal"

  • bodyguard 112 says:

    This guy is dodgy as f**k. He looks it and sounds it. I hope the people don’t vote for this alcoholic to be Prime Minister. That would press the button for open WW3.

  • What do you expect you fight fire with fire, If u want to see ture crimes go and look at the 2 main parties this 12 minute video will turn into hundreds of hours !

  • Comrade Farage. Putin funds Banks and Farage. Caught lying here many times. Farage now admits the half million donation.

  • If it's not illegal funding, who cares how it is funded? Peter Cruddas offered dinner with David Cameron for £200k. Isn't this just the game?

  • Channel 4 what a bunch of idiots you are. Quoting your 3rd class reporter "Nothing of this illegal but i was" so skip the real question's about the future of Britain and focus on trying to hood wink the public. They not as stupid as you people anymore. You all have lied one time to many. Most untrustworthy industry in the world now, creepy reporters, talk host, news papers, magazines,news rooms and tv stations.

  • LOL and you fake reporter's with your thieving bosses and stinking rich labour and conservative mp's/lords and prime minister's. Wonder how you stole your money or got it through lying hey. At least he was given something and did not steal something. Good for you Nigel have a beer on me mate.

  • We couldn`t care less who helps pay for his campaign……The Remainiacs are really grasping at straws to smear him now.

  • David Robertson says:

    The reference to a "cloth cap" was a bit of a give away. Farage has never pretended to be anything other than he is, a middle class, privately educated man who was in the commodities trading field for a number of years and formed his own company in that field. He isn't omniscient and infallible but he is a talented politician and is a man of his time. He is also very good at attracting well qualified people to support him and is focused on achieving his goal which is to get Britain out of the EU with a clean break.  

    That is what people trust him to do and then he will retire. He thought he had done it when Leave won the referendum but, like most Leave voters, he was wrong. The present political class have proved to be charlatans for the most part and now they will pay the price for their perfidy. Farage is an important icon for many people in Britain and those who oppose him look increasingly impotent and out of touch.

  • David Robertson says:

    Political influence requires money. So, what else is new? Is this the best C4 can do? They are rapidly becoming irrelevant with their tired old smear tactics levelled at those who threaten their place in the sun. Their pathetic efforts are so transparent.

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