Nigel Farage offers Barroso some cooling news

Nigel Farage offers Barroso some cooling news

vd facts you ordered it and now the EFD and mr. faroush well mr. Barroso not just you but the entire unelected governments of Europe and a chance perhaps for our citizens to reflect on where the real power lies in this union I’ve listened to even in 10 years I’ve full marks for consistency you know you’re a man that likes fixed ideology you probably picked it up when you were a communist or Maoist or whatever you were and for the last 10 years you’ve perceived Ouray federalism combined with an increasing green obsession and yeah it’s been good for bureaucrats for big businessman for landowners it’s not been a bad decade but it’s been a disaster for poor people unemployed people and those on low wages the Euro which you believed would give us monetary stability has done the very opposite it was a misconstruction from the start and it’s pretty clear that youth unemployment at nearly 50% across the Mediterranean is probably nearly double what it would have been as a direct result of the MIS construction that is the Euro they’re in the wrong currency but I know that you’ll never ever admit to that and the Euro I think will die a very slow and painful death but you’re all in denial about that but that I find really more interesting you keep telling us the climate change is an absolute top priority and you’ve been greeted with almost hysteria in this place over the last ten years well those of us that have been skeptical about this have been mocked derided called deniers we’ve argued from the start that the science wasn’t settled and we’ve argued very strongly that the measures we’re taking to combat what may or may not be a problem are damaging our citizens and we’ve been proved to be right tens of millions forced into fuel poverty manufacturing industry being driven away because of course our competitors in China and in America are going for cheap fossil alternatives and of course wind turbines blighting the landscapes and seascapes of Europe and still today you go on about green growth well the consensus is breaking behind you know Commissioner to Johnny and the other day said that actually we face a systemic industrial Massacre it is time to stop this stupidity and to help you there’s the NASA photograph last August of the ice cap the northern ice caps and there is the NASA photograph this year of the ice caps it is increased by sixty percent in one year leading American scientists are now saying we are going into a period of between fifteen and thirty years of global cooling we may have made one of the biggest stupidest collective mistakes in history by getting so worried about global warming you can reverse this in the next seven or eight months you can bring down people’s taxes if you don’t they’ll vote on it in the European elections of next year Mr Farage shows that populist are sometimes obscure on tests 99% of the science Mr Farage believes that his climate change exists a result of human activity ninety-nine percent of scientists of course they’re always such people that are paid to say the opposite but I to pretend as you pretend that against all science well serve science that the problem of climate change is just an invention of the greens or of the left it’s completely nonsense of course we have to find a way of course we have to find a sensible way to do to fight climate change we have to look at the same time for comparing us in Europe we have to make this part of our agenda for growth and I believe that green economy brings many possibilities mr. Callender you said making a joke about possible competitors for the Commission election that you are not interesting that job that you are very happy to yours let me tell you very frankly that I think even if you are interested you could not have a chance to be elected for president of the Commission and and you know why I’m not saying that happily because I think increasingly your party and your group is looking like the you keep and the euro skeptic and the European group and I start to have some doubts that you are going to be like in yourself in Britain if it’s not you keep that is going to be the first force in the British elections because when it comes to be against Europe it when it comes to be against Europe the people prefer between the original and the copy they prefer the original that’s probably why they are going to vote more for mr. Faraj then for mr. kernan and this I don’t say with any kind of satisfaction because if those forces that are pure appeal or even those that are not really prepared but constructive have the same speech the same political attitude of the anti Europeans the arrow skeptics the Papa’s in that case they will win next election so my appeal to you is to make the case for Europe now for the EFD mr. vataj please you have the floor well next year’s European elections will not be contested on the old division lines of left and right and several group leaders have agreed with that today frankly that’s all irrelevant it’ll be contested between those of us that believe in national democracy within the nation-state and those that believe that the 28 countries that are part of the EU are better governed by these institutions that in a sense is what this comes down to but mr. Barroso those of us that believe in National democracy do not want to take us back to the Western Front on 1914 those of us that believe in that in national democracy will say to you it is a healthy assertion of identity but it also shows a deeper understanding of why the problems of Europe were caused in the past it is democratic nation states in Europe that are stable that will not go to war with each other and I’d remind people without the vote in the House of Commons two weeks ago we would now be at war in Syria what better proof can there be that nation state democracy can be a force for good I think that the next election shall not be a big fight between the left and the right I like that certainly when you’re in the center and you have all the all the problems on your head


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  • UK Economy is completely f…. up and they aren't even in the Euro. The pound is hyper-inflating and because of that, the UK is sinking…

    The UKIP is only disguising that… they don't want to go down alone with the US.

  • The UKIP openly supports the City of London (its in their website).
    City of London is the centre of weapons of financial destruction.

    Take your conclusions from there.

  • wht u on about? UK economy is pegged to the success of otthers and heged against others failure. we are still the masters of the world. all trade on the planet tends to still happen in london, and therefore te UK always gets its slice. anyone successful will tell business is not about making and selling things, its all about being a good middle man. the UK is the best in the world and is why we're still rich

  • No your not… The pound is hiper-inflating. Just compare it against the Euro for the last 5 years and you will see how much power it has lost. Your pensioners are going into poverty because their pensions are no longer enough to survive and the unemployment is rising, stressing the the state even more…

    Rich? Maybe all those thief's in the City of London… those are still rich because they steal from everybody else.

  • Nigel Farage and his UKIP are slimy such as the three big parties of the UK. His promise to reduce immigration is empty. Only BNP or Liberty GB will solve this problem. He wants immigration, UKIP is a bosses' party.
    But he is right on environmental issues.

  • Thomas Jefferson says:

    boy havin some limp wrist fag like barosso out right blantant lie to my face, if i ever see barroso in the street id crack his fuckin head open then explain to him that 99% of the witnesses agree that i did not make a lead pipe come in contact with his skull, but rather the reason he cant see right and is disoriented is simply because he was born that way.

  • Barroso is off again – "obscurantist" applies to you – you are in denial. Scientists everywhere are abandoning this ridiculous hypothesis of "global warming" because we have had cooling since 1998 and the ice caps are thickening at present. Read Wall Street Journal October 3rd too and learn something. Insulting "deniers", as you call them, will make you look very small in a few years time. It is time you went. You are not democratically elected in your presidency.

  • Agreed. I love almost all they stand for, but science is just what's observed and what can be tested and human activity has proven to be a major cause of climate change. No sides, no bias, no hopes or fixing – just data and testable theories.

    I hope the party can look deeper into the science, adapt and admit it got it wrong, and then prosper.

  • I like a lot of ILKIPs anti immigration policies, but they lose me when they deny basic scientific facts like man made made climate change.

  • Farage is right about the global warming hysteria being the biggest, stupidest mistake in history!
    SEE the actual satellite data at drroyspencerDOTcom
    replace the "DOT" with "."

  • so much ignorant nonsense, scientists are not abdoning the theory at all. and 1998 -2013 is not cooling. its actually slight warming despite several negative forcings active atm. spreading such ignroant claims like you do makes you look not only small but extremely ignorant and uninformed.
    no ownder people don't take deniers serious. they get almost everything wrong in their science denial….

  • Cobra Commander says:

    Barroso, és um jumento. Um dejecto humano. Cala-te e não envergonhes mais a identidade da tua nação. Alguém mate essa aberração, por favor.

  • I, as a British born citizen, a European, a homosapien that walks lives and breathes the same air as everyone else, do not share all of the same veiws as this Gentleman named Nigel.

    Just saying.

  • oh and cancer researchers are wrong because they are paid to find and research cancer?

    your ignorant nonsense is so embarrassing for humanty…. science denial at its finest.
    get a clue kid.

  • Money (not science) is the driving force behind the global warming theory. Google "global warming", then "global warming hoax", and finally "global warming Goldman Sachs". For those WILLING to know the truth, it will become self-evident. Nigel Farage is right. Global warming was invented by moneyed interests, and they pay scientists to "prove" their hypothesis. These "scientists" comply . . . because that is why they are paid.

  • Let's say the Greens are correct: anthropogenic climate change is real and that this is caused by the introduction of CO2 into the atmosphere. Does it make sense, then, to bring millions of third-worlders into the first world, where their rate of consumption of fossil fuels will greatly increase?

    Whatever happened to the Greens' concern about the population explosion? Remember that? Turns out, it's the third word that doing all the population explosion. It would be racist to confront that.

  • dad died of cancer and refused any treatment, except for painkillers/opiates regime…..if i will have the misfortune to go the same way, i will do the same……if my only option will be to buy heroin tar on the street corner, i now how to mainline…..fuck your mooching, thieving charlatans….they're in it only for the money……

  • …your 'scientists' are not into curing anything, they are into prolonging your misery for a couple of weeks/ months, so they can take your house you paid mortgage on for 30 yrs…..conspiracy nonsense….right….

  • ….nation that put behind bars man fighting for euthanasia, to allow human beings to die with dignity is purely irrationally evil….

  • well, good for you, it's not legal in the US, "assisted suicide" is (whatever that means) in a few states…fuck the government, i'm sure $40.00 worth of smack unfiltered up my veins will kill me four times over…and i'm gonna go with a smile…i'm not gonna ask permission of some money grabbing bureaucrat…fuck'em all..!!

  • Candice Cordial says:

    These green taxes are a load of bunkum. They are a get rich quick scheme for a few, and are doing nothing to affect climate change, which itself is dubious. Thank goodness the UK has the straight talking Mr Farage to tell it like it is.

    I hope he is allowed to take part in the televised debates leading up to the next Election.The British people deserve to hear from an alternative Party to the tired old Lib/Lab/Con troika. If you agree, sign the e-petition number 43153, and pass on the link.

  • What an embarrasment to the UK. This man is taking a small isolated fact to try to deny the whole of the climate change theory. If the ice coverage increases from a low base he says it is getting colder!! Absolute embarrasment.

  • irresistablejewel says:

    I don't trust Barroso.
    This career politician and awards collector, is simply the front man for an organisation that has become a large overbearing bureaucracy; far different from the "common market" that was originally envisaged.
    Truth about climate change will be revealed in the coming decades, there seems no doubt that this planet is heating up; but the question of whether it is through human action or a feature of the planet is unresolved.
    Barroso only cares about the rich. Barroso out!

  • Farage is honest.It would be great to have someone like him in Italy as well but italian politicians are more concerned to have their lobster dinners at taxpayers expences …and nothing else ,unfortunately.

  • He is misguided as he used a snapshot of information to try to suggest that climate change is not happening to suit his agenda of fracking, nuclear power, etc etc. The ice is not only shrinking in extent but in depth, sending more cold water into the sea reducing how far north the gulf stream reaches.10 of the hottest years on record occured since 1998, the last was 2012! Very misguided.

  • Christer Hellström says:

    Of course the French are against UK because UK and the rest of northern Europe pay for their laziness and the rest of Europe

  • Where does your suit come from? The material / textiles / manufacture all from the UK? Surprising! Maybe the cement for your home was from Lafarge (French company)? And what heats it, helps you to cook inside it? Gas? All from North Sea? As far as I'm aware that'd be a first for a house in England. Dependency is one thing; denialism another. Maybe agree more with you on the climate change thing. But 'Green' = not just CC. It also means less cars &/or smoke, so kids can actually play somewhere?!

  • Vercingetorige001 says:

    EU dictators? you mean german political class. germany wants the distruction of europe (destruction in any sense). Barroso is a muppet.

  • Vercingetorige001 says:

    christer hellstrom, you are completely unaware of what is the EU. the UK des not pay nothing, of course. paradoxically, it has only benefits to reman in the EU. you dont know what are you talkin about. Farage is completely inoffensive.

  • Vercingetorige001 says:

    the EU parliament is completely deprived of authority, Farage is a good speaker, stop. he cant do nothing, even if he win all the seats in the EU parliament. the EU elections are a farce.

  • Clintock Maconaghie says:

    I want to see UKIP really stride ahead in SCOTLAND. The Pro-SNP Street Fighters did Nigel a favour in making themselves seriously unpopular with thinking and voting Scots. When are they going to start chasing and heckling tourists? Probably Spring 2014 and thereafter.

  • TheUKIProduction says:

    The day Britain leaves the EU, I am going to celebrate like nothing before. I'm sick of being rules by this trolls that have no clue about the modern day world. They live in the past.

  • Farage is the most stupid politician i have ever heared the EU Comission is elected by the Council and the Parliament the EU is one of the best things which has ever happened to the people of europe

  • well i agree he is a stpid idiot. but i am very happy the EU has not happened to us 🙂 and i will always vote no about joining the EU.

  • AMYAS Seek Truth says:





    The most Politicians don't even except that in reality 99% of normal workclass is thinking like you in the hole Europe.

  • Nigel make some good points as far as the Euro is concerned. The European Central Bank was asleep at the wheel when it was obvious to even a tourist ( pre-2000) like me that the southern Meditaranean lifestyle was not sustainable. The hard questions were not asked. I suppose it would be too much to expect hard decisions coming out from Brussels. In that case, the economic realities will force their hands. Nigel makes a good point (in another video) when he says that if the citizens cannot vote on their future, they will turn to fascism when thing go pear shaped. 
    With global warming, Nigel is not correct about the science of climate change. The controversy is not whether climate change is real or not, it is whether it is induced by human activity, and by how much if at all. But climate change is happening.

  • this is not the 1970s anymore. who does manufacturing anymore? job stability is almost nil, the pay is pathetic and lets not get started on health hazards.

  • Dear Mr Barosso, Please don't allow facts and truth to get in the way of your communist take-over agenda.

    It's not about left and right anymore – It's about Right and Wrong.

    I'll have a party when the EU is dead and buried and I can eat English Sausages again with my egg and bacon.

  • I have never seen ukip lose the argument regarding the euro or Europe. Tories and labour are just two of the same thing surely we should all give them a chance as the political system needs a re think and fresh ideas

  • The unelected leaders of Europe will get their way as they have disarmed the people of Europe so there can't be an uprising of the people against tyranny like in the old days.
    Take Ireland for example, they rejected the Lisbon treaty but were forced to accept it.
    Ireland is a failed state with all of it's young going over seas to find work. In the mean time foreigners ( criminals ) are flooding into Ireland and fleecing the place. Can the Irish do anything about it? No, that would be racism. What a great scam. Obviously a law drafted by lawyers living of public funds.
    Wake up people of Ireland and other proud nation states.

  • Every time I see that pompous tin plated dictator Barroso, I'm filled with the urge to put my hands around his fat neck and squeeze until his eyes pop out.

  • farage is a moron, and one of the biggest hypocrites in British politics, 95% consensus that climate change IS man made and he just chooses to ignore it, 1 out of 10000 peer reviewed works on climate change suggested it might not be man made, the rest said it was, first it was 'climate change isnt happening' next it was 'its not man made' and i bet you he'll follow the rest of the big business puppets in the US and tell everyone its actually those greedy scientists who just want more funding… and how dare he sit there as an ultra conservative, former tory and investment banker and claim hes "a man of the people" or 'represents the interest of ordinary folk' and then talk about flat taxes n privatisation, hes just as 'elite' as david cameron, only difference is cameron might actually undertstand economics and not have £160bn black holes in his budget

  • martin salter says:

    climate change denial could be Farrages political downfall. Has he spent years in research providing peer reviewed scientific evidence which contravenes the overwhelming majority of the worlds top scientists. No – he holds up two photos and pulls a smug face. Not a solid argument – no wonder Barroso was fuiming. It's like a someone telling you that smoking is good for you and has no links to health problems ( how long did the tobacco industry try and peddle that falsehood for?). Drop the climate change denial Farrage and go read the research. How we all respond to the problem is a different matter – denial is a road to obscurity. It just makes you look like a fool along with the otther deniers in the pockets of the fossil fuel industry. Go read ~ The Burning Question by Mike Berners Lee or anything by Fred Pearce – filthy liberal tree huggers in your eyes no doubt but considerably better informed.

  • martin salter says:

    A haven for climate change deniers. Please quote your peer reviewed scientific sources when challenging the worlds greatest scientific brains. Otherwise shut the hell up.

  • martin salter says:

    If people are relying on random Google searches to find evidence to support this idiots views on global warming then we are doomed. Ill put my money on the IPCC not a few fringe non peer reviewed and inane case non scientists. We should all seek the truth in this matter. It is no longer if it is happening the debate has now shifted to what our response should be. I stand by my argument – Farrage is not a scientist and is also a small minded bigot. I wonder who I should be listening to?

  • If you read the excellent book by Fred Pearce on the USA email "scandal" entitled "Climate Files " you will have a full and detailed understanding if what actually occurred. The bottom line is that a the scientific research as been fully vindicated, man made global warming is an indisputable scientific fact and all that remains fir us to do now is have an intelligent debate on what action to take. Denying that global warming is happening does nothing to get us to the ne t step and Mr Farrage would do we to join this debate rather than fan the dying embers of denial. Whatever your views on EU membership, immigration and gay marriage surely UKIP are at pLeasurable to respect the film dings and research of the global scientific community rather than the vested interests of the fossil fuel industry?

  • Raimon Parés Viader says:

    Global warming might be annoying, but it exists. Regarding the 60% increase in the north cape in 2013: it was a bounce, but the tendency over the years show a reduction of the ice extent to a 10% per decade. In fact, 2013 is recorded as one of the years with lowest ice since there are records. Good luck with your own scam, Mr Farage. 

  • Nigel is right about so many things but he's utterly wrong about Global Warming. There is probably no way to stop Global Warming at this stage and money would probably be better spent on planning for a world that is much warmer (rather than trying to prevent the inevitable). Also imposing increasing Green legislation on European industries so that China and other Asian countries (who have dreadful environmental pollution) end up making all our products is just environmental suicide. However, despite all that,Global Warming is a reality and Nigel is just plain wrong.

  • its not about Global Warming it about all the money they will get from us to put them up all over Briton by making us pay for there life style power and control of every thing wake up we need to get out of the EU. Cameron now you have be told no deal on any thing get us out as soon as you can its the right thing to do for the UK

  • Khalifa's Koffee says:

    Barosso, classic narcissist, down to even publishing a book of himself with famous folk. He isn't even very clever, how did he get this position in the first place?

  • Julian Nederhoff says:

    Global warming is real, and sould be adresed, but building windmils won't work, you need both a finacialy and eviormental solution, and there are two options solar and nuclear energie, personaly I would love a thorium reactor.

  • Haha 99% of scientists agree. That is because ALL others have been effectively silenced, NOT ALLOWED to publish their findings. It is an outrage!

  • Douglas MacRae says:

    I love how Barroso was acting after being shown some inconvenient facts. He said 99% of scientists believe in CAGW. I thought it was 97%.

  • The lying turd. Scientists have consistently said the exact opposite. And of course the five years after this statement were the hottest five years in recorded history.

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