Nicole Scherzinger & Nick Cannon Guess ‘The Masked Dancer’

Nicole Scherzinger & Nick Cannon Guess ‘The Masked Dancer’

All right, we have two stars
from The Masked Singer. And since the show
hasn’t sued us yet, we thought it would be a
good time for an installment of our spin off,
the sweatiest show in daytime, The Masked Dancer. Yes [MUSIC PLAYING] Here’s how it works, there’s
a celebrity backstage, they’re going to put
on a costume and dance. And then, we’ll ask the
masked dancers some questions and guess who it is. We’ve been given a few
clues to help us out. Here are the clues. My astrological sign
is not Aquarius. I was born at 9:08 AM. I know who it is. [LAUGHS] You don’t
know who it is. My first pet’s name was Fluffy. And the last clue, I like to
sleep in a bed, very telling. Wow, so that’s about
as deep as our clues. That’s good. All right, here we go. Please welcome
today’s Masked Dancer. [MUSIC PLAYING] [ALL CHEERING] [MUSIC PLAYING] Hey! Why didn’t you tell
me, you do know. Wait a second. [INAUDIBLE] Hey. Wow, wow. Hey! Wait. What happened to the beat? What? What happened to the beat? Oh! Wow. Wow, that was very impressive. Yeah, whoever that is can dance. Oh Yeah. Yeah, he’s got rhythm. I was disturbed because when
he was doing the pelvic thrusts you were like, oh, like
you knew who he was then. I thought for a second. Oh. No, OK. You know that pelvis. Masked dancer, describe
yourself in three words. Out of breath. Oh OK. He can’t breathe. Out of breath, OK. Yeah, that’s three words. Do we know you from
TV, film, or music? TV. OK. Oh my gosh! Wait. [LAUGHTER] She does this all the time. OK, I was like. I might know who it is! I might– You think you know who it is? Say it! Is it Derek Hough? Mama? [YELLING] It’s Derek Hough! This is Derek Hough? What? Is that– Is that– Because it’s correct? I know it’s him. [INTERPOSING VOICES] I know it’s him because that
is our nickname for each other. That’s our nickname
for each other. [INTERPOSING VOICES] My big baby. You cheated! You cheated. You serious? You serious? How did you know that? Derek Hough, ladies
and gentlemen. What did he say? He said something,
what did he say? Derek, thank you so
much for being here man. We appreciate you. Of course. We’ll be right back.


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