Nicolas Pepe Transfer Bid! Wan Bissaka & Bruno Fernandes Close? Man Utd Transfer News

Nicolas Pepe Transfer Bid! Wan Bissaka & Bruno Fernandes Close? Man Utd Transfer News

hello everyone welcome to of the united stand we've got an afternoon transfer manchester i transfer update for you i did say this morning on the transferred daily it's gonna kick off this week because it has to kick off this week there's no two other ways about it we've got one week until preseason we've got two weeks till we go on tour united simply have to start doing some business if they want to take some of these players on tour and start building something out and lo and behold we have started to see some real glue stalling through and also i think more importantly from credible outlets we've gone up taken bruno fernandez Wamba soccer but we're gonna start off with Nicola Pepe the little right winger he's got 23 goals and 11 assists this season from the right wing highly sought off Tala sought-after talent going to leave Lille this summer and Manchester United have been linked to him quite well look let's be honest with you if you said to me lewd local paper will avoid the nerd I would say what but apparently according to get French football news hyper reliable local paper and avoid the nerd on Nicola Pepe Liverpool and Manchester United have not had their last word especially the manchester club who want to build an unbalanced squad for next season so apparently this is a very reliable source talking about nicola pepe 24 years of age on my screen now but there is interest from other clubs Inter Milan apparently have made an 80 million pound bid PSG have been touted as well and Liverpool are a name that look other Drupal fans say they don't want him but I've always thought he would go to Liverpool very very quick very very skillful and look man chest you know I'd need a right wing iron I think a lot of United fans would be very very happy if that deal can happen I suppose look at the end of the day we've spoken about Nicola Pepe sort of on the periphery of the transfer targets that we want he's a player that's going to move he's a right winger and but a lot of people just felt he want Champions League football other clubs will be able to offer him more than we can however in Semarang I don't think you're in the Champions League are they Liverpool obviously off I think if Liverpool were in for him over is he probably would choose that but if United are in the race and they're looking for a player like that you might lose the race but at least you entered it and I think that is something we've said many a time isn't it it's a bit like the Royal Rumble you may not have been much of a chance of winning the Royal Rumble people don't know what the Royal it's a wrestling thing with 30 people going the ring at different stages and the last man standing is the one who wins and you know United have got the money to enter that Royal Rumble and if they get thrown out they get thrown out but at least they're in it with a chance to win it arsenal they can't even get in they can't afford it so we're in the ring the ring for Pepe and and I think that allegedly in the ring for Pepe he I want to see a Manchester United right winger of quality next season he would certainly be that so I'm encouraged by it do I expect us to sign him probably not you can't ignore stories like that because the story we want it we want to listen to and it's the sort of story that he's encouraging especially in relation to a right winger because one thing we know is we talk about one for soccer and Bruno Fernandez in a minute we we have been linked to sense Beck's we've been linked to a lot of midfielders obviously won't be soccer is going to be the right back but right wing a lot of us would think Lozano is perfect especially because Jimenez Rodriguez is apparently going to be signed very very soon by Napoli I mean does that close the door to Lozano does it open the door to United it is interesting but being linked to a right winger is but is a positive welcome to shim sooner thing the latest member the United Stan members Club and Ali's at the wheel says shim welcome and imagine Cooley barley and Bay as Center back says Paul Pogba that very interesting very interesting quotes coming out a Senegal played yesterday in the African Coulee barley spoke to gold calm about his future instead I don't know where my future is at the moment I'm focused on the African and I'll go back to Napoli and we'll see what happens who knows whether I'll be there next season this is what we wanted with Cooley barley we spoke about it in May United are interested he's gonna cost a lot of money he's got to put push the move well he didn't close the door did he he didn't totally open the door he left it ajar I tell you what the center back option I'm getting a little bit you know leave the center back till the end of July because if Cooley ball he's going to be the center back there's no point signing him now anyway because he can't go on tour that is a little bit of encouragement as well look it's Monday morning it's the start of the week there are some encouraging stories about Manchester United whether they end up being encouraging or not I don't I do care but Nicola Pepe that seems to be from a good source Cooley Barney that's from his own gob so that's encouraging that's the right winger their center back I'm going to talk about the right back in and and I'm midfielder now so it's encouraging news isn't it it definitely is givers you're up to date five players to sign marks as le creamy cranny well look I'll go with this way I'll be happy with Nikola Pepe right-winger one bussaco right back Coulibaly mid center back Bruno Fernandez Robbie Otters the midfielders happy days bish bash Bosh let's go and have a drink you know I'd be I'd be able to be absolutely ecstatic with those five players and of course if pogba go she's got to look at somebody else heard the one bussaco steel is still being negotiated as Alex Mendoza are we even going to get him so the latest I'm going to quote James Booker from The Telegraph here because I actually think he's quite a good journalist and and and Simon stone also mentioned Wamba soccer as well but James Tucker for the second time in a few days as mentioned Bruno Fernandez and I think the fact that the English press I'm mentioning match United and Bruno Fernandez is the next progressive step we need because the Portuguese press have mentioned a lot but the Portuguese press can be a little bit unreliable so the British press mentioning it is a good step forward James Duke has saying about Bruno Fernandez what I spoke about last night which is from Portugal so we don't know where James Duke has got it getting it from Portugal or whether he's getting it from his own sources over here Allegan a soldier is um determined and wants that Bruno Fernandez deal done sooner rather than later I think Sporting Lisbon quoting 70 million pounds in the James Tucker article which you know I had feel is a bit too much which it is because that's well over 75 million euros so maybe there's some negotiations can be done there I just love to get Bruno Fernandez over the line I think it's a deal that Manchester United must do interestingly there was talk last night from the AC Milan journalists who we've mentioned a few weeks ago about Bruno Fernandez he's mentioning that Liverpool events at the negotiations that is a concern that is a concern and it is I think you know I had will sign Bruno Fernandez but you know Never Say Never especially when you think about how slow Manchester United have been on transfers but I'm encouraged by the fact that the Bruno Fernandez story seems to be getting some weight and we need to get some real weight on that this week and keep this momentum going I will pokeman says from Oklahoma us flying out to United Arsenal game with my fiance in January is there a specific place where flex goes to post match reactions Cheers yeah you want to go outside Hotel footballing you'll see where we are that's where we offer that according to sky we're progressing with our own Wamba Sarkis is Matthew heading so the the update on one by Sokka this is from James dickering The Telegraph and Simon stone in the BBC both saying Manchester United are progressing their talks with Crystal Palace this afternoon James docker actually says that there's a third bid gone in from at the Manchester night over the weekend that Crystal Palace are getting frustrated by it because they don't see why you know it won't just go 250 million which is what they want and when Misaka wants to come to United but these negotiations are just drifting on we're into week three we're into week three of negotiating for Wamba soccer and the look whatever happens with United there's plenty of time for them to get all their targets in and even if we do get all our targets and I think we can safely say we need we need to do better in transfers in future transfer windows you can't spend three weeks Nageotte we're only negotiating the price like this is the price for the player like it's ridiculous it's three weeks of negotiating for one by sokka's price yet what we've said this so many times he's worth 50 million quid stop trying to give him Amazon vouchers and a darkness like you know he's worth 50 million quid I don't feel we're being ripped off at all for 50 million I think Crystal Palace are bang on to say forget your add-ons we just want 50 million pounds and you can have the player I think you know obviously I mean you know I found we all are but I agree with Crystal Palace he's worth 50 million quid it's proven over the years there are right backs who are English you've moved for 50 million quid and that happened a couple of years ago and he's only 21 so and he's a very good right back and he's Premier League proven he's worth fifty million quid in the current market it's like same pod was worth 150 well you know maybe he's not as consistent as he could have been but he's still worth under than 50 when you look at inflation what he's achieved you know he is and one by soccers worth 50 million and United God knows why what we do know why it's to try and save a bit of money just pay the 50 million quid so apparently pallets are getting a bit frustrated by it but we will get that deal over the line but the point is when we get the deal over the line we've wasted three weeks when we should have just done it in the first week so we'll see what happens but the interesting thing about the one Berserker is last week we had two outlets was it Wednesday night we did a video and again on the Thursday people saying the deals done with Wamba soccer it's going to be 53 million or 55 million well clearly it wasn't so those people have been briefed wrong haven't they which is a bit embarrassing because the credible journalists like Simon stone and Telegraph and everyone else James Tucker from The Telegraph they're saying it's not done and it's coming out from Paris that it's not done and it's coming out from London sources that it's not done so God knows well maybe they were just jumping the gun last week because they thought it was gonna be announced imminently so you try and be first but clearly this deal is not done yet because negotiations are still going on I think it will be done I really do think it will be done I think you know I – they're just trying to save a little bit of money but they're not going to they're gonna have to pay the 50 million aren't they would you can what would you consider Madison – United heard he's a big United fan says the book nut fan I think James Madison is a very difficult deal to do because the latest is that Harry McGuire will go to Manchester City on 250 grand a week and an 80 million deal I like Harry McGuire I wouldn't mind – United signing him but as I said on Twitter this morning if you know I had paid 80 million for Harry McGuire and paid him 250 grand a week I would feel slightly ashamed and and I've got no reason to feel ashamed because it's not my money but I would be a bit ashamed that you know I had found that we've spent 80 million on Harry McGuire and give him 250 grand a week yeah worth that I would like to sign the man but he ain't worth that so if Man City do that deal to be honest with you I'm a little bit like yeah I sort of agree with his not doing that and if Man City do it I think they get a good player but I don't think he's worth 80 million and I think he's worth 250 grand a week so if that is true Man City can have him and hopefully we'll bring somebody else in telemon's instead of Madison says mark Goodwin yeah just on James Madison he's a good player but I prefer Bruno Fernandez and also I think because less they're gonna sell Harry McGuire though they'll drive an even harder bargain for James Madison because they've only had him for a year and he's an attacker and I think they would want 60 million probably for him and I think that's way way too much for us to be looking at that sort of sort of a fee so I I'm not I'm not expecting anything to happen with him I think you know I did need to get the one bussaco deal done they need to get the Bruno Fernandez deal done and then I think these lates – Nicolette Pepe the links to community Coulibaly sort of being a little bit open to a move they're very very interesting because they're very very good players if you don't know anything about Nikola Pepe look I haven't got a little season ticket but he's that speedy to speak for themselves in the French league I'm not a massive fan in the French league myself but he's doing it in a team that's not PSG it's not Leon it's Lille so it's not like he's surrounded by great players and he's got what 24 goals and 11 assists from the right wing whatever anybody says about the style of play or he comes across as a little bit greedy he's very very very effective and the reality is United need a right winger who's top quality and he's 24 and he's an except it would be a big move to United or to Liverpool it would be a step up and you know he's got that potential all right say domani did it at Southampton but he's got that potential to go from a club like that to a bigger club and really really accept really really exceptional we're happy to say space anxious 400 grand a week a month but stalling on 5 million or so on transversus James Cole I said that a while ago James he spot-on you know we're paying we're playing Ashley Lexie Sanchez ridiculous money but we won't just go and give Bruno Fernandez sorry one bussaco it's Crystal Palace 50 million for amber soccer it is really really odd so a little bit of a recap and French apparently a credible French outlet last night saying that nikola pepe manchester night and are in for him Coulibaly yesterday after the Senegal match saying that who knows what's going to happen leaving the door open to a move which i think is encouraging and then today we've had credible people like Simon stone from the BBC and James Tucker from The Telegraph saying that the Wampus if the Wampus akka deal is progressing there's more talks this afternoon the deals not done yet Bruno Fernandez from James doctor in The Telegraph colleague on a soldier wants this deal done as soon as possible for me that's for positive stories from a weekend in the last few days where we've had some real like what's going on so this week is starting off with a bit of momentum which is really really encouraging and hopefully we can start to keep that momentum going over the next few hours over the next few days and start to see some deals done I think we will see as I said yesterday I think we will see an an unveiling and a medical for Wamba soccer by Friday comfortably and I mean trick I'm intrigued to see what's gonna happen in the back end of the week with the likes of Bruno Fernandez and whether we can start to develop some of these if we are in 4qe barley gonna happen till the end of July because he's only Afghan playing for Senegal but I'm happy to wait for that I said that yesterday AJ's back what I'm really scared about is yet again none of the Deadwood is leaving the club for me exits are just as important as new signings we can't go into the next season with Deadwood holding back the youth I forgot to say that James Tucker did say that Aventis are interested in darmian I mean he's got to go this summer doubt darmian hasn't he McGuire is city's costliest player really says balaji kumar well yeah it would be man city's biggest ever signing wouldn't he because they've never been above 60 million metal music reviews did you hear about palmares for sanchez loaned yeah I mean look again we spoke about this last week it's like because you know if Stan's got his finger on the pulse and we don't just look at UK sources we look outside that palmares loan deal was was last Friday I think I read about that so apparently they were interested in taking him to Brazil on loan but then they saw the wages and were like no no no which is like everybody else would just done a recap Daniel load it I didn't so I'm not gonna do that again and you know a transfer policy is a shamble assist so no let's just see what we do over the next two weeks I think there's gonna be plenty of time to moan if we don't do anything but I'm hopeful we're gonna see something now City was always going to win when it comes to doing business with Leicester was the same with Mara's last seasons as and Ray the beard I've got to be honest like I said I don't mind missing out on Harry Maguire for 80 million if we're gonna get Ruben Diaz or Kili barley I'm not I'm not bothered I think they're better signings but we've got of course if we miss our go I've got to get in one of them – any way or even well you know I don't know about a veer what he is again if we go fro devera and I know some of you wanting because you know he's available for 25 million in the first week of August because of that contract clause that's not gonna happen till August either so the center-back thing there might be a bit of patience with that because Killah body can't be done until after the Afcon late-july al de Vere would can't be done until the first week of August so maybe that's why it's a little bit of quiet around the center-back but I wouldn't be surprised if you know I had went and offered 85 million Barry McGuire because we've done it to City before thanks for the contribution richard v let's sign Scott Brown says Langley Rojo and Army and Moscow just with Sanchez off a disaster just right Sanchez officer disaster says Lynn Hall nice to see you Lynn where would we stand on financial play at Fair Play if we sign all the realistic targets as mark Goodwin I'm not I'm not gonna profess to be a student of financial Fairplay but I think Manchester United would be absolutely fine because it's not based on one season isn't it and I think we didn't spend much last year our revenue is very very good so I don't think you know I don't have any problems with that and also if we're gonna sell the car you remember that's 50 million going in if Pogba goes were laughing and not in the sense that he's going but we'd get a lot of money in people will be tomorrow James I was thinking about doing it today but busy day so I'll be tomorrow we have to get Cooney Barley's as Matthew Daly it would be a real sign to everyone that we mean business and are serious about getting where we need to be no more mediocracy I agree I agree clearly Barney look hopefully that can start to come back onto the agenda again it sounds positive you sounds promising that he's not closing the door and leaving Napoli this season spoke after the Senegal game yesterday said 'who's know who knows what's gonna happen in the future I play the Afghan then I go back to Napoli and we see what's going to happen of course ancelotti his manager said he wasn't going to go anywhere he'd be at Napoli next season but if the player pushes it anything can happen any look should we give Sanchez a chance after his recent performances and no spells no as far as I'm concerned I want him gone and any news on Diaz says Sampson nothing today nothing today Kieran Tierney is off to Arsenal personnel power I mean we've got Luke sure haven't we any news on telemon's has Joey Marchetti only that he left her favorites to sign him but I think the fact that he hasn't signed for Leicester proves to me that he's hanging on maybe for United and does o.w woodward 35,000,000 palace 50 million would would give me a week to think about it week later Woodward 40 million Palace we want 50 million would would give me a week well apparently does oh thanks for the contribution that is what police are like they are very frustrated with the negotiating of Manchester United because they just want 50 million in the deal can be done and they don't want to go any lower and I don't think they've got and he needs to go lower the market dictates the price consistent previous sales dictate the price look at the fight the FIFA Kyle Walker you know it's there he's 50 million for one bazooka that's what he's worth whether we all agree with that or not the market dictates the price anyway thanks everyone for watching it's just a quick update it's a positive updates make sure you smash a like on the video everybody who is watching get your comments in below and make sure you subscribe as well bottom right-hand corner I think it's gonna be a very interesting week so make sure you've got you subscribe to channel you've run your bow you've got your notifications on we could be going live at any time with big news but we will be back live at 8 o'clock that's for sure tonight positive updates it was a positive transfer daily this morning if you've not seen that get on to the home page and give it a watch talking about different players than now but we're getting a bit of momentum I said that this morning you know I'd need to hit this week hard I think we're getting a bit of stiffness thanks for watching that sounded wrong that sounded wrong things are happening that's a positive I understand people being a little bit you know reluctant to get excited but things will happen this week and I say things not thing things I think there'll be more than one signing for United over the next seven days I think there'll be two thanks for watching I'll see you later clock


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  • Have you seen Liverpool have bought this kid SEPP VAN DEN BERG, while every one was focused on DeLigt they have come in a nicked this 17 year old kid who is better than Deligt was at 17 for less than £2m. That is the vision United are missing!!!

  • Be carefull listening to the French media over Pepe, Liverpool have come out and called them 'Liers!!' and although they were interested in him last year there has been NO contact and there is No interest to the degree Mike Edwards (the guy in charge of transfers at Liverpool) has rang the Lile ceo to express his disgust at how Liverpool are being used to hype up the player. So after all that came out United are now linked?? coincidence or have they started using another club to hike up the price??

  • Hey lets shock the world by keeping pogba and sign neymar he would totally transform our frontline attack. Stop moaning about his flaws cos his positives far out way them. neymar to united.

  • Dias or Kimpembe for CB
    Bruno for CM
    Pepe RW if Lukaku goes let's be crazy and forward the money to Leipzig for Werner (highly unlikely but you won't score if you don't shoot at all )

  • Damian Zbikowski says:

    I get that Bissaka is away at International duty, but if this was Perez we would have Fernandes, Awb already sealed with Kouly on the way…Woodward just pay the money!!

  • I'm a Manchester United fan , and I think the way United is being run today is a disgrace,…from the glazers, to the board and ed Woodward is nothing short of criminal, they are turning United from the most powerful and respected team on the globe …into a poorly run, circus of a club…with credibility hitting rock bottom……it's tough to see what we've become

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    What's so special about champions league 3home games and your dumped into Europa league

  • HYper reliable? Inter Milan dont have 80 million and also have FFP restrictions. Absolute 100% B.S. caught Adam the S.O.D. out Again. Go and get frenched!! BEANZ!!!

  • XXXTENACION Mufc says:

    De gea in net tuanzabae and lindelof at the back wan bissaka and shaw Bruno pogba and Fred martial rashford and Pepe

  • Amazon vouchers and add ons 😂 50 million is a bargain English 21 and one of the best right back in the league last season and the stats prove it

  • dream on mark!
    look back on last year with all the players you said we were going to get
    we got none!!
    this video will be a good laugh in september

  • United have the money to enter the Royal Rumble? As time goes on, I’m beginning to doubt we have much money to spend at all. I don’t trust the Glazers to make funds available . I do trust the Glazers will continue to line their pockets. As Man Utd we are associated with players XYZ, whether we are in for them seriously or not. We are taking an unreal amount of time to get things done. If we “simply had the money” we’d have done deals by now. It’s becoming extremely worrisome. I expect that the window will progress and we will do just a couple of deals. Until Pogba and/or Lukaku leaves… SOME, not all, of proceeds from those sales may become available. That’s a trigger point in my view…

  • £100M for a 28 year old player proves what a joke Man Utd are. He will have 2 seasons in him before his pace and skill starts leaving him. That price for a CM is ridiculous, unless he is going to get us 30 clean sheets a season for the next 4 seasons, it really isn't worth it.

    Man U shouldn't be signing anyone over the age of 25.

  • Man City have paid the hard cash. They've signed 18 new players under pep. Now they can cruise & bring in Harry for 80m.

  • HighFlyingBird82 says:

    Fernandes. No. AWB. No. Rabiot. No. Maguire. No. Koulibaly. No. Maddison. No. Tielemens. No. All this stuff is bullshit. The rumours are bullshit. Stop wasting your time Mark, until we ACTUALLY sign someone.

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